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IPSF Report FIP Congress 2010 Lisbon Jan Röder, Murthy Chittory, Bastien Venot, Pedro Lucas and Lærke Arnfast

IPSF Report FIP Congress 2010 Lisbon

Jan Röder, Murthy Chittory, Bastien Venot, Pedro Lucas and Lærke Arnfast

The Congress was held in Lisboa, Portugal from the 28th of August to the 2nd September 2010. The FIP Congress is the annual congress of FIP and a unique opportunity for IPSF to network with pharmacy professionals and organizations.

Attendance by day

The events attended are not arranged chronologically, but by the nature of the event, listing first of- ficial meetings and events, then private meetings, then FIP sessions and last social/networking events.

Day 0, Saturday 28th of August

Council Meeting

Jan and Murthy present. The new FIP president and vice-president, and other members of the Bu- reau were elected. The Centennial FIP Congress in The Netherlands in 2013 was discussed and an idea of assembling all Ministers of Health at this Congress was presented.

IPSF Booth

The IPSF Booth was decorated and prepared by Bastien and Lærke. The booth showed 2 IPSF flags (one large on the back wall, one small on the front counter) and 5 posters (one large IPSF, one MPNUP, one SEP, one DF, one general PR). In addition, we had News Bulletins and IPSF stickers for handing out to interested contacts, T-shirts and Anniversary Books for sale and Book- marks for handing out in return for donations.

FIP Session – R3 – Integrating Cognitive Services into Regular Pharmacy Business: Forum for Innovators in Pharmacy Practice

Pedro attended this session. The session focused in part in the new pharmacy business models, topic of which IPSF would be a respondent later in the congress.

Council Dinner

Jan and Murthy attended. They introduced themselves to the new President. They also managed


to make good contact with Linda Hakes, President of the FIP Industrial Pharmacy Section (IPS) and agreed on investigating more IPS-IPSF collaboration in the future.

Day 1, Sunday 29th of August

Opening Ceremony

Jan, Murthy, Bastien, Pedro and Lærke attended. This was the official opening of the FIP Congress. Various speakers gave their speech and various awards were granted.

Exhibition opening

Jan, Murthy, Bastien, Pedro and Lærke attended. The exhibition opened and was open until Thursday September 2nd. There were IPSF representatives at the IPSF Booth at all times, and many contacts were made here.

IPSF Booth at all times, and many contacts were made here. Pedro, Dr. Ian Bates, Jan

Pedro, Dr. Ian Bates, Jan and Murthy at the IPSF booth

FIP Session – R5 Learning to Teach Workshop

Pedro and Bastien attended this workshop in order to gain ideas and contacts for possible spea- kers for the IPSF World Congress in Thailand in 2011. Ian Bates was supporting this workshop and was please to have IPSF attending it.

Presidential Reception

Jan, Murthy and Bastien attended and met with the new president introducing IPSF to the presi- dency.


YPG/IPSF International Evening

Jan, Murthy, Pedro, Bastien and Lærke attended. It was a good social event and we met with many former IPSF Executive members and were able to gain good advice from them.

Day 2, Monday 30th of August

Academic Pharmacy Section Business Meeting

Jan attended. IPSF was supposed to present a report on IPSF activities, but unfortunately this re- port was not sent as we were not aware of it. Our apologies were given and accepted. Jan met with Professor Anthony Smith, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, University of London and Chair- person of Deans Council of Great Britain, who was very keen on getting British students more in- volved in FIP and IPSF. IPSF was invited to speak at the Deans Council of Great Britain in London.

Board of Pharmacy Practice Business Meeting

Murthy and Jan attended. Reports of the executive committee members were presented. An oral report from IPSF was presented.

Pharmabridge Breakfast Meeting

Jan attended. Possible future collaboration on the SEP was investigated. There was an agreement on granting Observer Access to one FIP representative to the SEP database, in order for the FIP Pharmabridge to better understand how SEP works. Pharmabridge are willing to provide us contacts from developing countries, in order for us to expand IPSF and the SEP. Our Pharma- bridge contact person is Diane Gal.

Meeting with Avanthi Govender, YPG/IPSF- representative in the FIP Industrial Pharmacy Section

Pedro and Lærke had an informal meeting with Avanthi Govender where ideas on collaboration between FIP IPS and IPSF were discussed. They agreed on proposing that the Chairperson of Student Exchange contact Avanthi whenever there is an industrial pharmacy interest for a specific country, and for Avanthi to provide interested industry contacts to the host SEO. Avanthi proposed for IPSF to have an Industrial Career Session either at the FIP Congress 2011 or the IPSF Congress 2011.

Meeting with Professor Ian Bates, Pharmacy Education Taskforce

Pedro, Lærke and Jan had an informal meeting with Prof. Ian Bates, where the re-launch of the Moving On II survey was discussed. A competition between countries was suggested in order to get many responses. Topics for a new Moving On project were discussed, including “the View on Pharmacists by other Professions”, but it was agreed that a new Moving On project should not be a priority for this year They discussed the idea providing survey tools used for the Moving On pro- ject to other Health Students Federations, possibly in return for other project ideas or tools. Spea- kers and topics for the educational symposium at the IPSF World Congress in Thailand in 2011 were discussed and a program proposal was drafted.


FIP Session - A1 - Pharmacy as profession: Today and tomorrow

Jan and Lærke attended in order to gain ideas and contacts for possible speakers for the IPSF World Congress in Thailand in 2011.

FIP Session – D3 - Contemporary challenges for the pharmacy profession

Pedro attended in order to gain ideas and contacts for possible speakers for the IPSF World Congress in Thailand in 2011.

Taiwan/Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) reception

Jan, Murthy, Bastien and Lærke attended.

French Embassy Dinner

Bastien went to the French Embassy for dinner with French delegates – Introducing IPSF to French delegates.

Day 3, Tuesday 31th of August

FIP Pharmacy Information (PI) Business Meeting

Jan attended. Collaboration on the PCE booklet was discussed.

FIP Young Pharmacist’s Group (YPG) Business Meeting

Jan and Pedro attended. There were elections for the new YPG board and discussion regarding the program for FIP Congress 2011 and 2012

Pharmabridge Meeting

Jan attended. Collaboration between countries was discussed.

Pharmacy Education Taskforce Advisory Board Meeting

Lærke and Murthy attended. IPSF proposed to have an additional seat, so that there would be one for the President and one for the Chairperson of Education. This proposal was approved. The frequency of teleconference meetings was discussed, and there was an agreement that one every 2 months would appropriate. Setting a separate committee to deal with new UNITWIN project and how to get more advisory board members from the African Region was also discussed.

FIP/IPSF session - Trends in Community Pharmacy - Debating the Future of the

Profession: Forum for Policy

Pedro and Murthy attended. This session was structured in 3 topics (please see programme atta- ched LAERKE) in which there were one main speaker and three respondents. IPSF, by Pedro And Murthy, was respondent in all topics and the students position was given and applauded.


IPSF Session - Leadership in Practice

Murthy, Jan, Bastien attended. Ian Bates presented results of the Moving On project and results were discussed.

FIP Session - 5th Global Consultation in Pharmacy Education

Lærke attended. The session was facilitated by the Pharmacy Education Taskforce (PET), the first part of it being a general update on PET projects and the second part being a roundtable discus- sion on the future of PET.

American Pharmacists Association (APhA) reception

Jan, Murthy, Bastien, Pedro and Lærke attended. We managed to make many contacts, including the APhA CEO Thomas Meninghan , who agreed to help IPSF getting American students more in- volved And push PARO towards a new era.


Jan, Murthy, Bastien, Pedro and Lærke attended. It was a nice opportunity for us to meet with the new YPG executive committee. Afterwards Jan and Bastien had an informal meeting with EPSA, brainstorming on collaboration ideas.

Day 4, Wednesday 1st of September

FIP Industrial Pharmacy Section (IPS) Business Meeting

Jan attended. Reports from IPS president and treasurer were presented. IPSF presented the idea of having a Career Day for FIP Congress 2011.

FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section (HPS) Business Meeting

Pedro and Lærke attended. Reports from HPS president and treasurer were presented and the new executive committee was introduced.

Pharmacists in Humanitarian Work Breakfast Meeting

Lærke attended. Warren Meek, a Canadian pharmacist, presented a humanitarian project very si- milar to the MPNUP. We made contact with him afterwards and he showed some interest to the MPNUP and would like to help us on advice for a future project.

Introducing IPSF to Potential Sponsors

Bastien introduced Jan to Michele Boiron, who is the second generation of the company’s foun- ding family. She was very interested in collaborating with IPSF and would consider being a spea- ker at the IPSF Congress 2011. Jan and Pedro had an informal meeting Pharmapress talking about future ideas and cooperation and discussing setting up a discount for students who IPSF members and other sponsorship ideas. Pharmapress were really interested in collaborating with IPSF.


Meeting with EPSA

Jan, Bastien and Lærke attended. Details of future communication and collaboration were discus- sed and some basic initiatives were set up. Please refer to the minutes that have been sent to the Executive. Meeting with Marja Airaksinen on the Patient Safety Booklet

Murthy attended.

FIP Session – A4 - Getting from here to there

Bastien attended in order to gain ideas and contacts for possible speakers for the IPSF World Congress in Thailand in 2011.

FIP Session – G7 - Combating counterfeit medicines

Jan attended and introduced himself to Sabine Koop, our WHO contact.

Nordic Reception

Jan, Murthy, Lærke and Bastien attended. Met the outgoing FIP President Kamal Midha and had conservation on the importance of student’s involvement and IPSF work.

Day 5, Thursday 2nd of September

Council Meeting

Jan and Murthy attended. No matters of importance to IPSF were discussed.

Meeting with Marja Airaksinen and Marika Pohjanoksa-Mäntylä about the

Patient Counselling Event booklet.

Pedro attended. It was agreed to move on with the idea of revising the booklet. IPSF will be res- ponsible for coordination this project and for giving feedback on the ideas that are already on the table.

Meeting with representative from Pfizer

Jan had an informal meeting with representative from Pfizer. IPSF activities were presented and Pfizer showed special interest in the Professional Development, Humanitarian and Pharmacy Edu- cation projects. Collaboration will set up in the near future.

FIP Session – E6&7 - Competence in pharmacies – The roles of Internships and Lifelong Learning (LLL)

Pedro attended as a respondent on the topic about internships and how both the role of students and the pharmacies and how they both could benefit from these.

Overall outcomes

During the 70th FIP Congress the five IPSF representatives have made many new contacts for the


benefit of IPSF and the executive work in 2010-11. Many ideas for collaboration on different pro- jects have been discussed with different partners. We believe that especially the contacts with FIP IPS, EPSA and sponsorship contacts have been strengthened at this FIP Congress. Additionally, we have had many ideas for the upcoming IPSF symposia and sessions and contacts for possible speakers have been gained.

Suggestions for next year

We recommend that the outgoing executive to convene with the newly elected executive and set up goals for the next FIP Congress (including who to talk to and which meetings to attend), as well as provide some basic information regarding the organisation of FIP. The programme and the scheduled FIP business meetings could be studied ahead of the FIP Congress and a preliminary day-to-day schedule of who should be where when during the FIP Congress could be made before the FIP Congress. Required activity reports should be written and submitted ahead of Congress.

the FIP Congress. Required activity reports should be written and submitted ahead of Congress. The FIP President

The FIP President