Journey with SAP SRM: ONGC

Ravi Prakash (ONGC) Vishal Gupta (SAP India Consulting) 5th June 2008

SAP SRM at ONGC 2.Agenda 1. Success factors © SAP Summit 08 / Page 2 . Key Challenges 4. Benefits to ONGC 3.

SAP SRM at ONGC © SAP Summit 08 / Page 3 .

SAP SRM at ONGC: Vendor Registration Total vendors registered © SAP Summit 08 / Page 4 502 .

SAP SRM at ONGC: 2-stage Bidding Digital Signature © SAP Summit 08 / Page 5 .

SAP SRM at ONGC: 2-stage Bidding Roll-out Total tenders published Total Quotations received Approx Value of tenders © SAP Summit 08 / Page 6 115 467 4700 crore .

Each completed shopping cart is replicated as a purchase requisition in the SAP Materials Management. ONGC users from all locations have browser-based access to these catalogs and can place any items they want to buy in a shopping cart. suppliers price lists are firmed up and are then loaded in SAP SRM as catalogs. After an initial negotiation phase. which has significantly speeded up the purchasing of OEM spares. Indenters using OEM spares Total OEM catalogs Approx Items uploaded 97 6 400000 © SAP Summit 08 / Page 7 . The online catalog has a quick and easy-to-use interface. As the catalog is based on negotiated contracts with preferred suppliers. it enforces contract compliance right across ONGC.SAP SRM at ONGC: Catalogs for OEM spares A catalog-based system for the purchase of OEM spares.

SAP SRM at ONGC: Reverse Auctions Reverse Auction is an internet-based on-line & transparent price competition among bidders where price bids by bidders are viewed 'live‘ and responded in 'real-time' by a counter (read 'lower') price bid by the competitors. All this happens while the buyer at ONGC sits back and watches them compete Total Number of Auctions conducted Approx Savings 12 10% © SAP Summit 08 / Page 8 .

OVL & MRPL Import / sale of Crude oil Export of products like Naptha / Gasoline etc.Integrated Trading Desk For ONGC. Export of Petrochemicals .

Benefits of SAP SRM to ONGC Online transactions & communications between the Vendor and ONGC resulting in shorter bid cycle time. thanks to catalog-based e-procurement Improved transparency of tender process and audit trail . Improved service and lowered prices from competitive online tendering & auctioning Enable Suppliers across the globe to submit bids online without involvement of agents and participation in Reverse Auctions Seamless integration with backend SAP ERP processes Improved ability to comply with negotiated contracts.

Key Challenges Risk of noncompliance with public sector procurement guidelines Time-consuming manual processes leading to Long and costly procurement cycles Incorporation of digital security features to adhere to IT ACT 2000 guidelines Geographical and process constraints that discouraged competitive bidding & auctions .

Success Factors .

Thank you! © SAP Summit 08 / Page 13 .

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