BrightCom Breaks Telepresence Price Point, Introduces New Desktop HD Video

BrightCom announces the new ClearView Desktop/PC HD Video Conferencing solution offering onboard H.264 video encoding, 720p video quality and beating Cisco and LifeSize in price. Huntington Beach, CA, November 16, 2010 --( BrightCom, the performance leader in integrated telepresence and video conferencing, announced today the new ClearView Desktop/PC HD Video Conferencing solution. This solution provides built-in H.264 technology for onboard video encoding and 720p clarity for immersive face to face communication. Suited for the home, office and desktop, BrightCom has announced this offering with a price point of under $500.00 making it significantly more cost effective than Cisco's Umi and LifeSize's Passport solutions. According to Bob McCandless, CEO of BrightCom, “ClearView Desktop/PC HD is approximately $100 less than Cisco's Umi, and $2,000 less that LifeSize's Passport making it an ideal choice for businesses wanting to implement a video desktop solution for large numbers of employees in their corporate or home offices.” ClearView Desktop/PC HD Video Conferencing is a USB 2.0 based fixed camera. Its H.264 onboard video encoding minimizes the stress of video processing from the PC. HD video encoding is beyond the processing power of most PC's deployed today and instead of replacing every PC for newer models with higher processing power, businesses can easily deploy this solution for high quality video communication. ClearView Desktop/PC HD Video Conferencing also provides built-in audio functionalities including an array microphone and an acoustic echo cancellation system. “Additionally,” continued Mr. McCandless, “this offering allows users the ability to communicate with more people and to interactively collaborate on critical materials. These features are lacking in both the Cisco Umi and LifeSize Passport offerings.” Integration into BrightCom's wide range of telepresence and video conferencing solutions and the Visual Collaboration System (VCS) can easily add up to 16 multiway conferencing with an unlimited number of participants. This standards based interoperability allows it to connect to Cisco, LifeSize and Polycom video conferencing systems and also adds Skype integration. The VCS, a processor based, single network appliance with a client/server environment, also allows for added security with enterprise directory integration and a full set of multimedia data collaboration and web conferencing functions including data sharing, remote control of participants' PCs or laptops and cooperative markup on electronic whiteboards, images, video and documents. About BrightCom - BrightCom specializes in creating flexible and affordable video and telepresence conferencing solutions. With unique integrated data and video conferencing solutions, BrightCom offers a wide range of options with Lumina Telepresence and ClearView Video Conferencing to connect people and content from home offices, mobile devices, desktops or conference rooms. To learn more about BrightCom's quality telepresence and video conferencing with in-depth collaboration features but without
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