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Artistic Director

Lighting Design Sound Design
Lauren Bahrenburg Chloe McIntyre Herb Mumma
Josh Bechtel Paige McIntyre Sean Bolton
Elana Carrera Chris Neenan Christy Kerstetter
Brittany Coffey Emily Osborne Barry Miller
Trent DeVerter Becky Rhodes Troy Hocker
Melissa Eckelbecker Kathleen Shank Matt Demascolo
Marissa Fleagle Tyler Smith Sue Foos
Ethan Freeman C.J. Snavely
Desiree Ginn Whitney Tyson
Rachel Kreiger Kayla VanOrmer
Hannah Mason Kaycee Varner
Welcome to Expression: Fall Caba- music and theater program in the East
ret. It has been an absolute honor to Pennsboro Area School District.
work with your son or daughter while Within the Music and Drama de-
preparing tonight's collection of music, partment, we believe in the importance
drama, dance and art. of the educational proc-
Our production features ess. This process in-
22 student actors, sing- volves relationship
ers, dancers and instru- building, teamwork, and
mentalists. They have interpersonal connec-
worked together to tion. When our students
create their own scripts, experience personal and
lighting designs, cos- artistic growth, we feel
tuming, set designs and that the process and the
staging prompts in outcome are a success.
order to share their Throughout our time in
artistic prowess with rehearsals and design
the community, faculty, planning sessions, our
and student body. focus has been on ex-
Artistic expression is an invalu- pressing ourselves through the arts.
able part of our student’s education We hope that you enjoy our presenta-
and growth. The fall production has tion of Expressions: Fall Cabaret; a
allowed our students to express them- show about the awesome power of
selves through art, while also explor- Expression.
ing many of our common emotions. It Sincerely,
is our hope that activities such as our
fall productions and spring musicals
entice students to participate in the Carina Bolton
arts and will continue to build a strong

I am honored to East Pennsboro
welcome our parents, High School is proud
students and commu- of the talent pos-
nity to this display sessed by our won-
of theatrical talent derful students.
in Expressions: Tonight, you
Fall Cabaret. will be privileged
School per- to see numerous
formances offer students the musical and theatrical acts that
chance to build self-confidence, showcase these talents. For the
overcome inhibitions and showcase first time, the students are not only
talent. the performers, but also the direc-
It is my pleasure to be a part of tors and writers of their own acts.
a school with such talented and They have been rehearsing tire-
dedicated musicians and actors. lessly to bring this production to
To the students—thank you for you and hope that you enjoy the
your desire to represent East show!
Pennsboro Area School District in a Best wishes,
most expressive manner! Mr. Craig Robbins
Best wishes for a great show, Principal
Mr. Bruce Deveney
Superintendent of Schools

Expressions: Fall Cabaret
Act 1 Act 11
Kaycee Varner Chris Neenan
“Life is a Cabaret” “Try to Remember”

Act 2 Act 12
Company Hannah Mason
“Seasons of Love”
Act 13
Act 3 Blonde Act
Paige McIntyre
“Defying Gravity” Act 14
Kayla VanOrmer
Act 4 “Trouble”
Trent DeVerter and
Becky Rhodes Act 15
“No. 22 by Rubank” Emily Osborne
“Scherzo” by Mendolssohn
Act 5
Melissa Eckelbecker Act 16
“Think of Me” Marissa Fleagle
“For Good with Poetry”
Act 6
Whitney Tyson and Act 17
Lauren Bahrenburg Elana Carerra
“Breathe” “Screw Loose”

Act 7 Act 18
Ethan Freeman Rachel Kreiger
“I’m Not That Smart” “Duet in 6/8” by Rubank

Act 8 Act 19
Theater Arts Class Marissa Fleagle
“I Can Hear the Bells”
Act 9
Brittany Coffey and Act 20
C.J. Snavely Chloe McIntyre
“Good vs. Evil” “Gimme Gimme”

Act 10 Act 21
Tyler Smith Company
“That’s Amore” “One Day More”

more and is excited about her East Pennsboro High School Drama
second year in the East Pennsboro Department. As a freshman, Kayla
Drama Department. Last year, is involved in swimming, track and
Melissa performed in the musical field, and chorus. Kayla’s past
Beauty and the Beast. She was also theatrical and stage experience
involved in other plays, such as the includes a lead in Pollyanna when
Aesop Fables in the fifth grade. she was ten years old and singing
Melissa is member of the East Pennsboro High School solos in chorus. Tonight, Kayla will be performing
chorus and is taking voice lessons to develop her “Trouble,” a cover of the NeverShoutNever song.
singing talents. In tonight’s show, Melissa will be CHRIS NEENAN is a freshman and
performing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Think of Me,” is excited to make his debut in the
from The Phantom of the Opera. Drama Department at East Penns-
KAYCEE VARNER is a senior at East boro. Chris will be performing “Try
Pennsboro and is excited to take to Remember” from the longest
part for her fourth fall production. running musical in history The
Kaycee is a member of the Drama Fantasticks. Chris’ previous experi-
Club, French Club, and a part of the ence in the theater has been
East Pennsboro High School Chorus. starring as the Beast in Beauty and
Kaycee has been involved in many the Beast, Jr. and in Les Miserables. Chris is active in
productions here at the high school extracurricular activities such as boy scouts, venture
such as The Mouse That Roared, Pirates of Penzance, scouts, soccer, the high school chorus, and drama club.
and Beauty and the Beast. In tonight’s performance, CHLOE MCINTYRE is no stranger to
Kaycee will be opening the show with “(Life is a) the East Pennsboro Drama Depart-
Cabaret”, from the musical production Cabaret. ment. In her final year at East
I would like to dedicate this performance to my family Pennsboro, Chloe will be perform-
and best friend Kaeleigh, for helping me practice and ing two acts in the Expressions.
always supporting me. Love you guys! XOXO She will be singing “Gimme,
MARISSA FLEAGLE is a very active Gimme” from Thoroughly Modern
member in the East Pennsboro Millie and singing “For Good” from
Drama Department. Tonight she the Broadway show Wicked with
will be returning to the stage to her sister Paige. Chloe is very active with the drama
perform “I Can hear the Bells” department. Last year, Chloe starred as Belle in Beauty
from the Broadway musical Hair- and the Beast. In past years, she has also been Urleen
spray. Marissa, a junior, has been in Footloose!, a featured dancer in Pirates of Penzance,
involved in numerous productions Grace in her 6th grade production of Annie Jr., she was
here at East Pennsboro; Annie, in the Will Rogers Follies, Oklahoma!, and Hello Dolly.
Guys and Dolls, Secret Garden, Beauty & the Beast, and She is currently the assistant choreographer for Honk
Footloose! Marissa has also been involved in produc- Jr., and the choreographer for Beauty and the Beast Jr.
tions outside of the school, such as, Les Miserables, Chloe is also heavily involved in school activities. She
many church plays, she was the student stage manager is the president of student council, the treasurer of
for Beauty and the Beast Jr. at Youth for Christ, and builder’s club, she is in the National Honor Society,
she plays with the Popcorn Hat Players. In her free Environment club, French club, Chorus, SADD club, and
time, Marissa is involved in dance classes, vocal les- is a member of the Christian Life Assembly Youth
sons, and theater classes. She is also a HOBY Alumni, group.
in student council, French club, National Honor Society, I would like to thank Carina for the endless opportuni-
the chorus manager, and the alto section leader in her ties! Love you!
high school chorus.
I would like to dedicate my performance to Mom, Gary,
Carina Bolton, and Lisa McIntyre. Thanks to all of you
for being so supportive. I love you!

HANNAH MASON is a sophomore at as, Hello Dolly and the Will Rogers Follies. A freshman,
East Pennsboro High School. Last she is involved in basketball, flag football, student
year, Hannah took part in Beauty council, inner club council, French club, the Student
and the Beast and has been in- Advisory Board, she is Freshman class president, she is
volved in miming and other skits. in chorus, and involved in her church’s youth group. For
She is very involved in extracur- the fall cabaret, Paige will be singing “Defying Gravity”
ricular activities at the high school from the musical Wicked and will be performing a duet
as well as in the community. She is with her sister, Chloe. They will be performing “For
a member of the Drama club, chorus, youth group, Good” from the musical Wicked.
PMEA, Sweet Soundsations, dance, “Ignite,” and the I’d like to thank my Mom for being my best friend and
drama team. Tonight, Hannah will be performing “Love supporting me in everything I do.
Me” by J.J. Heller. RACHEL KREIGER, a sophomore,
I dedicated this performance to the ones I love dearly, will be returning to the stage to
including my sister Jess. Thank you Mom and Dad for perform an oboe duet with Mrs.
letting me pour my heart out in doing what I do best. McIntyre in tonight’s fall cabaret.
And thank you Mom for encouraging me to take every Rachel is involved in band, soccer,
step further in life. cross country, Spanish club, and
JOSH BECHTEL is returning to the GAA. Last year, Rachel performed
stage this year with the Theater in the musical pit for the high
Arts class in their one act produc- school’s production of Beauty and
tion of Stephen Gregg’s The Zero the Beast.
Sum Mind. Josh was a part of the DESIREE GINN, a senior at East
drama department’s production of Pennsboro, will be performing
Beauty and the Beast last year. He tonight with her theater arts class.
has also been in several Easter She will take part in the one act
dramas at his church. Josh takes part in marching band play The Zero Sum Mind by
in the pit as a percussionist, as well as Italian club, and Stephen Gregg. In the past, De-
is involved with his youth group. siree has been a part of the chorus
I dedicate this performance to my sister, Becky and my and was in the production of Annie
best friend, who is like a sister, Whitney. Thanks guys. in middle school.
Love ya. I would like to dedicate this performance to my Mom.
EMILY OSBORNE is returning to the ETHAN FREEMAN has been taking
East Pennsboro Drama Department part in the East Pennsboro Drama
as a senior this year. She has been Department for the last four years.
involved with each musical produc- Last year, Ethan starred as Lum-
tion at the high school, including iere in Beauty and the Beast. He
the Pirates of Penzance, Foot- has been in the ensemble of
loose!, and Beauty and the Beast. Footloose! and Pirates of Pen-
Emily is a member of the marching zance. Ethan also played the role
band, chorus, indoor percussion, and jazz band. She is of Ejlert Lovborg in the fall produc-
the treasurer of the Drama club and is a member of the tion of Hedda Gabler. In tonight’s performance, Ethan
SADD club. Tonight she will be performing “Scherzo” by will be singing “I’m Not That Smart” from The 25th
Felix Mendelssohn. Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Ethan is a member
I would like to dedicate this performance to Gramy O., of the school chorus and his church youth group. He has
with whom music would not be also participated in County Chorus.
such an important part of my life. I dedicate this show to Joel Zimmerman, my family,
PAIGE MCINTYRE is new to the and anyone else that has supported and inspired me.
high school drama department, but
is no stranger to the stage. Paige
was involved in musical produc-
tions during middle school, such

CJ SNAVELY is a new member of KATHLEEN SHANK is new to the
the high school drama department. East Pennsboro Drama Depart-
As a freshman this year, CJ is ment. She will be making her stage
involved in many different groups. debut in the Fall Expressions
He participates in the marching Cabaret. Kathleen, a senior at East
band, is a member of the French Pennsboro will be performing
Club and the Key Club, and he also poetry. She is involved in Art Club
participates in a youth group at the at the high school.
River of God church. In middle school, CJ was involved BECKY RHOADES, a junior at East
with the plays and the talent shows. Tonight, CJ will be Pennsboro will be performing a
performing with the color guard in their show, Dark vs. trumpet duet with Trent DeVerter
Light. this evening. She is a member of
I dedicate my performance to my grandfather, Allen the East Pennsboro Area High
Lee. He would have liked to see this. School Marching Band, the Jazz
ELANA CARRERA, a sophomore Band, and is a member of the band
member of the Drama Department and chorus. Last year, Becky had
is excited for her performance in the privilege to play with the pit
Fall Expressions. In the past, Elana for Beauty and the Beast.
has performed in the high school’s TRENT DEVERTER is returning to
production of Beauty and the Beast the East Pennsboro stage tonight,
and in the Pennsylvania Youth for his performance with Becky
Music and Theatrics’ production of Rhoades. The junior will be per-
Fame. Elana is a member of the forming a trumpet duet. In the
chorus, girl scouts, church choir, drama club, and also past, Trent was a member of the
plays the piano. Tonight, she will be singing “Screw Guy and Dolls, Jr. cast in sixth
Loose” from the musical Cry Baby. grade. At the high school, Trent is
WHITNEY TYSON had been in- a member of the Jazz band and Concert Band, and is
volved with the East Pennsboro the National Honor Society secretary.
Drama Department since she was a LAUREN BAHRENBURG, a junior,
freshman. Whitney is involved in returns to the EP stage singing
several of tonight’s performances. “Breathe.” Lauren was in Beauty
She will be participating with the and the Beast last year, along with
Theater Arts class’s production of Guys and Dolls Jr. at EPMS. Lauren
The Zero Sum Mind. She will also is in Chorus, French Club, Drama
be singing “Breathe” by Anna Club, and enjoys reading and
Nalick, the narrator of a performance, and will be singing in her spare time. Lauren
singing “Seasons of Love” and “All That Jazz” with the would like to dedicate the show to
Fall Expressions company. In the past, Whitney has her Gram.
been in the productions of Footloose!, Beauty and the
Beast, and The Curious Savage.
To my family: Thank you Mom for supporting me in my
dreams and being my #1 fan. Thank you Eric for being
the father that I always wanted and now have. Thank
you Summer for a sibling relationship that I can’t share
with anyone else. Thank you Ryan for being a great
brother. Keep at the sports. Thank you Dylan for
sharing your acting experience with me. When we
become famous actors we have to act together. Thank
you Bryan for trying so hard to encourage me to sing
and believing in me. I love you all! Thank you so much.

•Break a leg Melissa! - Love Mrs. Evans •Go Glee buddie!! Rachael Berry is Honors Pre-Calc
•I love you – Love Ellie weird. – signed wheelchair kid •You’re as sweet as 3.1415926535
•Hit that note! You can do it! – Love •Josh, why do fat chance and slim •Trent, you’re a goon, but still awe-
Mom chance mean the same? some!
•Way to go Superstar! – Love Sean •Did you go to the bathroom Joshy? •Ethan, Keep singing. We are so
•An obstacle is something you see •Josh, you make me proud. – Mom proud of you. – Love, Mom & Dad
when you take your eyes off the goal •Iggy – Break a leg! – Mr. Williams •Ethan, We enjoy hearing you sing! –
•I’d rather do something and fail than •Break a leg Paige! Love, Mom Love, Nana & Poppy
to do nothing at all
•Break an arm! – Mrs. Hoachlander •Ethan, Thanks for sharing your
•You can do whatever you set your singing talent. – Love, Grandma
•Go, Get’em Paigey poo! – Persila
mind to •Ethan, I’ll be at the show Skoo. –
•Keep on truckin’! – Love Dad •Don’t be a Mr. Kitazawa! :D Love, Erwin
•Good luck! – Love Kyle •Equivalent Exchange…or until the •Ethan, You make me proud. Love
shelves are stocked! Ya goob – Love you. – Aunt Lisa
•Break a leg! - Love Grammy Bahrenburg
•Love you, Kayla! – Love, Daddy •Carina, thanks for encouraging me!
•I still have that signature because I – Ethan
•You’ll do great Kayla…Again! know you’re going to be famous!
•Carina & Kelly, Congrats on a great
•Kayla VanOrmer gets her talent from Love Daddy Radczenko
show! – Love the Freeman Family
her daddy! •ZOMG. ‘Nuff said J
•Thanks to all the singers and musi-
•Kayla – Don’t be embarrassed – your •You are perfect! – Mrs. Blasco cians! – Love, the Freeman Family
Daddy loves you! •Give a fiery performance, Marissa! •Sing out loud and strong Ethan! –
•Break a leg, Kayla. (but don’t hurt – Mrs. Herb Love, Mom, Dad, & Erin
yourself J) •Reach for the stars inside the heart •Fantastic EP talent everyone! We
•I’m proud of you Kayla. Love, Daddy! of your dreams! – Hanson love it! – Freeman Family
•A cyborg wouldn’t know, a vampire •Marissa, sing your heart out! – •Whit, have fun, sing your heart out!
wouldn’t tell! Slusser
•Who let the dogs out? Woof, Woof
•Kayla – Love you! Good luck! Have •Best wishes, Marissa! – Mrs. Miller
fun! Love always/ •Whit, we Love you! – Love, Mom
•Marissa – Good luck! You have an and Eric
•Danica and Jordan Love Kayla! amazing gift and I love you. From
•Break a leg!
•Sandy and Peeker Love Kayla! your college boy
•Marissa – “Music will never leave •Shut the front door…you’re good
•Good luck with love from the Other K.
VanOrmer! your life. Neither will I! I love you!” •Go CJ
•Dream out loud! Congrats! – your Sis Gary •One day at a time
Jenn •Marissa – I am very proud of you, •Let the games begin
•You rock Hannah! Good luck in your whatever you do! Love, Mom •The show must go on
performance! – Ms. Holwig •You rock! Have fun this year! Good •You can do it
•You’re a blessing! You’ll do well! – luck – Alyssa T. •Do it
Love, Mom & Dad •Kaycee, have a wonderful show – •Just do it
•Pursue your passion. – Mrs. Shertzer Gram
•Keep up the good work
•Rachel, you make beautiful music! •Kaycee, have a great time! – Gram
•Go get them
•Rachel, you are a talented gift from •Kaycee, you’ll always be my little
girl – Pop •Never give up
•Kaycee, we love you! - Pop and •Always ready to help!
•I say it again – oboe rocks!
Gram •You’re awesome! And you’ll rock! –
•You are the best loved sister in the Lauren
world, Rachel! •Kaycee, knock em dead! – Daphne
and Boys •I’ll be watching you J - Ry
•As the legs run fast, so the fingers
make beautiful music! •Break a leg! – Mr. Williams •I hope your mommy saved me a
•We’re proud of you! – Aunt Gertrude seat, love you! – Ry
•Emily O., go get em’ tiger! Rawr! <3
Jess & Mylissa & Uncle Art •Break a leg, arm, etc. J - Love ya,
•Best of luck Emmers! Zach, Liz, and •Get out there and “duet” – Reginald Daddy
Nicole •Go get’em Cowboy! – Pd. 3 Math
Executive Producer ------------------------------------------------- Bruce Deveney
Associate Executive Producer -------------------------------------- Craig Robbins
Associate Producer ----------------------------------------------------- Jim Hudson
Artistic Director ------------------------------------------------------ Carina Bolton
Assistant to the Executive Producer------------------------------ Jennifer Radel
Lighting Designer ------------------------------------------------ Andrew Williams
Sound Designer ------------------------------------------------------ Lisa McIntyre
Accompanist -------------------------------------------------------- Tammy Herbein
Makeup ------------------------------------------------------------ Debbie Haulman
Public Relations ----------------------------------------------------- Katie Morgan
Marketing --------------------------------------------------------------- Kelly Quinn
Photographer --------------------------------------------------------- Scott Rhoads
Community Coordinator --------------------------------------------- Nancy Otstot
Box Office ---------------------------------------- Danny Miller & Kimberly Wood
Concessions -------------------------------- EPHS Drama Club & Choral Boosters
Printing ------------------------------------------- Xerox Corporation, Scott Estep
Graphic Arts ----------------------------------------------------------- Scott Rhoads
Program Design ---------------------------------------------------- Darcy Goshorn
President------------------------------------------------------------- Dennis Helm
Vice President ------------------------------------------------------ George Tyson
Treasurer------------------------------------------------------ Kimberly Grundon
Secretary ----------------------------------------------------------Christine Bright
Members -------------- Curtis Alleman, Dr. David Edmiston, Matthew Haas,
Eric Groff, Tami Mistretta, Nancy Otstot
Superintendent ---------------------------------------------------- Bruce Deveney
Assistant Superintendent ------------------------------------- Dr. Jay Burkhart
Business Administrator ------------------------------------------ Robert Burgett
Director of Development and Community Relations ---------- Katie Morgan
Director of Pupil Services ------------------------------------- Kathleen Kramer
Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment ---------- Marian Beck
Supervisor of Special Education ------------------------------------Linda Kirlin
Technology Coordinator---------------------------------------- Steve Vogelsong
House Manager ----------------------------------------------------- Danny Miller
Director of Safety, Security and Facilities ------------------------ Andy Glantz
Audio Services ------------------------------------ Chris Hicks & Voyager Music

♦The East Pennsboro Drama Club
♦Scott Rhoads
♦Lisa McIntyre
♦Andrew Williams
♦Darcy Goshorn
♦JT Helman
♦Liz Bond
♦Choral Boosters
♦H.S. Office Staff
♦Chris Hicks
♦Voyager Music
♦Debbie Haulman