Drinks List Spring Collection 2010


Monday – Saturday 5pm – 1am

113 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000 +61 3 9663 6363 seamstress.com.au


Light dinner…
Our selection of warm roasted nuts, salt & pepper Sweatshop prawn crackers Crunchy pigs ears lightly coated in our five spice salt Char grilled beef skewers, hoi sin and summer coriander Steamed shredded-pork bun, julienne cucumber Chairman Ho’s Tsing Tao battered chicken, toasted sesame with mint & chilli dressing Malay corn fritters of carrot, chilli and spring onion Snake bean & golden sweet kaukau wontons, green pea & coriander puree, tobiko roe Venison & braised shitake mushroom spring rolls, pearl river vinegar caramel Caramelised red miso Pin-Tung eggplant on chilli salt tofu & blanched canton greens, toasted sesame seeds Pan-seared wild harvest scallops stuffed with tailor made XO on poached iceberg lettuce Vegetarian hokkien noodle wok box... golden egg noodles, spring vegetables, shitake sauce Not-so-vegetarian hokkien noodle wok box… golden egg noodles, char sui pork, choi sum & shitake sauce Crispy tempura of king prawn tail, mint & chilli dressing 5 5 6 3.5 ea 3.5 ea 11 9 12 11 13 15 10 12 12

Hand cut wedges, seamstress’ sweetened chilli sauce & sour cream 8

Sharing plate… A selection of our own bar favourites



Served with homemade quince paste, Lavouche crackers 100g of one $15 120g selection of each $20 Bleu d’Auvergne Central Massif (Strong, blue veined cows cheese) Onetik Ossau Iraty Basque Region (Creamy, mild & nutty ewes cheese) Livarot Normandy (Soft, rind washed cows cheese) FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE


Coconut, lime & pandan leaf tart with mango sorbet Five spiced chocolate pudding with mandarin parfait and whiskey sabayon Toasted black seaseme panna cotta, ginger caramel & sweet potato candy Flourless passionfruit soufflé with white chocolate and black pepper ice cream Rhubarb and marscapone filled pancakes, crumbed rhubarb candy, pistachio fairy floss with yellow rock sugar ice cream
*** Seamstress would like to remind guests that our dishes may contain traces of nuts

15 16 16 15 16


James Boags Premium Heineken James Squire Amber Ale Holgate Pilsner Hawthorn Pale Ale Gypsy Pear Cider 2 Brothers ‘Growler’ Brown Ale James Boags Light Launceston, TAS Zoeterwoude, HOLL Camperdown, NSW Macedon, VIC Melbourne, VIC Moorabbin, VIC Moorabbin, VIC Launceston, TAS 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.0 9.5 8.5 9.5 6.0

Our wine list is forever changing enabling us to bring you hand-selected wines as we find them but which may sometimes be unavailable.

NV NV NV NV 2002

Baby Laurent-Perrier (2 glasses)Tours-sur-Marne, FR Beresford Sparkling Lanson Brut ‘Black Label’ Laurent-Perrier Veuve Clicquot Rose Adelaide Hills, SA Reims, FR Tours-sur-Marne, FR Reims, FR

38 10 / 58 97 133 243

White Wine
Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc Prentice ‘Ramato’ Pinot Gris Beblenheim Pinot Blanc Tim Adams Riesling Bass Strait Gewurztraminer Thick as Thieves Arneis Chestnut Hill Chardonnay William Nahan Chablis Marlborough, NZ Whitlands, VIC Alsace, FR Clare Valley, SA Tamar Valley, TAS Yarra Valley, VIC Mornington, VIC Burgundy, FR 9 / 43 9 / 43 49 10 / 48 54 60 13 / 64 82

Red Wine
Marcus Hill Shiraz Wild Duck Creek Cab-Merlot Diavolo Piccolo Sangiovese Lightfoot & Sons Pinot Noir Patrick ’Home Block’ Cab. Sauv. 1769 Pinot Noir Samuels Gorge Tempranillo La Chappelle Corbieres 01’ Bellarine Pen. VIC Albury, NSW Heathcote, VIC E.Gippsland, VIC Coonawarra, SA Central Otago, NZ McLaren Vale, SA Languedoc, FR 10 / 48 12 / 58 65 13 / 63 72 62 88 98


Short Drinks in Fancy Glasses
Scorpion 18 Golden rum with brandy, lime juice, fresh orange juice and our French almond sugar syrup. Shaken ice cold this golden oldie is full bodied and fruity. Honeysuckle 17 One of the best forgotten cocktails! Golden rum, fresh lime juice and Spanish orange blossom honey. A twist on the ever reliable Daiquiri, very fresh and drinkable. London Calling 17 London dry gin with fresh lemon juice & sugar syrup, dried out with a Manzanilla sherry & a couple of dashes of orange bitters. The perfect-pre dinner drink from Milk & Honey in London. The Tri-fecta 17 Polish vodka, fresh lime, sugar and elderflower cordial shaken with cucumber and mint. A triple hit of fresh flavours combine for a vibrant & racy winner. Pisco Sour The South American classic. Aromatic Peruvian Pisco brandy shaken with citrus, cane sugar syrup and egg whites until silky. Served with an atomised blend of bitters. 17

Vodka Espresso 17 Our house espresso ‘martini’ made with Polish vodka and a blend of Toussaint & Kahula coffee liqueurs, Gravity© espresso & something special. “Something to pick me up, then f*ck me up” Clover Club 17 A beautiful drink from the 1930’s, Tanqueray Gin with homemade raspberry syrup, lemon juice and egg whites. Dry and fruity with a zesty smooth finish. Brooklyn American rye whiskey stirred through with dry cherry liqueur, Italian vermouth & Amer Biere bitter orange. Closely related to the Manhattan this drink is complex but full of subtlety as well as flavour. 17

AppleJack Dynamite 19 A very warming cocktail for you. French apple brandy with maple syrup , fresh citrus juices, and just a hint of ginger.
*some drinks may contain egg white or nuts, please specify if you have any allergies.

Long Drinks
Peach Blow Fizz 18 Strawberries and cream with London dry gin, fresh lemon juice & sugar syrup lengthened with ginger beer. This classic Savoy drink is light & airy, like drinking a strawberry cloud! Deep-South Smash 18 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey shaken with white peaches, pomegranate, young mint tips and lemon juice. Rum Swizzle 18 Our ‘house grog’ rum blend with fresh lime juice, sugar, bitters and falernum (W.Indies traditional spiced syrup). Swizzled into a devastatingly refreshing cooler in a frozen glass Seamstress Bloody Mary Every couple has their secrets and in this relationship (that’s you dear drinker and the bartender fixing your drink) our Bloody Mary recipe is the proverbial garden shed. It has tomato juice in it, that’s all we’re telling... 18

Pimms Rangoon 17 A colonial mix of Pimms No.1, London Dry Gin, citrus juices, mint, cucumber, fresh ginger and strawberries. Served long as a refreshing escape from the heat of the East Indies. El Diablo 17 1950’s California gives us ‘The Devil’. Tequila with lime juice, crème de cassis and lengthened with our blended spicy ginger beer. Southside Fizz Fragrant Gin with lime, sugar and fresh mint, shaken and served in a traditional ‘Delmonico’ glass with a squirt of soda. Like a Mojito but a bit less…hmm, how should we put this… 17

Penicillin 18 A rapidly spreading favourite on cocktail menus around the world, created by a Melburnian on safari in NYC. Scotch whisky and a splash of smoky Islay single malt shaken with lemon, honey syrup and spicy ginger juice. Good for all that ‘ails you.

Venetian Cooler
Inspired by the fantastic ‘Bellini’, we take a local Prosecco and combine with pureed peaches, pomegranate, lemon and a splash of sherry.


Bartender’s Choice


Every week we put a new drink up on the board. Something we like, something we think people should be drinking!

The Martini Page…
“I like to have a martini, two at the very most, after three I'm under the table, after four I'm under my host." – Dorothy Parker

House Style Cheating, and not shaken or stirred…
7:1, French Vermouth, Sicilian olives Dilution calculated using chilled mineral water, carefully measured, spirit from the freezer, vermouth from the fridge. Mixed briefly and served in a frozen glass. Drink quickly. Our method is not for purists or for those who stand on tradition but is controlled, consistent, and colder than is possible using any other technique (excluding the use of liquid nitrogen).

Churchill - A glance in the direction of France is enough vermouth Montgomery - Vermouth outgunned by gin 15:1 Gibson - 2 plump cocktail onions to represent ‘Gibson’s Girls” Roosevelt - The original wet and dirty martini Dukes – Just Gin straight from the freezer, 2 drops of vermouth, lemon twist

Vespa - Smirnoff Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Lillet Blanc, twist, shaken Smokey - Dry martini with Islay Malt whisky rinse Flame-of-Love - Dry sherry replaces vermouth with flamed orange zests 18 19 18

Our Recommendations
Beefeater Tanqueray Plymouth Tanqueray No.Ten

Prices are given for the spirit used for your preference of martini

17 19 18 24 Wyborowa Ketel One Luksusowa Grey Goose 17 18 18 23

Until the 1950’s a dash of bitters (particularly orange) were a common ingredient to martinis. Fashions change but we still think it tastes great. Some suggestions; Angostura bitters, orange bitters, grapefruit bitters, rhubarb bitters, Absinthe, Fernet Branca, Peychaud’s bitters, Campari.

Finishing Touches
Your choice of in-house marinated silverskin onions, Sicilian olives, cucumber, zest of grapefruit, lemon or lime.

Dirty Star-tini’s
We are happy to make your martini ‘dirty’, just tell us how much. To help, we have developed a proprietary ‘sliding scale’ starting with… Couple of drops 5mls Olive Brine 10mls Olive Brine 15mls Olive Brine 20mls Olive Brine 20mls & crushed olives ! ! ! ! ! ! Christina Britney Paris Lindsay Courtney Amy Winehouse

“Amy Winehouse is the dirtiest of all the martinis” – Paul Hammond

Apple, Lychee, Chocolate… sorry this page is for grown ups only