The primary responsibility is to ensure the effective management of the TLM  Implementation organization within the Major Accounts Implementation Hub.  Ensures that TLM applications (e.g. ezLM, eTIME 1000, EeT) converted within  the Hub are done so in a manner consistent within the framework of the “1 ADP”  solution delivery. Ensures goals are met and resources are shared dynamically to  meet the demands (internal and external) of specific areas within the TLM Hub.  Responsible for ensuring success of the Implementation initiatives and tools  regularly and driving goals for continuous improvement. Responsible for aligning  with the TLM Implementation Hub Leadership with those initiatives and actions  that will ensure goal achievement and resource optimization. As directed by the overall Hub Leader and in conjunction with other Hub  Implementation Executives, drives associate engagement, retention, talent/career  development and appropriate programs to support a virtual implementation  organization. 

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Manages the business process framework/foundation for the Major Accounts  Services TLM Implementation Hub and cross­functional entities, in alliance  with   the   other   Implementation   Executives.   This   includes   implementation,  sales,   service,   training   and   operational   processes   resulting   in   a  comprehensive “1 ADP” solution.

2. Leads, inspires and ensures appropriate associate ownership and  accountability in a highly virtual and matrix­managed organization.   3. Responsible for the human resource management activities including  maintenance of proper staffing levels, resource optimization, attainment of  individual and team goals, employee relations, mentoring, talent/career  development, and rewards/recognition based on achievement of goals.  Ensures associate communication channels are in alignment with the other  Implementation Hubs and Major Accounts Services functional areas.   4. Maintains responsibility, in partnership with other Implementation Executives,  for Hub performance measures such as forecast, proactive risk assessment,  backlog,   no   starts,   quality,   weeks   to   start,   associate   engagement   and  retention and other metrics.    5. Continually cultivates, develops and maintains positive business relationships  with the Sales organization at all levels. Proactively participating in new  business opportunities.   6. Gains commitment, alignment and engagement in the pursuit of Major  Accounts Services’ mission, vision and values.  Keeps these principles at the  forefront of decision­making and all other Hub activities to ensure overall  success. 7. Ensures alignment to the Implementation Breakthrough methodology thus  promoting standardization and reinforcing the “1 ADP” framework.   8. Leads the organization to meet changing client needs.  9. Demonstrates awareness and understanding of strategic goals/priorities and  focuses people on the most important organizational priorities. Proactively  communicates Hub objectives and results with clients, Leadership Team and  all functional partners.

10. Leverages relationships and collaborates with Major Accounts Services,  Payroll Implementation/Service/Specialty Services Hubs and Sales to  implement strategic process improvements that ultimately enhance the client  experience. 11. Executes   service  strategies   through   the   highly   effective   use   of  technology,  tools and standardized business processes.   12. Proactively contacts clients  during  implementation  process  to access  their  satisfaction and the team ability to deliver comprehensive “1 ADP” solution.  Monitors   Hub’s   Implementation   quality   and   productivity   using   established  metrics.  Manages client satisfaction survey feedback by conducting regular  survey   analysis   and   internal   meetings   to   identify   trends,   strengths   and  opportunities.   13. Represents   the   Implementation   Hub   internal   and   external   meetings   and  strategy review presentations/overviews as appropriate.       14. Ensures   that   all   Hub   business   processes  are   compliant   with   all   regulatory  requirements including Sarbanes­Oxley (SOX) and ADP Security policies in  conjunction with Finance and Security Council initiatives.    15. Plans and monitors Hub financials including ongoing labor allocation and  expense analysis, planning and forecasting.  16. Performs other related duties as assigned, including participation on councils,  strategic initiatives, acquisitions, alliances, stretch assignments for strategic  opportunity and collaboration opportunities with other SBUs. _______________________________________________________________ REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS 1A. B. 2. Supervisor: Supervision Received: Supervisory Authority: TLM Implementation Hub Leader Limited Direct supervision of Field Implementation Managers/Directors,

Indirect supervision of Implementation associates ________________________________________________________________ ACCOUNTABILITY
1. 2. 3.


5. 6.

Revenue/Sales/Starts: Revenue RANGE TO BE ADDED, Sales RANGE TO BE ADDED, Starts TO BE ADDED Operating budget: RANGE TO BE ADDED A geographically dispersed group of associates (direct and indirect): 40 – 80 TLM Implementation associates and 4 – 8 TLM Implementation Managers/Directors. NEED THIS INFO Interdependence and high collaboration with other functions or units: Sales, Finance, Training, Operations, HR and Client Services. Closely aligned to other Implementation Hubs and Specialty Services Hubs to ensure “1 ADP” solution delivery. Product diversification: TLM Business – ezLM, eTIME 1000 and EeT. Alignment with other TLM Implementation Executives. Hub Goals – quality, no starts, weeks to start, start plan, financial metrics, associate engagement and retention.

QUALIFICATIONS Education: BA/BS in Business Administration or the equivalent in education and experience, required. Experience: At least 10+ years in an implementation or client service environment. Senior  level 5+ years direct leadership experience with a proven ability to lead an organization in a virtual environment. Be recognized as an individual with outstanding leadership skills, professionalism, communication, business acumen and planning capabilities. Proven partnership with other senior­level functional leaders to achieve results. Understands the Major Accounts' operations, ADP product capabilities and sales process. Ability to communicate strategy and create a shared vision. Skills: 1. Maintains highly collaborative and effective business relationships within ADP; knows the people and resources that can provide assistance and appropriately escalates issues. Has a strong understanding of the full ADP

organization. Ability to work effectively as part of a team working toward a common goal. 2. Strong project management skills, proven track record in associate development and team building, proven ability to develop and execute strategic business plans, effective and proven interpersonal skills, strong ability to influence and maximize associate performance. Acts as a catalyst for change and continuous improvement.

Must possess excellent analytical, written/verbal communication, presentation and facilitation skills.

4. Skilled in setting aggressive measurable goals and objectives and being measured against them; motivated by the challenge of achieving specific, challenging and focused results. 5. Encourages different and innovative approaches to addressing business opportunities; channels innovations into smart standards for Hubs.

Business acumen, knowledge of the industry and competition, strong  comprehension of ADP’s products and process, demonstrated proficiency in  conflict resolution.

Success Factors: 1. Leadership – Alignment, Talent Development a. Demonstrated capacity for innovative and out-of-the box thinking b. Embraces ideas, questions, challenges, feedback and prudent risktaking without the fear of occasional failure c. Ability to focus and guide others in accomplishing work objectives d. Ability to build and lead a team e. Reputation for developing other people f. Maintains an environment where top performers can progress 2. Personal – Adaptability, Service Orientation/Client Focus a. b. c. d. e. f. Respects the rights of fellow associates and others Committed to the highest ethical standards High learning agility Demonstrated mental ability Views learning as a continuous process Ability to be decisive when faced with tough decisions involving difficult tradeoffs g. High degree of emotional resilience h. A well honed “external” perspective


Works as an effective agent of change

3. Interpersonal – Collaboration a. Fosters collaboration among team members and among other ADP businesses b. Uses effective interpersonal styles and communication methods to gain followership c. Encourages an open, honest, and informal flow of communications d. Ability to listen and respond with empathy e. Motivates and inspires others to take action