NAME: Huang Lei


Impacts of Emotional Intelligence
Everybody knows that high IQ is no guarantee of happiness, virtue, or success, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Wikipedia defines EI as (Emotional intelligence, describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.) After I do some researches about the emotional intelligence, I have understood that it has much importance in our lives and our relationships. As undergraduate students, they can improve by studying emotional intelligence and benefit from it. In this essay I am going to explain how High Emotional Intelligence makes undergraduate students successful in academic as well as social arenas. In academic area, those students who have a higher Emotional Intelligence are more likely to get good academic results than others, because they have better understanding of themselves and they are more able to adjust their minds during the course of learning. In addition, when they encounter failure, those with higher EQ have more confidence, which is vital for a person to recover from failure. With their high EQ, they are better in making new friends. Admittedly, owning friends of distinct personalities and from different social backgrounds will contribute a great deal to their future success. For example, when they meet a problem, they could share the ideas and discuss it with their friends. It is a fast way of learning. Therefore, they can get more time to learn more knowledge and get better academic results. Second, in social arenas, although they are still students and they don’t have much social experience, they can use their high EQ to prepare for their future success without getting out of school. For instance, as undergraduate students, high EQ could help them to be the leader of student union and thus they can form a relation net. In addition, most of the companies are inclined to recruit those who have high EQ, such as Microsoft Corporation which always asks some questions about EQ in the recruitment interviews. Moreover, people with higher EQ are more capable of perceiving the feelings of other people, thereby helping them in their social relationship. Hence, the people with high EQ will have more advantages for their business or more job opportunities. In addition, there are five major components to emotional intelligence: 1) knowing one's feelings and using them to make good decisions, 2) the ability to manage distressing moods and control impulses, 3) being motivated and remaining hopeful and optimistic during setbacks and working toward goals 4) knowing what people around oneself are feeling, and 5) getting along well with other people, managing emotions in relationships and persuading or leading others. And these can help them in both academic and social arenas to overcome the adversity when they are totally frustrated. More specifically, a person with a higher EQ is more able to recover from failure due to his better understanding of himself and better ability of adjustment. An undergraduate student has to have emotional intelligence in order to be outstanding. I believe that emotional intelligence is knowledge that cannot be fed to someone with books or teachings. It has to be recognized and learned through one's self and experiences. Also I believe it is significant to have high emotional intelligence for the sake of both academic and social success.