ADVANCED FUNCTIONS (MHF4U) or CALCULUS and VECTORS (MCV4U) * indicates minimum mark of 70% required

at Brock: Kiniseology* Biochemistry* Biological sciences* Chemistry* Physics* Earth sciences* Oenology and viticulture* Computers* Physical geography* Economics* International Political Economy* at Carleton: Computers Engineering Science at Laurentian: Bsc/Bed concurrent Science Liberal science at Lakehead: Psychology Computer science Engineering Biology Geography Chemistry at Ottawa: Health sciences at U of T: at Trent: Psychology Business Administration Forensic Science Computer science at Guelph: Management Economics Agriculural Business Atrs and Science Science Marketing Management Biological Science

at McMaster: Technology Medical Radiation Earth & Environmental Science Kinesiology Economics Arts and science Psychology at Queen's: Kinesiology Life science-Xray technology at Ryerson: Business management Hospitality and Tourism Information Tech Mgmt. Retail Management Architectural science Computer science Engineering Biology Chemistry Contemporary science Medical physics at Waterloo: Health studies Kinesiology at Western: Economics Psychology Kinesiology

Phys Ed & Health

at W. Laurier: Biology* Business Admin&Computers * Business Admin. * Chemistry Geography Kinesiology and phys ed. Physics Politics, Philosophy &Economics Psychology Bsc at UOIT Computing Forensic science

Music Admin. Studies Biological and medical science Science at York: Admin. Studies (MDM) Geography Major undecided

at Windsor: Forensic science Business and economics Biological science Biochemistry Physics

at Brock:

at Guelph: Adult Development & Families Applied human nutrition Business Administration Child, youth and family Hotel and food administration Human resources management Landscape architecture Public management Real estate and housing Tourism management

Physical Ed. at Carleton: Architecture (MHF) Economics International Business Mgt. & Human Resources International Marketing Interactive multimedia (MHF) Network technology Industrial design at Lakehead:

at Ryerson:

Commerce Kinesiology Economics at McMaster: Health sciences Nursing at Nippising: Administrative studies Economics Accounting Business Administration Human resources Mgmt. Marketing Nursing Physical and Health Ed. Commerce Information technology

Geographic analysis Occupational and Public Health Urban and regional planning at Waterloo: Environment and Business Environment and Resources Geography and aviation Geomatics at Windsor: Business Administration Nursing at Ottawa: Human Kinetics at York: Admin. Studies: Inf. Tech. Human resources Mgmt. Information Technology Public Admin. & Justice Public policy and mgmt. Health studies Kinesiology and Health science Nursing Psychology


at Queen's: Nursing at Trent: Nursing

at W. Laurier: Contemporary studies

at Western: Health science

at Brock: Psychology

at Waterloo: Economics Geography Political Science Psychology Social Development Sociology Anthropology

at Brock: Child Health MCR3U

at Lakehead: Nursing at Ottawa: Nursing at Ryerson: Fashion Graphic communications Interior design Nursing at Western: Nursing Human ecology Foods and nutrition at W. Laurier: Psychology (BA) Kinesiology at York: Public policy and mgmt.

ADVANCED FUNCTIONS (MHF4U) AND CALCULUS and VECTORS (MCV4U) (OR MATH OF DATA MGMT. (MDM4U)) * indicates minimum mark of 75% required
at Brock: Computers * Accounting (or MDM) Business Admin (or MDM) at Carleton: Industrial Design * Commerce (or MDM) Accounting (or MDM) Managing People & Org (MDM) Marketing (MDM) at Ottawa: Biomedical science Engineering Commerce Computer science Science Mgmt. Information systems Economics at U of T: Engineering Psychology Life sciences Economics Commerce Computer science

at Guelph: Engineering Computing Physical science at Lakehead: Forestry Outdoor recreation (or MDM) at Laurentian: Business Admin. (or MDM) Commerce and admin. (or MDM) Commerce & computers(or MDM) Kinesiology Sports Admin (or MDM) Computers Forensic science Radiation therapy Economics (or MDM) Engineering (or MDM) at McMaster: Engineering Physics Chemistry Business(or MDM4U)

at Queen's: Commerce Computing Engineering Science at UOIT: Engineering Biological science Chemistry

at Nipissing: Computers Concurrent Ed. -Bsc Psychology Environmental science Physical geography at W. Laurier:

at Waterloo: Architecture Engineering Computing and Financial Mgmt. Bioinformatics Biotechnology Science Science and aviation

Business & Chemistry Economics at Windsor: Engineering Computer science Environmental geoscience Geology Environmental science Physical geography

Chartered accountancy at Western: Mgmt and Org. studies Commercial aviation mgmt. Engineering at York: Economics Computers (MDM) Computer security Biology Chemistry Earth & atmospheric science Environmental science Engineering Schulich school (MDM)