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Statement of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to The Hill:

“At no time since our interview have I ever retracted the statement I made about the
U.S. ambassador providing me a list of names of people and organizations she did not
want my office to prosecute.

Shortly after my televised interview with your news organization I was asked by a
Ukraine reporter if I had a copy of the letter that Ambassador Yovanovitch provided me
with the names of those she did not want prosecuted. The reporter misunderstood how
the names were transmitted to me. I explained to the reporter that the Ambassador did
not hand me a written list but rather provided the list of names orally over the course of
a meeting And i wrote those names down in my hand written notes,

I believed then as I do now that the US ambassador’s demand amounted to an intrusion

on the sovereign authority of my office to handle all enforcement matters for Ukraine. I
also provided you a letter showing a specific written example of when the U.S. Embassy
in Kiev pressured me not to pursue a specific investigation of a non-governmental
organization. I stand by my assertions I made during our interview.”