Legislative Order 10-11-001 Establishing the Policies of the Speaker of the General Assembly
The following are policies that shall be observed by the THIRD General Assembly: I. Any member of the Assembly with legislation intended to be read at the meeting of the full General Assembly is urged to submit legislation in the appropriate format via email to both the Chief of Staff and the Speaker by 9:00PM on the Tuesday immediately preceding the meeting. Although previous submission of bills is strongly suggested, the Speaker will entertain consideration of pre-written bills from the floor of the Assembly. If a member of the Assembly is unable to attend, he or she is urged to send a proxy in his/her place. The intention to utilize a proxy must come from a Delegate no less than (3) three hours before the scheduled start time of a meeting. The form of contact to express the intention of proxy usage should first be the official proxy form, found online, then other forms determined at the discretion of the Speaker. If such a note is not submitted, then a proxy will not be permitted. At the discretion of the Speaker, Ad-Hoc committees may be created to address pertinent or controversial issues. If the Chairperson of a standing committee wishes to create an Ad-Hoc, or time-limited, committee within the auspices of his or her committee he or she may do with permission from the Office of the Speaker. The Chairs of each standing and Ad-Hoc committees shall ensure that minutes and attendance records are taken and submitted to the Secretary of the Assembly. In addition, the Chairs should coordinate with the Executive Office of the Speaker to ensure meetings are properly advertised as needed. Laptops shall be banned at the discretion of the Speaker, from regular meetings, special sessions, and at any time where there is motion of gravity which may include but is not limited to: censure, suspension, and impeachment. Copies of passed legislation shall be forwarded to any members of the Student Association which the piece of legislation affects upon the introduction of the legislation and upon passage. A dress code of business casual is requested at all meetings of the General Assembly and shall be enforced at the discretion of the Speaker.







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THE THIRD GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2010-2011 Any space or resources given to the General Assembly including computers and/or desk space shall not be used improperly for personal reasons. All vacancies of the General Assembly and the Student Association under the prevue of the Office of the Speaker shall be appointed through an open and fair process. Documents, deadlines, etc. pertaining to the appointment shall be created at the discretion of the Speaker.


So ordered, this 16th of November in the year 2010,

_______________________________ Christopher Pierno Speaker of the SA General Assembly

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