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What we have read on the link that was given to us was a great reminder that there has been
controversial issues based on gender roles in the society in the past and they still exist up to the present
times. Although there have been a lot of efforts to address and solve whatever the conflict is, it is
natural to hear different opinions about it. Upon discussing it, it became clearer to me that the society
plays a huge part on establishing ideas in people’s minds through cultures, traditions, and beliefs. People
believe what they think is right.

I believe that many people are still confuse about feminism. Feminism, for me, is not about asking a
tired and exhausted man from work to offer you a seat just because you have a vagina, and be mad if he
insists. It is not about the entitlement of power. It fights for the rights of the women to become whoever
they want to be despite the discouragement from the society just because the standard says women
should not do that. Feminism, for me, is thriving for gender equity. I may be wrong but that is what I
think is right and that is what I realized from our discussion.

Now addressing the issue that masculinity is in crisis, I think it depends on how you look at it. I look at it
in a way that if they feel like their role in the society is being taken away, I think it is not them that are in
crisis but their ego. I mean, there is nothing wrong if you are taking care of your children and doing
household chores while your wife works hard in the office. As mentioned in our discussion, it is their
choice as a couple. Again, I might be wrong but that is how I see it.

It is stated somewhere in the article that although they still experience prejudice and discrimination,
lesbians, gays and bisexual are becoming more accepted in the society. It is because of the differences in
age which speaks about the huge difference in culture, tradition, and beliefs.

I have realized that people will surely have different opinions about gender roles and gender identities
because we come from different backgrounds that is a huge factor in our beliefs. A man should not be
discriminated when he feels like smothering his face with moisturizer and his body with lotion. A woman
is not just for the house. A gay is neither your personal clown nor your ATM machine. A lesbian can be a
father, as well. I honestly think that people should respect other people. I know it is hard to achieve
equity in our society because people are getting more competitive nowadays, but I really hope that in
every step we take and every thing we do, we should always respect other people. I hope we see people
based on their characters and attitude rather than their gender or age or height or color.