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8. A new list of Friday night

parent volunteer is available Agape Caring Center
for you to pick on the bulletin
board in front of Chapel 2. 1. Agape Caring Center held a
Mandarin “Overcome Loss and
9. The parent volunteers for the Suffering, Enter God's Peace and
following two Fridays are as Blessing!” workshop on Friday,
follow. Please come at 7/18/08. There were 136 brothers
7:30PM to E3. If you are not and sisters attended. Sam Ng used
able to make it, please contact case study to explain ways of how
Connie at 626-571-5537 Ext to care about people who
18. Thank you.) experiences loss. And taught us the
right attitude and right thing to do,
right words to say, it was really
Date Parent’s Name Child’s Name helpful and useful.
8/1 Cathy He Charissa Chang
2. Agape Caring Center will hold a
Ryan Lau Lita Lau Leadership Counseling Seminar
8/8 Irene Zhao Anna Zhao this afternoon from 2:00 ~
Danny Chiu Amanda Chiu 4:30 pm. Dr. Saing-Yang Tan will
share about how to provide
visitation, crisis intervention and
referral to those in need within our
pastoral caring and lay counseling
ministries. Pastors, Elders,
Deacons and co-workers, please.

3. Agape Caring Center will hold

Mandarin "Lay Counseling
Training" Sessions in 2008.
During the fourth session, Jennifer
Lin will share about her trip to
Chengdu for Post-Traumatic
Counseling, and training on how to
care for people after they have
experienced trauma. This session
will be held on 8-3-08 from
1:30~3:30 pm. For inquiries, please
call Jennifer Lin at 818-437-8589

raise fund for our Church Jr. High Sunday school:

Expansion Project. You Date Program Venue
can use the scrip to Fridays. Please check We are so excited to see more 8/01 Indwelt by the Youth
purchase things you need, Meets
your email for location. students come and fellowship Spirit 1 Center
buy food, go to gas station together. Please check whether Cor.3:5-23
or restaurants, etc. and the Jane Lok your name is on the list of students 8/08 Olympic and Youth
rebate generated will go to Contact
[] who are asked to set up tables and sports night Center
our Church Expansion chairs in chapel 3. See you at
Fund – “One Stone Two Cornerstone 11:30 am in Chapel 3.
Birds.” Young Adults and Career People
7/27 Self Control
1 Chronicles 29:17 Meets Thursday nights. 8/03 Finding strength in the Lord
“ I know, my God, that you test
8/10 Bitterness
the heart and are pleased
with integrity. All these Kevin Chung
things have I given Thank you
willingly and with honest Contact
intent. And now I have We want to thank Chris Su,
seen with joy how Pauline Kao, Owen Yang, Donna
willingly your people who Hong, and Debby Kuan for
are here have given to Chicken Soup bringing your children and their
you.” friends to Action Bowling Lanes.
Friday Evenings @ 8:00pm We had a wonderful time and look
Meets @ Room A-15 forward to having other junior high
parents join in our next special
Derek Mau
Friday Night fellowship
Christians in Action Contact
Junior High and High School Students Thank you for coming and
bringing your friends with you to
Fellowship on Fridays at our Friday night fellowship. We
Bible had a good start with some group
7:30pm in the Youth
Study activities and lesson on humility.
Plan to come and learn some more
every Friday, from 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Sunday mornings at in Youth center. See you there.
11:30am in the Chapel 3

Phone: (626) 571-5537



questions, please contact (2) Protection of Church

Children’s Ministry Connie Sun. All Church News Property
Recently we find some flowers and
1. Thanks to those who came to 5. Please check out the (1) Youth Ministry indoor plants are missing at church.
the VBS meeting. The next children’s ministry website Please refrain from taking away
1. Junior High (in-charged by Pastor
meeting will be on Aug 3. ( and click these church properties without
Ben Poli and helped by youth
We still need more volunteers children’s ministry). The asking. If you like to borrow any
workers, supervised by
for each site. Remember, English version is created for item, please contact the church
Coordinating Pastor)
VBS is from Sunday, Aug 24 the children and the Chinese office first. Thank you.
1.1 Effective July 2008, 6th graders
to Thursday, Aug. 28. There version is for the parents.
will be joining 7th and 8th graders
is no Friday night children’s Information about our weekly
in the Junior High Ministry. Church Expansion Project
program on Aug. 29. lesson and Bible verse will be
1.2. Small group gathering and Status Update
posted each week. Please
activities at church on Friday
2. VBS registration starts today!! email to
night. The current status and
The booth will be open from to provide me with your
1.3. Sunday school class on Sunday progress:
10:45 to 11:30AM and from email and contact information
morning. 1) As per the request of City
12:30-1PM. The first 10 kids from either website (home
2. High School (in-charged by Jane P. Council, the Elder Board
who register for VBS will be address, home phone number
Chung and helped by youth has approved to execute
a free VBS water bottle!! and cell phone number). I am
workers, supervised by the environmental
trying to update our database
Coordinating Pastor) assessment, grading plan
3. Children’s Choir will sing for with everyone’s accurate
2.1. High schoolers and College group and traffic study of our
the 3 congregations on information. Thank you for
(Charis) summer plan: Spiritual SCE Parking Lot Project.
Sunday, Aug 3. Please bring your help.
Discipline. Please continue to pray
your child to church at
2.2. Friday Night Program: College for the early settlement of
9:15AM for a rehearsal in E3. 6. Today’s Bible story is from
and High Schoolers will have the environmental issues.
Exodus 1:15-22; 2:1-10 on
combined meeting twice a month 2) Praise the Lord, we have
4. Your children were promoted how Moses is saved from
(alternative Friday) at church collected a total of $1,498
on July 20 to the next grade death by his mother. The
(7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/22). Other offering for Church
level. Most of the 4 year olds memory verse is from
weeks will be separate small Expansion on last Sunday
who will be starting Romans 8:28, “And we know
groups within fellowship (7/18, (7/20).Up to now, our
Kindergarten in September that in all things God works
8/1, 8/15, 8/29). High church has collected a
joined the elementary kids’ for the good of those who
schoolers at church, College total of $265,608 offering
program last Sunday. The love him, who have been
group at home. for our Church Expansion
children who just finished 5th called according to his
2.3. Sunday school class for High project.
and 6th grades in June started purpose”.
schoolders on Sunday morning, 3) For your offering for our
in the Junior High Ministry.
Congregations are welcomed to Church Expansion project
They will be meeting with the 7. The next game night is
invite their youths, or youth they in addition to tithe, please
English congregation from postponed to Friday, August
know, to come to join our youth remember to write “CE”
9:30 to 11AM and have 1. Please invite families and
program so that they can seek (or Church Expansion) in
Sunday School afterwards. friends to attend. It will be a
and know God while they are the memo of your check.
They also joined the junior great opportunity to get them
young! 4) Fundraising activities: We
high ministry on Friday to come to church with you.
nights. If you have any start launching the