Coaching, Development and Training Proactively identifies Performance Gaps and establishes coaching relationships focusing on employee’s development

needs and works with the employee on improving the same. Facilitates creative approaches to development, stimulating intellectual curiosity and the continuing desire to learn. Ensures that work assignments constantly allow employee to leverage their strengths. Helps create achievable career development plans while providing the employee with actionable insight into his/her best areas for development. Shares own experience/expertise with the team. Emphasizes and reinforces learning by promoting sharing of expertise and knowledge with a free flow of learning across teams. Facilitates by providing employee with opportunity (ies) to acquire new skills and knowledge through external training, workshops, seminars and helps employee apply the same in their daily work. Actively builds and maintains a network of internal and external contacts in own and related fields to gain and share knowledge. Leadership Positively affects the behavior of others, motivating them to achieve personal satisfaction and high performance through a sense of purpose and spirit of cooperation, leads by example. Communicates goals/vision clearly and provides a compelling sense of direction to the team. Makes people feel valued and promotes commitment to organization's vision, values and direction. Demonstrates a "can do" spirit, a sense of optimism, ownership and commitment. Inspires others to stretch beyond what they thought they could do. Builds high level of trust and effective team working between people with differing skills, attitudes and styles. Delegation Increases accountability of others by giving them greater ownership of business issues and opportunities. Designates manageable tasks and assignments to employees based on their abilities, interests and development needs. Does not "bottle-necking" projects by centralizing decision making thereby leading to delays in achieving goals and objectives of the team/organization. Empowering subordinates with the authority to carry out the responsibilities entrusted on them. Conflict Resolution Proactively identifies potential conflicts between employees and taking steps/action to prevent escalation. Demonstrates sensitivity to other cultures, exhibiting tact and diplomacy while resolving complex issues involving diverse employee groups. Resolving formal complaints and grievances without bias in a suitable and timely manner. Explores and facilitates creative solutions where disagreement exists, aiming for a winwin outcome. Work Quality Assesses the work done and continually works on ways to improve processes and one's own efficiency. Understands where value is added to determine where to focus attention. Performs duties in a consistent and timely manner, producing error free results. Works with colleagues to improve team/department effectiveness, contributing own ideas and suggestions.

delivering reliably against goals set by manager. Keeps momentum going over time despite setbacks. Take personal ownership for achieving agreed results. takes on high commitments and works to achieve these results. Actively monitors own performance against agreed targets. showing resilience in the face of challenges and looking for ways to exceed previous standards.Personal Productivity Produces quality work in a timely and cost effective manner. . shows determination to meet commitments. Sets and works to stretching but achievable goals.