Control Systems - Consists of subsystems and processes (or plants) assembled for the purpose of controlling the outputs of the

processes - An arrangement of physical components connected or related in such a manner as to command, direct, or regulate itself or another system Three basic types of control systems: 1. Man-made control systems 2. Natural, including biological control systems 3. Control systems whose components are both man-made and natural Examples: 1. Electric switch 2. Thermostatically controlled heater or furnace automatically regulating the temperature of a room or enclosure 3. Pointing at an object with a finger 4. The human perspiration system 5. A man driving an automobile Advantages: 1. Power amplification 2. Remote control 3. Convenience of input form 4. Compensation for disturbances Control systems engineering - An exciting field in which one can apply his/her engineering background because it cuts across numerous disciplines and numerous functions within those disciplines. - Understanding control systems enables students from all branches of engineering to speak a common language and develop an appreciation and working knowledge of the other branches Control Engineer - Can be found at the top level of large projects, engaged at the conceptual phase in determining or implementing overall system requirements. - Other engineers are engaged only in one area, but control systems engineers work in a broad arena and interacting with people from numerous branches of engineering and sciences.

History of Control Systems

20th century developments automatic steering of ships 1920s and early 1930s; Bell Telephone Laboratories; analysis of feedback amplifiers missiles, weapons etc

Liquid- Level Control 300 BC; Greeks Water Clock by Ktesibios Speed Control 1745; windmills; edmund lee

Steam Pressure and Temperature Controls 1681; Denis Papin's safety valve 17th century, Cornelis Drebel; Holland; hatching eggs

Stability, Stabilization and Steering 1868 James Clerk Maxwell 1877 Edward John Routh 1874 Henry Bessemer