Round 1 1st set Team 1 – 360° Finance….. Ans: Credit Suisse Team 2 – World's local bank …..

Ans: HSBC Team 3 – Experience our expertise…. Yes Bank Team 4 – Fluent in finance,… Barclays Team 5 – India's International bank… Bank Of Baroda Team 6 – THE POWER ON YOUR SIDE… Allianz Insurance Team 7 – Smart way to bank…. Karur Vysya Bank Team 8 – The name you can bank upon… Punjab National Bank 2nd set – M&A Team 1 – Acquirer: Hindalco acquired Canada Based company Deal Worth: $5,982 million Answer: Novelis Team 2 – Acquirer: Reddys Labs acquired German HealthCare firm Deal Worth: $597 million Answer: Betapharm Team 3 – Acquirer: Ranbaxy Labs acquired Romanian pharmaceutical company Deal Worth: $324 million Ans: Terapia SA Team 4 – Acquirer: Suzlon Energy acquired Belgian group, which is a supplier and manufacturer of industrial and wind turbine generator Deal Worth: $565 million Ans: Hansen Group Team 5 – Acquirer: Videocon acquired South Korean Consumer goods company Deal Worth: $729 million Ans: Daewoo Electronics Corp. Team 6 – Acquirer: HPCL acquired Kenyan company in the same line of business Deal Worth: $500 million Ans: Kenya Petroleum Refinery Ltd. Team 7 – Acquirer: Oil and Natural Gas Corp acquired in Jan 2009

India……… Aditya Puri Round 2….Forfeiture Team 7 – uneatiilidvt--------------. T S Vijayan Team 4 – ITC……….Oversubscription Team 5 – uabgnrsotio------------...800 million Ans: Imperial Energy Plc Team 8 – Acquirer: Sterlite acquired copper producer in the U.Hypothecation 2nd Set Team 1 – nfnngegiirc----.Subrogation Team 6 – uertrfofei---------------..Diversification Team 2 – esarcnscubana ------------Bancassurance Team 3 – onaieretxno------------.800 million Ans: Asarco 3rd Set. Yogesh Chander Deveshwar Team 5 – YES Bank….. R S Sharma Team 3 – LIC……….Retrospective Team 3 – dciotihswsenertr---. Rana Kapoor Team 6 – CEO of Mckinsey India ………. Deal Worth: $1.Reconciliation Team 5 – kiopnbkeeog-------.S. Scramblers 1st set Team 1 – ctdfinerosaiiiv-----------.Bookkeeping Team 6 – saaitomxmini--------.Materiality Team 8 – tntiaomipios---------.Deal Worth: $2.MD and CEO’s Team 1 – L&T……… AM Naik Team 2 – ONGC…….dciotihswsenertr Team 4 – cniocioerntail------.Exoneration Team 4 – uvocrsrinotipbes-------. Rajat Gupta Team 7 – Standard Chartered……….Maximization Team 7 – tilriaeatym-----------.Antidilutive Team 8 – ohhaitcyoptne----------. Neeraj Swaroop Team 8 – MD of hdfc bank.Ringfencing Team 2 – rproicteestve----.Optimization .

Benchmark for global interest rates (5) – LIBOR 19. This option is used when demand for shares of the company during its IPO is very high (9) – Greenshoe 9. Procedure used to calculate zero-coupon yield curve from market figures (13) – Bootstrapping 15. Income which affects the profits of a company but are not expected to reoccur (13) – Extraordinary 6. Ascertaining the current worth of the company (9) – Valuation 3. Measure of the sensitivity of the price of a fixed income security to change in interest rates. Assets offered to secure a loan (10) – Collateral 18. Excess rate of return on a security over what was predicted by equilibrium models (5) – Alpha . Process of involving several different lenders in providing various portions of a loan (11) – Syndication 11. Amount of debt used to finance a firm’s assets (8) – Leverage 13.Round 3 – Crossword 1 5 M A R K T O M A R K E T V O S T R O A L E 19 A S 3 E 21 2 U G X U A F 16 T L R A I A A T O T O I N 4 18 L I 20 I R O O D N 15 N I N A D T U R K E Y C O 10 L N L D 14 12 13 B O B R I D G E L O A N A N G E 11 L 9 S Y T M R R G A M O R T I S A T I O N E N B E T A O R Y T C E A R T A I L O 24 E V 17 T S P U N T E R R A P P I H E D 6 G I N G 7 A E G E 8 S H 22 A G O O D W I L L N O S T R O Z A K A T E 23 P H Across: 1. Increase in price of food due to human consumption and use for alternative energy (9) – Agflation 21. It is expressed in years (8) – Duration 22.

Rate of return expected on a bond if it is held till maturity (3) – YTM 12. Under Islamic financing. Accounting of recording the price of a security/portfolio to reflect its current market value (12) – Mark-to-Market 7. A trader who aims to make quick profits based on speculation (6) . Contract granting one person the permission to occupy another person’s property for a specified duration (5) – Lease 4.Punter 20. Usually a friend or family member who invests in a start-up firm on favorable terms (first term only) (5) – Angel Investor 16. Value of a business entity not directly attributable to its assets and liabilities (8) – Goodwill 10. Account a foreign bank holds with an Indian bank (6) – Vostro 2. An account that a banks holds with a foreign bank (6) – Nostro . A failed IPO or an investment with dismal returns (6) – Turkey 17. it is obligation to donate a part of wealth each year for charitable causes (5) – Zakat 24. A measure of the volatility of a stock when compared to the marked (4) – BETA 23. Distribution of a single lump-sum cash flow into many smaller cash flow installments (12) – Amortisation 5. An act of buying up one security in order to prevent losses on the other (7) – Hedging 8. Short-term loan used until permanent financing is secured (10) – Bridge Loan 14.Down: 1.

Name the giant financial firm: ANS: J P Morgan Chase .Round 4: Visuals 1. Name these two famous people… Henry ford & Alfred Sloan (General Motors) 2.

Both of these personalities are directors of the Central Board of __________ RBI .3.

. This building belongs to which Financial Institution? ICICI Bank Ltd.4.