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Memorial University Libraries How to Write Citations and Bibliographies in APA Style (2010)
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APA Style uses brief citations within the text of a paper immediately after a quote, a reference to a source, or a paraphrase. The brief citation gives the author, year, and page number of the source you are referring to in parentheses, allowing readers to locate the full citation in your Reference list at the end of your paper. Examples: Early onset results in a more persistent and severe course (Kessler, 2003, p. 69) as has been shown (Joreskog & Sorbom, 2007, pp. 99-100) No author? Use the first few words of the title instead. Within parentheses, use quotation marks around the title of an article, a chapter, or a web page; Italicize the name of a journal, newspaper, magazine, or book. Examples: ("Study Finds", 2007, p. 11) (College Bound Seniors, 2008, pp. 42-3) No page numbers? Many online sources do not have page numbers. Use a paragraph number, or cite the heading and the number of paragraphs following it. Examples: (Basu & Jones, 2007, para. 4) (Verbunt, Pernot, & Smeets, 2008, Discussion Section, para. 1) For more information on citing sources within your paper, see pp. 174-79 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition.

Reference List (Bibliography)
Articles | Books | Websites | Other The following are examples of the most commonly used sources. For examples not given here, refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Capitalization: In your Reference list, only capitalize all words in a journal title. For any title that is not a journal (i.e. book, article, or Web page) capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle, and proper nouns. Reference list should be double-spaced. Click here for a sample APA style Reference list. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Journal Article (print): For articles with up to 6 authors, include the names of all authors. Author, A. A., and Author, B.B. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number(issue number), pages. Kozma, A., and Stones, M.J. (1983). Re-validation of the Memorial University of Newfoundland scale of happiness. Canadian Journal on Aging, 2(1), 27-29. Journal Article (more than 7 authors): Use ellipses after the name of the sixth author, and then list the last author named.


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p. Retrieved from http://www2. D. followed by (Ed. . November 15). A. A. T. (Year). Author. month day). October 24). Author. Why are the fishermen dying at sea?. A Labrador doctor: The autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell. The western star..) or.1007/0-387-28698-5 Author. Laughing: A psychology of humor. Title of book. (Year). Effects of quitting smoking on EEG activation and attention last for more than 31 days and are more severe with stress. Journal Article (online): Provide the doi number (Digital Object Identifier). September 7). C. Only use URL if doi is unavailable. A. Do not include Article Index information. Sullivan. Title of article. Author. when referencing a newspaper article. (1982). A. (2009. C. A. A. doi: 10. (2004). (2000. (Year). N. Title of book. Women's Studies International Forum. Nicotine and Tobacco Research.1016/S0277-5395(02)00234-0 Journal or Magazine Article (online. Title of volume number(issue number). Title of newspaper.. Title of newspaper. W. (multiple pages) precedes the page numbers. A. Retrieved from http://newspaper homepage address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BOOKS Author. 122(34). . Critical friendships: Reading women's writing communities in Newfoundland. and depressive traits.webarchive Page 2 of 4 . McClernon. page number(s). 25(2). N. A. Asgaard.How to Write Citations and Bibliographies in APA Style: Memorial University Libraries 26/01/10 8:01 AM Gilbert. doi: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fuller. Retrieved from http://www.). Teens say they're battling depression. (Year). G. W. month day).N.' one high school student says. Maclean's. A. Botros. pages. N. Title of article. D. 4.G. D. doi: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Moorcroft. for multiple editors (Eds. peer pressure: 'You kind of drift apart from your parents.uflib.H. Only use a URL if the doi is not available.250). A. A. 249-67. DRD2 A1 allele. J. 21. Understanding sleep and dreaming. 6.E. A. Title of article. Retrieved from http://URL Holland. file:///Users/skalsford/Desktop/How%20to%20Write%20Citations%20and%…%20in%20APA%20Style:%20Memorial%20University%20Libraries. in your in-text citation use: (Gilbert et Newspaper Article (print): Unlike journal articles. Suzuki encourages Newfoundlanders to join the world in demonstration on climate change. Rabinovich. 247-260.. E-Books Provide the doi number (Digital Object Identifier) or a URL. Location: Publisher. p. Newspaper Article (online): Author.F. T. (2002). p. 17.aspx?n=palmm&c=psa1&m=hd2J&i=45367 Edited Book State the editor(s) instead of author. Plath. The telegram. (2009. (single page) or pp. (1919). volume number(issue number). A.. Author.macleans. no doi): Provide the URL of journal/magazine's homepage. A. p. page number(s). Grenfell. Retrieved from http://journal homepage address Henheffer. Title of book. (Year).C. pages.. 2004. Sugai. (2005).D. Title of Journal. (Year.thewesternstar.. (Year.ufl. Title of Journal. doi: 10. L. . dependence. *For more than 7 authors. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.. Retrieved from http://www.

(Date).). Handbook of child psychology (6th ed. Washington. Child and adolescent psychology services: Learning disability & ADHD assessment for children and adults.K.). Location: Publisher. If no author is available. J.sage-ereference. Author. Goldfarb (Ed. Volume of a Book If it is an edition other than the 1st. Title of book. Psychological tests and testing research trends (pp. A. Paul. (Year).A. Retrieved from http://homepage address McLean. doi: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OR Retrieved from http://URL Roesch.). Title of article. (1983).). use (n.). (2006). 3).B. Dictionary/Encyclopedia (Online): Provide the doi number (Digital Object Identifier) or a URL. Hoboken. Vol. (Ed. other than the 1st Author. Coping mechanisms.html file:///Users/skalsford/Desktop/How%20to%20Write%20Citations%20and%…%20in%20APA%20Style:%20Memorial%20University%20Libraries. (p.A. If there are no page numbers. Retrieved from http://URL link to specific page/document How to write citations and bibliographies in APA style. In Editor. S. APA dictionary of psychology. (Ed. (p. Title of book (x ed. (Year).ca/multiculturalpsychology/Article_n53. (Year). Title of web site. Myers. B. (Original work published xxxx). In Title of web site. page number). (Ed. London: Routledge & K. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-IV (4th ed. B.A. In VandenBos.mun. A.d. Jokes and their relation to the unconscious. (2006). G. Freud.). N. Entire Website Author. In Editor's name (Ed.) for "no date". Einar. Page/Document on a Website Author. In Editor.). Strachey.141-50). Vol. (2007). Edition of a Book. Title of entry. Trans. A.).How to Write Citations and Bibliographies in APA Style: Memorial University Libraries 26/01/10 8:01 AM Wright. A.d. C.. A. Translator. A. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITES *if no publication date is available. In Memorial University libraries. Y. A. Location: Publisher.A. Location: Publisher. American Psychiatric Association. include the edition immediately before the volume number. (Year).).). Facial expression. Title of page/document. Retrieved from http://www. R.B. (n. D.K.. Title of dictionary/encyclopedia. (2006). (1994). NJ: John Wiley & Sons. V. 362-3). page number). Article in an Edited Book Article (2007).qe2a-proxy. Retrieved from http://www. In P.C: American Psychological Association. New York: Nova Science. Only use a URL if the doi is not available. (pp. A.). Location: Publisher.library. A. Title of book (x ed. Author. (if available). (Ed. Encyclopedia of multicultural psychology.newfoundlandpsychology. Title of book (pp. (Date). (1960).). Location: Publisher.php _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OTHER Dictionary/Encyclopedia (Print): Author. (Ed. (Year).A.R. Title of entry. (A.A. (J. x).. B. (Original work published 1905).M. Trans. (Year). the entry title is sufficient. DC: American Psychiatric History of academic psychology in Canada. (Eds. Eisenberg. Screening of eating disorders in the general population. page numbers).webarchive Page 3 of 4 . Washington. Toronto: Hogrefe and Huber.). Title of dictionary/encyclopedia. begin Reference list entry with the the title. In Jackson. S. Retrieved from http://www. Translated Book Author. (if available).

Concise rules of APA style. United States: Paramount.apastyle. (Document ID 1865749061) Movie: Producer.html [Modified: November 10. (Year).purdue. M. Country of origin: Studio.C. Corner Brook.C. (Producers). S. (2007). Author.html Dissertation or Thesis (Print): Author. An inconvenient truth [Motion picture]. NL. Dissertation or Thesis (Online): If accessed through an Article Index. Available from Name of Database. If accessed on the internet. A.). & Director.qe2a-proxy. Name of University. & Guggenheim. include the name of the Title of motion picture [Motion picture]. D.webarchive Page 4 of 4 . B. L. A. E.Z. D. Washington. & David. include the URL link. Burns.A. (At the library Info Desk and on Reserve: Call # BF 76. Washington. Broderick. and give the accession or order number in parentheses at the end of the entry. (2010).C. Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. (Director).english.B. L. Title of dissertation/thesis (Doctoral dissertation OR master's thesis). (At the library Info Desk and on Reserve: Call # BF 76.7 A46 2010) American Psychological Association.: American Psychological Association. (2010). (2010). Bender. Location.: American Psychological Association.A. D.sage-ereference. (Year). (accession or order number) Rusch. A. Assessment of grief and loss services in western Newfoundland (Honours dissertation). Title of dissertation/thesis (Doctoral dissertation OR master's thesis).How to Write Citations and Bibliographies in APA Style: Memorial University Libraries 26/01/10 8:01 AM http://www.7 C66 2010) OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University: http://owl. (Director). (Year). 2009] file:///Users/skalsford/Desktop/How%20to%20Write%20Citations%20and%…%20in%20APA%20Style:%20Memorial%20University%20Libraries.mun. Available from ProQuest dissertation and theses Depression stigma reduction: The impact of models of depression on stigma and treatment seeking (Doctoral dissertation) L. (2006). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed. (Producer/s).edu/owl/resource/560/01/ APA Style Help http://www. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Useful Guides Didn't find the example you needed? Check out the following guides for more specific information or for citing other types of sources: American Psychological Association.