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PR Audit:

Freedom Trade International

Hannah Weems

November 6, 2018

CMST 340

Communications Audit

Table of Contents

Executive Summary ....................................................................................... 3

History and Overview ....................................................................................... 4-5

Staff/Board ....................................................................................... 5-6

Publics ....................................................................................... 6-7

Communication Grid ....................................................................................... 7

Funding/Partners ....................................................................................... 7-8

Services/Programs ....................................................................................... 8-9

Strengths ....................................................................................... 10-11

Weaknesses ....................................................................................... 12-13

Problems and Threats ....................................................................................... 13-14

Opportunities ....................................................................................... 14-15

Annotated Bibliography ....................................................................................... 16-23

Appendix ....................................................................................... 24-42


Executive Summary

Freedom Trade International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of Birmingham, AL that

works to eliminate human trafficking in India. Most of its team members are based around

Birmingham, working on the side of the organization that essentially fuels its mission in India.

There is one full-time employee working overseas. Freedom Trade is relatively young and is

growing in number of those that are in support of its mission overseas which is essentially

tackling the three issues that drive human trafficking: poverty, illiteracy, and exploitation. The

organization has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and they send out

newsletters to those that sign up for subscriptions. Freedom Trade is very dependent on donors,

so the donors are met with information via newsletter or face-to-face meetings.

The organization, being a freedom business, sells a few products such as t-shirts and

pieces of jewelry to help with funding. However, it is in the works that four women will soon be

employed by Freedom Trade to create a luxury bath line to kick start their freedom business. One

strength other than the potential for bath products would be the large walk that Freedom Trade

helps to host in Pelham every year in partnership with A21: Walk for Freedom. This event brings

many people together to advocate against modern day slavery and it also brings the organization

publicity. Speaking of publicity, a weakness would be the organization’s lack of media mentions.

The only articles found containing mentions of Freedom Trade would be those concerning the

Walk for Freedom. It would be helpful for them to be more visible. One threat that Freedom

Trade faces is the uncertainty of the Indian government. It is a possibility that they be removed

without warning. Overall, Freedom Trade has made PR efforts such as newsletters and events

that have been effective, but more visibility and more full-time employees would be beneficial.


In November 2014, a small group of people from Birmingham travelled to India for

missions there. Their hearts were broken after being exposed to an Indian brothel and they knew

it warranted a response. They formed a crew of people passionate about transformation and

began researching. During their research, they heard about freedom businesses, which essentially

provide employment to those formerly trafficked and exploited. This is when Freedom Trade

International was born.

Today Freedom Trade is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that systematically approaches three

specific issues that make human trafficking such a booming industry: poverty, illiteracy, and

exploitation. They have chosen these three issues because they are the ones that provide the

clearest path to human trafficking. For example, in India, around 67% of Indians live on less that

$2 a day. The illiteracy rate in India is 30% of adults. By directly targeting these two problems,

Freedom Trade plans on preventing a large number of human trafficking incidents. Through the

model of a freedom business, the organization partners with local trusts to help women

recovering from the physical, mental, and emotional trauma of the human trafficking industry.

They teach basic literacy skills and help in guiding the women through making life

choices such as budgeting and considering where to live. Once the women are ready, they are

taught how to create products that earn fair wages. Freedom Trade claims that their freedom

business is about, “...empowering her to have a sustainable, healthy, & purposeful life. After

finding freedom, that woman then becomes a catalyst of change for others like her to experience

freedom too.” Freedom Trade says it is especially committed to forming relationships within the

community brothels in India, and believes that India is filled with hope and potential. The goal is

to equip and rehabilitate women into freedom and success by using a business alternative in

which they can learn independence and practice self-sufficiency through opportunities given by

Freedom Trade International.

As far as the women are concerned, once a woman begins working with Freedom Trade,

the organization has a condition that says she no longer can work in a brothel. If for some reason

she does, Freedom Trade employee Hannah Scott will meet with her to understand and resolve

the issue. If such work continues, she will be eventually dismissed. Hannah Scott said, “The

whole point of a freedom business is to give the woman a choice to do something else.” She said,

“Some of Freedom Trade’s future women may have graduated out of the trade and begun work

as a madam, meaning they now own and manage their own supply of girls.” She went on to

explain that they may do what is called a “prevention hire” which means they foresee a girl very

close to entering the trade and they want to prevent that by hiring her, if she is old enough, or her


Each of its social media accounts display the organization’s motto: Preventing human

trafficking through freedom businesses. Freedom Trade’s official mission statement is to restore

dignity, give hope, and achieve global justice. This is listed additionally in the strengths portion.

When asked about the specific location of Freedom Trade’s operation in India, field

worker, Hannah Scott, said, “As for the name of the community, we’ve never published that

anywhere for our own protection and the protection of our women. We usually just say that we

work in the state of West Bengal.”


The only current paid employee is Hannah Scott, as she is the main team member who

lives full-time in India. A new employee is being mobilized to join her there in the near future.

The rest of the team serves Freedom Trade on a volunteer basis in Birmingham, Alabama to

provide the resources needed for the organization’s mission in India. Freedom Trade

International is mainly a volunteer oriented organization. Founded by Wendy Taylor, she now

serves as the President of the Board of Directors. Hannah Scott serves as the Treasurer. Yocunda

Clayton is the Secretary. There are two trustees: John Taylor and Maggie Parsons.


The main public Freedom Trade is trying to reach would be human trafficking victims in

India. These are the women that Freedom Trade exists to serve. As far as internal publics go,

there is only one paid employee of the entire Freedom Trade team. She is the only one working

and living full-time in India so it is absolutely vital that Freedom Trade is communicating well

with her and helping her accomplish the mission they have.

External publics would include donors, for example. They provide a substantial amount

of funding for the organization. Freedom Trade is funded primarily through individual donors, so

a public would be those that already individually support them. Additionally, corporate donors

could be an opportunity public. It could be beneficial to be reaching more potential individual

donors but also there is big opportunity to find corporate donors. Another public would be the

volunteers, both regular and potential. Reaching out to those that continue to come serve and

reaching out to those that have shown interest in serving are both separate messages but essential

in continuing to have a strong and growing volunteer base.

Another key public would be the local level of media in Birmingham to spread awareness

and reach potential volunteers and donors alike. Another local media might be that of the

community Freedom Trade serves in India. It is important that they have good local partnerships

in the Indian community they serve. With a mission as large and in need of awareness as

possible, Freedom Trade could also strive to reach for national media attention.

The government is another public and primarily the Indian government. This is listed

later in the problems and threats area, but essentially, Freedom Trade is outside of the Caste

system which automatically makes them controversial. The Indian government has the right to

expel them without warning or reason. This is a public that they are having to be aware of

because of this threat. Other publics would include future potential suppliers of materials for bath

products, as the process of the bath line continues to progress. Also, Freedom Trade’s future

customers of the bath line- essentially anyone who would purchase bathing products. Lastly,

another public would be current customers of already available products being sold, such as the

jewelry, tees, etc.

Communications Grid

Instagram Facebook Twitter Website Newsletter Events

Donors X X X X X X
Volunteers X X X X X X
Media X
Employee X X


Freedom Trade is primarily dependent on its donors and the majority of those are

individual donors rather than corporate. They communicate with those donors through newsletter

and meetings in-person. Two update letters for Freedom Trade’s financial supporters are

attached in the appendix. Field worker Hannah Scott meets with many supporters when she visits

home. They are not utilizing any government grants which could also be an opportunity. As a

freedom business, they do sell products. The Freedom Trade website has a shop tab where one

can view and purchase available products such as t-shirts, freedom boxes (containing an

assortment of items), and the better-known freedom key necklaces. There are other times when

the products are sold as well. They are stocked locally at Sozo Trading Company in Avondale

with other items such as earrings, journals, and other small accessories. They also sell products at

different events. None of the products available now are products that Freedom Trade have

helped women manufacture, however. For the time being, the items they sell are ones they

produce in Birmingham (the Freedom Keys) or ones they sell on behalf of other surrounding

freedom businesses in India. Freedom Trade is currently in the process of developing fair trade

bath products to employ four women to create as their sustainable good. The line will be called

Beshudo, which means “pure” in the region’s language. This is in the works and is being tested,

researched, and discussed among donors. The Vision Gap for the bath line is attached in the

appendix. All operating costs for this bath line is projected at $52,313. All 2017 Quarterly

Financial Reports are also attached in the appendix with a direct breakdown of the budget. In

2017, their total revenue was $26,027.35. On the website’s “Partners” page, there are three

partners listed: Uttermost Jewelry, Dakota Chasity Photography, and Taylor’s Mobile

Automotive Restoration Services.


The bottom of Freedom Trade’s website gives opportunity for those interested to

subscribe to latest news, offers, and styles. This is a service they provide to update those

interested in everything the organization does. Mainly, the organization provides services for the

women they partner with in India. Freedom Trade’s biggest event of the year is the annual Walk

for Freedom. Pulling this off means partnering with A21, which is a well-known organization

that battles human trafficking. The walk takes place in Pelham and lasts for a couple of hours.

Those participating, during the sign-up process, pledge a specific amount of money to raise for

the walk. This is the biggest program of the year that Freedom Trade hosts. Other smaller

programs might be speaking to local churches or student groups and setting up tables at events.

For example, last year, Freedom Trade gave a presentation to students in the UAB Wesley

Foundation and then some of those students committed to walking in the Walk for Freedom. In

November of 2018 they will set up an informational table selling products and advocating their

cause at the Hill Student Center. On the “India side” of programs, overseas employee Hannah

Scott spoke about exactly what she has been working on to accomplish the mission overseas. She

said, “I don’t normally have a “typical” day. . . It’s a pretty varied assortment of things each day

and can change minute-to-minute. Most recently I have been sourcing raw ingredients, making

test products, finding good quality packaging [for bath products], organizing our future work

space, getting information about shipping internationally, forming and maintaining relationships

in the different communities I am a part of, getting advice and doing research on the legal side of

starting a registered business here, and keeping in touch with my supporters, friends, and family

at home. Plus, other random things that happen as a result of being in a crazy place like India!”

She elaborated on some of the specific steps taken on her side of the organization to essentially

succeed in Freedom Trade’s mission, which will soon be hiring four women to produce a bath

line and kick-start the freedom business.



A notable strength of Freedom Trade is that they have a set, simple, and well-known

mission statement: restore dignity, give hope, and achieve global justice. They are consistent in

displaying this mission statement across all social media. Another strength of Freedom Trade

would be the growing following they have on Facebook. They are able to disperse information

with the possibility of being seen by more than 12,000 people. As Freedom Trade is a relatively

young organization, social media growth is a large way to be heard by larger numbers and wider

audiences. The website is also very clean, updated, and attractive. It is another separate strength

that the web development allows for a swift and sleek website design. It is another strength that a

dedicated partner of Freedom Trade is a photographer who provides professional photographs of

events to share on the social media and/or website. Another strength would be the possibility of

the sustainable goods being bath products. This makes Freedom Trade a unique freedom

business because bath products are among the highest sought-after products in the United States

and because not many other known freedom businesses produce such products. Another strength

would be the Walk for Freedom. As the biggest event Freedom Trade hosts all year, it gains the

organization the most publicity compared to other events throughout the year. On social media,

there were several recent posts made about the event. The UAB Wesley Foundation made one

particular post on Instagram showing photographs of the event with the caption, “This morning

we walked the highway in Pelham to shine awareness on slavery. Slavery still exists and we're in

it to end it.” Another Instagram post, made by Tyler Cantrell, a participant in the Walk for

Freedom, said, “What if I told you the fastest growing criminal industry in the world is human

trafficking. That only 1% of victims are rescued. That this 150-billion-dollar industry is ruining

millions of lives across the globe. #EndItMovement #AbolishSlavery#WalkForFreedom.”


Additionally, a YouTube video by Boarding World Team was uploaded that fully documented

the Walk for Freedom on October 20th. Between 65 and 70 people of all ages participated in the

walk. One participant, Tinnie Louis, in an interview said, “It was cool to see a whole line of

people dressed in all black walking along a main highway for the same reason.” Louis had a very

positive experience participating which would be a strength for Freedom Trade. This enthusiasm

would very likely lead someone like Louis to volunteer with Freedom Trade in the future.

Another interview with a volunteer participant of the Walk for Freedom led to the same

conclusion. Elizabeth Crosby said, “It was a very different experience because unlike most

charity walks, we walked down the side of the highway. The reactions of people that saw us

were the most powerful aspect of it. People slowed down, took pictures, and watched us. I think

going on the street was so powerful because most people don’t believe modern slavery is real or

they choose to ignore it and for the moment that those people saw us, and even more for me as

well, the reality of it became even more real which hopefully produced sparks for change.”

When Crosby was asked if the experience made her want to be more involved with Freedom

Trade she simply replied, “Yes.” Lastly, a big strength of Freedom Trade is that they are

prepared for crisis in India. A big threat is expulsion from the country, yet they have funds in

place to cover an emergency flight home for their employee in India, Hannah Scott, if such a

problem were ever to occur. Hannah is also insured for medical insurance and is surrounded by a

community on the ground for any sort of medical emergency. Another strength would be the

current mobilization of another full-time worker to work alongside Hannah in India. This new

employee is waiting for her work Visa.



One weakness of the organization would be that they do not have a set code of ethics.

The probable reason for this would be that there is only one full-time employee. It would be

helpful, however, for there to be a set code of ethics as they continue to have events in which

volunteers are present so that anyone could refer to their set of values. Additionally, there is no

final year-end report to look over. There are quarterly reports from 2017, however. Another

weakness is that the News portion of the website has not been updated since December of 2017,

eleven months ago. This could be viewed as a weakness by those seeking updates on the

progress in India. This could also put a halt on potential donors because there is no new

information for them to go off of. Another weakness would be that there are not many mentions

of Freedom Trade in the media. There are a few tags on social media and a few articles all

related to the Freedom Walk, but an absence of media presence would be a mentionable

weakness. One other weakness to address would be the funding side of the A21 Walk for

Freedom. Freedom Trade partners with A21 to host the Walk for Freedom in Pelham, however,

Freedom Trade does not earn any of the money raised by the walk. The walk in 2018 raised over

$1,000 and none of the money raised went to Freedom Trade. This is a big weakness, yet it is an

uncontrollable factor if they still continue to partner with A21. Another weakness would be that

the “Events” page on the Freedom Trade website only has one event. It would be a strength if

there were several events listed for the year with promotions. An additional weakness would be

that Freedom Trade is not rated on Charity Finder because they do not meet the criteria for a

nonprofit to be rated. The criteria for a rating on Charity Finder is making $50,000 or more per

year and Freedom Trade has not met this. The last weakness to include would be that there is

only one current full-time employee. It would be very helpful for the organization to have more

full-time employees to work on the growth of the organization or even to be overseas working

hands-on. More employees would mean more effectiveness.


Freedom Trade founder Wendy Taylor thinks that the biggest problem the organization

faces is apathy. She says because Freedom Trade works in India, the issue seems far away to

many people. The response that Freedom Trade gets most often is, “We have that here,” and

Wendy agrees. She said that although the United States, according to the global slavery index, is

#2 in the world for responding to human trafficking, the US is also the #1 consumer of child

pornography which drives global traffic. Wendy said, “As long as there is demand, someone is

going to meet that supply.” Another problem Freedom Trade faces is the mobilization of

workers. Again, Freedom Trade only employs one person. It is difficult for them to find long-

term workers that will be willing to move overseas, learn a new language, and be motivated to

set people free physically, emotionally, financially, etc. Another problem that many nonprofits

face is raising funds. There are so many nonprofits that are desperately seeking funds, and so

Freedom Trade is constantly trying to directly find and reach out to those that have a heart for

those in human trafficking to build a community of steady donors and support.

While all of these problems are on the “Birmingham side” of the mission of Freedom

Trade, there is also a big threat on the “India side” being the possibility of expulsion from the

country. This is one main reason that the organization must use business as the platform. In

India, Freedom Trade is known as an “untouchable” which refers to those outside of the Caste

System. In this case, “untouchables” are very controversial and can be removed from the country

at any time. If such an outcome occurred, Freedom Trade would implement the crisis plan set in

place and continue to support similar organizations that remain in the area. Another mentionable

possible problem or threat is that employee Hannah Scott is not registered with the embassy. She

said, “I’ve met with some people who work at the American embassy in Kolkata but I’ve never

officially registered with them. Honestly, the less both governments know about me right now,

the better.” This is probably because of the possibility of expulsion from the country, however, it

could also be viewed as a problem that she is not registered with the embassy.


One big opportunity for Freedom Trade would be the media potential. As stated in

weaknesses, Freedom Trade does not have many mentions in the media. However, the majority

of the mentions that they do have are related to the Walk for Freedom. This big event has the

opportunity to build momentum and grow each year. Next year it could have the potential to be

covered in the local news media. As far as the Walk for Freedom goes, they do not receive any

funding raised by the event, but they are gaining a wider audience of supporters, an opportunity

might be to create an individually organized event of their own instead of continuing to partner

with A21. This could be in the form of a similar walk or a gala, etc. A large event in which they

receive all profits is a big opportunity going forward. Another set of opportunities would simply

be the types of events they can attend. They can make presentations at colleges, churches, big

events, or little events. Each event gains more awareness for human trafficking and more

advocacy for Freedom Trade. Another opportunity to mention would be the possibility of

finding grants that they qualify for, although it is not a bad thing that they are not dependent on

government grants, it could be an opportunity to capitalize on. A couple of opportunities also


exist when considering the digital side of Freedom Trade. As their business becomes solidified

with sustainable goods of bath products, it would be an opportunity to think about the creation of

an app. There are so many things happening with this organization, it might be beneficial to

consider having a convenient hub for shopping, advocating, and having an updated blog to attract

potential donors. In addition to the app idea, there could be more attractive web appeals. Such as

“Click here to donate.” The last opportunity concerning the website would be that the Board

members be listed. People like to give to people they know! This could also show the

qualifications of the Board members and how they are contributing to what Freedom Trade is

doing. Additionally, Freedom Trade does not have a physical building in Birmingham. They rent

a physical building for the work they do in India, but they do not have one in the United States.

As the organization grows, and as the possibility of having bath products made in India and sold

here materializes, then that brings the opportunity for Freedom Trade to look into a physical

location here in the United States to act as headquarters for all production in the business,

materials, marketing, etc. A physical building location state-side of the organization could be an

exciting opportunity to consider in the future growth of Freedom Trade International, if there

would be funds able to rent a space and more full-time employees hired to grow and maintain the


Annotated Bibliography

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really goes into depth of the origins of the organization. The next section on this page is

titled “Why a freedom business?” and it goes into detail about how general freedom

businesses work and why they chose this type of business as their model. The next section

of this page is titled “Our Strategy” and it describes the exact issues they target, giving

statistics of illiteracy and poverty rates and describing how each problem eventually leads

to exploitation. The last section of the “About Us” page is titled “How can I make a

difference?” This section briefly gives a genuine appeal for its readers about why one

should consider partnership with Freedom Trade and the organization’s mission in India.

(2) “Contact Us.” Freedom Trade,

This webpage is designed to give the organization’s readers a way to connect with them. It

lists the organization’s Birmingham address: 9340 Helena Road Suite F-128 Birmingham,

AL 35244. It also gives the phone number: (205) 948-FREE (3733). Below this

information is a general contact form with fill-in boxes so that interested viewers can

directly connect with the organization. It lists boxes for name, email, phone number, and


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(9) Kortright, Amalia. “Walk for Freedom to Combat Human Trafficking.” Shelby County

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(10) Louis, Tinnie (2018, October 22) Interview


Tinnie Louis is a student at UAB in Birmingham and she participated in the 2018 Walk for

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experience at the walk and her feedback was used in the strengths portion of the audit.

(11) “News.” Freedom Trade,

This webpage lists, in blog post format, news updates for things Freedom Trade has

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December of 2017.

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image of the home page is attached below in the appendix.

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(15) “Products.” Freedom Trade,

This webpage on the Freedom Trade Website is the “Shop” page. It lists all (four) products

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Stamped Freedom Key. The website itself is powered by Shopify, therefore, one can

make an account and log-in to add items to cart and purchase.

(16) Scott, Hannah (2018, November 6) Interview

Hannah is the one full-time employee overseas in India. She spoke to me about what a

typical day looks like in accomplishing the mission of Freedom Trade, which is mentioned

in the services/programs section and she gave me access to the annual report which is

attached in the appendix.

(17) Seale, Michael. “Pelham Hosting Walk for Freedom This Weekend.” Pelham, AL Patch,

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This online article by AL Patch mentions Freedom Trade and announces this walk, saying,

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(18) “Sozo Trading Co.” Sozo Trading Co.,

This is the home website for Sozo Trading Company in Avondale. While it has no direct

mention of Freedom Trade, it is important because Freedom Trade’s products are sold in

this store. The website shows some products, but not all because it is also a thrift store,

therefore, many consumers in the store can find the table set up for Freedom Trade and be

exposed to the organization there for the first time.

(19) “Sozo Trading Co.” Facebook,

This is the Facebook page for Sozo Trading Company. While there are no direct mentions

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Company storefront in Avondale. The Facebook page gives information about where to

find the store, and ultimately, the Freedom Products.

(20) “Take Action.” Freedom Trade,

This webpage lists indirect and direct ways for its readers to take action against human

trafficking such as: Shopping Amazon Smile, Purchasing Freedom Keys, Education,

Volunteering, Partnering, and Sponsoring/Donating.

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Freedom Trade affairs.

(22) Trade, Freedom. “Freedom Trade (@freedom_trade).” Twitter, Twitter, 12 Oct. 2018,

This is the twitter account of Freedom Trade International. It relays much of the same

information that its other social media accounts post, just on the medium of twitter. Its

twitter most likely has the organization’s least amount of social media following. The

account has 202 tweets, 36 followers, and 9 likes altogether. It provides updates and

reminders for upcoming events.

(23) “Tyler Cantrell on Instagram: ‘What If I Told You the Fastest Growing Criminal Industry in

the World Is Human Trafficking. That Only 1% of Victims Are Rescued. That

This...".” Instagram,

This source is an individual’s Instagram post found mentioning Freedom Trade

International from the Walk for Freedom event in Pelham. This source was briefly

mentioned in the strengths category.

(24) “UAB Wesley on Instagram: ‘This Morning We Walked the Highway in Pelham to Shine

Awareness on Slavery. Slavery Still Exists and We're in It to End It. #Uabwesley

#a21...".” Instagram,

This source is an Instagram post by the UAB Wesley Foundation, a United Methodist

campus ministry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, that includes pictures taken

from the group of students participating in the Walk for Freedom. It was used in the

strengths category of the audit.

(25) “Unrated Profile for Freedom Trade.” Charity Navigator,

This link shows that Freedom Trade is not rated on Charity Finder because they do not yet

meet the criteria for Charity Finder’s rating system. This was included in the weaknesses

category because ratings on Charity Finder are given when an organization makes $50,000

or more per year.

(26) “Walk for Freedom.” Freedom Trade,

This webpage tells why Freedom Trade walks in the Walk for Freedom (a global

fundraising event by A21). The page includes many pictures from last year’s walk and it

provides details for this year’s walk. It was October 20th, 2018 from 9am – 11am at Pelham

Park, 200 Ballpark Road Pelham, AL 35124.

(27) “Walk for Freedom Pelham.” Facebook - Log In or Sign Up,

This is the separate Facebook Page for the Walk for Freedom in Pelham. It has 46 likes and

48 follows. It primarily gives information regarding the Walk for Freedom.



1.) Quarterly Financial Report for Jan. – March 2017

Net Profit: (1,686.33)


Community Investment category includes: Freeset Encounter payment, Love Calcutta Arts
invoice, rickshaws in Durgapur

Travel Expense category includes: flights for Encounter participants in January, flight to
Thailand for Freedom Business Forum in August, train and bus tickets to Durgapur

Printing and Reproduction category includes: product and jewelry-making purchases

Other category includes: accounting fees, advertising, Freedom Business Forum conference fees,
language school fees

Current Bank Account Availability: $11,471.52


2.) Quarterly Financial Report for April-June 2017

Net Profit (255.94)


Community Investment category includes: Freeset Encounter payment, Love Calcutta Arts
invoice, rickshaws in Durgapur

Travel Expense category includes: Flights for Encounter participants in January, flight to
Thailand for Freedom Business Forum in August, train and bus tickets to Durgapur, Visa-run
costs to Sri Lanka

Office Supplies category includes: Setting up new flat in Durgapur, email and website renewal

Other category includes: Accounting fees, Advertising, Freedom Business Forum conference
fees, language school fees

Current Bank Account Availability: $12,714.00


3.) Quarterly Financial Report for July-September 2017

Accounting Fees 81.52

Total Operating Expenses 5,198.99

Net Profit (2,332.65)


Community Investment category includes: Freeset Encounter payment, Love Calcutta Arts
invoice, rickshaws and minor purchases in Durgapur

Travel Expense category includes: Flights for Encounter participants in January, flight to
Thailand for Freedom Business Forum in August, train and bus tickets to Durgapur, Visa-run
costs to Sri Lanka

Office Supplies category includes: Setting up new flat in Durgapur, email and website renewal

Other category includes: Accounting fees, Advertising, Purchased products to resell, Freedom
Business Forum conference fees, Language school fees

Current Bank Account Availability: $10,191.21


4.) Quarterly Financial Report for October-December 2017

Total Operating Expenses: 8,233.13

Net Profit: (2,737.60)


Current Bank Account Availability: $11,761.90


5.) 2017 Update and Support letter

Hello Freedom Trade Family!

2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for us and we are more excited than ever! Our voice is
beginning to be heard, doors are beginning to open and people are beginning to move as we raise

We have had numerous opportunities to raise our voice for the global issue of human trafficking.
Joyfully, we have watched people leave for vision trips, apply for internships and step up as
partners with us. We have taken ground in the neighborhood in India and it is all because of you
and your generosity.

We have spoken at awareness events, in homes, to business organizations, charity events and
literally pounded the pavement for the first ever Walk for Freedom in Pelham, Alabama.

We have researched long and hard and finally can announce what our freedom business will be!
It’s an extensive bath line that you are going to absolutely love. Look for many more details over
the course of 2018, as a private label bath line has agreed to partner with us to be the production
line for their company. The brothel community we seek to set free is very excited about this
opportunity, as are we.

We have become “professional researchers” on this quest for freedom. It has never been clearer
to us that to build a bridge to these people is going to take everything we have. All of our best
efforts, resources, time and energy are not enough to pull off this major task. We need you now
more than ever to continue your support and get involved in any way you see fit. The very
freedom of thousands of individuals is in our hands, and it’s a daunting task.

In country, our field team leader has had the chance to work with several nationals and for 2018
has volunteers lined up to join her as well as interns. This will be most beneficial to the research
that will go into the production for this bath line.

She spent 2017 building bridges in our community through several efforts. The first being

deepening relationships in and around the area we work in. This is necessary to establish trust,
something that doesn’t come easily for people who have been exploited in their pasts.

She also secured a place to live near the brothel community to establish our presence among
these people. Weekly visits and conversations with the people in the community are important to
gain their trust. She had positive meetings with the local land chancellor and local authorities.
She even has met with some people that would oppose our efforts and has been successful in
keeping our differences civil and peaceful. No small task.

Because conversations are so important, she continued to focus on language acquisition through
daily lessons and cultural immersion experiences.

Lastly, she has been working with our mentors (Freeset Global) to steadily prepare for the
launching and growth of our Indian private limited company. No doubt there will be a lot of red
tape and paper work hoops to jump through to get the business officially started, but that is
exactly what we signed up for in the formation of Freedom Trade International. It has been and
always will be our desire to offer men, women and children total freedom from the platform of
business. So look out 2018! Here we come!

As we look forward to 2018, here are our needs.

1) Conversations with people that would consider a year long in country internship with us
Additional financial support to purchase equipment for the bath line production
 3) People 21
years of age or older interested in learning to make the bath line for short term trips to India to
teach the women that enter our business
 4) Opportunities to speak at businesses, churches,
small groups and homes (freedom parties)
 5) Mentorship from thriving business leaders,
especially e-commerce

If you can recommend anyone that can help us in these areas, please contact us at, or give us a call at 205-948-FREE

We wish you and your loved ones the Merriest Christmas and a very Happy New Year! We
cannot thank you enough for your continued support of these pioneering days for freedom!

Until All Are Free, The Freedom Squad


6.) 2018 Update Letter and Information on Bath Line

Hello Freedom Trade Family!

Our team started 2018 with a bang! In our last update we shared some exciting news about our
decision to launch a luxury bath line. Since then, we have continued to gain momentum in three
key areas as we expand our research and development:

1. Connections inside the local community—While forming relationships with nationals is

among our highest priorities, it’s also very helpful to meet other foreigners who live in the area.
Most recently, our team member has discovered some Americans who she now spends time with
on a regular basis. This connection has been significant and timely, and has led to even more
contacts and opportunities locally. On top of our new American friends, we have continued to
form relationships with many Indian nationals and neighbors. Trips to build community within
the brothel continue to be positive. Our expanding network has been very encouraging and will
hopefully lead us further in our mission.

2. Product testing—We love volunteers that cross the globe to lend a hand. We were blessed to
have a friend that was involved with the formation of Freedom Trade in the early days go to the
field for a couple of months. It’s amazing what can happen when efforts are multi- plied. She
was vital in assisting us in the extensive research and testing of products so that we can keep you
posted on our progress and needs. We are truly learning what it’s going to take to make our
vision a reality.

3. Growing our team—We are thrilled to announce that our team is expanding! We have finished

the vetting process for our next full-time worker. They should be heading to India before the end
of the year if all continues to go well with their fundraising and VISA process.

Attached to this update you will find the financial projections for the 2018-2019 freedom
business launch. We have women standing by and waiting on us for their choice of freedom. We
hope you will consider partnering with us to help them make that choice a reality.

We want to explain as much as we can about the numbers you will be looking over. You’ll also
see that we are going in a slightly different direction than we mentioned in our last update.
Although we are incredibly grateful for all the mentorship we were provided, it will be more
advantageous for us to create our own bath line rather than manufacturing for

another private label. Still, we are certain we can build on their advice to create beautiful
products. We welcome any and all feedback or questions you might have—just submit them to

Part of the reasoning behind this decision was that we discovered in our research the avail-
ability of several ingredients used in bath product formulas. Things like exotic oils, fruits,
butters, mica, gold, silver, minerals, spices, salts, and plants (including flowers) offer creative
options to pick from to make soaps, bath bombs, shower gels, lotions, perfumes, scrubs and
soaks. Each of these ingredients can easily be purchased at prices that allow for large profit

Bath bombs, in particular, have gained traction as a worldwide trend in the last few years and it
doesn’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon.

Based on data from Google Trends, web queries for “bath bomb” and related terms, have
steadily increased over the last five years. One of the leading brands in the bath product industry,
LUSH, saw 900 million dollars in sales in 2016; this was a 26% increase from the previous year.

These are some other considerations worth noting about the emerging bath product industry:

Low overhead costs—high-quality ingredients are available at competitive prices. Start-up costs

are minimal as well because heavy equipment is not essential.
 Large marketplace—bath

products are easily sold online and in local markets and fairs.

Low barriers to entry—bath products are easy to learn how to make.
 Convenient storage

and shipping—bath products are relatively small, making it easy to store large amounts. When
shipped internationally, size plays a significant role in export taxes and other expenses.

customizable—We will begin with a simple recipe and add interesting or unusual ingredients to
differentiate our products. This will create excitement with theme changes in scents and colors
for major holidays.
 The beauty business is booming—Statista reported that the bath product

industry generated almost 62.5 billion in sales in 2016 alone.

As you start reading over our projections, we anticipate at least three areas where some more
information could be beneficial. First, the projections include the employment of four women;
however, we must also take into account all of her dependents or children. Our best chance to
end the cycle of human trafficking is to get each woman’s children into high-level, accredited
schools that offer English courses. The English language gives them a door to the rest of the
world, as well as the emerging economy in India. Second, it’s difficult to translate

the cultural and economical differences relating to wages. It is important to remember that a
living wage in a majority world country for a day is less than what most of us in America would
make in an hour. For highly skilled workers—with college degrees—most would make less in a
year than we would in a month. We will pay all employees a wage that allows them to meet their
needs and compete with others who work in similar areas and trades. Lastly, it is imperative that
we market our products through a website and social media. This is the place where the first
world and majority world costs begin to collide. If we do not have great packaging, marketing
and secure shipping and insurance, we risk losing a family back into the cycle of human
trafficking. That is not an option for us; a freedom business cannot fail.

Please contact us if you know of a group, business, or church that would be interested in a
presentation. We have a great team but are always looking to grow. We know our tribe is out
there! In addition, you can go ahead and mark your calendars on October 20th for the 2nd

Annual Walk for Freedom, to be held in Pelham. This was a great event for us last year and we
hope you will consider joining us.

We will continue to update you on our progress with the bath line. We hope you will become a
super fan of our business, which will be able to offer products to anyone regardless of age or

We need your support to help us close the vision gap. At this time, we are financially pre- pared
to employ one woman, but we really want to offer this opportunity to four women. It is a humble
beginning, but one we could not be more excited about.

To give a tax-deductible gift toward our vision, mail a check in the enclosed envelope and write
it for “vision.” You can also donate online at

Thank you for your support! You are the KEY that unlocks the door to their freedom!

Until All Are Free, The Freedom Squad


7.) Beshudo (Bath Line) Vision Gap

Beshudo 2018-2019 Financial Projection

Freedom Trade is preparing to lauch a freedom business to produce a bath line named Beshudo
which means “pure” in the native language of the region we work in. The production and
respective profits of this bath line will offer women of human trafficking a choice to secure their
holistic freedom. We hope you will join us in our efforts.

Capital Costs - $7,120

Our capital costs will include production and safety equipment, office supplies, business
registration with the Indian government, and our e-commerce website.

Operating Costs - $52,313

Wages - $12,588

To launch the business, we plan to offer four women a job to produce the bath line. In addition,
we will need to hire five other nationals: an Accountant, Social Worker, Secretary,
Translator/Office Assistant, and Operations Manager. All of these employees will be paid a
living wage that puts them at least 50% above the poverty line and, most importantly, allows
them to meet and maintain their basic needs.

Developing Freedom - $8,200

Each woman will have a unique journey to achieving her holistic freedom, but Beshudo will be
there to develop her in everything along the way. We will facilitate her exit from the brothel and
assist in citizenship registration, health- care costs, and training. We will walk with her through
any tragedy she may face in her home or with her children, including death, school placement,
surgery, or whatever else is deemed necessary to help her find mental, emotional, and physical
freedom. We believe every person should have the chance to be the best they can be, especially
if afforded these opportunities.

Facilities - $4,495

We have already secured a facility to begin the bath line production a short distance from the
brothel. The facility will need to be equipped for the office and production line. Remaining
facility costs will be for rent, utilities, phone, and Internet.

Production Costs - $23,700

To produce the bath line we will need raw materials, packaging, insurance, couriers, and
marketing. Human trafficking is driven by poverty, so to help break this cycle we will source as
many items and services as possible from the immediate community.

Administration Costs - $3,330

Administration costs will cover continued product research, daily supplies, and fees. This will
also cover necessary local and regional transportation for ingredient resourcing.

Beshudo 2018-2019 Vision Gap


8.) Freedom Trade International’s home page:


9.) Freedom Trade International’s Facebook page:

10.) Freedom Trade International’s Facebook page:


11.) Pelham Reporter article (2017) to highlight the Walk for Freedom:


12.) A21 Pelham web page for the Walk for Freedom: