PhotoPaperDirect has recently started to sell its Eco Friendly Photo Paper (or as some of you may know it as Green

Photo Paper). The Taleco Tree Free Mineral Paper has some major benefits for the environment which we hope to include in this article in a bid to highlight the eco friendliness advantages of using such paper in our day to day life. Eco friendly photo paper has the following environmental benefits over the traditional wood pulp paper products in the market: No Wood-Pulp In order to produce a metric ton of traditional wood pulp papers, an average of four metric tons of wood chips is utilized, which is the equivalent of felling approximately 23 large trees. Even so, this is merely the start of a long list of environmental costs of using traditional wood pulp paper. Of the trees harvested globally for industrial uses, nearly half goes to pulp and paper production and, the demand for wood pulp remains insatiable. In light of the continuing trends, it has been estimated that only 5% of all tropical forests will remain by mid-century to the detriment of biodiversity. Even at the present, less than 20% of the world's original forest cover remains intact, and much of what does remain is already threatened by commercial logging. Although about 30% of the world's wood pulp supply now comes from tree farms, by and large forest-harvested timber still dominates supply. In truth, even if artificial tree plantations have taken some pressure off deforestation, tree farms host about 90% fewer animal species than the natural forests that preceded them. Indeed, 1/3 of the world's biodiversity has been irrevocably lost since 1970. That the continual reliance on traditional wood pulp papers is environmentally unsustainable is not news. Clearly, the environment needs our help and our goal is to take proactive steps to ensure environmental protection by continuing to produce eco-friendly paper. Mineral paper production required the invention of new papermaking principles, to produce a family of paper products that are pulp-free. Harvesting trees to make paper is therefore, no longer, the only option. No Water Pollution A key motivation to the design of this ingenious waterless papermaking technology comes from a passion to protect the environment. Unlike traditional papermaking methods, Mineral paper manufacturing methods do not require copious amounts of precious water to remove acid, alkali and bleaching agents which are used extensively in the traditional paper manufacturing process. No Air Pollution This revolutionary papermaking process does not emit toxic gas. As prevention is better than cure, designing a production process to prevent discharge of toxic gas in the first place is clearly the more efficient and effective method than having to manage the toxic gas later.

Low energy consumption and CO2 emissions PhotoPaperDirect Taleco is environmental in production (reduces energy consumption) and disposal (reduces CO2 release). During the production process, PhotoPaperDirect Taleco's energy consumption is only approximately 50% of pulp printing paper’s energy consumption. The energy consumption calculations are shown below: Energy consumption calculations: PhotoPaperDirect Taleco Ratio Energy Consumption 1 1764 x 103 Kcal/TP Printing Paper 2 3549 x 103 Kcal/TP

Disposal CO2 Release: 1 Tonne of Paper PhotoPaperDirect Taleco (Uncoated) Pulp Paper Easily Recycled All Mineral Paper Products can be recycled by converting used paper into pellets. These pellets can then be used in the production of coloured paper. In contrast, traditional methods of recycling pulp-paper is a complex process which requires water for further bleaching processes resulting in waste water that needs to be treated. The simplicity of recycling Mineral Paper Products reduces resource wastage. Degradable Mineral Paper Products are degradable. Testing results showed that a sample 200μm thick began to biodegrade, cracking like an egg shell when exposed to direct sunlight for approximately 6 months, eventually reducing down to base mineral powders. Mineral Paper Products will not degrade in your home when kept indoors and away from sunlight. Mineral paper can be adapted for outdoor usage and the speed of degradability can be controlled by adding UV blocking agents. Initial Range for Inkjet The finished product is 280gsm, 240µ and available in matt, semi gloss and glossy finish. PhotoPaperDirect is currently offering A4 and 10x15cm packs, however A3 and A3+ can be added. For more information on PhotoPaperDirect's range of eco friendly paper, please visit CO2 Release (Burning PE) 0.6 Tonnes 1.2 Tonnes Ratio of CO2 Release 1 2