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volume 44 / issue 11
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
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2 The Eyeopener Wednesday, November 17, 2010
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 3

World of
Posters and
The building is home
to World of Posters,
owned by Don Ajith.

Ryerson buys the
building for $2.45
million in July.

World of Posters
moves out in
January. The store
relocates to Queen
Street. Sheldon
Levy announces
Zeidler Partnership
Architects of Toronto
A construction worker points to the World of Posters building that will be torn down in a couple of weeks. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK
in association with

Ryerson to flatten roadblock
Snøhetta of Oslo as
co-architects of the
SLC. Ryerson hires
University writes $760,000 cheque to demolish World of Posters building by end of month wrecking crew on
November to tear
BRAD WHITEHOUSE poster shop for $2.45 million in July which is scheduled to be completed being kicked out. The store has since the building down.
ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR 2009, but had to wait until January by 2013. relocated to Queen Street.
for the tenants to move out. It’s planned to be a multi-purpose Hamilton said arranging for the re-
Ryerson will finally be knocking
down the World of Posters building
Buying the building wasn’t in the
original plan, said Hamilton. He said
building that houses retail and study
location of the tenants was just one
of the steps in the process.
at the corner of Yonge and Gould they expected to be able to work In September, Levy said he was After the tenants moved out in Levy is hopeful that
streets, one of the last roadblocks with just the Future Shop and Sam starting to look at very early designs January, workers had to remove haz- construction of the
to the construction of the Student the Record Man properties. for the building and expected con- ardous materials like asbestos and
Learning Centre (SLC). The building But World of Posters and Future lead paint from the building.
Student Learning
will be gone by the end of the month, Shop occupied the same building, They’ve also had to stabilize the Centre (SLC) will
said Ian Hamilton, vice-president of which meant the university would building to the north, which houses begin.
Campus Planning and Facilities. have had to build an entire structure Everything seems to be Mariko restaurant.
The university is paying $760,000 to hold up the store. on track, on budget, on Some manual demolishing had
to a company called Quantum Mur-
ray to flatten the building. A large
“That was an expensive proposi-
tion so it was cheaper for us to buy
— Ian Hamilton,
to be done too, especially along the
wall that butted up against the res-
crane was on campus Nov.16. this and then knock the whole thing VP Campus Planning and taurant. The SLC is scheduled
“As soon as they bring it in, they’ll over,” Hamilton said. Facilities “There have been a series of ac- to be completed,
probably start knocking stuff down,” “More land, more acquisition, tivities, but they’ve all been going on according to Campus
Hamilton said. more money. But it all seems to be struction to begin in 2011. behind that hoarding,” Hamilton said.
It’s the last of the building to get working within the budget we have Don Ajith, the owner of World of “We all envision a big ball coming Planning and
torn down where the SLC will be lo- for the project. Everything seems to Posters, wasn’t happy about Ryerson in and knocking it down. Facilities.
cated. be on track, on budget, on schedule.” buying out the building. “There’s an awful lot of very careful
But the rest of the process hasn’t The provincial government is in- When he spoke to the Eyeopener work that has to be done in advance — Brad Whitehouse
been so easy. Ryerson purchased the vesting $45 million into the project, last year, he said he felt like he was of that.”

In par tnership with the United Black Students at R yerson & West Indian Students’ Association,

Wednesday, November 24 • 6pm
Student Centre, Room G, 55 Gould Street
Dinner A Ryerson alumni presents her documentary to explore the issue of “shadeism”,
a term that reflects discrimination between lighter-skinned and darker-skinned
members within and outside of communities. This short doc looks specifically at
young women within the African, Caribbean, and South Asian communities.

For more info contact:
Students Against Racism is one of the five equity service groups of the Ryerson Students’ Union
which includes The Community Food Room, RyePRIDE, RyeACCESS and the Women’s Centre.
4 The Eyeopener EDITORIAL Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 5

Bye-bye bottled water
BY LEE RICHARDSON available, or fountains aren’t readily
NEWS EDITOR accessible, or they dispense warm
Students at Ryerson should still be Whitfield added that the ban on
offered the ability to choose whether the sale of plastic bottles will be
to buy bottled water on campus, ac- gradual. “We’re not going to get rid
cording to a consumer choice advo- of everything and leave students
cate. with no choices,” he said.
“It seems to me that people should Some students, however, say that
have a choice, and students especial- a ban on bottled water on cam-
ly,” said treasurer and CFO of the On-
tario Libertarian Party, Jim McIntosh.
“It’s strange, why they wouldn’t offer It’s not unreasonable to then
both?” dump that cost back on the
New water fountains, costing person.
$2,000 each, are now being installed — Joesph Heath, University of
to replace older china models in pri- Toronto
ority buildings like Kerr Hall, the Po- pus could just make students bring
dium and Jorgenson Hall as part of bottled water from home instead.
a Water Declaration. The document, “I think banning them is a little
which was signed in March 2010, unrealistic, they’re everywhere and a
establishes the plan to stop the sale lot more convenient,” said third year
of bottled water on campus by 2013 business management student Ni-
while providing easier access to wa- cole Taveres. “It’s just convenient to
ter fountains. take when you’re on the go.”
“We had not increased the num- The university could benefit from
ber of water fountains at the uni- the plan other than being named as
versity from the time when we were the first university in Ontario to intro-
8,000 or 10,000 students and now duce such a ban by saving on waste
we’re 30,000,” said Ryerson president disposal costs.
Sheldon Levy. “We were not doing “Students can throw out their
our job in keeping the university up bottle and it becomes the universi-
to speed in the access of water foun- ties problem to dispose of it. But stu-
tains.” dents get that service for free, but it
That reason led to a high amount isn’t free to the university and its not
of plastic water bottles being bought free for society,” said University of Diana Ning said tuition and living expenses challenge international students the most. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK
on campus, according to Ryerson Toronto consumerism professor, Jo-

Rye to go international
Student Union president Toby Whit- seph Heath. “The idea is to make the
field. consumer pay for the cost that their
“The reality and the reason why so own behaviour is imposing on soci-
many students drink bottled water is ety, so it’s not unreasonable to then
that a good source of tap water is not dump that cost back on the person.” Province and Ryerson to provide support for three PhD students
BY TIM ALAMENCIAK ed immigrant student, the province leader and opposing candidate in the

Make a
funds that student,” said Levy. upcoming election, told the Toronto
More international students will be “When an international student is Sun he would shift the spending to
able to get their PhD from Ryerson recruited to any university in Ontario, domestic students.
University thanks to increased fund- [they get] zero from the province.” “Hopefully they’ll want to stay here,
ing from the provincial government. Levy added support from the if not they’ll go back to their own

of your own.
Ryerson and the Ontario govern- scholarship would make it easier for country and become great ambas-
ment will provide three international Ryerson and other Ontario universi- sadors,” said Tyler Charlebois, spokes-
PhD students with $40,000 per year ties to recruit the world’s best talent person for John Milloy, Minister of
for four years in order to help them because they would be able to pro- Training, Colleges and Universities.
get their doctorate. vide them with financial aid. Both McGuinty’s office and Ning
After living up to the expectations The government will provide two- “It’s a great investment,“ said Levy. say international students bring an
thirds of the funding, with the univer- ”If you believe that you have to be economic benefit to the province be-
and demands of parents, teachers sity picking up the remaining third. competitive for the best minds in the cause they rent apartments and buy
and coaches, it is time to set some The funding will be available starting world... then it’s a good investment.” things.
in fall 2011. The province has left the criteria Ryerson currently has 1300 inter-
goals of your own. How about
“Individuals coming to study from for who receives the scholarship up national students, 230 of whom are
fast-tracking your career in a place to individual universities. graduate students in either Masters
that offers unlimited opportunity Dr. Alan Shepard, provost and or PhD programs.
vice-president academic, will collabo- The fund is provided through col-
and a lifestyle filled with rate with the dean of graduate stud- laboration between the Ontario gov-
Mark adventure? It’s a great investment. ies to decide on the criteria for the ernment and universities. The gov-
— Sheldon Levy, recipients. ernment will contribute $20 million,
Ryerson president But the university has not worked
Come make your mark in the out the details yet. But, according to
and Win a Trip!
Northwest Territories, where overseas bear huge financial pres- Levy, the decisions surrounding the
sure,” said Diana Ning, co-ordinator recipient criteria will have to be made
graduate degree holders can earn
of International Student Services at by January or February 2011.
$25,000 more per year than Ryerson. “You’re going to have to recruit Individuals coming to
the national average and Ning said paying for tuition and liv- students and they’re going to have to study from overseas bear
ing expenses is the number one chal- know,” said Levy. huge financial pressure
where your student loan lenge for international students. “You can’t recruit students in Sep- — Diana Ning,
will vanish like an They pay nearly double the tu- tember.” International Student
ition of domestic students. Domestic Dalton McGuinty announced the
ice-castle in the spring. tuition is regulated and can only in- new scholarship while on a visit to while universities will provide $10
crease 5 per cent per year, whereas China. million.
the institution can set international The scholarship will fund a total of The premier’s announcement is
student tuition. 75 international PhD students across part of the Open Ontario Plan, a suite
This initiative will help provide in- Ontario. of government policies aimed at im-
ternational students with the extra Ontario’s 17 universities will re- proving Ontario’s economy.
support that they do not currently re- ceive at least two spots, with 15 of Ontario hosted a total of 38,000
ceive, according to Ryerson president them going to the University of To- international students in 2009-2010.
Sheldon Levy. ronto. The government hopes to achieve an
“The difference is that when a uni- But opposition parties are upset increase of 50 per cent in internation-
versity takes in a Canadian or a land- about the decision. Tim Hudak, PC al enrollment over the next five years.

ad 1 make a mark of your own 2 col.indd 1 28/09/2010 3:01:10 PM
6 The Eyeopener NEWS Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Local dining
spots with

An inspection on Oct. 28
found the restaurant failed to
ensure employee hygiene and
sanitization of food contact sur-
faces. The infractions were cor-
rected and the venue passed on
Nov. 1.

The Ram in the Rye and the Oakham House Cafe received a conditional pass from Toronto Public Health on Nov. 9. PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE
An inspection on Nov. 1 found
the cafe failed to protect food

Pub and cafe forced to clean up act from contamination, to sanitize
food contact surfaces and to
ensure pest control. It passed
another test on Nov. 5.
The Ram in the Rye received its second conditional pass from city inspectors in less than two years
tors returned 13 hours later to grant ing supplies to poor storage of liq- ket Cafeteria found four infractions,
an “unqualified pass,” or a successful uid waste. An unqualified pass was including “crucial” failure to prevent
For the second time in less than inspection. granted four days later, when the in- food contamination and “significant”
two years, Toronto Public Health “They know us to be incredibly fractions were corrected. problems with pest control preven- An inspection on Nov. 4 deter-
has handed the Ram in the Rye and proactive”, said Eric Newstadt, general Staff at the Ram refused to com- tion. mined the pub failed to prevent
Oakham House Cafe a conditional manager of the Ram in the Rye and ment. One employee said she was The Hub was granted an unquali- food contamination and saniti-
pass. the Oakham House Cafe. told not to speak with media about fied pass the following day, after zation of surfaces. The city is-
According to Toronto Public “We have a long history of unquali- health and safety inspections. steps were taken by the university to sued the venue a pass Nov. 5.
Health, a Nov. 9 inspection revealed fied passes.” Newstadt said he sent out a memo correct the health and safety hazards.
one “crucial” infraction after an em- He said only one employee was about a year ago asking employees But the Ram in the Rye is not regu-
ployee in the venue’s joint kitchen involved and the establishment was to direct media to the management, lated by the university in the same SPRING ROLLS
failed to wash their hands. A crucial working with the Ontario Public Ser- who he sees as more informed about way because, as a part of the Stu- 40 DUNDAS ST W
infraction is the most severe. vice Employees’ Union (OPSEU) to health and safety issues. dent Campus Centre, it is run by the
A conditional pass doesn’t con- fix the problem. OPSEU represents “I don’t think it’s fair for employees Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). This The restaurant failed to pre-
stitute closure, and the kitchen was workers in the pub’s kitchen. to have to answer for management means the university is not respon- vent pest control, sanitize sur-
allowed to keep operating. The city The city also found health safety practices,” he said. sible for enforcing food safety stan- faces and prevent food con-
issues the pass as a warning to food issues at the Ram in December 2008, The Ram is not the only food ven- dards on student-run venues. tamination on Nov 2. The issues
establishments and gives them a when an inspection revealed six in- ue on campus that has received a “We don’t oversee them in that were corrected and the city
chance to correct the infractions fractions. The problems ranged from conditional pass from city inspectors. sense,” said Levy. passed the venue on Nov. 4.
within several days. Health inspec- a failure to provide adequate clean- In July, an inspection of the Hub Mar- “They don’t report to us.”

Briefs & Groaners
It seems that karma exists, A faculty member reported
and this week it was target- that a man held a door open
ing strange furry animals. for her at the ILLC. While we’re
After frightening some chil- thrilled to report that such
dren at the daycare last week, chivalry on campus still occurs,
a raccoon was punished by we’re equally dismayed to
the gods by getting stuck up report that he seems to have
a tree at the corner of Bond been a mental case.
and Gould Street. The raccoon After holding the door
was described by onlookers as open, he went on to berate
‘distressed’ because of a large the woman for wearing high
audience standing around heels while there are millions
watching what the animal of people in the world going
would do next. When security without shoes. He also angrily
responded to the scene the blamed people who wear high

Bring Us Your
raccoon managed to escape by heels for the amount of pot-
itself, probably to recover be- holes on the roads.
fore thinking up new methods So if you’re wearing heels,

of how to terrify small children. avoid being shouted at by
watching out for a man
Speaking of escapes, a man described as wearing a green
who has managed to escape dress shirt with short brown
from all elements of fashion hair and an overall neat
by wearing a yellow jacket was appearance. (Which describes
reported as throwing books about a third of male stu-
around in the library. He dents.)
wasn’t caught.
A man described as ‘ex-
We Will Sell Them For You
A man was found in the tremely intoxicated’ by secu-

women’s washrooms in the rity also fell down some stairs
theatre school. When asked while drunk. Hilarious! •
why he was there, he said
that he had permission. Which Student Centre, 55 Gould St.
leads us dirty men to wonder
where we have to apply. — Lee Richardson The Used Book Room, a consignment used bookstore. Run by students, for students.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 7

Should this
poster be
on campus?

I don’t think it’s too
serious. This poster, advertising an event for a U of T student group, appeared in the Library Building last week. PHOTO: LAUREN STRAPAGIEL
— Lennie Petrunti,
urban planning
Soviet Union-themed party posters stir controversy
Russian and Ukrainian student group say USSR-themed party posters make light of oppression
BY EMMA PRESTWICH zelev said he planned to throw conditions and exploitation that to be approved before posting.
a “retro party.” He didn’t think people experienced as a result of Posters have to come from a stu-
Soviet Union-themed posters the theme was an issue and he the Soviet government’s policies. dent group and be related to an
have stirred up controversy on didn’t mean to offend anyone by “They were probably looking event on campus, said Toby Whit-
Ryerson’s campus. “reminding them of the darker at it as, ‘The USSR is cool, it’s bad- field, RSU president. Posters also
The University of Toronto Rus- history” of the USSR. ass, let’s go with a USSR theme’,” have to support the RSU’s man-
sian Students’ Association (RSA) “We didn’t throw a Siberian Terek said. “But the fact is, it isn’t date of respect and inclusiveness.
created the posters to promote exile party,” he said. cool, for the price that has been “If it turns out that [the poster]
their “Back in CCCP” party on Paul Terek, president of the Ry- paid.” is not part of the mandate, then
Nov. 12. erson Russian and Ukrainian Stu- He doesn’t have anything they shouldn’t be on a board”,
While the posters were dis- dents’ Association, said he sent against the RSA, but thinks they he said.
I don’t know how this played around campus, there an email on behalf of the group were misinformed about the val- Ryerson president Sheldon
happened, it’s so weird. was no indication that the event to the RSA, encouraging the or- ues they were promoting. Levy suggests the organizers
I think it’s just sleazy to wasn’t from Ryerson. ganizers to change the name “I understand that we’re living go through the poster approval
be honest. CCCP is the Russian acronym and theme of the event. in the 21st century, we can’t hold process, but didn’t have a strong
— Ankita Dasgupta, for the USSR. Posters also fea- He said the posters are “of- grudges against what our ances- opinion on the poster’s content.
fourth-year image arts tured the characteristic sickle fensive to descendants of all tors did,” Terek said. “People can like or dislike
and new media and hammer and red star. post-Soviet states” and wanted Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) things. That’s a bit of what uni-
RSA president Danil She- to remind them of the harsh policy dictates that a poster has versity is about.”

MO /2 P Lockers booby-trapped
en out over the summer and put
into random lockers once again
Monday is 1/2 price Appetizer & Wings Night a couple weeks ago. But there
Thieves trying to loot campus have been nearly forty locker
at The Grand Hive
lockers might be alarmed when thefts this semester, and no one
they break in. caught.
There’s no way to tell from “This program isn’t so much
Get More Bang for Your Buck!!! the outside, but Ryerson Security designed to catch a person di-
has randomly installed alarms in rectly, it’s just one of the methods
empty lockers throughout Kerr we’re using,” Juurlinke said. “It’s
• $5 Fried Calamari Hall, the Rogers Communications mostly designed to draw a lot
• $3.50 Gourmet Poutine Centre and the Victoria and Po-
dium buildings.
of attention to the person and
hopefully get a description from
• $6.50 Nachos “We’re hoping that if anyone people because when you hear
• $5 Quesadillas hears the alarm go off that they
give us a call and keep their eyes
an alarm that loud everybody’s
going to turn and look.”
• $3.50 Mac ‘n Cheese open,” said Imre Juurlinke, Ryer- Juurlinke said security uses
• $5 1lb Wings and Fries son Security supervisor.
A locker alarm went off for the
this description when looking at
video surveillance to place the
first time this year on Monday. A suspect at the scene of the crime.
faculty member called security, If they find a match, they look
*For every group of 5 people purchasing but by the time they arrived the through other footage to see
beverages, receive one complimentary Nacho culprit was nowhere in sight. if the same person has been in-
plate for the table. The alarms were first installed volved in a string of robberies.
in 2006 in response to the num- Ryerson Security said more
ber of locker thefts on campus. than forty alarms were installed
504 Jarvis St. Toronto, Ontario That year, one locker thief set across campus. The alarms were
off the alarms. Ryerson security bought previously used for about
(one block north of Wellesley) chased a suspect down the halls, $500.
Tel: (647) 348-6520 but failed to nab him. “A lot of these have been hap-
“We never did end up catching pening weekdays, midday so him, but we did scare him away,”
said Juurlinke.
there’s got to be people around,”
she said. “Having fifty people
The alarms weren’t used again turn and look at you is not some-
until the end of last year, after a thing people want to experience
rash of robberies. They were tak- more than once.”
8 The Eyeopener FEATURES Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a senior scientist and head of the
human neurochemical pathology laboratory
Famously known as the happy pill, MDMA is fast becoming in the neuroscience department at Toron-
to’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
the drug of choice for our generation. But the common myth (CAMH), believe people who use ecstasy
that MDMA is a pure and harmless drug is dead wrong. moderately (about twice a month) will suffer
damage to their serotonin, a hormone that con-
Sarah Del Giallo unravels the truth about MDMA and trols mood. He said habitual users risk ruining
their natural ability to feel happiness.
finds out why scientists are saying what makes you happy “If we know that serotonin affects mood,
and we know that ecstasy damages serotonin
can be a hard pill to swallow. neurons, we’re going to have a group of ecstasy
users who will be developing depression,”
It’s Saturday night and 21-year-old Jake Swain he said.
slumps down against a wall in the corner of his This puts users who believe the common
room. His hair is dishevelled, his pupils are wide myth that MDMA is a purer form of ecstasy and
and jarring and his jaw is clenched. Less than 20 therefore, less harmful to the brain, at risk. This
minutes ago Swain swallowed MDMA, a drug serious misconception is one of the reasons why
that normally makes him laugh, dance and feel MDMA is becoming so popular and why it keeps
confident. But tonight, he feels completely out people like Swain coming back for more.
of it.
He is weak and disoriented. The black keys
of the keyboard beside him appear to be jump- The high
ing from one space to the next. MDMA, a drug The effects of MDMA include mild eupho-
Swain claims is a cleaner and purer form of ria, increased sociability, self-confidence and
Ecstasy, has left him feeling confused and decreased fear, as well as increased body tem-
drained of excitement. perature and increased blood pressure.
“It’s amazing. You have no worries. You’re just
happy for a few hours,” said third-year informa-
The drug tion technology management student Amir
Commonly known as ecstasy, MDMA has hit Najafi, 21. ”The first time was like the happiest
another boom in drug culture. While the chemi- I’ve ever been, and now I have to do more to get
cal was previously popular in the rave scene, it’s that happy.”
starting to pop up in mainstream nightclubs Najafi takes MDMA every six or seven weeks.
and more surprisingly, in the systems of young He gets his drugs from a friend and trusts that
professionals and university students. it’s pure.
So far this year the Toronto Police Service has Katelyn Mudry, a fourth-year graphic commu-
seized approximately 40 per cent more MDMA nications management student, has been using
compared to last year. MDMA since April and enjoys it because of the
MDMA stands for methylenedioxymetham- energy boost it gives her. She can do things that
phetamine, and a large portion of its chemi- she’s usually too exhausted for.
cal makeup is identical to meth. It is either “I can run around and be loud and be funny.
taken orally or snorted, and the average dose, It allows me to be that outgoing person that
between 100 and 125 mg, costs users $10. I want to be and that I know that I am,”
Drug researchers like Dr. Stephen Kish, said Mudry.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 FEATURES The Eyeopener 9

Like Swain, Mudry and Najafi believe MDMA But Kish said it makes no scientific sense that ple die from it while others are completely fine.
and Ecstasy are different. Najafi calls Ecstasy MDMA and ecstasy are different. MDMA appears to be safer than other drugs.
a garbage-filled form of MDMA. While Najafi has Based on a UK study published in the Lancet,
heard that MDMA is bad for the brain, he prefers The myths the world’s oldest medical journal, earlier this
taking the drug more than drinking. By using hair sample analysis, Kish researches month, ecstasy was ranked 16 out of 20 on a list
“You’re happier on MDMA. You have so much MDMA users and the effects the drug has on of drugs based on harm to the user and harm to
energy. You could go to a club and just dance all the brain. others. Alcohol came first, followed by heroin
night,” he said. “Everyone likes to party, and it’s His studies have found that most MDMA and crack cocaine. With most of its harm being
a party drug. After doing MDMA, drinking’s not users in the Toronto area don’t realize they’re physical and nearly all harm affecting the indi-
as fun.” regularly taking meth because it’s been mixed vidual using, MDMA shows little risk when com-
into their MDMA pill or powder. pared to other drugs.
“You can find anything in an ecstasy tablet. “It doesn’t mean it’s safe, but it does seem to
The hangover You can find filler, you can find cocaine, you be less harmful than other drugs,” said Kish.
The MDMA hangover often includes an can find methamphetamine,” he said. “It can’t be safe if ingesting a tablet or two can
unhappy, unfriendly demeanor, fatigue and While scientists are not yet positive wheth- cause death. It’s rare, but it can cause death.”
slight cognitive issues like memory loss. It can er MDMA kills brain cells, they know that it Kish says MDMA is not an addictive drug
last between one and four days depending on affects serotonin, and that when combined with but that like many other drugs, MDMA users will
the user. meth, causes a slight thinning of the cerebral develop a tolerance to it — although the scien-
Swain has been using MDMA in moderation cortex, the exterior layer of the brain. tific community isn’t exactly sure how.
for about two years and said he feels energized “The reputation that MDMA has and the A tolerance shows that something in the brain
when approaching the peak of his high. But circumstance in which it’s used bring the has changed. Not necessarily brain damage, said
following the climax, his high crashes and every- appearance that there’s less harm involved. That Kish, but something has changed.
thing feels calm. brings us back to the argument that you don’t What Kish does know is that there is still much
“MDMA is like the fifth person at the party. know exactly what you’re getting. That’s the big to learn about MDMA and its effects on the brain
It feels like there’s another friend there bringing risk with MDMA,” said Staff Sergeant John Babiar and body.
everyone together. And when you come down, of the Toronto Police. “You will suffer from a loss of serotonin in your
it’s like that friend has left,” said Swain who has “It’s produced in a [drug lab] and unlike brain. But I can’t tell you what the consequence
experienced some bad hangovers after using pharmaceuticals, there’s no control.” of that will be,” said Kish. “[MDMA] is still, in my
the drug. The police have their evidence analyzed opinion, an area of uncertainty.”
Mudry said the day after using MDMA she by Health Canada. Babiar said about half of the Dr. Jürgen Rehm, a senior scientist and co-sec-
often feels very down and uninterested. She pills tested are found to contain other substanc- tion head of public health and regulatory policy
recalls a comedown when she was furious with es. Meth, PCP, MDA, and Ketamine are among section at CAMH, agrees that while MDMA has a
her boyfriend although he’d done nothing some of the drugs that have been found in low risk factor when compared to other drugs, it
wrong. the analyzed samples. is not without risk.
“You’re depleting your brain of all the chemi- “Regardless of your thoughts on the risks of He said MDMA kills fewer people than alco-
cals, the serotonin, that makes you feel good,” MDMA, there’s no guarantee that [MDMA] is hol, possibly because fewer people use it.
Mudry said. what you’re actually getting.” “If as many people trying alcohol had tried
Like many people who use the drug on Babiar said that in the past year he ecstasy, ecstasy would be much higher on that
a frequent basis, Swain isn’t entirely sure how has seen a dramatic rise of MDMA in drug [Lancet] list.”
MDMA actually works nor is he aware of its culture. There was a spike in 1999, and Rehm also said that while other drugs have
effects. Toronto police have continued to see high risks in a few specific areas, MDMA holds a
“I don’t think anyone who I’ve done MDMA more MDMA related arrests since then. lot of risks that are simply rare or yet to be prov-
with has ever known what it means. But I think
that the scientific name makes it seem more The dangers en.
He said regardless of the happy effects and
pure [than ecstasy],” he Swain. Increased body temperature and increased
lack of harm to others, the risk profile of MDMA is
blood pressure, two physical effects of taking
bad enough to justify its prohibition.
MDMA, can cause overheating, which can lead
That’s enough for Mudry to consider quitting
to hyperthermic death.
MDMA altogether.
Though death from taking MDMA is rare,
“I’m really conscious now of the after effects.
scientists have yet to understand why some peo-
I get really nervous that it’s taking huge chunks
out of my brain, and I don’t know how much I
want to play with my brain anymore,” Mudry

10 The Eyeopener SPORTS Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Stingers have been making quick work of their opponents this season as they push for the jump to varsity. PHOTO: ALAN HUDES

Undefeated Stingers push for varsity status
Thanks in part to a new addition on the coaching staff, the women’s hockey team is making a strong case for
a spot to compete in the big leagues. Alan Hudes reports
Seven games into the 2010- into the season, has already left “Turns out it probably wasn’t fourth-year center Tessa Dimi- time. The Stingers currently play the team has come a long way
2011 season, one thing is clear. her mark. Michelle Janus came a bad idea.” trakopoulos, who is tied for the in the Golden Blades Women’s since her arrival.
The Stingers are for real. to the Stingers this year as the Although they are barely a team lead in goals with nine. Hockey League, a competitive “I expected a CIS-ready team
Over the past two weeks, Ry- team’s skills coach, after previ- third of the way into their 24 “She adds a different element.” women’s league based at York when I first got here, [but] I had
erson’s women’s hockey team game season, the Stingers, Janus’persistence and hands- to take a bit of a step back and
has cruised to back-to-back 6-0 who managed to win only two on coaching style has given the start from the basics,” admitted
victories over the Mississauga games last season, are clearly Stingers an aggressive style of Janus.
Wolves and the Brampton Cou- We’re making up for benefitting from Janus’ exper- play that has helped shape the You show up, you put “Now, [the players] are miles
gars, extending their undefeat- all those losses that we tise. team’s identity. your skates on and you ahead of where they started
ed record to 6-0-1. had last year. Since her arrival this off- “She likes to pull players [get back] to work. back in September. They ex-
“The team’s playing really — Don Ruta , season, the Stingers lead their aside and talk to them about — Michelle Janus, ceed my expectations every
well right now,” assistant coach Assistant Coach division in goals scored, 29, what they need to work on,” Skills Coach practice.”
Don Ruta said. “We’re making goals against, 4, in addition to second-year defenseman Me- Janus said that in spite of
up for all those losses that we ously coaching in the Provincial boasting the leagues top three gan Higgins said. University. However, they are their strong start, a lot more
had last year.” Women’s Hockey League. scoring leaders on their active “She’s very approachable and looking to compete as a varsity work is still needed to achieve
The Stingers can partly “[Head coach Stephanie roster. she doesn’t mind staying [after team in Canadian Interuniver- their goal.
credit early season success to White] thought that my skill “She’s taken over the full practice] to work on things.” sity Sports (CIS) next year. “You show up, you put your
the newest member of their level would go pretty well with practices and is putting her The timing of Janus’ arrival Given the preparation re- skates on and you [get back] to
coaching staff, who shortly this club,” Janus said. own ideas into [them],” said could not have come at a better quired for that leap, Janus feels work.”
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 ARTS & LIFE The Eyeopener 11

child and youth care student, Lillian popular than read a pamphlet on
Gal, “It’s an absolutely wrong rep- culture handed to them on campus,”
resentation of our city as a diverse Peroff said.
place, it will make a fool out of our But third-year social work student,
city. I understand that they want dra- Amelie Marlin said Ryerson is pro-
ma, but this isn’t appropriate drama. gressive enough to not take Lake
Jersey Shore wouldn’t even do some- Shore seriously.
“I feel like we’re a strong unified
community and we won’t let a pa-
thetic show like this break us down.
It will make a fool out We as a university know what we be-
of our city. lieve in and we advocate for accep-
— Lillian Gal, tance amongst all races and sexual
second-year child and orientations,” Marlin said.
youth care Marlin added that even with the
eight nationalities the show repre-
sents, it lacks equal representation of
thing like this,” she added. Toronto’s diversity.
Instead of showing peaceful co- “Even if the show is drawing on a
habitation between the cast, the number of different cultures it won’t
trailer played up the drama between mean shit if there is racism and dis-
the different races portraying an at- crimination in the house.”
titude that is offending Canadians, Ryerson is diverse not only in race
most notably: “I’m not racist, I hate and religion, but also in sexual orien-
The cast of the controversial new Canadian reality show is making waves. LAKE SHORE PRESS PHOTO everyone equally — especially Jew- tation — something the show singles
ish people,” Sibel Atlug “the Turk” said out when Arber ‘the Albanian’ said

Washed up culture
in the trailer. “You can be gay as long as you’re not
Although the show was initially anywhere around me”.
supposed to follow eight Persian Marlin said comments like these
hipsters, producer Maryam Rahimi on TV stall the fight against ho-
The latest in trashy reality TV is causing a stir at Ryerson with racist premise and director George Tsioutsioulas de- mophobia in the public.
cided to make it more diverse — to “Having a show that openly de-
show, “how inclusive Torontonian’s picts hate towards the gay communi-
BY GIN SEXSMITH really are,” Rahimi said in a press
The RSU and RyePRIDE present: Campus groups and students work But Ryerson, which reflects Toron-
hard to make Ryerson a diverse and to’s multiculturalism, is not fist pump- Even if the show is

Christopher Skinner
accepting place, but a new reality ing with excitement. drawing on a number
TV show, Lake Shore, threatens those “When shows like this become re- of different cultures
efforts with stereotypes and offen- ally popular and everyone is watch- it won’t mean shit if
sive material. ing them use race and culture as there is racism and

Come spring 2011, Toronto will something to make jokes about it discrimination in the
have its own version of MTV’s real- can be really dangerous,” said Melissa house.
ity TV phenomenon Jersey Shore. The Peroff, a second-year retail manage- — Aimee Marlin,
Canadian version (not affiliated with ment student. third-year social work

MTV) will be set in Toronto’s down- “Everyone thought Jersey Shore
town core. The show follows eight was a stupid show but they still
twenty-somethings living together watched it as a guilty pleasure. Some ty will have serious implications here.”
downtown and the producers are people who watch this show may When second-year photography
trying to rent a house on Lakeshore take the negative opinions away student Jackson Klie first saw the
Boulevard. from it,” said Tommy Sasson, a stu- trailer, he thought it was some sort of
But unlike Jersey Shore, Lake Shore dent in Hillel, the Jewish Students’ deranged parody. “I actually thought
This bursary recognises queer & trans students won’t just stereotype Italian–Ameri- Association. it was a joke when I heard that the
who have demonstrated a commitment to the queer cans — instead it will show Toronto’s Recently, the Ryerson Student’s producers of the show labeled all of
“inclusive” diversity by casting char- Union created the Equity Issues the participants by their race,“ said
and/or trans communities through activism at acters from different backgrounds. Committee to address and stop dis- Klie.
Ryerson or in the community. The cast will be characterized crimination amongst our diverse President of the Italian Students’
by their culture. In the trailer, each student body. And with Ryerson at Association, Natalie Ciarallo, said

Torontonian is identified with their the heart of the city, students hope it Ryerson won’t waste their time on
name and background: the Italian, won’t make us look bad as well. a show like this. “Who has time to
the Turk, the Jew, the Albanian, the “I feel like this show will really push watch such a useless show?”

Apply and Tell Us! Pole, the Lebanese, the Vietnamese,
and the Czech.
those [cultural] groups back. People
find the shock factor in reality shows
Rahimi recently apologized in an
interview with the National Post for
“Why the hell are they putting la- funny. Students are much more likely the offensive trailer and is still shop-
Criteria bels on people?” said second-year to watch a show that is amusing and ping for a channel to air the series.
• Must be a self-identified gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans person
• Must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate
or graduate degree program at Ryerson University for 2010-2011 I got 99 problems but a book ain’t one
• Willing to work with RyePRIDE on initiative to combat
homophobia/transphobia Want a FREE copy of Jay-Z’s new book
DECODED? Be the first to come to the
Eyeopener office (SCC 207) and rap a
verse of one of his hit songs.

Deadline is Nov 23, 2010
@ Noon Want to be an Eyeopener editor?
For more info or the application
Now’s your chance to start a career in shit-disturbing and debauchery. The Eyeopener mid-year elections are on
Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Ram in the Rye. The Eye masthead is paid (poorly), but get lots of love and beer in return.
Students interested in running for a position should stop by the Eye office at SCC 207 for a nomination form and
Submit your application for consideration to: more information. Any student can run.
Gilary Massa, Equity & Campaigns Organiser
Ryerson Students’ Union
c/o Queer Bursary
UP FOR GRABS: News (2) Features (1)
55 Gould St. SCC311 Associate News (1) Business (1)
Email: Video media (1) Sports (1) Photo (1)
12 The Eyeopener BIZ & TECH Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crash-prone and riddled with bugs, security concern they can read the data
Lakehead University’s aging email system of a Canadian user,” explains Dimitri
was in need of repair. An in-house revamp Androutsos, chair of Ryerson’s Advisory
would cost at least $1-million dollars and Committee on Academic Computing.
take months to complete. And that was exactly what Lakehead
But Google made the school an offer staff feared.
they couldn’t refuse — for free.
Since 2006, Lakehead has used a Gmail-

based service to handle all of its messaging
needs. The system works similarly to the Next year, Ryerson’s own email system
company’s consumer mail product, but will turn 10 years old. By online standards
with extra functionality for students and that is practically a life time. And while
faculty. And best of all, it doesn’t crash. rampant crashes are not yet an issue,
But those features came at a cost; it’s clear the service is beginning to show

compared to Lakehead’s ancient webmail its age.
service, Gmail simply wasn’t as secure. And With limited storage space, barebones
for some concerned faculty members, that functionality, and a frustrating, dated
was worse than all the school’s previous interface, the school’s service pales in
problems combined. comparison to what companies like
Their worries stemmed from the Google or Microsoft can offer. Yet, when it
American Patriot Act, introduced in the comes time to replace our aging webmail
aftermath of the September 11, 2001 system — a possibility the school has now
After nearly a decade of use, Ryerson’s email service attacks to grant the U.S. government access begun to investigate — change won’t
to personal or confidential information in come easy. And for that, you can blame the
is showing its age. But as business and technology the interest of national security. Canadians, United States.
editor Matthew Braga discovered, privacy issues — of course are not governed by U.S. law, but The problem is that personally
American-based email services like Gmail identifiable information — including
and the U.S. Patriot Act —
­ could make the switch to a most certainly are. academic standing, marks and contact
newer system more difficult than it seems “If the U.S. government feels there’s a information — must be kept sensitive
and confidential, as dictated by Ontario’s
Freedom of Information and Protection
of Privacy Act and the Personal Health
Information and Protection Act.
“But if the data stored on their
systems is encrypted, then the Patriot
Act is somewhat mitigated,” explained
Brian Lesser, acting director of Ryerson’s
Computing and Communications Service.
“If they can’t decrypt it, then it remains
fairly private.”
But while this is possible with an in-
house service, where mail servers are
stored and operated from within Canada,
Google and Microsoft’s systems are
unencrypted, and predominately U.S.-
In Lakehead’s case, faculty were
instructed not to transfer student marks
or confidential information via Google’s
Gmail service in order to satisfy Canada’s
privacy laws — a small tradeoff in return
for a free service.
But in 2008, frustrated staff filed a
grievance against the university claiming
it violated their right to privacy and
academic freedom. The claim, however,
was eventually dismissed.
“While I am sympathetic to their
plight and the fact that big brother
could be watching over their e-mail
communications,” noted arbitrator Joseph
D. Carrier in the ruling, “one should
consider e-mail communications as
confidential as are postcards.”
The simple fact is that services from
Google and Microsoft are far more mature
and comprehensive than what most
universities can afford to offer in-house.

Want to be an Eyeopener editor?
Now’s your chance to start a career in shit-disturbing and debauchery. The Eyeopener mid-year elec-
tions are on Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Ram in the Rye. The Eye masthead is paid (poorly), but get lots
of love and beer in return. Students interested in running for a position should stop by the Eye office
at SCC 207 for a nomination form and more information. Any student can run.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 BIZ & TECH The Eyeopener 13

For example, under Ryerson’s an interview with The Globe and report, published in September, it’s would be posted only to a secure,
current email system, students Mail, Tom Puk, former president difficult to gauge whether “hosting Blackboard-style service.
are allotted just 500MB worth of of Lakehead’s faculty association, student email outside of Canada It is too early to tell whether
email storage — a paltry number disagreed. exposes that data to greater risk Ryerson would follow a similar
compared to the gigabytes of space “By getting this [for] free from from governmental inquiry than at routine.
offered by other services. Google, they gave away our rights.” present.” “There’s a reciprocal agreement
But there’s more to it than that; As Ryerson explores the possibility with the Canadian government
email has grown into something of revamping its own email system, where, in theory, you could have a
much larger than the name alone these are questions that will need request from the U.S. government
implies. As far as the Patriot Act is to be answered. The University of for private information,” Lesser See something strange on campus?
“It’s more than just transport. concerned, Androutsos points to Toronto has suggested a similar explained. Administration got you down? If you’re
There’s spam filtering and virus an interesting trend. A considerable solution to that of Lakehead, where “But while the Patriot Act is reality, on Twitter, use the #eyeforatweet
protection. There’s dealing with number of students are already student marks and information what is the real risk?” hashtag to share your frustration, or
phishing attacks,” Lesser explained. using external services like Gmail just make us laugh. If we like what we
“There’s a lot more involved with for school purposes, regardless of see, we may just print it! And follow
@theeyeopener for all your Ryerson
managing a mail system than just potential privacy concerns.
managing the mail, and I think that’s As reported by the Eyeopener last news.
been an increasing problem for us year, the ability to forward Ryerson
to find the resources to do that.” email to an external Google or
Hotmail account is just one of many Google Apps for Microsoft Ryerson @ThingsIveForgot
Education Live@edu Mail I would bang my head off the desk
ways to sidestep the limitations of
Ryerson’s in-house service. at how slow Ryerson’s internet is
In fact, a recent survey of over being, but im on the ‘silent floor’ of
By getting this [for]
400 University of Toronto students the library. FML #eyeforatweet
free from Google, they
gave away our rights. by the school’s Information and
— Tom Puk, former Technology services department @thatCSAguy
found that close to one quarter I wish I could remark on how long
president of the
forwarded their school email to an 7GB email 10GB email 500MB email it took to fix the clock in ENG103. If
Lakehead University
external service. only there was a way to measure how
faculty association Comprehensive label Comprehensive label Basic folder and
By doing so, they willfully expose much time passed. #eyeforatweet
and filtering system and filtering system organization system
themselves to U.S. law.
Such vast resources are what But as both the University of Google Microsoft Office Web N/A
make companies like Microsoft Alberta and University of Toronto Docs Apps For #Ryerson students who also lost
so attractive. Anil Verma, product launch their own inquiries into track of what week we’re on, this
Google Calendar Outlook Calendar N/A week is week 11.
manager for the software giant’s the privacy and security concerns
Live@edu service in Canada, notes surrounding Microsoft and Google’s
that his team’s goal is to alleviate services, it remains unclear what
N/A 25GB file storage
much of the work a school’s IT staff real effect, if any, the U.S. Patriot Act The Miami Heat’s arena has more
must do to keep their mail servers would have upon school data. Mobile access Mobile access Mobile access empty seats than a Lohan family
(IMAP) (IMAP) (POP) dinner.
operational. Most importantly, One question in particular on
Ryerson retains full control. the University of Alberta’s website Google Talk Windows Live N/A
“We don’t own the data. The asks whether the use of services like instant messaging Messenger @ivortossell
school owns the data. It’s simply Gmail will increase the probability of I now have this jar full of pens and
hosted as a service from us,” Verma being added to a no-fly list. Free Free Would require pencils that don’t really work, but I
$1 million overhaul won’t throw out on the off chance
explained. But according to the University
Convenient, perhaps. But in of Toronto’s own threat assessment that they might one day recant.

Tyndale’s Bachelor of Education Program

Experience, Mentors, Community. Apply today!
Reasons why:
○ 100 days of classroom experience throughout the school year, 3 different settings
○ Taught by educational leaders: teachers, principals, textbook authors and mentors
○ Cross-curricular emphasis in a supportive learning environment

Over 80% of the first graduating class has a teaching-related position.
Tyndale University College | 416.218.6757 Application Deadline: December 3, 2010
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Think you’re sassy and

Like writing about
student life, food,
fashion or health?

Come write for the
Community Section!

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PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK Preparation Seminars

Sorry: it’s not me, it’s you • Complete 30-Hour Seminars
• Convenient Weekend Schedule
• Proven Test-Taking Strategies
Sonia Straface lists the 10 habits to kick if you don’t want to end up unfriended on Facebook
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Last week, comedian and talk wanted the most mundane details where perverts are as common as to a friend (or a professional), you
show host Jimmy Kimmel declared of your life, they would ask. FarmVille gamers is just asking for decide to dish in a public domain? • Comprehensive Study Materials
Nov. 17 “National UnFriend Day”. To 2. Commenting too much trouble. Leave the self-degradation Talk about passive aggressive. • Simulated Practice Exams
celebrate, participants are urged to First of all, how do I even know for your shrink. 9. Using a self-given nickname
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If you want to steer clear of the file Your friends can do without the 7. Limiting profile access right to assume a ridiculous identity. • Thousands of Satisfied Students
Facebook slaughterhouse, here are 67 irrelevant notifications. Why ask me to be your friend if you 10. Poor spelling and gram-
some annoying habits you might 4. Inappropriate flirting won’t let me see your pictures, write mar Nothing is more annoying
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studying sucks, who’s sitting be- master the art of subtlety. networking site. people wondering whether you’ve 1-800-269-6719
side you in the library or how good 5. Self-deprecating posts 8. Posting angry statuses recently suffered some form of head
your caramel macchiato is. If anyone Fishing for compliments on a site Instead of venting your frustrations trauma.

Recipe: Chedder-Apple Scones


Like you.
PHOTO: LESIA POLISCHUK You may not have done as well
on your exams as you hoped,
INGREDIENTS METHOD but with transfer credits from
1 ¾ cup all-purpose flour • Combine the first five ingredi- Athabasca University, you can
Ever wake up after a hard week of ents in a large bowl pick up the classes you need to
school and crave a sweet, delicious 2 tbsps sugar • Add cold butter, stirring until complete your degree. AU offers
treat? Cheddar-apple scones will hit 1 ½ tsp baking powder you get a crumb-like texture over 700 courses delivered online
that spot. ½ tsp salt • Stir in buttermilk until mixture and at a distance, many with
Scones are a versatile food that can is moist the flexibility of monthly start
be eaten as a breakfast item, a treat ¼ tsp baking soda • Gently fold in cheese and diced dates. Let AU help you finish your
with coffee or an after dinner dessert. 1/3 cup cold butter or mar- apples and knead 10 times on a degree in record time.
By following these simple steps garine floured surface
and using affordable ingredients, • Pat into a nine-inch circle and Learn more at
you are sure to delight your room- 1 cup buttermilk cut into eight wedges
mates with the appetizing scent of 1 cup shredded cheddar • Place on a greased baking sheet
baked apples that is sure to fill your cheese and bake at 450F for 12 to 15
apartment. minutes until golden brown
1 cup diced peeled apples
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 FUN The Eyeopener 15

FUN FACT #2 by Elliot Wajchendler


It is possible to lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs!

They say America PUN EDITOR
Will collapse in on itself
And the Big Apple will rot A surgeon, a cop and
And either India or China a nun walk into a bar.
Will throw the stinking fruit
"What can I get you,
In the bin doctor?" the barkeep
Sian looked up from her economics-focused RSS feed asks the surgeon.
And decided "I'll have a gin and
She wanted India to win tonic," says the doctor.
Mostly due to
Butter chicken tasting better than chow mein "What can I get you,
officer?" the barkeep
— L. Richardson asks the cop.
"A beer, please," the


Eventually the bar keep
makes his way over to
the nun.

"I haven't see you here
before, sister. What
can I get you?"
"Just some cloth," she
says demurely. The bar-
keep furrows his brow.

"Well, I'll give it to you
this one time as long
as you don't make a
HABIT out of it."

Ho ho ho!


a. earthworms
b. intestine
c. penis fish
16 The Eyeopener Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nobel Laureate
Derek Walcott
is coming to
Ryerson University
Attend a special reading by this
inspiring poet and playwright

Thursday, November 25 at 7 p.m.
Library Building
Room LIB-72
350 Victoria Street, Toronto
Ryerson University is pleased to present a special reading by
the renowned Caribbean poet and playwright Derek Walcott,
winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize for Literature. A question
and answer session will follow the reading.

Seating is limited. Please arrive early.

For information, call 416-979-5304

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