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9 HISTORY Topic: World War One (Journal/diary entries or letter)


Task: A letter or diary

Using researched material to
entries, from the perspective The perspective of people
create a simulated record
of a soldier at the front or fighting on the front lines or
outlining motives, actions, and
someone at home during from the home front
interpretations of the past

Assessment Design Criteria A B C D E

Knowledge & Knowledge and understanding of people, place, events, developments and
KU1 ideas in history including chronologies. ✓
Knowledge and Understanding of why individuals and groups acted in
KU4 certain ways at particular times ✓
Evaluation of why individuals and groups acted in certain ways at particular
Reflection and
RE2 times. ✓
Explanation and
EC1 Communication of well-informed and relevant explanations. ✓

Overall Assessment Result A

Comment (if necessary):

Absolutely fabulous work, this was a pleasure to read. Your presentation is very well done and your
content is well researched and articulated, there is good evaluation here and you have really
captured what life was like for a soldier at the time. You have shown good knowledge and
understanding of people and events of the time is evident. The inclusion of the telegram is a great
way to show some authenticity in your work, it is very creative. Clear and concise communication
however I would have liked to have seen more information in the letter, some examples could have
included more evaluation. Good references and correctly displayed. Really happy with this
assignment, it looks like you have put in a lot of work. Thank you.