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Vol. 10, Issue 10

Dante’s Inferno:
A Series of Talks with Author & Historian Giacomo Calabria
Starts Thursday, Oct. 17 – 6:00 p.m.

The University Club of Albany

Foundation, with the support of
Humanities New York, is pleased
to present a four-part series of talks
on Dante’s Inferno with author
and historian Giacomo Calabria
beginning Thursday, October 17.

Inferno is the first part of Italian

writer Dante Alighieri's 14th-
century epic poem Divine Comedy,
followed by Purgatorio and Para-
diso. The Inferno tells the story of
Dante’s journey through Hell,
guided by the Roman poet Virgil.
This spring, Giacomo Calabria presented a 4-part discussion of The Black Death,
Hell is depicted as nine concentric also with support from New York Humanities.
circles of torment located within
the Earth. As an allegory, the Di-
vine Comedy represents the jour- The program will run as follows:
ney of the soul toward God, with
the Inferno describing the recogni- • October 17: Introduction:
tion and rejection of sin. Dante’s Life and World
• October 31: The Incontinent:
This series invites participants to Paolo and Francesca, Farinata
examine, discuss and enjoy one of and Cavalcanti
the most influential works ever • November 21: The Violent/
written. Attendees will read the Fraudulent: Geography of Hell,
poem as a group, discuss its deeper the Afterlife
meanings and symbolism, view • December 5: The Fraudulent:
illustrations to appreciate its histo- The Malebolge, Traitors, Satan
ry, and use examples from contem-
porary literature, film, history and Cost for participation in this event
pop culture to better understand is $12 per session, or $40 for all
Dante’s writing today. four. RSVP online or call 518-463-
1151 to reserve your seat.

Harry’s NY Bar Night

Friday, October 11
6:00 to 7:30 p.m. - $20
Harry’s New York Bar in Paris was acquired
by former American star jockey Tod Sloan in
1911, who convered it from a bistro and
2nd Thursdays - Next Up 11/14 renamed it the “New York Bar.” He
Thursday, October 10 deconstructed and shipped an entire bar from
5:30 reception / 6:00 p.m. talk Manhattan to 5, Rue Daunou and hired a
Scotsman to run it, Harry MacElhone. Guest bartender Dan Pearson will
New Windows mix up three of the bar’s signature cocktails and light fare will feature
on the Universe snacks from their menu. Reservations required!

Join Dr. Vivek Jain of U Albany

for the second in a series of 3
science discussions called
Quantum Café.

A networking reception at 5:30

includes light fare and cash bar,
discussion at 6 and Q&A to fol-
low. Explore some of the unan-
swered questions that are being
answered - and raised - by new
tools we're using to explore our

In the last few decades, we have

started observing the universe
with space-based telescopes and
satellites, detectors in the ocean
or buried in the ice at the South
Pole, new kinds of earth-based
detectors, using microwaves,
neutrinos, anti-matter, gravita-
tional waves, etc. This talk will
review some of these exciting
new developments.

Quantum Café talks are present-

ed by the University Club of
Albany Foundation with promo-
tional support from the Dudley
Observatory at miSci.

Suggested donation $5. Please

RSVP at 518-463-1151 or

A Message from a Loved One who has Passed Away

Saturday, October 19 ~ 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

If you have ever wondered what

your loved one was doing in
Heaven or even what Heaven is
like, you have come to the right

As a psychic medium, Jason has

had conversations daily with
those in spirit and has literally
given hundreds of readings.
“Through my conversations and
visions, I have learned some in-
credible secrets about Heaven
and the afterlife.”

Jason is a certified psychic medium and intuitive consultant as well as

an empath and healer. His purpose is to help heal and guide with love
and light. He was certified at the holistic studies institute in Albany, NY
lead by Stephen Robinson, president and founder of HSI and is one of Author Paul Rosolie
the top ten Psychic’s in the tri-state area. Tuesday, October 22
5:30 p.m. Reception
You're invited to a special evening with Psychic Medium Jason Bowers. 6 p.m. Talk & Book Signing
$35 dollars includes a drink ticket (beer or wine) and heavy snacks. 5:30
reception, 6 -7:30 readings contacting your loved ones. Jason does not Co-Sponsored by
guarantee that someone may come through so you can reach out to him NYS Writers Institute
privately and he will give you a private reading.
Join us as Amazon naturalist and
explorer Paul Rosolie discusses
and signs copies of his new nov-
Welcome New Members! Fall Harvest Party el, The Girl and the Tiger.
Thursday, October 24
Thomas Ruller, 5:30 ~ 7:30 p.m. Isha is a girl who loves animals
New York State Archivist but struggles in the confines of
Join your fellow members school. When she is sent away to
A graduate of SUNY Albany (BA as we welcome new members live with her grandparents on the
History, MLS Information Ser- of the U Club family. Indian countryside, she discovers
vices) Tom has been employed by Members are also encouraged to a sacred grove where a young
New York’s State Education De- invite prospects — Bengal tiger has taken refuge.
partment for 20 years.
it’s a great time to join!
Mingle, meet and catch up with Isha knows that the ever-
Mary Blais, shrinking forests of India mean
Career Center Manager, old friends and new.
Enjoy fun Fall Harvest treats there are few places left for a
NYS Department of Labor tiger to hide. When the local vil-
made by executive chef Maxie
lagers also discover the tiger, Isha
Mary has a BS in Education from and special seasonal cocktails. finds herself embroiled in a life
SUNY Cortland and a MS/CAS You might even win one of the or death cultural a
in Counseling Psychology from great giveaways! gripping story of determination,
SUNY Albany. Please RSVP! discovery, and coming of age.
University Club Save the dateS!
Board of Directors
111th Annual
OFFICERS Duck Dinner
Bob Sheehan: President
Jim Davies: Vice President Thursday, November 7
Teresa Casey: Secretary Cocktails 6 p.m./ Dinner 7 p.m.
Jeff Hill: Treasurer $50 per person
Amy Hines Kramer: Past President
Coming Soon!
Rob Crudden Comedy Night featuring
Jason DiNovi Shawn Gillie and Friends
Dave Hochfelder
Geoffrey Hoderath Murder Mystery
Nate Maloney
Dan Pearson
Book your Dinner Theater

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