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3:10 to Yuma uses foreshadowing.

The use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in the story.

In the beginning young Will strikes and lights a match, and that action foreshadows the
barn being burnt down.

When the railroad’s wagon carrying the money ended upside down, this tells us that
the Railroad’s and the Pinkerton’s idea that they can protect the money is Lacking

The one Pinkerton was still alive in the wagon, and when he came out he took the
one bandit captive. The one wagon wheel was spinning behind him. The spinning
wheel means a process is starting to happen.

The scene where they bring Ben Wade past Dan Evan’s ranch and the wagon gets stuck.
They are foretelling us Dan Evan is in to deep and he can’t turn back. Also, they make
the switch and the one deputy takes Ben’s place in the wagon before it and he burns.

The scene where Ben and Dan’s wife are sitting at the table together and everyone is
outside. Ben picks up the salt shaker and sprinkles salt on his plate of food. The
sprinkling of the salt meant to put salt on a wound. We know this because he asked
her if she ever been to San Francisco. He knew she has never been outside of the
town and this would hurt.

He then stops his conversation and puts the fork into his meat. The term put a fork
into it means to bring to an end, or to completely destroy. And that brings us to our
next scene when they are camped and he kills the one guy with the fork. He brought
his life to an end, completely destroying it.

They take the mountain pass because of their pride. Mountains represent places where
heaven and earth meet; stability, safety, often symbolic of human pride.

When they near the top of the mountain there is a cross edged into the side of the hill
over Dan’s left shoulder. This tells us Christ is at hand or judgment is coming. At this
point the camera pans around to the Pinkerton and the conversation is about the innocent
women and children he has killed, at this time there are dead trees behind him signifying
his death is apparent. Then he and Ben get into a fight and Pinkerton is thrown off a cliff.

Let me remind you they are now held at gun point by Ben and there are dead trees all
around them. At this point Will Evans happens to show up and saves the day. As Will
holds his gun on Ben the trees behind him are young and green. Also, there is snow on
the ground. The snow represents blanket which obscures, covers or even smothers.
The scene where they are camped out next to a cavern and they are pinned down by
gunfire from the Indians. The cavern represents the maternal womb. They were
vulnerable, and weak like a baby.

In the scene where they are held up in the hotel and waiting for the train to arrive.
They are in room seven, and Ben is lying on the bed showing his shackled wrists.
1 The number seven represents spiritual perfection and spiritual completeness.
This number has also been used when describing the covenant between man
and God.
2 The Bridal suite is symbolic of unity, two become one.
3 The chains that are shackled to his wrist symbolize the bond which connect 4
Heaven and earth or ties together two extremes or beings.
5 The bed represents consummation (to make complete) of marriage.
6 The single Celtic knot symbolizes eternity; the multiple usually symbolizes

The scene where Dan and Ben are running for the train and they are running
through a construction sight.
1 This moment symbolizes if you follow God, He will build you a fruitful life.
This scene also tells us that Ben may be God because he is leading Dan to the

Dan has three scares on his face, the number three represents:
Three : 3 - Biblical Meaning of Number is approval, entire and solid.
The number is the symbol that is used in reference to the (cube). This
number is also used when describing the Trinity or the Godhead
(divine perfection). This number has also been associated with spirit
and life.

One : 1 - Biblical Meaning of Number is the number of God.

Independence is also attached to this number as well, for it excludes
all things that are different. This number is also used when marking
the beginnings of things. Unity is very common when defining this
number, for it stands alone and cannot be divided.
Once they are to the train there is a water tower, and the water tower symbolizes
confusion, purity and essence of life.

1 The tower represents the Tower of Babel: confusion, human pride, resulted in
multiple languages.
2 The water represents purity, or clarity.
3 He also shot seven bullets to kill his gang. Biblical Meaning of Number 7 is
spiritual perfection and spiritual completeness.
4 The train symbolizes something larger, more powerful than man and it takes us
from present to future.
5 The pentagram symbolizes the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and spirit,
with the top point of the pentagram pointing heavenward indicating spirit and
symbolizing the triumph of spirit over matter.

What this scene could be saying is,

Don’t be confused, if you follow God, your life will have essence because he is powerful
than man.
Are you confused or is it clear, he is rotten and more powerful than man.