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Title of Entry: Dress Conscientiously
Garment Description: Cocktail dress on patch work 3 different prints Zebra, Leopard and Tiger for the top Skirt created with Black Tule and white Fur like fabric Types of Materials: Fur like polyester fabric with animal prints, polyester fur like white long hair fabric and blac Nylon Tule to create an effect of shadow for skirt. Interests in Fashion: I am sending a message with this garment that we have options out there to create beautiful pieces without using or making suffer animals for fashion, designers must know and look forward fabric options that are eco friendly, the concept will be complete with the model wearing a teary make up thinking of animals getting abused for fashion reasons, no more.

Designer: Jose Eduardo Echegaray

Title of Entry: Polar Snow
Garment Description: This dress has a shawl that converts to a hood. The back and sleeves are sone in an open stitch like a trellis. The bell sleeves and “Shood” are trimmed in a soft boa like yarn. My inspiration was the polar bear (a species that is endangered due to the ozone layer damages). This Piece is versatile and converts to many looks for an easy transition. It could easily be used for a casual wedding dress. Types of Materials: 100% Nylon yarn for the actual dress and 100% Polyester yarn for the trim on shawl/ hood and sleeves Interests in Fashion: I am interested in the preservation of all endangered species. I beleive that there is an alternative to the use of animal fur. Clothing can be beautiful without injury or death to any living thing. With all the yarns and fabrics available today there is no reason any animal needs to be involved with the manufacturing of fashion. This piece is soft tot he touch, easy to care for and asethitically appealing.

Designer: Vernetta Sanders

Entry Title: Loopy Dress
Garment Description: Black empire waist dress with attached hoodie.Loopy skirt with side ties. Types of Materials: The black empire waist dress is made from 100% cotton. The hoodie is made from 100% cotton. The loopy skirt is made from 100% acrylic yarns. Interests in Fashion: I am a young fashion designer currently studying at Miami International University of Art and Design and I want to show people that fashion can still be edgy and cool without the use of any animal products. We now have enough technology to make things look and feel just as great if not better than the actual fur and leather products. I hope to set an example to my peers and to the fashion world that you can still buy or make a great garment and no animals have to die in the process.

Designer: Kendall Bernota

Entry Title: Stop The Seal Hunt Gown
Garment Description: This cruelty-free couture gown is made for a beautiful woman with strong convictions. Perfect for making a bold statement in style for an issue that needs urgent attention. My inspiration was the model who is also an activist in Toronto. IFAW held an anti seal hunt rally here where I saw Rachel with an adorable white hat with her face painted like a seal. This inspired me to create a white gown to be photographed with a seal mask on a white ice background. Types of Materials: The top is made from stretch satin, button detail and is adjustable at the back, closing with gathered strips of sheer fabric which tie into three bows and drape down the back of the dress. The bottom is made with crinoline for the puffy underskirt, and recycled drapery fabric for the top layers. For the writting I gathered strips of organic black cotton broadcloth into ruffles and sewed them using interfacing behind the sheer fabric. All six layers are sewn to an elastic wasitband. Interests in Fashion: I have a strong passion to create change in the fashion industry. I started my company provide fashionable options that promote animal welfare instead of a brand name. There are so many things wrong with mainstream fashion from violating human and animal rights, using so much land and energy to produce garments, and selling an unattainable image to young girls. I believe the worst possible thing to use animals for is our own vanity. Fur for fashion is the most unneccesary cruelty possible!

Designer: Rebecca Z

Entry Title: Red Paint
Garment Description: This dress is inspired by a very particular moment when politics and fashion have interfaced in the streets resulting in a confrontational - and inadvertently creative – collaboration. The intention of this design is not to glamorize the destruction of other people’s property. Instead, it is to capture the force of an ardent search for alternatives, of a vigorous attempt to create things and express ourselves fully – but still softly, playfully, and compassionately. Types of Materials: Fleece from recycled plastic; non-woven interfacing; cotton blend stay tape; polyester thread; magnet; zipper. Interests in Fashion: I see fashion as a means to celebrate and even enhance our dignity. To me, designs that encourage cruelty or environmental neglect cannot be beautiful - no matter how well crafted or pretty. Fleece was chosen in part to emphasize this point of view. It is a recycled material and in contrast to fur, it begins without complexity, scarcity, or prestige. Choosing fleece, then, is also a way of arguing that creativity is ultimately best expressed by producing value instead of seizing it.

Designer: Ee Ling Chua

Entry Title: Chia Chiru
Garment Description: This ensemble is inspired by my love of working with faux fur, sustainable, and reclaimed fabrics, and my passion for sewing and design. I’m also incredibly inspired by the garments worn for centuries by the indigenous peoples around the world; these pieces reflect some aspects of Mongoilian, Thai, and Tibetan influences. Types of Materials: Faux fur, hemp, silk brocade, and a reclaimed/recycled sweatshirt (reversed, used as vest lining), with silk frog closures. Interests in Fashion: I have been making faux fur Chiahats for over eight years now and have sold them to boutiques and individuals worldwide; i love that there are so many people out there sporting furry ears and staying warm! (without one animal harmed). I have also been working exclusively with vintage reclaimed fabrics for my apparel lines; this insures that all my pieces are one of a kind and that quality fabrics from the past are utilized instead of supporting the manufacturing of new fabrics.

Designer: Chia Guillory

Entry Title: loyale’s Costilla Jacket
Garment Description: There are adverse environmental impacts linked with the production of traditional faux fur, as it is made from harmful synthetics such as acrylic + polyester. loyale was thrilled to introduce this 100% organic cotton, vegan style, as many people purchase faux fur in order to protect animals, however they are not aware of the environmental consequences. This jacket is a unique piece that is consistent with a timeless fashion trend while also taking into consideration the environment + animals. Types of Materials: The Costilla jacket is made from 100% organic cotton fabrics (outer faux fur and lining). The organic cotton is grown domestically in Texas using methods that have a low impact on the environment. The Costilla jacket is then produced non-sweatshop in New York’s garment center and 1% of all loyale sales are donated to Green Corps, an environmental non-profit. Interests in Fashion: In 2005, Jenny Hwa founded loyale to provide eco-chic apparel for women who are equally conscious about fashion as they are about the environment. The intention of loyale is to inspire activism by designing stylish clothing that is crafted exclusively using sustainable fabrics + to create a shift in consciousness where commerce and compassion for the planet can coexist. Fans include Rachel McAdams, Jessica Alba, Alice Waters + Emily Deschanel.

Designer: Jenny Hwa

Entry Title: Coat Ginger
Garment Description: Hooded coat with six-button closure, ruffled hem by shoulders, balloon edge at cuffs. Types of Materials: Wool + lining acetate Interests in Fashion: Our society has gone green in every possible way and one of the most interesting ecofriendly movements can be found within the fashion industry. Zsega creates simple yet strikingly original women’s handbags and the bags are made only out of high-quality vegetable tanned leather, waxed cotton and colorful hand printed lining. We are planning to come out with our organic ready-to-wear line next season.

Designer: Zsuzsa Kovacs

Entry Title: Freja Silk- Peace Inspired Top
Garment Description: This design was selected from my current collection “peace by piece” which was using maps of different countries as patterns to form a wearable fashion piece. for more information, please visit my website. thank you. Types of Materials: Silk and Cotton Interests in Fashion: I am a graphic and fashion designer who loves and appreciates conceptual design that can evoke global awareness. I would like to continue to help the world to be a better place through my design. peace and global warming are major issues now that we should really give our care and attention to them. we are the members of this earth, let’s get together to support green and peace fashion for better future.

Designer: Shoron Chien

Entry Title: Ice Aged Queen Garment Description: Two piece dress and skirt with crinoline. The top piece is made of layers and layers of tattered rufles. Types of Materials: Knit cotton skirt dyed with coffee and tea to give a vintage worn look. The dress is made of sheredded layers of reused fabric. The fabric is mostly used window sheers, scrap fabric and remnants from thrift stores. Interests in Fashion: Humans consume so much that we are now in danger of losing our earth. The number one way to stop loss o resources is to USE LESS! In this collection I really wanted to take the opportunity to show that gorgeous clothing can be made with products that have already been used.

Desginer: Abigail McCannon

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