1. PAGPAPATALA 1.1 Ang mga kalahok sa Pre-Membership Seminar (PMS) ay pipirma sa sheet sa guwardiya at bago pumasok sa Seminar Room. attendance

1.2 Ang bawat kalahok ay magsusuot ng ID na ginawa ng ating opisina sa oras ng seminar at isasauli pagkatapos ng seminar. 2. ORAS NG PAGDALO Ang kalahok ay kailangang dumating sa oras na itinakda ng seminar. nagsisimula sa ika-4:00 ng hapon hanggang ika-9:00 ng gabi. 3. PAGLIBAN NG SEMINAR Ang sinumang kalahok na hindi makadalo sa araw ng seminar ay padadaluhin na lamang sa susunod na schedule ng seminar. 4. MGA KAKAILANGANIN Ang kalahok ay kinakailangang magdala ng ballpen at papel sa araw ng seminar. 5. MGA IPINAGBABAWAL 5.1 Ang kalahok ay nakadamit ng maayos sa pagdalo niya ng seminar. Sa lalaki ay bawal magsuot ng sando at shorts. Sa babae ay bawal ang mag-backless, midriff o walking shorts. Bawal ring magsuot ng step-in sa araw ng seminar. 5.2 Bawal ang magdala ng bata sa loob ng seminar room. 5.3 Mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ang manigarilyo sa loob at labas ng seminar room. 5.4 Isara (off) lamang po ang cellphone sa oras ng seminar. REQUIREMENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Apat (4) 1” x 1” ID picture (latest) “yellow background”. Sketch ng tirahan (sa likod ng “application form” iguhit ang sketch ng tirahan). Pangalan at pirma ng Pook-Tulungan Lider (ang kumpletong listahan nito ay makikita sa ating website under Membership Menu Tab > List of PT Leaders). Homeowner's Certification Tatlong (3) character references. Magbayad ng seminar fee bago dumalo sa seminar. Employment Certificate (if applicable) Proof of billing address (Meralco, PLDT), Smart MWSS, Skycable, Globe or any credit card-statement of account) Age should be 18 to 59 years old. Ito ay

□ Mrs. specify) _____________________________________ Details of last hospital confinement: ________________________________________ When: _______________________ In case of emergency. specify) __________________________________________ Knowledgeable in the said business? □ Yes □ No Directory listing □ yes □ no Family Members: Name Relation Age Employment Ave.: ___________________ Health Conditions: Blood Type: □ A □ B □ O □ AB □ Others (specify) Physical Disabilities: ___________________ Undergoing Medical Treatments at present? □ Yes □ No (if yes. contact person: ________________________________________ No. Monthly SDCC Living in the Income Account same Number household? Educational Background: Level Elementary High School College Post Graduate Name of School Course Year Graduated . □ Ms First Middle PERSONAL DETAILS Gender: □ Male □ Female Last Application Account Date of Birth: (MM/DD/YYYY) Nationality: ___/___/_____ □ Filipino □ Others (specify) _________ Place of Birth: Religion: __________________ ________________________ Number of Dependents: _______________ Civil Status: □ Single □ Married □ Legally Separated □ Annulled □ Widowed SSS/GSIS Number: Tax Identification Number: Other IDs: ___________________ ________________________ ________________________ Name of Nearest Neighbor: _______________________________ Who recommended you to SDCC? ___________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ Contact No.SAN DIONISIO CREDIT COOPERATIVE APPLICATION FORM (PLEASE PRINT DATA TO FILL-UP THE FORM) (THIS FORM IS NOT FOR SALE OR REPRODUCTION) Application Date: ______________ No: _______________ Latest update: _________________ Officer: _______________ Name: □ Mr.: ________________________ Interested to open a business venture? □ Yes □ No (if yes.

: _________ Employment Type: □ Private □ Government □ Others: _________________ Employment Status:□ Regular □ Probationary Others: ___________________ Position/Rank __________________________ Monthly Income ________________________ * if less than six (6) months in current employment. Previous Address: Zip Code: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ __________ No. Name Barangay City St. St. Name Barangay City Length of Stay in Permanent Address: _______ years _______ months Residence Type: □ Owned □ Living with Parents □ Mortgaged (specify) _______________________ □ Rented (Mo. No. ngo’s. In company: __________________ Position/Rank: ____________________ Are you a member of another organization (coop. St. etc) □ yes (specify)_________________ . No. Length of Stay in Previous Address: _______ years _______ months Previous Residence Type: □ Owned □ Living with Parents □ Mortgaged (specify) _________________ □ Rented (Monthly Rent) ____________ □ Others (specify) _____________________________ Provincial Address/Permanent Address (if applicable): Zip Code _____________________________________________________________________________________________ __________ St. No. Rent) ___________ □ Others (specify) _____________________________ Home Phone Number: Mobile Number: Email Address: _____________________________ __________________________ ___________________________________________ Home Phone Type: Mobile Phone Type: Mailing Address: □ Prepaid □ Postpaid □ Prepaid □ Postpaid ___________________________________________________________ St . Name Barangay City Length of Stay in Present Address: _______ years _______ months Present Residence Type: □ Owned □ Living with Parents □ Mortgaged (specify) _____________ □ Rented (Monthly Rent) ______________ □ Others (specify) __________________________ Certified by PT Chairman: __________________________________________ _______________ _____________ Signature of PT Chairman over printed name Date PT No.CONTACT DETAILS Present Address: Zip Code: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______ St. please fill-up below: EMPLOYMENT DETAILS SELF-EMPLOYED Name of Business: _________________________________________ Type of Business: □ Sole Prop □ Partnership □ Corp Nature of Business: _______________________ Asset Size of Business (Php): _______________ Share in Business (%): ____________________ Monthly Income _________________________ UNEMPLOYED □ housewife □ student □ Others (specify) ____________________ Previous Employer: _________________________________________ Yrs. Name Barangay City EMPLOYED Employer/Business Name: _________________________________________ Office Address: _________________________________________ Nature of Business: _______________________ Office No: ______________Fax No. St.

I/We agree this will remain your property whether the credit is granted or not. I/We authorize you to obtain such information as you may require connecting the statements made in this application and that the sources which you may apply are authorized to provide any information relative to this application.Position: _____________________ Type of Account BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION Bank Branch Card Issuer CREDIT CARD INFORMATION Card Number Credit Limit Member Since Name CHARACTER REFERENCES Relation Address Contact Number Name TRADE REFERENCES *if self-employed put at least two (2) trade references Business Address Contact No. _____________________________________ ____________________________________ _________________________ Signature of Applicant over printed name Signature of Spouse over printed name Witnessed By TO BE FILLED-UP BY SDCC . Type of Loan OTHER LOAN DETAILS Bank or Institution Monthly Outstanding Amortization Balance Maturity Date Monthly Gross Income Other Monthly Income INCOME AND EXPENDITURES Source of Annual Living Other Expenses Income Annual Taxes Loan Payments I/We hereby certify that all the data and statements in this application are correct and are made for the purpose of obtaining credit. and the signature(s) appearing thereon is(are) genuine.

OGM Remarks: 4.:__________ Date Received:___________ Interviewed by:__________ Date Interviewed:________ Date of PMS:_____________ PMS Batch No. TDD Application no.1. PMS/MES PMS Result______________ MES Result:______________ BOARD OF DIRECTORS Signature of Secretary Date Approved: ACCT MANAGEMENT GROUP Received CREDIT COMMITTEE Credit Limit: PRE-REQUISITE DOCUMENTS: Proof of Billing Proof of Income: Submit any of the following: o Xerox copy of latest ITR o Original copy of COE o Original/Xerox copy of latest payslip o Valid certificate of employment FOR LOAN AVAILMENTS: Collaterals: Any of the Following to offer: o Home appliance o Original copy of TCT with current Tax Receipt Certified true copy from registry of deeds o Motor Vehicle (original copy of OR/CR – current payment of registration) Three Guarantors - SKETCH/LANDMARK OF RESIDENCE .:___________ Date of MES: 2. CIBI Date/s conducted:_________ CES Submitted:___________ TDD Recommendation: 3.