Improving High Quality Physical Education for All Young People

Workshop outcomes
PLTs should be able to: • Recognise the characteristics of high quality PE and school sport • Identify the role and responsibilities of the PLT in supporting staff and pupils to achieve high quality PE and school sport (PESS) • Establish their own school’s strengths and areas for improvement in relation to high quality PESS (as part of whole school development) • Identify strategies to raise standards within PE, sport and the whole school • Identify key aspects for their action plan to develop high quality PE and School Sport

PLT Support Stage 2A


Impact Maximising Partnerships Engaging ALL students Schools as a Community resource Embedding

the ‘workforce’

High Quality Physical Education
Coaching Leadership And Volunteering School-club links Competition Gifted and Talented

The language might change but the Mission remains the same... Our mission is to improve and increase the quality and quantity of physical education and sport opportunities for young people, to show how PE and sport can enhance young people’s attainment and achievement and to create pathways for them to continue to be active beyond school.
PLT Support Stage 1A 4

Outcomes of a School Sport Partnership
• High Quality PE for all students

• Opportunities for all young people to:
– Participate in a range of high quality activities on a school site – Access a range of activities in a community environment

– Compete within and against schools
– Develop their potential – Undertake high quality Leadership and Volunteering roles

PLT Support Stage 1A


High quality PE and school sport
• When there is high quality PE and school sport you will see young people who…….

• When there is high quality PE and school sport you will see teachers who…..

PLT Support Stage 2A


Where there is high quality PE and school sport, you will see young people who:
• Show a strong commitment to making PE & sport part of their lives in both school & community • Know and understand what they are trying to achieve & how to go about it • Understand how PE & sport contributes to a healthy and active lifestyle • Have confidence to get involved in school & community sport • Have the skills to take part; are in control of their movements

PLT Support Stage 2A


Where there is high quality PE and school sport, you will see young people who: • Respond to a range of different activities as individuals and as part of a team • Think about what they are doing and make appropriate decisions for themselves • Show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their abilities and aspirations • Have the stamina, suppleness and strength to keep going • Enjoy PE and school and community sport
PLT Support Stage 2A 8

Outcomes of high quality PE and school sport
• • • • • • • • • • Committed Understand Healthy, active lifestyle Confidence Skills Range of competitive, creative & challenge-type activities Think & decisions Show a desire to improve Stamina, suppleness & strength Enjoy

PLT Support Stage 2A


OSHL is about ….
• Extending (HQ PE) • Enabling (HQ PE) • Enriching (HQ PE)

PLT Support Stage 2A


PLT role and responsibilities
Role: • Share good practice with school colleagues to support high quality physical education. Responsibilities: • Advocate the role of physical education and sport in raising whole school standards. • Encourage the school to ensure that young people take part in a minimum of 2 hours high quality physical education, leading to further appropriate activities and opportunities on the school • To work with the school leadership team to ensure provision of high quality physical education for all young people in their school. • Work with the School Sport Coordinator in signposting to the Local Delivery Agency to support the delivery of high quality physical education.

PLT Support Stage 2A


Placing PE & Sport at the heart of school life
How are you going to have a sustainable effect on your school/college, the PE/sport professionals around you and your colleagues?

Placing PE & Sport at the heart of school life

Sustainability & Effectiveness of PE & Sport: Whole school /college ownership, involvement & improvement Line Management Involvement PE Department Involvement

PLT Support Stage 2A


High quality PE mapping
• Green (across whole school/ all staff)
– good curriculum – good delivery – good assessment

• Amber (across part of school/ some staff)
– average curriculum – average delivery – average assessment

• Red (across whole school/ most staff)
– weak curriculum – weak delivery – weak assessment

PLT Support Stage 2A


The L in HQ PE


Pedagogy Assessment


PLT Support Stage 2A

PLT priorities
• Confirm details in action plan • Share action plan with Head • Share action plan with PDM & SSCo and consider further CPD/ support needed • Go for it – make a difference!

PLT Support Stage 2A


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