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Mission: "Cadbury means quality". it is the second largest confectionery brand after Mars. it is known
for its Dairy Milk chocolate, Crème Egg and Roses selection box and many other confectionery products.

Cadbury chocolates are no longer rich and delicious and creamy and taste varies from store to store
which signifies that Cadbury is no longer caring about the quality.

Cadbury fruit and nut chocolates are having lesser nuts and fruits even 5 to 6 only and it does not even
melt in the mouth like it used to b.

Cadbury launched its cheesecake and caramel cheesecake puddings which contained listeria bacteria
and is unfit for human consumption and that infectious bacteria could cause complications as well. it
also proves that Cadbury compromises over quality.


Mission: " To be a partner of choice for our customers to develop our people and to deliver value to our
shareholders". Lets make the difference: FEEL THE DIFFERENCE is the new slogan of PTCL. PTCL is the
largest telecommunication provider in Pakistan. PTCL is proud to be the most reliable and largest
coverage services career provider in Pakistan. it provides all the telecommunication services from basic
voice telephone to data, Internet, video-conferencing and carrier services to consumers and businesses
all over the country. PTCL is only offering the things to their customers but does not focusing on
reliability and values of the product. Means that their mission only to develop and deliver not to
communicate or to attract the customers.

PTCL is not satisfying the desires and wants of customers and providing worst customer services,
connections are poor and Internet speed is worse. They rarely response to customers even I had been
using PTCL and had to switch to another ISP due to its poor quality of Internet. this proves that PTCL is
not living up to its mission statement.


Mission: "Our customers and our people are the heart of everything we do; our focus is to deliver
operational excellence and highest level of regulatory compliance to make a positive contribution to the
communities we serve."

At UBL, there exists a great difference between higher management and working staff due to lack of
communication between staff and management. Management is not following the adequate principles
of the organization and internal politics is at its peak in all the branches. Management is not focusing on
the morale and motivation of employees and workers. Employees are not provided freedom to
communicate to supervisors and given less pays and salaries. There exists a rumor-driven culture as well
and employees are given least chances of promotion. Because their employees are not satisfied with
their policies therefore they are not welcome their customers with good manner. Therefore UBL is not
living up to its mission statement.

Mission: "Our mission is to provide the highest quality fruit and vegetable related juices and
products to retail and food service customers." Shezan has introduced innovative products for
their customers for example: Shezan twist is fusion of great flavors. At Shezan, hygiene is of
utmost important. And their drinks flavor is natural. They are not using any kind of artificial
flavor. They always try to maintain and retain good quality and taste. And their products are
hundred percent halal. Therefore Shezan is living up to its mission statement.
Mission: Good food good life. Nestle make sure that its products are available at each part of our
country. Nestle has become an important part of our culture. Good health is always depend on
good food, therefore Nestle does not compromise with their customer’s life. Nestle provides best
ingredients of pleasure and taste. Due to advancement in research and development ,Nestle has
achieved more techniques to attract their customers. Nestle is caring for water, they are doing
water saving campaigns and also facilitating the customers with healthy and pure water. Nestle
enhance quality of life and also contribute to a healthier future. Nestle is not only meet the needs
of the urban areas but also reaching out to the remotest areas. Nestle products are for all stages of
life. It means that nestle is living upto its mission statement.