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25/09/2019 BUNG TOMO, THE HERO OF INDONESIAN POET | Minority Report

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohim **
Brothers commoners all over Indoneisa
especially the brethren resident of Surabaya.

We all know, that today

British soldiers are spreading pamphlets
which gave us all a threat.

We are obliged in the time they specified,

to submit all weapons we had taken
from the hands of Japanese soldiers.

They have asked that we come to them

with the over the head.

They have asked that we all come to them

by carrying a white flag
sign that we gave up on them.

Brothers and Sisters

in the past ba le,
we all have shown already
that the people of Indonesia in Surabaya:

young men who came from Sulawesi,

young men who came from Bali,
young men who came from Borneo
young men who came from Sumatra,
youth of Aceh, youth of Tapanuli
and the entire Indonesian youth
which is in Surabaya.

In their own armies

with the civilian troops,
established in kampongs
has shown a defense
that can not be uprooted,
had shown a strength
until they were stuck everywhere.

Just because the cunning tactics of theirs brethren,

by brought the president
and other leaders to Surabaya,
then we are subject to and lay off the ba le. 1/3
25/09/2019 BUNG TOMO, THE HERO OF INDONESIAN POET | Minority Report

But in those days, they have strengthened themselves,

and after they were strong, now here’s the situation.

Brothers and sisters,

all of us – we are Indonesian nation
that is in Surabaya
will accept the challenge of British soldiers,
and if the leader of British troops in Surabaya
want to listen the answers of all youth of Indonesia
which is in Surabaya, hear these British soldiers!

This is our answer!

This is the answers the people of Surabaya!
This is the answers of the youth of Indonesia!

To you all the British soldiers!

You want that we
will take the white flag
to surrender to you!

You told us to bring the weapons

that we have taken from the Japanese soldiers
to be submi ed to you.

That demands, though we know

that you’re once again going to threaten us
to demolish us
with existing strengths you have!

But this is our answer:

“As long as Indonesian ox
still have the red blood
which can make a piece of white cloth,
into red and white,
as long as we have it,
we will never surrender
even to anyone ”

Get ready fellows brother of Surabaya people.

Precarious state.
But I warn you once again
do not start shooting,
just when we were shot,
then we’ll strike back to them! 2/3
25/09/2019 BUNG TOMO, THE HERO OF INDONESIAN POET | Minority Report

We show that we are

actually the people who want to be free!

And to us brothers,
we be er destroyed than no freedom!

Our mo o remains!

And we believe brothers,

in the end it must be
victory will fall into our hands.
Because Allah is always on the right side.

Believe it brothers,
The God will protect us all.

Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar!