Why Most Women Are a One-Man-Woman - by Richard Jones Adultery is greatly reduced if a woman looks for

a mate within the religious com munity as these couples generally adopt a monogamous and high-fertility mating s trategy. The personality of having a number of offspring or young at one time A ND having a mate that stays with you 100%, or 'the spirit of,' is the personalit y of, The Dove. To experience God's highest Salvation (YHWH, the sacred name), that is, truely b e 'born again' all the way, there are four levels of Salvation for one to go fro m 'scarcely be saved' to become fullest in God's power. To be fully saved, one must become 'Born Again' four times, that is, the order of Salvation is 1) Lamb, 2) Dove, 3) Lion and finally 4) Eagle. First, one must become the personality of 'The Lamb'. Lambs are the first of fo ur personalities of Jesus one becomes when they become FULLY born again and thus completely 'become one with the Father.' The Lamb is a creature that teaches u s the childlike qualities. Jesus said, 'If you can not become like this little child, ye will not enter into the Kingdom of God.' Lambs appear stupified, are faithful until death, listen to only what their Master (parents) say, and if kic ked around they aren't easily offended. 'Blessed are those whom are not easily offend,' Christ said. The next animal to be 'born again' into is, 'The Dove.' The Dove, like Jesus, i s the personality of peace--Jesus is 'The Prince of Peace.' The parents of a do ve family are faithful to each other until death and both help in raising their young. The next level of salvation to be born into is, 'The Lion.' The Lion, like Jesu s is the personality of Judgement and Authority--Jesus is 'The Lion of Judah.' Lions are couragous, polyamorous (many lovers), prosperous, territorial, eats th e meat of the Word, great longevity lovers, great fathers, and mate multiple tim es as in the concubines of Soloman and David. The last level of salvation to be born into is, 'The Eagle.' The Eagle, like Je sus is the personality of The Father--high and exhaulted, untouchable, keen sigh t, swift movement, majestic, lives in the cleft of the rock, and has many contac ts of government and respect (USA). This article will focus on 'The Dove.' The animal most represented by 'The Chur ch' is the DOVE, that is, an organization (personality) of peace and fertility o rdained by God to organize within the politics of the neighboring nation (govern ment). The Church, in fact, publically and purposely surpresses mankind and it's follow ers sexuallity!! The personality of the church generally does NOT further teach it's followers 'to cast out devils' and take authority of demon spirits as a 'f earless lion,' let alone, care to teach its followers how to govern themselves t o make differences in their local government. Bottom line, this 'New Doctrine' of the PERSONALITY of the Bible, if it were preached (as in the book of Acts) WO ULD CAUSE R-E-V-I-A-L-S!!! --- BTW --Jason Weeden at Arizona State University, Tempe, and his colleagues found that f actors related to sex showed the strongest links to churchgoing after a 22,000 r

after control ling for differences in sexual and family values.html Issue 2661 of New Scientist magazine.elsevier. You surround y ourself with people who strongly believe that one of the worst things you can do is to abandon your spouse or sleep around. The study Jason Weeden performed is published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. "Religious groups make this deal more plausible to both partners. "Hardly any of the students in our study were regular churchgoers.esponse to a questionnaire presented to mainly American christian students." New Scientist quoted Weeden. Mr. "People go to church 'to go forth and multiply'". gender or conscientiousness failed to explain church attendance. 20 June 2008. Weeden include marital status. mating preferences are at the very core of religious choices . Other variables that have often been linked to religiosity such as age . number of ch ildren. For Weeden. Weeden also found t hat churchgoers feel they would find both faithful and loyal partners within the vicinity of the place of worship. and moral views on topics like cheating and contr aception.200-church-provides-hope-of-faith ful-spouses. ---------------------------------SOURCES: http://www. but those who saw themselves as having many kids in stable marriages were the ones who were a nticipating regular church attendance in the future. page 22 http://linkinghub. He says. preferred family size. as say ing. Reasons to go to church found by Mr.com/retrieve/pii/S1090513808000421 A study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior." he said.com/article/mg19826615. women risk being abandoned with a large brood and fewer resources to care for them. ---------------------------------- . Weeden suggests that looking for partners within a religious community reduces t he risk of adultery in couples adopting a monogamous.and c an even drive them.newscientist. high-fertility mating stra tegy as there is a large fitness cost if the marriage fails: men risk losing sub stantial investment if the woman cheats.