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Aug 141901530, T 2037433088 od in section 8-18 of the Connecticut General Statutes lying heneath the Parcels without the unanimous written consent of 100% of the owners of ali the Development Parcels or all other land located within The Reserve which land is described on Exhibit 1 of the Master Declaration. 7. The Master Declaration Notes, the General Notes, Mapping Notes, encroachments, easements and notations as set forth on Exhibit 3 to the ‘Master Declaration and/or on the maps referenced or incorporated by reference in the Master Declaration. 8. The “Wildlife Habitat Corridor Conservation Restriction Area” and Wellands Roundaries_shown and designated on that certain Map entitled "Compilotion Plan—Showing Proposed Wildlife Tinbitat Corridor Conservation Restriction Area’ at “The Reserve’ Old Ridgebury Road and Saw Mill Road Danbury, Connecticut Scale: 1"=200" Date: June 2004, Revised: 9-21-04 (Revised Off-site Corridor), Revised: 9-23-04 (Revised Legend) Revised: 9-27-04 (Revised Title, Add 13.125 Acre Parcel)" and the notes thereon, on file in the office of the Town Clerk of Danbury bearing map numbers 11786 and 11787, restricted as per Wildlife Habitat Corridor Conservation Restriction dated October 6, 2004 and recorded in Volume ___ at Page ___ of the Danbury Land Records. 9. Terms, covenanis, condidotis, easements, agreements, restrictions, obligations and other provisions all as set fort or referred ‘0 in the Master Declaration of The Reserve, ¢ Master Plan Community recorded July 27, 2004 in Volume 1167 at Page 703 of the Danbury Land Records, and in the Exhibits and Survey map a part thereof, all as amended and/or supplemented. 10. Declaration of Restrictive Covenant, by and between Woodland Group If, ELC and WCU/Spectrum Communities, LLC dated October 21, 2004 and recorded in the land records of the City of Danbury in Volume. Page. 11. Grantor conveys the Parcels and the Rights subject to, and by its acceptance of this Warranty Deed, the Grantee agrees that it will not for itself, or cause any other entity or individual under its control 10, with respect to the Property (as defined in the Master Declaration, as amended) and/or the Danbury, Connecticut: 1) object before any Commission or agency, 2) take an administrative appeal to a Commission, 3) commence an appeal or other type of lawsuit to a court with jurisdiction over the matter and/or 4) communicate with, or otherwise influence, any person working on behalf of ® governmental agency about any (i) matter that is inconsistent with paragraph 35 of both of the Kuehner Contracts, or (fi) site plan for the Parcels or any Development Parcel owned by Grantor unless such site plan will ave a material adverse affect on Development Parcels owned by the Party objecting to such site plan. Book: 1702 Page: 601 Seq: 5