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| Knights of Columbus James V. Kavanaugh Council #5293 Cees Grand Knights Report Congratulations to Brother Knights, Alex Fabiano and Robert Dereme on furthering their journey into full Knighthood. Please consider researching into the fourth degree. Time was a barrier this year but | encourage you to make it next year. Be active in the council and get involved however, remember Family First Our annual ball was a major success. We honored two excellent candidates in Mike Dubois and Dan Losquardo. They have done a lot of positive works in our community and will continue to do so. Thank you to Peter Costelloe for doing everything imaginable in regards to get advertisements for the journal and assisting those in need of tickets to the event. It was 8 major success and | owe a bunch of gratitude to your efforts. Without you, it ‘would not have been possible. Congratulations to the Stephens Family as being Family of the Year in addition to Brother Michael Quinn on being Knight of the Year. bette Meeting: October 8. 2 James V. Kavanaugh Nenbership IN SOLIDARITY WITH OUR BISHOPS AND PRIESTS Chapter Next Meeting: October 11, 2019, Patchogue Council Fourth Degree Next Meeting: October 23, 2019 JAMES V. KAVANAUGH COUNCIL Columbiettes Major Degree October 22, 2019 Patchogue Council Quote of the Month: “Physical strength can never permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Council Activities Grand Knight—Ken Reynolds Deputy Grand Knight— ohn Hurley Chancelor-Peter Cotroneo Warden—Frank Skaren Treasurer—Peter Costelloe Recording Secret Vincent Appel Trustees—Don Samo, Joba Diadema, Stanley Blaske Inside Guard Daniel Tariol ‘Outside Guard—Mike Quinn ‘Lecturer—Mike Stephens Financial Seeretary—Shavin Sexton Columbiette officers President—Pat Tariol Vice-President—Claire Sosnicki Immediate Past President—Heather Raghunandan Sentinal—Pam Amato Treasurer—Trish Hurley Financial Secretary—Gerri Melton Secretary—Anne Marie Diadema Community Director, Christopher Hennessey did a phenomenal job as he did last year with the Soccer Challenge. There ‘was a large number of youths that participated. Congratulations to the Winners and thank you to all the participants, PRAESIDIUM’S ARMATUS* Safe Environment Program Training Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Please visit Free to all Members, olumbus James V. Kavanaugh District Deputy—Bill Fontaine Columbiette District Deputy- Grace McGloine Eas Prayers William Higgins Frank Skarren Sharon Palaxzato Daniel Carr Enoch Sexton Bishops & Priests The Unborn Former and Current Military Personnel Emergency Service Personnel Trish Hurley Cathy Wil aeeeeate Columbian Club Report Columbian Club President Officers Brother Knights and Sister Columbiettes, President—Peter Costelloe ‘The summer is over and the leaves are changing colors. This is truly one of my Vice President-Ken Reynok hen ee favorite times of the year. | think of my SecretaryStanley Blaske Jr. younger days of raking leaves, carving Tanai Oe Pumpkins, trick-or-reating, corn, and hot apple cider. The Columbian Club is doing well; we have Board of Directors ‘@ board member, Mike Quinn. Mike replaced former board member, John Peter Cotroneo Bivona. | want to say thank you to John for Phil Quinn always assisting the Columbian Club and Mk Stine being the person I relied on for a number of years, Vincent Appel Please come down to the hail on October 2, Frank Nappe 2019. We are helping a Boy Scout, Colby Neidig with achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Spaghetti Dinner Spm-9pm. Tickets Frank Skarren are $12 per person. Richard Palazzotto. Next Meeting is October 22, 2019. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE POSTED IN THE NEWS: LETTER PLEASE CONTACT THE GRAND KNIGHT AND/OR COLUMBIETTE PRESIDENT Congratulations to Brother Knights Eee SeIe rans gs eee They completed their journey into Full Knighthood. Pete AW MO ec aC AT Deu MN mote Coa TT Le a eee a ae Cee Rae emu ume (ere eta DN Same eee as eer es eae eeu ls eRe Ta DM na ieee PES Ree RT eee ta mec every rset cutet es eikecta eager tee ae Ball 2019 Annual Ball Knights and Columbiettes Installation of Officers 2019-20 Knights and Columbiettes Installation of Officers 2019-20 Knights and Columbiettes Installation of Officers 2019-20 ——— y nd Knights and Columbiettes Installation of Officers 2019-20 ae