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PFCG: SAP Role Maintainance

Transaction code PFCG is a role maintenance administration to

manage roles and authorization data. The tool for role maintenance,
the Profile Generator automatically creates authorization data based on
selected menu functions. These are then presented for fine-tuning. SAP
recommend that to use the role maintenance functions and the profile
generator (transaction code PFCG) to maintain the roles,
authorizations, and profiles. Although we can continue to create profiles
manually, we still need detailed knowledge of all SAP authorization
The role maintenance functions support in performing
the task by automating various processes and allowing to be
more flexibility in the authorization plan. We can also use the central user
administration functions to centrally maintain the roles delivered by SAP or
our own, new roles, and to assign the roles to any number of users. The roles,
which are based on the organizational plan of your company, form the
structure for the Profile Generator. These roles are the connection between
the user and the corresponding authorizations.
The actual authorizations and profiles are stored in the SAP system
as objects. With the roles, we can assign to any users which will be the user
menu that is displayed after they log on to the SAP System. Roles also
contain the authorizations with which users can
access the transactions, reports, Web-based applications, and so on that are
contained in the menu.

In the role maintenance, we can also change and assign roles, creating
roles, creating composite roles and transport and distributing roles.