99 / US $ 29.90 ISBN 978-3-937946-21-4 . The book includes an essay by esteemed writer Adam Eeuwens tracing Meulman‘s creative progression. Hardcover / 19. This impressive publication showcases a selection of graphic and typographic works by Niels Meulman in a unique manner. as well as a foreword by the highly regarded symbologist and ambigram specialist John Langdon and witticisms from Meulman himself sprinkled throughout.95 € / £ 19. such as “idea-execution” or “rise-fall”. makes this volume much more than a collection of the artist‘s best work.NEW artist Niels “Shoe” Meulman explores the contours of words as images in ‘Calligraffiti’—his hybrid art form which blends calligraphy and graffiti. This interplay of contrasts. every spread presents two interacting visuals. it unveils the basis of all graphic art.

in tattooing you have to learn how to draw everything. Ces.95 / US $ 14.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-63-4 . Timmi Mensah. In the beginning. usa so widespread. People like Revok. I had a good friend who had recently started working with AWR (Paco Excel). at least in my group of friends. You suck all over again. Colors. Join us in celebrating the artwork of the best artists that have made the transition from the streets to the tattoo shops around the world. Krush.95 € / £ 14. comes very naturally from all the graffiti. Good meat and potatoes. It was just sort of what you did at the time in Southern California. and the whole way we see tattoos. For me there was something really fucking cool about going to a blank wall and making it into something so much more so quickly. I had such a great time and right from the start I knew that’s what I needed to be doing. and you did graffiti. Went. all done by Sabe / 2005-09 Keepers of the light / 2009 122 Clown brain / 2007 War in the streets / 2006 things “ I think we as writers dothe differently when we start whole tattoo trip. and he and his partner at the time (Adrian Lee) offered to teach me. One of the really big challenges was that most of what I drew was just lettering. Sabe. when I first started tattooing or even before I started. Aside from that I don’t think there are too many similarities between them. so as soon as I turned eighteen I started getting tattoos. I think everyone in AWR would describe my style as meat and potatoes. Mr. My very first tag was Sync. most of us got into it. These days there are a lot of people who inspire my tattoos. shading. You skateboarded or surfed. When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to get tattooed. But it turned out there was already someone who wrote Sync from the TCF crew in the valley not too far from me. burners and characters. Back then. For me there are a few similarities between graffiti and tattooing but I think my background as a writer helps me best with things like lettering and fonts. Vision from Venice gave me some good people in the Bay Area to get tattooed by so that’s what I did. I have had the good fortune of working with some amazing people all over the world and they have all helped my tattooing a lot. Also no matter how good you are at graffiti you have to start from scratch in tattooing all over again. These spray paint technicians are making a splash worldwide with their color mastery and wild styles. and Aloy—to me these guys look like they have the future of graff.NEW ON THE RUN BOOK #7 Graffiti tattoo – KinGs on sKin documents the transition that graffiti writers are increasingly making into the tattoo world. Circle and many others. creating a new visual language on skin that includes letters and boldness. crazy stuff that other guys are doing. That type of stuff. I got into tattoos really early on. left page: Dragon with blossoms back piece / 2009 62 I’d say my style is kind of between older traditional graffiti and the really good. oReGon. Zes. Saber. After a year or two I just sort of got the name Bles. Various back pieces / 2000-02 A selection of letter-based tattoos / 2000 Jason Kundell PoRTland. SABE ” both pages: European interpretations of Asian styles / 2007-09 72 73 98 left: Vaughn Bodé character sleeve / 2003 right page: Detail of a SABE and WEN wall / Copenhagen / 2009 99 Softcover / 9. including Jason Kundell. and all ages. Or you were a jock and you didn’t do any of those things. Not exactly sure how it found me or me it but we have been together ever since. No matter what. It’s hard to say exactly what got me into it but once I was exposed I couldn’t stop thinking about it. along with coloring and putting together color schemes.95 € / £ 9. in a good way though.95 / US $ 19. that’s it. II have clients these days from all walks of have fifty-yearold-plus government workers to eighteen-year-old college students and everything in between. listened to punk and some Hip Hop. Some of the main ones are the people I have become friends with or worked with over the years. I began tattooing towards the end of 1996. outlines. “ Tattoos have becomelife. it was mostly all the people in the 63 page 96 and 97: One of Sabe’s best clients displays his arms and legs. JASON KUNDELL 94 95 In God I Trust / 2007 ” When I was about thirteen I started writing graffiti.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-62-7 Limited collector’s edition / Price: 14.

adventurous letter style. The idea behind the project is for members to pair up. The real “something highlight was the tour. you know? Every city we went to we were treated like graffiti superstars.95 / US $ 14. Joe began painting graffiti on Staten Island. Involvement in The Exchange has broadened my appreciation for a variety of styles. At first the whole thing threw me completely. Although I don’t want that to be taken out of context or seen as arrogant. You become better when you practice! SERCH ” STAE 2 paints a JURNE style sketch / New York City. ” POET stantly broke rules and traditions set before them and that’s how history was made. books. there were critical points where I had these “AHA!” moments. Hesoe: The more I paint and travel and get to understand writing from people that have lived through the different stages of it. that’s a 1987 Amsterdam style’ haha! I don’t know him personally but that’s the character I made up for him in my head. Even though I felt a little unsure because of the language barriers. “shit! I have really bad letters!” and then I started to see how much more individual my stuff had become without even realizing it. Scotty 76. As an answer to a personal need for evolution in the stylistic approach to his pieces. It takes a person who can go with the flow and switch out of what they normally do. REVOK. San Francisco. Kacao and Serch) get busy for a waiting crowd. I can easily say. AROE. Two days later. sWK: Being invited to participate in The Exchange was a huge surprise. How much work. Canada / 2009 Pose: Actually I see The Exchange as a way to further validate the graffiti movement by highlighting the universal importance of style. This was the largest crowd of the tour. Boards are already set up and the European contingent of the trip (Bates. I guess the ideal thing is to be able to put your own twist on someone’s sketch without using your personal touches as a crutch. and bold. history. it’s fairly equal in their eyes. This project has brought personal style to light. I was thinking to myself. It was amazing how The Exchange could push you either into a very receptive state or even make you feel totally the opposite. moving my hand to create a line in the same way that the original artist did. USA / 2009 SERVAL paints a STAE 2 style sketch / Geneva. we get some greasy Mexican food and scout out wall possibilities for the next day. precise lines. and has come to use both terms interchangeably in reference to his own work. USA / 2009 111 Softcover / Price: 9. a nice contrast to the overlapping free-for-all in San Fran. This book is jam-packed with expert style antics. Los AngeLes. When taken out of our personal norms or comfort zones. and spent the next years developing his talent in different areas of New York City. YES 2. Askew (just to name a few). Everything so far has been a unique experience. Sweden / 2008 24 example like Rime and Revok they’re doing a lot of freestyle pieces. usA unLeAshing his wrath on a myriad of US cities for over a decade. The Exchange represented a chance to play with new letters. To date. trade letter styles and rock diverse styles outside of their usual comfort zones. I think that’s a once-in-alifetime experience. Work hard. 98 Jurne: I think the main project aim is to generate a dialogue about the choices each graffiti writer involved makes before and throughout execution of the sketches. 99 STAE 2 paints a SCOTTY 76 style sketch / New York City. Joe was hired by non-profit organizations in Los Angeles to create a curriculum for a graffiti program taught to kids at inner-city public schools. however The Exchange has created a more in-depth look into personal style and execution through these swaps. Joe founded The Exchange in 2005. I got into graffiti to be completely lawless and free. Bates. That was I’ve never experienced. next shit. and could cite them off like ‘Oh. ’cause in essence the forefathers of this movement con- Exchange pushed me to activate “ The After 20 years of painting. Aside from being featured in a variety of private and corporate design projects. ESTEME. as well as a great honor. Los AngeLes. Joe is currently based in Los Angeles and represents the Mad Society Kings. Revok is the quintessential urban artist at the dawn of the 21st century. just make it yours and make it hot. hit books and talk to girls until the sun comes up. Everyone is excited because we are going to stack pieces.95 € / £ 9. Joe found himself simultaneously pursuing both graffiti and fine art. as many members are from the area. Rime. no matter what dialogue within the catalyst is. Red Bull and several recording artists. We drink. 110 of young “ A lotwhen theywriters think that they become better buy their ‘Swedish semi fat cap’. There were days when I just really wanted to paint my own stuff for the sheer indulgence of enjoying my own ideas instead of working with other people’s. AsKeW: I followed The Exchange since it started and I won’t lie. We settle on a big wall at 2nd and Gary Street. To be able to see different outlooks and structures applied to my letters is priceless study material. we are forced to take a look at what we offer as individuals. magazines. riMe MsK. To me. Serch. SEVER. MGM. and then write your own history. like typography.95 € / £ 14. the better I know my history and can appreciate the foundations of style. you know? It was more than nice. These experiments are then posted online to be applauded and critiqued by members. and videos. where many of his works are still exhibited in original form for public viewing. BATES ” RIME’s interpretation of a BATES style sketch and the finished BATES piece / Malmö. I think I learned to identify my own strengths from seeing where others struggled with my sketches. USA / 2007 11 acclaimed graffiti collective ‘The Exchange’ has created a stir with a dynamic online style dialogue. Bizarre. SERCH. honor your history. BATES / Los Angeles. RIME sketch by BATES / 2008 RIME freestyles a sketch for BATES directly on the wall / Malmö. I decided to embrace the opportunity fearlessly. His skills have helped shape the image of clients including Toyota. or the newest paint on the market.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-64-1 Limited collector’s edition / Price: 14. so when I got the scholarship it felt awesome. the scaffolding-moving. So sometimes it seems strange to say “woah bro. To be honest I didn’t get into graffiti to hear people’s opinions or be thoughtful. They don’t bring any outlines or sketches. technique and structure to graff writers. ENSOE paints a SIRUM style sketch / Vancouver. Sweden / 2008 MeMber PersPectives round 3 it’s positive to have “ I think overall the arts. RIME. SNOW. I’m going to come out and say it. we are made to take a closer look at ourselves. However.NEW ON THE RUN BOOK #8 Los AngeLes EWOK. I had a lot of personal battles with this project. Also. allowed me to understand the style in a way that I could not have as a passive observer. I didn’t immediately understand some of the sketches I was given. Revok. Just because in the past 2 years I have been so determined to break free from my influences but still draw from the lessons that rang true to me. HBO.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-65-8 . KACAO 77. Expanding his focus from outdoor paintings in risky locations to also produce work for gallery shows. I actually hoped to get involved… This project came along at a very interesting time for me. your first instinct is to change it to what you would normally do. not to mention dropping gems in 20 other US cities as well as Tokyo and Europe. Stae 2. playful concepts that truly stand in a class of their own. Rules and tradition are a slippery slope. Poet. technique and the process of making graffiti is created. that’s some other next shit”. I feel that the general public and even many less experienced writers might see a toy piece next to a master piece and as long as it’s got colors. Persue. RIME / Los Angeles. this is pretty crazy because I never come to a wall without a sketch and to see they are doing such good pieces with no sketch was like crazy – this is very hard to do. some techniques and general movement. You might want to get your sketchbooks out and start taking notes. To be honest. The tales of his exploits have reached cult status within the graffiti world and he is arguably considered one of the most prolific practitioners in the genre. paint-carrying and eating too much Subway pays off. Joe’s pieces combine vivid colors. Forof different ways 10 REVOK / Los Angeles. Pose. USA / 2009 Exchange project learned a lot “ Through Theto make graffiti in aI new way. It can be a struggle to create a certain shape or lean that someone else has drawn out for you. or “that’s not graff anymore. Getting them to take a deeper interest in seeing the differences might educate people on our craft and history. set up scaf56 folding and get busy. USA / 2007 by ESTEME When we arrive in LA. he has left an indelible mark on Los Angeles. earning international recognition under the handles Rime and Jersey Joe. something clicked. point blank. Switzerland / 2009 STAE 2 sketch by JURNE / 2009 ASKEW: I kind of imagine Jurne being like the studious cataloguer of styles. PERSUE. and various cities in Europe. ” ASKEW 25 Host 18: Swapping outlines or sketches with others is something writers have always done. cause essentially graff has always been some other. With a revolving door of style. upon painting these sketches. into a worldwide project featuring dozens of artists. because this is a serious project recognized world- wide and one which I had previously been following. By picking what I believe are some of the most stylistic and innovative writers with sometimes vastly different approaches to style. easy to just step out of your shadow. Understanding the rules doesn’t mean you have to follow them. tradition and experimentation go into a writer’s work. We wake up. it was amazing. SERCH ” 57 revoK MsK. Rime (also known as Jersey Joe) has dedicated his life to traveling and painting graffiti since 1991. In doing so. The pieces show the signature elements of everyone’s individual style. they just freestyle straight onto the wall. usA KnoWn for versatile. and Atlanta. Yes 2. A verbal and visual style assault from some of the finest active writers across the globe: Ewok.95 / US $ 19. I even learned something quite unexpected with this whole thing. it’s notmy mind. as well as a constant evolution for me. I would feel more compelled to accept the challenge of painting something that is not programmed into your usual motions by years of painting or drawing a certain way. Kacao ties it all to together with The Exchange Logo and we run to our show at the Ghetto Gloss gallery. see what had perhaps been missing in my own graphic conclusions and at the very least was a bit of fun. Dickies. It is however possible to have integrity with your craft and contribute to the culture by being innovative. Snow. I had been looking at The Exchange as the only ‘style college’ out there. The true challenge is seeing outside of our own box and then removing ourselves from the constraints we have made. you’re crossing the line”. New Jersey. which developed from Joe’s initial idea and casual e-mails between friends. It’s probably impossible to paint a piece of graffiti today that’s 100% original. and I realized how dope the sketch was… The act of painting the sketch. a heightened awareness of style. I noticed hints of early Dutch flavor in his pieces and wondered if he was the sort of guy that could identify specific regional styles or graffiti from certain eras as individual font sets. Kacao 77. letters. Joe has painted graffiti in countries around the world.

I was already busy on other projects and was happy for him to take the lead. ‘Jepsy – The Real Deal’ revisited and revised.. Full aesthetic production like this on trains was and still is a rare and wondrous sight.95 / US $ 14. who was editor in chief and layout designer for the MZEE magazine and also my partner at MZEE at the time. this edition is a must-have for all die-hard fans of steel burners. Those were the times before the Internet and when graffiti books weren’t published on a weekly basis. Hecolors.1 – Jepsy’ was the first publication ever to concentrate “only” on one graffiti artist.. 5 both pages: JePSY / naples. His work will influence a whole new generation of writers. thatand great characters. JePSY / Mainz / 2001 112 113 InTRODUCTIOn “ ‘OTR Blackbook Vol. at times changing hands for triple-digit prices for those lucky enough to still find one of these rare gems online or elsewhere. Italy / 2008 120 121 GePSY / Mainz / 1996 86 right page: KLAY. WAne..NEW ON THE RUN BOOK #9 this book is the long-awaited and fully revised edition of the legendary Jepsy On The Run black book. followed in 1999 by ‘OTR Blackbook Vol. In 1998 he brought out ‘OTR Blackbook Vol.. While other magazines worked on the idea of publishing as many pictures possible from random writers. prompted the decision to keep the Jepsy legacy alive with a completely revamped new edition. This one was a real must-have for every writer’s bookshelf. left page: JePSY / Mainz / 1997 ZEBSTER: The classic On The Run graffiti magazine stopped in 1992. Its predecessor became a much sought-after collector’s item after its initial success in 1997. The ‘OTR Blackbook Vol. CoD / Bronx. At the time Jepsy pieces were really advanced: classic semi-wild style panels with European color schemes and crisp outlines. (which by then already had 138 pages with gluebinding). The book became very successful and the whole print run of 8. AtoM. Wherever I went traveling. it was already there.1 – Jepsy’ sold out. The concept of this new OTR series was to concentrate on the body of work of one writer and present his art in big photos. we thought it was time for a change.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-67-2 .95 ISBN 978-3-937946-66-5 Limited collector’s edition / Price: 14.000 copies each were sold out within the year. It delivered what people expected after the first On The Run magazines blew their minds..95 € / £ 9. ‘Jepsy’ of TRD (The Real Deal) made a name for himself in the mid 90s setting the European transit lines ablaze with his classic New York City styles and elaborate characters executed with clear-cut precision. JePSY / Mainz / 2000 name stands for style. GIPSY / Mainz / 1996 49 ” In the last ten years. the first On The Run black book came out in 1997—Jepsy.95 / US $ 19. The idea for that format came from Kotthoff aka Topic One. since the original ‘OTR Blackbook Vol. backgrounds is a well-rounded artist.1 – Jepsy’ really had a great impact around the world. unique designs. Get yours quick before they disappear again. Jepsy gained international fame. and after a sleeping phase of five years. Stone CLAY. artist liaison and layout. “ Jepsy. He definitely owned a place in the German graffiti hall of fame and therefore was a suitable candidate for an OTR book. Topic then started work on the next OTR books. Even today we are inundated with requests from all over the world asking for this book. Naturally.. Also those print runs of 8. Topic took care of the whole project management. GIPSY / Mainz / 1996 87 Softcover / Price: 9.. it has become a much sought-after collector’s item. 3 – Seen’. back by popular demand. Now.000 copies was already sold out one year later. combined with our own fancy. nYC ” HIMS.95 € / £ 14. This demand.. is both a tribute to the artist and to the humble beginnings of the On The Run book series. 2 – Bates’ in the same format.

with an advanced conceptual take on letter styles and modes of application.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-60-3 Limited collector’s edition 14.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-61-0 OTR BOOK # 5: SMASH 137 This contemporary European artist is a writer’s writer.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-56-6 Limited collector’s edition 14.95 / US $ 19.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-59-7 OTR BOOK # 3: CUBABRASIL An exceptional art project with the colorful urban interventions of more than 25 artists from Cuba.FROM HERE TO FAME PUBLISHING / BACKLIST OTR BOOK # 6: NEW YORK CITY BLACK BOOK MASTERS This book is a candid collection of playful drawings from some of New York City’s finest writers.95 / US $ 14. Brazil and Germany. Softcover 9.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-54-2 Limited collector’s edition 14.95 / US $ 14.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-58-0 Limited collector’s edition 14.95 € / £ 14. Softcover 9.95 / US $ 14.95 / US $ 14.95 / US $ 19.95 / US $ 14. from the mid 70s developmental years until now.95 / US $ 19.95 / US $ 19.95 € / £ 14.95 € / £ 9.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-57-3 OTR BOOK # 4: PART ONE One of NYC’s most influential style writers. illustrator and tattoo artist Logan. Softcover 9.95 € / £ 14.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-53-5 .95 ISBN 978-3-937946-52-8 Limited collector’s edition 14.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-55-9 OTR BOOK # 2: LOGAN Artworks from the ingenious young Andalusian muralist. Softcover 9.95 € / £ 9.95 € / £ 9.95 € / £ 14. Softcover 9.95 € / £ 9.95 / US $ 19.95 € / £ 9.95 € / £ 14.

99 / US $ 34. Hardcover 9.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-51-1 HIP HOP FILES Martha Cooper’s bestseller and the reference on the history of Hip Hop culture.00 € ISBN – 978-3-937946-12-2 / french BACKJUMPS THE LIVE ISSUE # 3 Documenting Germany’s original and most authentic street art exhibition series.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-18-4 THE NASTY Terrible T-Kid 170 This autobiography chronicles the life and art of a former gang member.90 / US $ 29.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-50-4 Limited collector’s edition 14. located in Berlin.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-27-6 .95 ISBN 978-3-937946-05-4 SCHWARZ AUF WEISS A fine selection of characters.95 / US $ 19.90 € / £ 29.95 / US $ 14.95 € / £ 14.95 € / £ 9. styles and vector graphics by international urban artists who work on the philosophy that “style needs no color”. Hardcover 39. Softcover 9.00 / US $ 39.99 € / £ 34. 29. Hardcover 34.90 € / £ 29.OTR BOOK # 1: SENTO The life and fantastic pieces of the legendary New York subway writer Sento.90 / US $ 29.95 / US $ 14.99 € / £ 35. turned graffiti artist—an uncensored Bronx Hip Hop story.95 EU / Asia – ISBN 978-3-937946-11-5 USA – ISBN 978-3-937946-10-8 Hardcover / 25.95 EU / Asia – ISBN 978-3-937946-02-3 USA – ISBN 978-3-937946-00-9 Softcover 29.95 € / £ 9.

fromheretofame.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-16-0 Softcover 19. Lower Eastside: A warzone-like wasteland. Price: 25.90/ US $ 24.90 € / £ 19. except for the UK) ���������������� International distribution for art supply.com / info@fhtf. 70s. NYC.95 € / £ 29.de .de DISTRIBUTION FROM HERE TO FAME Publishing Marienburgerstr.95 / US $ 29.com info@fhtf. 16A (Hinterhof) 10405 Berlin Tel.90 EU / Asia – ISBN 978-3-937946-07-8 STREET PLAY Photographs by Martha Cooper. but still a perfect playground for children.95 ISBN 978-3-937946-15-3 WE BE GIRLS The first book focusing on girls in Hip Hop culture with international artists speaking their piece. 19.: +49 (0)30-210 21 86-70 Fax : +49 (0)30-210 21 86-77 www.de PUBLIC WALL WRITING IN PHILADELPHIA The history of wall writing is celebrated at its place of birth.fromhertofame.de info@ontherun.www.90 € / £ 19.99 € ISBN 978-3-937946-17-7 (only available in Europe. Hardcover 29. Hip Hop and streetwear stores www.ontherun.