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Dortin 1


5057 Woodward Ave, #9405.2, Detroit MI 48202 Phone: (724)456-6113


Wayne State University, Detroit, MI; anticipated May 2020
Ph.D. Candidate in English, Rhetoric and Composition
Dissertation: Toward an Ecofeminist Embodied Pedagogy: A Study of Difference in Online and Offline
Community Writing Courses
Committee: Donnie Johnson Sackey, Ph. D. (co-director), Jeff Pruchnic, Ph. D. (co-director),
Adrienne Jankens, Ph. D., Jared Grogan, Ph. D., and Terese Monberg, Ph. D. (outside reader,
Michigan State University)

The University of Findlay, Findlay, OH; April 2016

M.A. in Rhetoric and Writing
Thesis: From Silent Spring to #SilentActivism: Environmental Communication and Rhetorical Strategy in
the Digital Public Sphere
Committee: Ron Tulley, Ph. D. (director), Chris Denecker, Ph. D., and Megan Adams, Ph.D.

Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH; May 2014

B.A. in Literature, Minor in Spanish

Oakland University, Rochester, MI (full-time position) August 2019-Present
Special Lecturer in the Writing and Rhetoric Department

Writing and Rhetoric 1060: College Writing II (four sections, all hybrid)

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 2017- 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant in the English Department

English 1020: College Writing I (three sections)

English 3010: College Writing II/Writing in the Disciplines (two sections, all online)
English 3020: Community Writing (three sections, two online)
English 3050: Technical Communication Reports (one section, online)

Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI 2018-2019

Part-time Faculty in the English Department

English 111: College Writing I (two sections)

English 226: College Writing II (two sections)

Institute of Reading Development, Detroit, MI 2017- 2019

Dortin 2

The University of Findlay, Findlay, OH 2015- 2016

Teaching Assistant in the Doctor of Education Program

Education 700: Writing as a Doctoral Scholar (teaching assistant, one online section)
Education 790: Dissemination of Research (teaching assistant, one online section)

Teaching Assistant in the Graduate Writing Center 2014-2016

English 490: Writing Tutor Training (teaching assistant, two offline sections)

Review. (Forthcoming Winter 2019). Wicked, Incomplete, and Uncertain: User Support in the Wild by Jason
Swarts. Computers & Composition Print.

Review. (Winter 2018). Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online. Computers and Composition Online by
Bailey Poland:

Review. (Fall 2017). Genre and the Performance of Publics edited by Mary Jo Reiff and Anis Bawarshi.
Computers & Composition Print, 45, pp. 21-24.

Article. (Spring 2015). “From Print to Screen: Best Practices for Online Tutoring.” Co-authored
with Stephanie Ries. East Central Writing Center Association Newsletter, pp. 6-8:

Review. (Fall 2014). The Available Means of Persuasion: Mapping a Theory of Multimodal Public Rhetoric by
Anthony J. Michel, David Michael Sheridan, and Jim Ridolfo. Computers & Composition Online:



Paper. Conference for College Composition and Communication. Milwaukee, WI. Forthcoming Mar. 2020.
“Performing Bodies, Disrupting Commonplaces.”

Panel. Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference. Harrisonburg, VA. Forthcoming Nov. 2019. “Seeking
Liberation: Constructing Feminist Classrooms to Motivate DIY Activism” (co-presenting with Ari

Paper. Conference on Community Writing. Philadelphia, PA. Forthcoming Oct. 2019. “Embodied
Identities, Embodied Communities: Empowering Students to Work Across Difference through an
Ecofeminist Community Writing Pedagogy.”

Table Presentation. Conference for College Composition and Communication. Pittsburgh, PA. Mar. 2019.
“Mapping Classroom Communities: Establishing Inclusive Academic Research and Writing Practices
through a Cultural Narrative Framework.”
Dortin 3

Workshop. Cultural Rhetorics Conference. Lansing, MI. Nov. 2018. “Pedagogies of Spontaneity:
Cultivating Collaborative Classroom Cultures” (co-presented with Mark Lane).

Paper. Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN. June 2018. “When the City Speaks: Reinventing
Space by Restoring Place” (co-presented with Mark Lane).

Panel. Conference for College Composition and Communication. Kansas City, MO. Mar. 2018. “Rewriting the
City: Marginalizing Memories through the Rhetoric of Restoration” (co-presented with Mark Lane
and Hillary Weiss).

Panel. College English Association. Denver, CO. Apr. 2016. “Strange Places, Faces, & Spaces: Public
Rhetoric(s) & 21st Century Social Activism” (co-presented with Ron Tulley, Robert Beebe, Eileen
Comerford, and David Maynard).

Panel. International Writing Center Association. Pittsburgh, PA. Oct. 2015. “Taking to the Digital Frontier:
A Writing Center Journey” (co-presented with Courtney Bates, Stephanie Reis, and Troylin Banks).

Workshop. International Writing Center Association. Pittsburgh, PA. Oct. 2015. “Tutor Training Manual
Makeover” (co-presented with Courtney Bates, Stephanie Reis, and Troylin Banks).


Roundtable. Introduction to the Field of Rhetoric and Writing. Findlay, OH. September 2019. “Graduate
Studies in Rhetoric and Composition.”

Roundtable. Retelling Stories: (Re)Imagining Popular Culture Conference. Detroit, MI. March 2019. “How to
Succeed at Networking without Really Trying.”

Invited Talk. Digital Media and Composition. Findlay, OH. October 2018. “Digital Research Methods
and Methodologies.”

Workshop. Introduction to the Field of Rhetoric and Writing. Findlay, OH. September 2017. “Pursuing a
Ph.D. in the Field of Rhetoric and Composition Studies.”

Invited Talk. Rhetoric Society of America, Rhetorical Cats chapter. Findlay, OH. April 2017. “This Land is
Our Land: Native American Resistance in the #NoDAPL Protests.”

Thomas C. Rumble Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Wayne State University 2019-2020

Stipend, Tuition Reimbursement, and Medical Coverage

Terrance King Endowed Memorial Fellowship 2019

Department of English, Wayne State University

Graduate Student Professional Travel Award Feb. 2018, Sep. 2018, Sep. 2019
Department of English, Wayne State University
Dortin 4

Albert Feigenson Endowed Memorial Scholarship 2018

Department of English, Wayne State University

Thomas C. Rumble Recruitment Fellowship 2016-2017

Wayne State University
Stipend, Tuition Reimbursement, and Medical Coverage

Wayne State University
English 1020 Assessment Reader 2019
Community Writing Symposium, Director and Organizer 2019
“Curiously Kairotic Classrooms” Workshop Facilitator (with Mark Lane) 2019
“Succeeding in the Qualifying Exam and Prospectus Defense” Workshop Facilitator 2018
Wayne State Rhetoric Society, President 2018-Present
Community Writing Committee, Member 2018-Present
Professional Writing Committee, Member 2018-Present
Curriculum Committee, Member 2018-Present
Wayne State English Department Mentoring Committee, Mentor 2018-2019
Wayne State Rhetoric Society, Treasurer 2017-2018
Pop Culture in/as Speculative Resistance Conference, Organizer 2018

University of Findlay
Graduate Student Writing Collective, Facilitator 2014-2016
Intensive English Language Program Orientation Leader 2015-2016
Digital Archives of Literacy Narratives, Collector 2015



Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition 2019-Present
Coalition on Community Writing 2019-Present
American Federation of Teachers 2017-Present
Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society 2016-Present
Rhetoric Society of America 2015-Present
College English Association 2014-Present
International Writing Center Association 2014-2016
Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society 2013-Present

Office of Teaching and Learning Pedagogy Club 2018-Present
Wayne State Rhetoric Society 2017-Present
Wayne State Rhetoric Reading Group 2017-Present
Wayne English Graduate Organization 2016-Present
University of Findlay Rhetorical Cats 2015-2016
Sigma Tau Delta, Xi Theta Chapter 2014-2016
Sigma Tau Delta, Delta Iota Chapter 2012-2014