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Speaking Card 32

In a Restaurant
Language: Making Decisions, Complaining and Complimenting, Deciding What To Eat

ordering food Handy Phrases & Words

Waiter: Good evening. Can I help you?
Food Terms
Ben (BrE): Hi, do you have a table for two free?
Waiter: Do you want a table? Or a booth? on a diet
Ann (AmE): A booth, please. sparkling / still water
Waiter: Here you are. And here are the menus. Our dressing
special tonight is baked trout. overdone – přepečený, převařený
Ben/Ann: Thanks. tasty / delicious
Waiter: I’ll be back in a minute to take your order. Restaurant Terms
Ben: Well, Ann, do you want a starter?
Ann: I’m always on a diet, so I won’t have an appetizer table for two / a booth – box v restauraci
today. I’ll have the Greek salad. to order food
Waiter: Are you ready to order? a / the special
Ben: Yes. I’ll have the special, the baked trout, for my main a starter (BrE), an appetizer (AmE)
course. a / the main course
Ann: And I would like the Greek salad. dessert
Waiter: What can I get you to drink? a tip
Ann: I think we’d both just like water. the bill (BrE), check (AmE)
Waiter: Sparkling? Or still? cash or credit card
Ben: I want sparkling, please. Polite Phrases for Choosing
Ann: I’ll have still water. Thank you. Food / Paying
Waiter: Very good. I’ll be back in a minute with your
I’ll have…
I’ll take…
After the Meal We’d like…
Can I have the bill? / Can we pay, please?
Ann: Well, what did you think of your trout?
Ben: It was OK, but a little overdone. And your salad? Questions from the Waiter / Server
Ann: It was really fresh, and the dressing was tasty. I’m Are you ready to order?
satisfied. Can I get you some…?
Ben: OK, then, I’ll give him a normal tip. I’ll be back with your drinks / orders.
Waiter: How was everything? / Was everything all right? Will that be cash or credit card?
Ben: OK, thank you. Can we have the bill please? What did you think of…?
Waiter: Of course. Will that be cash or credit card? How was everything?
Ben: Cash. Here you are.

Listen to the conversation on the Gate CD. October 2016



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Task 1  ractise a conversation in a restaurant.

P Task 2 How would you
Two of you are guests and one is a waiter. ask the waiter to
Include these points. pay? How much should you
leave for a tip?
Waiter Guests
Welcome and greet the guests Ask for a table for two Task 3 Describe the
Offer a table and the special Ask for the menu restaurants in
pictures 3 and 4 above. How
Take a drink order Order drinks first
are they different? Which do
Bring the drinks and take the Order food you like better?
order for food
Ask how everything was Compliment or complain
about the food, ask for the bill Task 4 Can you describe
your favourite
Bring the bill Choose a method of payment restaurant? Talk about
and discuss the tip location, food, atmosphere,
service, prices, etc.