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Lattice MachXO2 Family

The MachXO2™ family of non-volatile infinitely reconfigurable Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) is designed for system applications found in telecommunications infrastructure, computing, industrial and medical equipment. Combining an optimized lookup table (LUT) architecture with 65nm embedded Flash process technology, MachXO2 devices provide a flexible “Doit-All” solution for system designs. more on page 10...

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APAC Edition November / December 2010

D atacom

Gennum Launches the World’s Fastest Crosspoint Switch
Data rates in excess of 14 Gb/s per port with an integrated CDR for high-speed optical transport
Gennum’s new 2x2 crosspoints feature unmatched data throughput and power management capabilities. The GX4002 is the industry’s first crosspoint switch capable of supporting data rates in excess of 14 Gb/s per port. It is also the first to integrate a CDR, providing a single-chip solution that satisfies the high-speed signal integrity requirements of next-generation equipment used in data center, enterprise and telecommunications networks. Both new Gennum 2x2 crosspoints feature independent input trace equalization and output de-emphasis, and are fully asynchronous and non-blocking. For more information, please visit www.gennum.com/crosspoint.

Key Features: Benefits:
 Achieve data rates never before possible on a crosspoint switch  Get advanced crosspoint functionality with the integration of our proven CDR technology (in the GX4002), that applies innovative signal conditioning techniques to ensure high quality, long distance signal transmission at breakthrough speeds  Integrated solution reduces chip count and complexity, saving both BOM cost and board space

 16G Fibre Channel host bus adapters and drive controllers  10G Ethernet switches and routers (particularly for loop-backs or monitoring)  10G SONET (OC-192)  Ideal for input selection applications  Redundancy switching and driving long backplanes  Useful for 2:1 input selection and 1:2 buffer  Infiniband® DDR & FDR

GX3002 2x2 3.5Gb/s Crosspoint

GX4002 2x2 14Gb/s Crosspoint
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Industry’s Smallest and Fastest USB UARTs

Single, Dual, and Quad-Channel UARTs with Industry’s Smallest Package Choices, plus Optimized Software Drivers Deliver Superior Design Options
The XR21V1410 (V1410), XR21V1412 (V1412), and XR21V1414 (V1414) are enhanced 1-channel, 2-channel and 4-channel Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) with a USB interface. The USB interface is fully compliant to Full Speed USB 2.0 specification that supports 12 Mbps USB data transfer rate. The USB interface also supports USB suspend, resume and remote wakeup operations. The V141x operates from an internal 48 MHz clock therefore no external crystal/oscillator is required like previous generation UARTs. With the fractional baud rate generator, any baud rate can accurately be generated using the internal48MHz clock. The large 128-byte TX FIFO and 384-byte RX FIFO of the V141x helps to optimize the overall data throughput for various applications. The Automatic Transceiver Direction control feature simplifies both the hardware and software for half-duplex RS-485 applications. The multi-drop(9-bit) mode with automatic half-duplex transceiver control feature further simplifies typical multidropRS-485 applications. The V141x operates from a single 2.97 to 3.63 voltpower supply and has 5V tolerant inputs. Virtual COM port drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and CE, as well as Linux and Mac are supported for the XR21V1410, XR21V1412 and XR21V1414.

I nterface

 USB 2.0 Compliant Interface  Supports 12 Mbps USB full-speed data rate  Supports USB suspend, resume and remote wakeup operations  Internal 48 MHz clock  Single 2.97-3.63V power supply  5V tolerant inputs

 Lowest Bill of Materials (BOM) costs  Smallest packaging options, optimized software drivers, and support large FIFO sizes  Flexible and proven design options

 Portable Appliances  External Converters (Dongles)  Battery-Operated Devices  Cellular Data Devices  Factory Automation and Process Controls  Industrial Applications

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P ow er Managem ent

Single and Dual Channel 1 Amp Step-Down Converters Achieving Over 90% Efficiency Across the Load Range
Advanced Features Can Reduce Overall Component Count and Solution Footprint Plus Provide Low Output Voltage
Supporting a 2.5 to 5.5V input voltage range traditional of Lithium-Ion battery operated portable applications, the XRP6658 and XRP6668 are capable of achieving conversion efficiencies as high as 97% and better than 90% with load currents from below 1mA to the full 1A. The XRP6658 and XRP6668 pack in a small form factor one and two highly efficient and performing regulators that need minimal external components to operate. With quiescent currents rated at 15μA and 30μA, these devices are among the best in class converters. Both the XRP6658 (single channel) and the XRP6668 (dual channel) are based on a current mode 1.5MHz constant frequency PWM control scheme which provides a low output voltage ripple and excellent line and load regulation. This scheme is adequate to achieve excellent efficiency at mid to full load operations while light load efficiency is enhanced by a Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) scheme and is critical in battery operated equipments.

Key Features:
 Single/Dual Channel Step Down Converter  Guaranteed 1A/1A Output Current
 Input Voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V

 Highly efficient and performing regulators that need minimal external components to operate.  Output voltage is adjustable to as low as 0.6V with better than 3% accuracy while a low quiescent current supports the most stringent battery operation conditions.  Built-in over temperature and under voltage lock-out protections insure safe operations under abnormal operating conditions.

 1.5MHz PWM Current Mode Control
 PFM Mode Operations at Light Load  100% Duty Cycle LDO Mode Operations

 As Low as 0.6V Adjustable Output Voltage  Internal Compensation Network & Schottky Diode  30μA Quiescent Current  Over Temperature & UVLO Protections  RoHS Compliant “Green”/Halogen Free 8-Pin SOIC Package with Exposed Pad

 Portable Equipment  Battery Operated Equipment  Audio-Video Equipment  Networking & Telecom Equipment


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P ow er Management

Lattice Platform Manager

Integrated Power and Digital Management Transform Board Management Design
Platform Manager™ devices feature programmable analog, with a CPLD and FPGA blocks all on one chip to integrate power and digital board management functions. The Platform Manager provides a flexible solution that can be used across a wide variety of systems as a standard instead of unique combinations of ICs for each design. By integrating power and digital support functions, Platform Manager devices provide a lower-cost solution than traditional approaches. They also improve system reliability and provide a high degree of design flexibility, minimizing the risk of circuit board re-spins. Power management functions include MOSFET OR’ing, hot-swap control, power feed, supply sequencing, monitoring, trimming and margining functions. Digital board management functions include reset distribution, power-on configuration, I2C/SPI interface, fault logging, and glue logic.

Key Features:
Precision Voltage Monitoring Increases Reliability  12 analog monitor inputs  Differential input sensing  Over/under voltage detection  Window comparison options  10-bit voltage measurement ADC High-Voltage FET Drivers Enable Integration  4 N-channel MOSFET drivers  Power supply ramp control  Programmable current and voltage  Open drain output support Margining and Trimming Improves Supply Headroom  Up to eight power supplies  Dynamic voltage control  Digital closed-loop mode of operation Programmable Timers Increase Control Flexibility  Four independent timers  32 μs to 2 seconds PLD Resources Integrate Power & Digital Functions  48-macrocell CPLD  640 LUT4 FPGA  Up to 6.1 Kbits distributed RAM  Up to 107 digital I/Os  LVCMOS 3.3/2.5/1.8/1.5/1.2  LVTTL  Open-drain outputs System Level Support  Single 3.3V supply operation  Industrial temperature range In-System Re-programmability Reduces Risk  On-chip configuration memory  JTAG programming interface

12 Analog Voltage Monitor Inputs

10-Bit ADC


MOSFET Drivers 48-Macrocell CPLD Open-Drain Outputs

• Differential Sensing Hot-Swap Controller • 24 Precision Comparators • Programmable Threshold Supply OR’ing Power • 368 Steps Voltage & Current Monitoring • Accuracy 0.7% Max (0.2% Typ)

Analog Inputs


Digital Inputs



Sequence Control Reset Generation + Trimming & Margining Trimming Margining r + Platform Manager

Power JTAG I/O Configuration Memory


4 Timers


#12 OV

Power I2C/SMBus


Digital I/O

Power-on Configuration Reset Distribution + Fault Logging System Interface

8 DAC TrimCells

• Accurately Set DC-DC Voltages • Trim & Margining Control • Usable Across a Wide Range of Applications

Charge Pump Output

• N-channel MOSFET drive • Programmable source and sink currents • Programmable voltage up to 12V
Vout <1% Error Vout

Precision ADC

• 10-bit resolution • Measure analog voltage inputs • I2C interface

Control Logic


I2C Margin Control

TrimCell #n


• 48 macrocells • Fully synchronous design • Ruggedized architecture • Derived from ispMACH® 4000 • Predictable fast timing



• 640 LUTs • 91 I/Os • 4 clocks • 150 MHz operation • Derived from MachXO™

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P ow er Managem ent

LT3596 - 60V Step-Down LED Driver
The LT®3596 is a 60V step-down LED Driver. It achieves 10,000:1 digital PWM dimming at 100Hz with fast NPN current sources driving up to 10 LEDs in each channel. 100:1 LED dimming can also be done with analog control of the CTRL1-3 pin. The step-down switching frequency is programmable between 200kHz and 1MHz and is synchronizable to an external clock. The LT3596 also provides maximum LED brightness while adhering to manufacturers’ specifications for thermal derating. The derate temperature is programmed by placing a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistor on the master control pin. The LT3596 adaptively controls VOUT in order to achieve optimal efficiency. Other features include: 1.5% LED current matching between channels, open LED reporting, shorted LED pin protection and reporting, programmable LED current and programmable temperature protection.

60V Step-Down Drives 3 Strings of Ten 100mA LEDs with 10,000:1 True Color PWM Dimming

Key Features:
              300mA Buck Regulator, Drives Up to 10 LEDs per Channel with Fast NPN Current Sources Fast Current Sources for <1μs Pulse Widths (10,000:1 True Color PWM™ Dimming at 100Hz) LEDs Disconnected in Shutdown Adaptive VOUT for Increased Efficiency 6V to 60V Input Voltage Range ±1.5% Accurate LED Current Matching External Resistors Set LED Current for Each Channel Requires No External Compensation Programmable Switching Frequency (200kHz to 1MHz) Synchronizable to External Clock Open, Short LED Detection and Reporting Programmable LED Thermal Derating and Reporting Programmable Temperature Protection 5mm × 8mm Thermally Enhanced QFN Package with 0.6mm High Voltage Pin Spacing

 LED Billboards and Signboards  Mono, Multi, Full Color LED Displays  Large Screen Display LED Backlighting  Automotive, Industrial and Medical Displays

48V 1MHz Step-Down 8W, 100mA LED Driver (Eight White LEDs per Channel)
3696 TA01a


4.7µF 100nF 100µH



100k 3.65k



10,000:1 PWM Dimming at 100Hz




BIAS 100k

FAULT 90.9k 10k



3596 TA01b

ISET1 ISET2 ISET3 20k 20k 20k




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P ow er Management

LTM8033 - Ultralow Noise EMC 36VIN, 3A DC/DC μModule Regulator
The LTM®8033 is an electromagnetic compatible (EMC) 36V, 3A DC/DC μModule® buck converter designed to meet the radiated emissions requirements of EN55022. Conducted emission requirements can be met by adding standard filter components. Included in the package are the switching controller, power switches, inductor, filters and all support components. Operating over an input voltage range of 3.6V to 36V, the LTM8033 supports an output voltage range of 0.8V to 24V, and a switching frequency range of 200kHz to 2.4MHz, each set by a single resistor. Only the bulk input and output filter capacitors are needed to finish the design. The LTM8033 is packaged in a thermally enhanced, compact (11.25mm × 15mm × 4.32mm) overmolded land grid array (LGA) package suitable for automated assembly by standard surface mount equipment.

EN55022 Class B Noise Compliant 3A DC/DC uModule Regulator Operates from 3.6V to 36V Input

Key Features:
 Complete Step-Down Switch Mode Power Supply  Wide Input Voltage Range: 3.6V to 36V  3A Output Current  0.8V to 24V Output Voltage  EN55022 Class B Compliant  Current Share Multiple LTM8033 Regulators for More Than 3A Output  Selectable Switching Frequency: 200kHz to 2.4MHz  Current Mode Control  (e4) RoHS Compliant Package with Gold Pad Finish  Programmable Soft-Start  Compact Package (11.25mm × 15mm × 4.32mm) Surface Mount LGA

 Automotive Battery Regulation  Power for Portable Products  Distributed Supply Regulation  Industrial Supplies  Wall Transformer Regulation

Ultralow Noise 12V/3A DC/DC µModule Regulator
80 LTM8033 VIN* 20V TO 36V 2.2µF VIN RUN/SS FIN 1µF SHARE VOUT AUX BIAS PGOOD 47µF RT SYNC GND ADJ 41.2k f = 850kHz * RUNNING VOLTAGE RANGE. 34.8k VOUT 12V 3A 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 30

EMI Performance

226.2 422.4 618.6 814.8 1010 128.1 324.3 520.5 716.7 912.9 FREQUENCY (MHz)

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P ow er Managem ent

LTC3787 - PolyPhase Synchronous Boost Controller
Eliminates Heat Sink with 97% Efficiency
The LTC®3787 is a high performance PolyPhase® single output synchronous boost converter controller that drives two N-channel power MOSFET stages outof-phase. Multiphase operation reduces input and output capacitor requirements and allows the use of smaller inductors than the single-phase equivalent. Synchronous rectification increases efficiency, reduces power losses and eases thermal requirements, enabling high power boost applications. A 4.5V to 38V input supply range encompasses a wide range of system architectures and battery chemistries. When biased from the output of the boost converter or another auxiliary supply, the LTC3787 can operate from an input supply as low as 2.5V after start-up. The operating frequency can be set for a 50kHz to 900kHz range or synchronized to an external clock using the internal PLL. PolyPhase operation allows the LTC3787 to be configured for 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 12-phase operation. The SS pin ramps the output voltage during start-up. The PLLIN/MODE pin selects Burst Mode® operation, pulse-skipping mode or forced continuous mode at light loads.

Key Features:
 2-Phase Operation Reduces Required Input and Output Capacitance and Power Supply Induced Noise  Synchronous Operation for Highest Efficiency and Reduced Heat Dissipation  Wide VIN Range: 4.5V to 38V (40V Abs Max) and Operates Down to 2.5V After Start-Up  Output Voltage Up to 60V  ±1% 1.200V Reference Voltage  RSENSE or Inductor DCR Current Sensing  100% Duty Cycle Capability for Synchronous MOSFET  Low Quiescent Current: 135μA  Phase-Lockable Frequency (75kHz to 850kHz)  Programmable Fixed Frequency (50kHz to 900kHz)  Power Good Output Voltage Monitor  Low Shutdown Current, IQ < 8μA  Internal LDO Powers Gate Drive from VBIAS or EXTVCC  Thermally Enhanced Low Profile 28-Pin 4mm × 5mm QFN Package and Narrow SSOP Package

 Industrial  Automotive  Medical  Military

12V to 24V/10A 2-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter
VIN 4.5V TO 24V START-UP VOLTAGE OPERATES THROUGH TRANSIENTS DOWN TO 2.5V 4.7µF TG2 3.3µH 0.1µF VOUT 24V AT 10A VIN 100 90 4mΩ 47µF EFFICIENCY (%) 80 70 60 50 40 30

Efficiency and Power Loss vs Output Current



1000 POWER LOSS (mW)

100 10

3.3µH 0.1µF





15nF 8.66k

3787 TA01a


VIN = 12V 1 VOUT = 24V Burst Mode OPERATION FIGURE 10 CIRCUIT 0 0.1 0.1 1 10 0.00001 0.0001 0.001 0.01 OUTPUT CURRENT (A) 20 10
3787 TA01b



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P ow er Management

LTM8042 - μModule Boost LED Driver and Current Source
μModule LED String Drivers with 40VIN Transient Protection
The LTM®8042 is a complete μModule® Boost LED Driver specifically designed to drive LEDs up to 1A, while the LTM8042-1 drives up to 350mA. It combines a boost power topology with a unique current loop to operate as a constant-current source. The PWM input provides as much as 3000:1 LED dimming, while 10:1 analog dimming can be accomplished by a single resistor or analog voltage applied to the CTL pin. As with any boost topology, the LTM8042/LTM8042-1 has an uninterrupted current path between its input and output and is thus intolerant to a short-circuit or overload from the output to ground. The LTM8042/LTM8042-1 is packaged in a thermally enhanced, compact overmolded land grid array (LGA) package. The LTM8042/LTM8042-1 is Pb-free and a RoHS compliant.

Key Features:
 True Color PWM™ with 3000:1 Dimming Ratio  Operates in Boost, Buck Mode or Buck-Boost Mode  Wide Input Voltage Range:
 Operation from 3V to 30V  Transient Protection to 40V

 Display Backlighting  Automotive and Avionic Lighting  Illumination  Scanners

 Gate Driver for Optional PWM Dimming with P-channel MOSFET  Adjustable Frequency: 250kHz to 2.5MHz  Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage Regulation  Low Shutdown Current: <1μA  RoHS Compliant Package with Gold Pad Finish  Tiny, Low Profile (9mm × 15mm × 2.82mm) Surface Mount LGA Package

µModule Boost LED Driver, Driving 8 White LEDs at 1A
UP TO 26.8V VIN 16V TO 26V VCC RUN BSTIN/BKLED– PWM SYNC TGEN 4.7µF SS RT GND CTL 33.2k fSW = 550kHz 4.7µF LTM8042 LED+ EFFICIENCY (%) TG 97 96 95 94 93 92 91 90 89 88 87

Efficiency vs VIN


16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 VIN (V)

80421 TA01a

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P rogramm able Logic

Lattice MachXO2 Family
Optimized for System Applications
The MachXO2™ family of non-volatile infinitely reconfigurable Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) is designed for system applications found in telecommunications infrastructure, computing, industrial and medical equipment. Combining an optimized lookup table (LUT) architecture with 65-nm embedded Flash process technology, MachXO2 devices provide a flexible “Do-it-All” solution for system designs. The MachXO2 family offers system designers the benefits of increased system integration, improved system robustness and reduced static power consumption. In addition, the MachXO2 family includes hardened implementations of some of the most popular functions used in system applications such as User Flash Memory (UFM), I2C, SPI and timer/counter. Thus, through the provision of these features, the MachXO2 family offers designers a “Do-it-All PLD” for system applications. MachXO2 devices are available in three options: high performance (HC, HE) and ultra-low power (ZE).


Key Features and Benefits:
MachX02 Block Diagram
On-chip Flash Memory provides instant-on, high security & single chip solution

Large Number of Low-Cost I/Os  Up to 335 I/Os with broad range of package options Robust Architecture For Reliable Operation  Instant-on, powers up in less than 1ms  Operate from a single 3.3/2.5/1.2V supply  Input hysteresis allows operation in noisy environment High Functional Integration For Cost Reduction  Densities ranging from 256 to 6864 LUTs  Up to 240 Kbits sysMEM™ Embedded Block RAM  Up to 54 Kbits Distributed RAM  Up to 256 Kbits of User Flash Memory  Hardened I2C, SPI, timer/counter functions  Robust PLL with fractional division Flexible sysIO™ Buffer  Support for LVCMOS, LVTTL, LVDS, SSTL, HSTL interfaces  Hot socketing  On-chip differential termination  Programmable pull-up or pull-down mode Pre-Engineered Source Synchronous I/O  Dedicated gearing logic (7:1, 4:1, 8:1)  Generic DDR, DDRX2, DDRX4  Dedicated DDR/DDR2/LPDDR with DQS support

sysCLOCK™ PLLs for frequency synthesis & clock alignment Programmable Function Units (PFUs) with RAM sysMEM Block 9Kbit Dual Port RAMs

UFM (User Flash Memory) Embedded Functional Block offers hardened SPI, I2C, and timer/counter

Flash Memory h

sysIO Buffers support a wide range of interfaces including source synchronous I/Os. I/O logic supports 7:1 input gearing.

Device Selection Guide
LUTs Embedded RAM (Kbits) Distributed RAM (Kbits) UFM (Kbits) PLL Hardened Control Functions: I2C (2), SPI (1), Timer/Counter (1)

256 0 2 0 0 

640 18 5 24 0 

1280 64 10 64 1 

2112 74 16 80 1 

4320 92 34 96 2 

6864 240 54 256 2 

Three Product Options - More Flexibility
Low Power High Performance 10


–  –

Nominal Vcc (V)
1.2 3.3, 2.5 1.2

Internal Vcc (V)
1.2 1.2 1.2

System Performance (MHz)
60 150 150

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Application Specific Crystal Oscillators (XO)
Design-in a Pericom ASSP XO™ (Application Specific Standards Product) and you can break free from critical trade-offs between performance, delivery times and cost when selecting and qualifying oscillators in your designs. Now you can have it all: physical performance, proven technology specific to your application, economical pricing and fast delivery. Get it done as soon as possible without sacrificing performance or price; get it done with Pericom’s ASSP XO solutions. Innovative designers around the world have specified Pericom products for designing their high-performance servers, digital media, storage, ultra mobility, security systems and more. ASSP XO lets you leverage Pericom’s technical application experience in delivering application tailored solutions to our broad customer base. Don't sacrifice performance for cost or availability. Chooese Pericom's ASSP XO crystal oscillator solutions to access a wide range of application specific options, shorter lead times, and reduced pricing. When we say ASAP, we mean it. If you need it we can ship it. And if you value quality and commitment, we have it, ASAP.

Pericom's ASSP XO™ Solutions - Get what you need, when you need it, at the right price Tim ing

 Fast shipment of samples - stock always available  Reduced lead times for production quantities  Low jitter/Low phase noise  Low Power  Low Cost  Pre-characterized eval reports available  Pb-free RoHS compliant  Proven technology specific to applications needs ready for: Networking, Storage, Ultra Mobility, Digital Media, and Security

Key Applications Networking
10-Gig Ethernet PHY, 10-Gig Ethernet NIC, 10-Gig Ethernet PON Gigabit Ethernet PHY 10 Gigabit Ethernet-Fiber Channel PHY, Network Interface Card Ethernet Passive Optical Network ONU, OLT

Connectivity Standard

ASSP XO Part #

156.25 156.25 25 159.375 125 155.52 155.52 100 2.048

Package (mm x mm)

Output Level


Supply Voltage

Broadcom BCM8071/3, BCM8704/05/06/24/25/27/52 Marvell 98DX125 Broadcom BCM8704/05/25 Teknovus TK3713/14/15/21/23, PMC-Sierra PAS6201/301, PAS5201, Cortina CS8012/16B/20/21/26 PMC-Sierra PAS7401 PMC-Sierra PAS6401/5211, Cortina CS8212, Broadlight BL2338/40/45/47/48, BL3238/BL3458 Intel, Freescale Legerity LE88221/41 3.3V



Gigabit Passive Optical Network ONU, OLT PCI Express 2.0 NPU, Embedded Voice-over IP Gateway



SAS2/SATA3 Host Bus Adapter/RAID Controller SASx/SATAx Solid State Drive SAS2/SATA3 Hard Disk Drive SAS2/SATA3 DDR2 SATAx/SASx SAS2/SATA3 HDD FNSAS2075 SNSAS2150 FNDDR1133 FKSSD1025 FDSAS2062 FDSAS6062 75 150 133.33 25 62.5 3.2 x 2.5 5 x 3.2 7x5 CMOS PECL CMOS CMOS CMOS PMC-Sierra PM8011, PM8004/5 LSI SAS2108, SAS2X24/28/36, PMC-Sierra PM8004/5 LSISAS2108 Intel X25-E Marvell/LSI HDD controller Marvell 88SR1091, LSI Mamba 3.3V 2.5V 1.8V 3.3V

Ultra Mobility
Smart Phone, WiFi/Bluetooth Module, Smart Book, Portable Media Player WiFi/Bluetooth UJWIFI026 26 2.5 x 2 Clipped Sine CSR9000 (UF6026+BC7820) 1.8V

Digital Media
IP Set-top Box, HD Set-top Box MPEG4 FNSTB1027 27 7x5 CMOS ST STi7109, STi7110, STi5202 3.3V

IP Camera, Digital Video Recorder MPEG4 FNSURV027 FNSURV054 27 54 7x5 CMOS TI DM642 TW2834/35/ 36/15/ 16/18 3.3V

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Wireles s

OBS433 - Bluetooth Module for Demanding Industrial Applications
Fully Qualified and Approved Bluetooth module for ranges up to 1 km
The OEM SERIAL PORT module OBS433 is a long range Bluetooth module. It has built in support for the Serial Port Profile (SPP) for fast and secure transparent serial data transmissions. In addition it can be used with Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN) for transmission of Ethernet packages over Bluetooth. The high receiver sensitivity and high output power enables for use in application requiring range of more than 1km. With Bluetooth 2.1+EDR the module provides throughput for more than 1.4 Mbps. OBS433 is prepared for upcoming firmware upgrade to Bluetooth v 3.0. The Bluetooth stack is embedded in the module so there is no requirement for drivers or stack in your host. It is fully Bluetooth qualified and radio type approved for Europe,US and Canada. This allow for fast and easy integration into a device. The connectBlue™ standard electrical interface provides compatibility with other connectBlue modules (802.11 and 802.15.4). It has support for connecting to iPhone and iPad as well as Android based devices.

 Embedded Bluetooth stack (SPP, DUN, PAN)  Extreme range of 1000m  Bluetooth 2.1+EDR qualified (3.0 prepared)  High Speed UART Logic Level and RS232  Very high throughput – more than 1Mbps  Low accurate latency – 5 ms  Easy configuration by AT commands  Radio type approved for Europe, US and Canada  Compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards  Wireless Multidrop with up to 7 channels  Extended Data Mode™ for individual control of up to 7 channels  Repeater functionality  Analog & digital I/Os over Bluetooth  Internal or external antenna  Industrial & Automotive temperature range

 Radio type approved and Bluetooth Qualified - Short time to market  Compatible with future connectBlue modules – Safe investment  Compatible with other connectBlue modules (802.11 and 802.15.4) – one design, multiple radios  Easy to use AT command set for configuration and control – Easy to design in  Multiple mounting options  Available as platform for integration of customer application using STM32 Cortex  Support for iPhone, iPad and Android connectivity

 Industrial control  Data acquisition  Patient Monitoring  Point of Sale payment systems  Portable printing  Mobile Device configuration


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Nu Horizons Online Learning Center is designed to provide a complete training experience for engineers — without having to leave the office. New supplier trainings are posted twice a month and range from new product overviews to in-depth technical training and potential design implementations. These live trainings are recorded and archived for your viewing convenience.

Application Notes

In order to simplify the design process, Nu Horizons has created a series of application notes designed to guide engineers through the process of interfacing different devices together. Using a detailed step-by-step approach, these design guides identify key elements in the design process. Topics in the application notes are organized by design task and each topic is a stand-alone section, with a short introduction or overview, followed by the step-by-step design guidelines. All steps include a sufficient level of detail to provide the designer with relevant information to proceed quickly and easily from start to finish.

Development Tools

Nu Horizons offers a wide range of development / evaluation boards, tools and kits featuring the latest technology from the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Visit the development tool section of our website for a variety of solutions all aimed at providing a low-cost solution for designers to accelerate a product’s time-to-market.

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