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a. - Aug 141902059 TT 2037433088 pa TOLL CT Ill LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, a Connecticut limited partnership having its principal place of business at 53 Church Hill Road, Newtown, Conneciicut 06470 {hereinafter relerred to as Grantor’) for the consideration of Six Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Thrg received to its full catintaation jo-Sunsiuosohip {a0 JTWROS) , having an address of SC Saw Mill Road #9328 Danbury CT 06810, (horeinafier, together, referred to as the “Grantees") does give, grant, bargain, sell and confirm unto said Grantees and unio the survivor of them, with WARRANTY COVENANTS, te oid appurtenances thereto located in the City of Danbury, County of Fairfield and State of “Vm in Thi Mewe-nnd irs wt Rainn Vokime 2253 at Page 275 of the Danbury Land Records (he “Declaration, a ‘amended of record Said properly is also known as 41 Winding Ridge Way, Danbury, Connecticut Err ecient eae enone a ae eg conditions, agreements, obligations and easements contained in the Declaration as it may be amended or supplemented from) time to time, By acceptance of the deed. the Granteas and the Grantees’ heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns, aleo hereby expresely aceum> asd ag¢20 to 40 bound by and to eomzhawith all of ho Terns, conditions, agreements, obligations andwaserens us sist—teitht ithe Homeowners Association, Inc. (the “Association’), in the Declaration of The Reserve and in the Bylaws of The Reserve Master Association, Inc., as they may be amended of supplemented from time fo time. In addition, by acceptance of this deed, the Grantees shail become members of The Mews and Ridge at Rivington Association, Inc. and, as such members, accept all ofthe rights and obligations imposed on such members, The Home is conveyed together with and subject to any and all provisions of any ‘ordinance, municipal regulation or public or private law, taxes hereafter becoming due ‘and paves 12 ths City of Danbyry. inslucing any reassessment of reallogatigglog tht ‘encumbrances and states of fact sot forth therein or in the Survey and Plans filed therewith. NOTICE: This property is subject to a Conservation Restriction dated April 17, 2006 and recorded in Volume 1843 at Page 870 of the Danbury Land Records, NOTICE: As set forth in Paragraph 11 of a Warranty Deed from Woodland Group II, LLC to WC! Communities, Inc. recorded in Volume 1702 at Page 80* of the Danbury. Land Records. the Grantees' rights to object, appeal, otherwise influence or take similar actions regarding the development of other parcels at The Reserve and other property is ited as more fuly set forth in said Warranty Deed. Swear Book: 2355 Page: 856 Seq; 1 Book: 2355 Page: 856 Page 1oi2