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State of Ohio

Victims of Crime
Funding Sources
Ohio Attorney General’s Office
o Victims of Crime Act (Federal Grant)
o State Victims Assistance Act (State Grant)
o Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program

Ohio Department of Health

o Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention Program

Office of Criminal Justice Services

o Family Violence Prevention Services (Federal Grant)
o Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
o STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant (Federal Grant)
Attorney General’s Office
D. Michael Sheline
Crime Victims Assistance and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)
Prevention (CVAP) Section State Victims Assistance Act (SVAA)

150 E. Gay St., 25th Floor

Program Description
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 644-8392 VOCA/SVAA funds support direct services which respond to the immediate
or (800)582-2877 needs of crime victims so that the severity of the psychological trauma is
Fax: (866) 528-7440 reduced; assist the victim in participating in the criminal justice process; and
help restore the victim’s sense of dignity, self-esteem, and coping mechanism.
Web site: Who Can Apply?
Click on Services, then for Victims

Public agencies or private non-profit organizations providing services to victims
of crime that directly benefit individual crime victims. Crime prevention
programs are not eligible for victim assistance funds.
Grant Period
Target Population
Applications available: April

Applications due: Mid-May

Victims of violent crime with priority given to victims of sexual assault,
domestic violence, child abuse, and underserved geographical areas and
Grant cycle begins: October 1 categories of crime (i.e., children who witness violence, the elderly, persons
with disabilities, etc.).
Grant cycle ends: September 30
_________________________________ Allowable Services

Approximate Funds Services which respond to the immediate needs of crime victims, including:
Per Year
Funds may vary each year depending • Crisis intervention.
upon the funding source. • Medical treatment escort.
• Hotline counseling.
State $4 million • Emergency food/clothing/shelter.
Federal $13 million • Transportation.
• Criminal justice system advocacy.
• Assistance with victim impact statements.
• Replacing/repairing broken locks and windows.
Range of Awards • Assistance with completing applications and applying for crime
VOCA: $1,000-$100,000
victim’s compensation.
SVAA: $1,000-$50,000 • Public awareness of crime victim rights and services.
William Fulcher
Attorney General’s Office
Assistant Section Chief Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program
150 E. Gay St., 25th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Program Description
Phone: (614) 466-5610
or (800) 582-2877 The Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program provides reimbursement for
Fax: (614) 752-2732 certain out-of-pocket expenses that result when people are physically injured,
emotionally harmed, or killed by violent criminal acts. Victims can only use the
Web site: program as a “payer of last resort,” which means they must first exhaust all other available sources of financial assistance before the program will pay. In certain
Click on Services, then For Victims
circumstances, the applicant may qualify for an emergency award.
Click on Apply for Compensation
Who Can Apply?
Compensation • A person who is personally injured (physically or emotionally) as
Applications for compensation can be a result of violent criminal acts, including law enforcement officers.
obtained by calling the Attorney • A dependent of a deceased victim.
General’s Crime Victims Assistance • A person who has paid/incurred the expenses on behalf of the victim.
and Prevention Section Hotline at • A person who is legally authorized to act on behalf of the victim.
(877) 584-2846.
Target Population
To be eligible:
The application must be filed within All eligible residents of Ohio can apply, as well as any other resident of the
two years of the date of the crime. United States or a qualified foreign county, injured by violent acts while in
Minors have until their 20th birthday or Ohio.
within two years from the date that
proceedings are instituted against the
Allowable Services
alleged offender; whichever is later.

The crime was reported within 72 The Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program compensates victims for
hours (unless there is a good reason for those expenses not covered by another source (such as: employer benefits,
delay) and the victim fully cooperated insurance, restitution from the offender, welfare, etc.). Some of these costs
with law enforcement. include:

The victim was not committing a • Medical and related expenses.

criminal act that caused or contributed • Counseling for family members of victims (up to $2,500 each).
to his injuries. • Wages lost from not being able to work.
• Replacement services.
The victim was not convicted of a • Crime scene clean-up (up to $750).
felony, or an offense of child
• Evidence replacement (up to $750).
endangering or domestic violence,
• Funeral expenses (up to $7,500).
within ten years of the crime, or while
the compensation application is • Income or services that the deceased victim can no longer provide
pending to dependents.
Some ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to:
Range of Awards • Pain and suffering.
• Property damage or loss (including cash)
Maximum award is $50,000 per victim
per incident All expenses will be independently reviewed and verified by the Attorney
General of Ohio.
Debra Seltzer
Department of Health
Program Administrator Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention Program
(Rape Prevention Education)
Beth Malchus
Rape Prevention Coordinator
Program Description
Amanda Suttle
The purpose of the Ohio Department of Health, Sexual Assault and Domestic
Rape Prevention Coordinator Violence Prevention Program (SADVPP), Rape Prevention Program is to reduce the
incidence of rape and other forms of sexual violence through prevention and
246 N. High Street, 8th Floor education, and to ensure that survivors and their families and friends have access to
Columbus, OH 43215 quality hotline services. The SADVPP administers the federally funded rape
prevention program. Rape prevention programs funded by SADVPP must designate
Phone: (614) 466-2144 the majority or all of their efforts toward comprehensive community-based
Fax: (614) 644-7740 prevention programming that will contribute to altering the public’s knowledge,
attitudes and behaviors related to sexual violence. The only permitted activity other
Web site: than prevention efforts are activities related to operating a rape crisis hotline. For
Click on “About ODH Programs” then more information about Sexual Violence Prevention as intended by the Centers for
“Sexual Assault and Domestic Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), refer to the document “Sexual Violence
Violence Prevention.” Prevention: Beginning the Dialogue” available online

Grant Period Who Can Apply?

Applications available: Ohio local public health departments or non-profits agencies; individuals may not
End of May apply. Applicant agencies must have experience providing prevention, education
and/or hotline services for sexual assault. Additionally, they must demonstrate
Applications due: working collaboratively with other organizations and individuals within the
End of July community(ies) to be served.

Grant cycle begins: Target Population

November 1
Pathways in Prevention (2009), Ohio’s plan for sexual and intimate partner violence
Grant cycle ends: prevention has identified three universal populations (populations identified without
October 31 regard to specific risks for perpetration or victimization) to be reached through
prevention programming:
Approximate Funds • All residents of the State of Ohio
• All Ohio youth ages six to twenty-four
Per Year
• All Ohio men and boys
Funds may vary each year depending
upon the funding source. The Pathways in Prevention Executive summary can be found at (

Allowable Services
Range of Awards SADVPP recognizes that a comprehensive prevention strategy must be developed
within communities. Additionally, these strategies must move beyond focus of
Most agencies receive between individual education and address how to change the environment, systems and
$30,000-$60,000 community norms. The SADVPP program has chosen to adapt the Spectrum of
Prevention as a framework to assist local communities in developing their own
comprehensive rape prevention plan (
prevention). The plan will identify the appropriate target population within the
community. Types of programming considered that would be within the Spectrum
of Prevention framework: educational seminars for teachers; social marketing
campaigns, training programs for students and college students, coalition capacity
building, reviewing schools and local organizations anti-harassment policies.
Office of Criminal Justice Services
Jacquetta Al-Mubaslat
Grants Planner Family Violence Prevention and Services Act
1970 W. Broad St., 4th Floor
Columbus, OH 43223 Program Description

Phone: (614) 728-7291 The Office of Criminal Justice Services receives federal grant funds under the
Phone: (614) 466-7782 Family Violence Prevention and Services Act for family violence prevention
or (888) 448-4842 services. The majority of funds must be used to support direct community-
Fax: (614) 466-0308 based services for family violence prevention and support to victims and their
families. Special emphasis is given to programs of demonstrated
Web site:
Click on GRANTS
Who Can Apply?
Grant Period* Public agencies, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies including, but
not limited to, religious and charitable organizations, and statewide coalitions.
Refer to the grant calendar located on
the OCJS website for application
deadlines and funding timelines Target Population

_________________________________ Victims of domestic violence and their families, and/or those at risk of
becoming involved in domestic violence.
Approximate Funds Allowable Services
Per Year 1. Core Shelter Services: Crisis hotline management (the operation of a
Funds may vary each year depending 24-hour telephone service, 7 days a week, with trained staff providing
upon the funding source. counseling, guidance, emotional support, information and referrals, etc).
Essential support staff: Residential staff (staff providing basic needs of
Approximately $2.5 million
per fiscal year victims in the shelter), case management staff (staff that provide
______________________________ referrals, advocacy, and crisis counseling), and supervisory staff (24-
hour management of the shelter and staff).
Range of Awards 2. Prevention and Related Assistance: Prevention such as outreach and
prevention services for victims and their children, assistance for children
There is a funding cap of $50,000
for this program. who witness domestic violence, employment training, parenting and other
educational services, preventive health services within domestic violence
programs (including nutrition, disease prevention, exercise and prevention
of substance abuse), domestic violence programming for school-age
children, family violence public awareness campaigns, violence
prevention counseling to abusers, counseling with respect to family
violence, other supportive services by peers (individually or in groups),
referral to community social services; transportation and technical
assistance with respect to obtaining financial assistance under federal and
state programs, referrals for appropriate health-care services (including
alcohol and drug abuse treatment), but shall not include reimbursement for
any health-care services; legal advocacy to provide victims with
information and assistance through the civil and criminal courts, legal
assistance, children’s counseling and support services, and childcare
services for children who are victims of family violence or the dependents
of such victims.
Office of Criminal Justice Services
Rickeya Franklin
Grants Administration Edward J. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Prosecution, Courts, and Victim Services)

1970 W. Broad St., 4th Floor Program Description

Columbus, OH 43223
The Byrne Memorial JAG Grant Program has several program areas, including
Phone: (614) 466-7690
or (888) 448-4842 the D category – Prosecution, Courts, and Victims Services. All projects
Fax: (614) 466-0308 funded under the Victim Service Program Area must be designed to
accomplish the following objectives:
Web site:
Click on GRANTS • -Train prosecution and court personnel; and support community
__________________________________ mediation, programs that assist crime victims and
• -Provide crime victims with services to help them overcome the trauma of
Grant Period* victimization; participate in all critical stages of the criminal justice
process, and return to full, active lives.
Refer to the grant calendar located on
the OCJS website for application Who Can Apply?
deadlines and funding timelines
_________________________________ 1. A unit of local government or council of governments, including a city,
county, township or village, that has legislative autonomy, jurisdiction,
Approximate Funds and authority to act in certain circumstances, or
Per Year 2. State agencies, state-supported universities, or
3. Statewide and local nonprofit or faith-based associations.
Funds may vary each year depending 4. Law enforcement agencies applying under this solicitation must be in
upon the funding source. compliance with crime statistics reporting, using either the Ohio Incident-
________________________ Based Reporting Summary System or Uniform Crime Reporting Summary
System, per Ohio Revised Code Section 5502.62(C)(6).
Range of Awards
Batterer treatment programs are not eligible under the Victim Service Program
Approximate awards are Area, but are eligible under other JAG program areas.
$10,000 - $75,000
Allowable Services

Programs providing direct services to victims of crime are eligible. Examples


• Domestic violence shelters

• Sexual assault programs
• Victim Advocacy programs
• Counseling services
Office of Criminal Justice Services
Jacquetta Al-Mubaslat STOP (Services*Training*Officers*Prosecutors)
Grants Planner
E-mail: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Formula Grant Program

1970 W. Broad St, 4th Floor Program Description

Columbus, OH 43223
The VAWA funds are to improve the criminal justice system’s response in
Phone: (614) 728-7291 serving women victims of violent crime, and to support and enhance services
or (888) 448-4842 for victims, targeting domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.
Fax: (614) 466-0308 Collaboration among law enforcement, prosecution and victim service
providers is required to provide a coordinated response for victims.
Web site:
Click on GRANTS
Who Can Apply?

Law enforcement agencies, prosecutorial agencies, courts and local and state
Grant Period* non-profit victim service providers in collaboration with each other.

Refer to the grant calendar located on Target Population

the OCJS website for application
deadlines and funding timelines
Adult women victims of violent crime, targeting domestic violence, sexual
assault and stalking, and emphasis serving under-served populations, such as
Appalachian, hearing impaired, etc. (Targeting male victims and targeting
female victims under the age of 18 are prohibited under this program).
Approximate Funds
Per Year Allowable Services
Funds may vary each year depending
upon the funding source. • Battered women’s shelters
• Domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking programs
• Legal advocacy.
Range of Awards • Data collection and communication systems.
• Victim service programs
There is a funding cap of $60,000 for • Training for law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and/or court
this program.
• Development and expansion of law enforcement, judges,
prosecutors and/or court personnel.
• Training for sexual assault forensic medical examiners.

NOTE: Agencies that have previously received funding in support of visitation

centers are eligible to apply in FY 2010. However, this program area may not be
eligible for funding support in future years.