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Advantages and Disadvantages of Climate Change

Advantages of climate change

o Prevents ice age
Ice age is the period in which the temperature drops to an extent that life becomes
extremely difficult on Earth. It is believed that there has been five ice ages till date
with regular warmer intervals. The climate change we experience now is a result of
global warming where the temperature of the planet is gradually increasing. This
could prevent the next ice age from happening.

o Milder climates in otherwise cold regions

Places like Antarctic and Arctic are considered uninhabitable because of their
extreme cold climatic conditions. These places are covered with ice with no traces
of plant growth. But with the changing climate, it is hoped that these places will have
milder climates in the coming years. Chances of vegetation are also not less.

o Better agricultural production

The change in climate has resulted in varying length of different seasons. In many
places winter has reduced giving way to summer. There are some places where the
growing season has prolonged. This would mean improved agricultural productivity.

o Lesser injuries due to cold

Every year, a large number of people are hospitalized for illness due to the cold.
Extreme conditions could lead to even death. Winters see people affected by frost
bite. All these could be escaped with the changing climatic conditions.

o Use of Northwest Passage

Due to the ice sheets many parts around arctic are inaccessible and unfit for travel.
There is a sea route to the north of Arctic Circle in Northern Canada called Northwest
Passage that reduces the travel time between Europe and Asia. Right now, ships
use the route only during warmer days. It is assumed that when the ice melts as a
result of global warming, this route can be used more frequently.

Disadvantages of climate change

o Melting of ice
The rise in temperature will lead to the melting of ice in the Polar Regions. This
means an increase in the flowing water and higher sea level. A rise in the sea level
causes floods in low-lying areas which could be followed by diseases and deaths.

o Affects plant growth

Plants require an optimum temperature and rainfall to grow well. The recent years
have seen unpredicted rainfall and weather conditions. This would affect their growth
and even lead to their extinction and desertification.
o Loss of habitat
Changes in climate will result in the loss of habitat for animals and plants. Forest
fires have become very common due to the varying temperature. Forests are home
to a large number of plants and animals. These fires and storms destroy their habitat.

o Deaths and diseases

The changing conditions of weather have already taken a lot of lives. Many diseases
are caused as the temperature keeps on fluctuating. When the temperature
becomes too high, the chances of heatstroke rise. It is a condition which causes
fever and unconsciousness as the body cannot get adjusted to extreme heat.

o Increased emigration
When the climate at a place becomes unbearable, it is natural for people to
immigrate to better places. People from low-lying countries go to wealthier countries
in search of a better living condition. This would also lead to increased air pollution
and related diseases.