4 .


6 Our Teacher MAM .UZMA NAEEM .

indebtedness our venerable Maa’m UZMA NAEEM. All thanks are due only to Almighty Allah. inexhaustible energy to steer forth the student. It is a matter of great honor and pleasure for us to express our ineffable to gratitude and profound Teacher. who gave us the strength to do this job. Our special praise for Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) who is. most gracious. . knowledge is limited and time is short to express His dignity. Her sympathetic and sincerest attitude is highly qualified experience. for even humanity as a whole.7 nts Acknowledgeme We have the only pearl of eyes to admire the blessing of the Compassionate and Omnipotent because the words are bound. we are much impressed of her intellectual activities. the most merciful.

8 .

First step was to develop understanding of the structure. Consequent challenges faced by management followed by measures taken by management to effectively and efficiently handle such situations. chain of command.9 Executive Summary We selected SERENA HOTEL as a model for our assigned project. working methodology. Detailed interview questionnaire is also attached for reference purpose. We also developed understanding of their hierarchal structure. Job responsibilities. leading and controlling. appraisal. implementation of local applicable laws and other external as well as internal factors and their impact on working . design and implementation strategies that are developed and are in practice within hotel. organizing. information flow. reward and award processes. . MIS ZAHRA ZAHID SHAH During interview we gathered information and our emphasis was to deeply analyze their framework of planning. for the same purpose we met and interviewed Director of Human Resources.

10 TABLE OF CONTENTS • Acknolowledgement • • • Executive summary Mission statement/vision statement Objective of studying the organization • • • • • Introduction of SERENA HOTEL History Management Planning Leading .

11 • • • • • • • Organizing Controlling Organizational structure Chart Swot analysis Analyzing the environment Centralization/decentralization Quality • • • • • • • Management symbolic view Culture prevailing in the organization Ethics Decision making process Social responsibility Conclusion Questionnaires .

It plays an integral part in destination development and remains active in conservation and environment while promoting local culture and heritage. They spelled out the strong points.12 2. . We offer the best value for money by providing the highest quality of services.” Objective Organization of Studying the We visited SERENA HOTEL with the aim to learn the management & operational technique of this organization. management techniques and steps they are taking to further improve their standard. PC management provides us all the opportunities & encouraged us to achieve our objectives. products and comforts exceeding customer’s expectations.11 Vision/Mission “Islamabad Serena hotel is positioned as Pakistan’s leading and most luxurious hotel.

Introduction The Islamabad Serena Hotel stands at the foot of the Margalla Hills on fourteen acres of areas with beautiful gardens and near the Rawal Lake. The architecture and interiors of this fabulous hotel building are a mere reflection typical Pakistani cultural heritage depicting the skills and craftsmanship of talented artisans. walls and furniture’s. Being state-of-the art building. the hotel beautifully combines traditional systems equipped with latest technologies. floors. SERENA is one of the world famous five star hotels all over the world. The hotel is a remarkable blend of architecture with elaborated and vivid designs where the artisans have really showed their magic on the ceilings. corridors. The hotel is built on seven levels and the terraces reflect pavilions depicting the rich cultural heritage . The true spirit of the hotel is reflected in the aesthetics of the public areas.13 SERENA HOTEL Little rain drops in a cloud can convert ordinary sunlight in breath taking colors of rainbow in the same way we have maneuvered this project in a comprehensive way which firstly seemed to me as understanding as an odysseys. rooms and restaurants with special emphasis on trademarks of Islamic architecture.

Fine-dining restaurant serving Pakistani cuisine with live music • Zamana Restaurant ( international buffets. Café and Ice Cream Parlour with indoor & outdoor seating • Wild Rice. On the ground floor. the Banquet Halls are designed to accommodate as many as five thousand guests with separate entrances whereas the main entrance of the lobby (located at the upper ground level). theme nights) • Al-Maghreb Restaurant with Moroccan and Lebanese specialty cuisine • Rakaposhi. gives an easy access to hotels resident guests and patrons using the restaurants and other facilities. HOTEL FACILITES • 387 rooms including suites • Limousine Airport Transfer • Dawat. coffee and light snacks . a multi-cuisine restaurant from South East Asian countries • Mediterranean Restaurant with classical French cuisine • Baradari is a seasonal outdoor barbeque restaurant • Lobby Lounge serves tea.14 and traditions of Pakistan’s Northern valleys.

valet. roof-top. education. culture. children’s meals • Availability of day care facilities • Conference/Events Centre • 24-hour Business Centre • Wi-Fi internet access • HDTV with international channels • 24-hour forex • Room service. health. architecture. . origin or gender. barbeque specialty lounge • Complete Spa experience • Health Club • Swimming pool and sun-deck • Full-service beauty salon and barber shop • Shopping Arcade • Baby-sitting. disaster reduction. AKDN agencies conduct their programs without regard to faith. laundry • 24-hour doctor on duty • Power (240V with 3-pin square plugs/shaver sockets) • Special dietary needs available with advance notice. and the promotion of private-sector enterprise and the revitalization of historic cities. rural development. BACKGROUND The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is a group of development agencies with mandates that include the environment. additional beds/cots.15 • Nazara Lounge. microfinance.

16 Tourism Development AKFED’s Tourism Promotion Services (TPS) seeks to develop tourism potential in selected areas in the developing world. . particularly in under-served regions. TPS often seeks to develop properties in lesstraveled areas that require accommodation of an international standard . These measures have earned the Serena hotels numerous environmental awards. rehabilitates and manages hotels and lodges that contribute to economic growth and the overall investment climate in an environmentally and culturally sensitive manner. It builds. The Serena Hotel THE SERENA HOTEL Islamabad is performing is constructed and is performing services from year 2002. The Serena Hotel maintains a sanctuary for indigenous butterflies and also works actively with local residents on a program to protect sea turtle nesting sites.accommodation that supports tourism and business development .but which often are ignored by commercial hotel chains.

• Providing information to the guests and outsiders about the hotel. The individual persons doing jobs work together as a team to provide the costumers/clients with exclusive services. Collectively they provide the client or the guest with such services that the client re-discovers the simple pleasures of life. The SERENA people view their guests/clients as their first priority they are provided with an everlasting experience of specially. . Broadly speaking the departments are as follow: 1) FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT: MAIN FUNCTIONS: • Guiding the guests to their desired places.17 MAIN DEPARTMENTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS SERENA HOTEL is providing the customers with excellent services segregate the duties and responsibilities amongst the staff departments. The departmental staff struggles hard to maintain nation’s most exciting Hotel experience.

2) HOUSE KEEPING DEPARTMENT & LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT: MAIN FUNCTIONS: • House keeping report. • Handling of delicate garments. . • Washing procedure of guest garments/linen. • Procedure of Extraction /Drying/Pressing.18 • Providing information pertaining to the booking of rooms and halls for the guests and functions respectively. Receiving complains • Issuing supplies for guest rooms. • Classifying/sorting of guest garments and house linen.

ZAMANA.19 3) HR DEPARTMENT: • Related to the issues regarding to the management. And handles ALMAGRIB. and DAWAT AND RAKAPOSHI. training of employees and solving their problems. 5) FOOD AND BEVERAGES: • Deals in the preparation of food and beverages for hotel and for room services. . 4) FINANCE DEPATMENT • Related to the financial and budgeting matters of the hotel. .

Major portion of employees are working in F&B (food and beverage) department and house keeping department. Rooms Restaurants Swimming Pool Health Club . to maintain rooms & services in rooms. They are also needed to cook and serve food and to maintain the services in halls. Because. 4. as we know that hotel industry basically deals with restaurants and rooms. 3. so to make and maintain their standards concerning these areas (rooms and restaurants) employees are needed. 23 numbers of employees are working in the Human Resource Department of them 5 are working in HR Office. 2. Product Lines Product Line of SERENA HOTEL is as follow: 1.20 Number of Employees The total numbers of employees working in SERENA hotel Rawalpindi are more than 678.

Banquet Halls .21 5.

1.1 Corporate Culture  Innovation: • Listening and two way interaction • Participation • Encouragement • Motivation • Enterprise • Initiative Growth and development for all: • Competence and contribution as the only basis for job security.22 1. Trust: • Cooperation. • Promotion from within • Learning environment and opportunities • Provision for world class education and training • Aligning people with latest trends. Support • Teamwork. Empowerment • Sense of ownership • Integrity • Dignity • Respect • Candidness  • • • Recognition Reward: Achievement orientation Performance based evaluation Appreciation   .

Which are controlled by heads of departments. In SERENA they have divided there hotel in different departments. By organization. and controlling.23 Organization Organizations are an important part of our daily lives. Our lives are indirectly affected by organizations through the products we use.so it shows the complete hierarchy from top to bottom. Planning: Planning is the management function that involves setting goals and deciding how best to achieve them. we mean two or more persons engaged in a systematic effort to produce goods or services. These plans are formulized according to the levels and authority  Organizing: . organizing. Management: Management is the process of achieving organizational goals by engaging in the four major functions of planning. and involves knowing how to perform the major functions of management. leading. In SERENA manager make plans at different levels according to the authority given to them. This definition recognizes that management is an ongoing activity. entails reaching important goals.

24 Organizing is the management function that focuses on allocating and arranging human resources so that plans can be carried out successfully. Controlling: ORGANITAZATION CHART STRUCTURAL . providing direction. how tasks can best be combined into specific jobs.  Leading is the management function that influencing others to engage in the work behaviors necessary to reach organizational goals. helping to outline a vision of what can be accomplished. and motivating organization members to put forth the substantial effort required. Through the organizing function managers determine which tasks are to be done. and how jobs can be grouped into various units that make up the structure of the organization. Leading includes communicating with others. Leading:  Controlling is the management function aimed at regulating organizational activities so that actual performance conforms to expected organizational standards and goals. Staffing jobs with individuals who can successfully carry out plans is also part of the organizing function. To do the necessary regulating. managers need to monitor ongoing activities.


Such goals typically address issues relating to the organization as a whole .26 Strategic goals are broadly defined targets or future end results by top management.The goal of SERENA is growth excellence built upon there heritage of traditional hospitality the other goal is making to position Pakistan in the for front of the international Arena. .

• Security threats are at most extreme level • Political instability is at high level in Pakistan which is a big threat for business. quality variety and quality of food.negative trends in the external environment.27 Identifying Threats Opportunities and Strengths: are the resources and the advantage over competitors. • as such no strong competitor in ISLAMABAD of 5 star standard. • Locality. • New entrepreneurs entering the business world. . In SERENA the strengths are there • goodwill. Weaknesses: are the negative situational factors and your competitor’s advantages over you.positive trends in the external environmental. • Opportunities . Threats . The weaknesses are • Pricing strategies which targeted foe niche segment. • SERENA are expending there business globally as well as within the country as they have opened there branch in Dubai also. • International standard services are provided. • strong relationship with customers.

In this many factors are analyzed like: Cultural factors Culture is the set of basic values. perceptions wants and behaviors learned by a member of society from the family and other important institutions. both the specific and general environments to determine what trends and changes are occurring. Technological factors Technolical factors are the innovations in the technologies.28 Analyzing the Environment Successful strategies are aligned with the environment. . And In SERENA they have properly utilized this factor at all levels and in all operations regarding the hotel. Political factors Political factors as now days there is political instability so the business is in recession and less chances of profit maximization.

. due to ecomicression the Hotel is suffering a lot they have to cut their costs as there in interview told we about they are cutting there costs in many ways as saving energy. logging of employees etc.29 Economic factors Economic factors include inflation.

Quality As SERENA is the member of THE LEADING HOTELS OF THE WORLD.30 Centralization/Decentralization In SERENA now a days the management is both Decentralized and centralized as it leads to faster decision making at the lower levels. decentralization often leads to the establishment of relatively independent units. such as divisions. it has to follow the rules and of that entity and has to maintain its standard according to the rules and regulation of THE LEADING HOTELS OF THE WORLD . SERENA a Symbolic View The view that much of the an organization’s success or failure is due to external forces outside managers control is known as symbolic view and is followed by the SERENA management as managers are not . therefore. in a better position to make good decisions. Finally.In SERENA the management offers most in quality as all the foods are approved after quality checking and quality test and the quality standard is maintained for the goodwill as both expatriates as well as nationals choose at most SERENA for there stay. because most decisions do not have to be referred up the hierarchy Individuals at lower level may be closer to the problem and. whose output is easier to measure than that of units in a functional design.

31 solely responsible for the decision many other factors are also included in the success or failure so managers have only a limited effect on substantive organizational outcomes because of the large number of factors outside their control. .

and retention. In SERENA strong culture is prevailing at all levels. They have well defined personnel management system which includes recruitment & selection. staff evaluation.32 Culture Prevailing In the SERENA There are two cultures mostly prevailing any organization • Strong culture • Weak culture Strong culture is a culture where the rules and regulations are strictly followed and in which key values are intensely held and strongly shared where as in weak culture the rules and regulations are not strictly followed. a company in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar product or service. They have very well defined staff retention plan as well which includes addition benefits and incentives to staff through different means which will be explained in separate heading below. Whole process is very well documented and recorded due to which they enjoy good will and great reputation. Geographically looking Rawalpindi and Islamabad are considered as twin cities and strong competitors . Competitors Any person or entity which is a rival against another. induction. In business.

according to management theory . Now days the major decisions are making by the corporate level because of increasing threats and changing day to day environmental situations.In SERENA the decision making is done by all the levels of organization but it depends upon situation. Ethics Ethics are the Principles. Decision Making Process Decision is a choice making from two or more alternatives. Hence the external factors are also playing a big role which compels the top level management to make the decisions accordingly.33 include PC. In SERENA when any employee is hired they are given a written document to be signed by the employee so in case of any unethical activity is being performed he is punished according to the rules of organization. values and beliefs that define what is right and wrong behavior. Holiday Inn and Marriot Despite of having competition in market SERENA has enjoyed great reputation and good will due to their performance and hospitality. In the SERENA hotel the structured problems can be handled by the lower level management if they . International.

Following is the list of some social events: World No Tobacco Day Environment Day World .34 cannot handled then these problems are moved towards the middle level management. But now a days by observing the day to day increasing political problems and threats top level or corporate level is making the decisions by themselves because the these uncontrollable situations are converting the structured problems into unstructured SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SERENA hotel not only by providing the better quality of food and residence to their customers in order to maximize the profit but also it is working for the betterment of society.

35 Serena Celebrates National Tree Planting Day with CDA Serena Launches the Disability Management Programmed Islamabad Serena’s Initiative to Support the IDP’s Islamabad Serena’s Initiative to Support the Thalassaemics .

internal and external factors effecting hotel’s working and challenges faced by management and their approach towards problem solving and leadership. .36 Islamabad Serena Hotel organizes Annual Iftar Dinner at SOS Village etc Conclusion It has been a great learning experience through which we analyzed strengths and weaknesses.

37 We also noticed well defined and thorough procedures were available in hotel that leads to successful and timely provision of required services and job satisfaction. . Different department with well defined responsibilities are set that is giving best possible services to customer and maximum satisfaction to guests. Staff recognition and reward process was very well supported by management. Strong systems were implemented under administration to safe guard hotel’s assets.

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