STAGE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE PROCEDURE TIME MATERIAL Teachers: Aaron David Arenas Ledesma, Elizabeth Gil Martinez, Selene

Mora Sanchez. DAY: 3 Time: 7:00 Students will review some words 1. Teacher will greet students Warm-Up am 10 Slips of paper General Objective: Students will trough a famous song. 2. Pre teaching Vocabulary: 8 words on page 21 exercise 2 MINUT Skills: -Teacher will paste slips of paper on the whiteboard with ES Anticipated problems: Probably some students confuse simple past andof some words. images and definitions past continuous. Advanced solution: Teachers will present clear examples in this way students to match themmain then check it -Teacher will ask to will notice the and differences between both tenses. -Teacher will ask students to say a sentence using those words. Introducti on Students will practice listening trough a song. 3. Teacher will ask students about Elvis Presley - Do you know Elvis Presley? -What did he do? -Do you know any of his songs? -Which one? *Mention the song “Suspicious Mind”, ask students if they have an idea of the term. -Read instructions from exercise 2 (check instructions) -Play the song twice (ask students how many answers they got?) -Check answers (ask students to sing the song). 1. The teacher will establish a comparison about the main aspects of simple past and past progressive. 2. After that, teacher will give to students a hand out that contains a story. 3. Through the story the students will decide what tense is the correct answer. 1. ****Aaron obvio conozco el juego , pero no me dijiste q pretendes con el, por fa completa con la actividad que pensaste****** 10 MINUT ES


Students will be able to analyze the differences between past progressive tense and past.

12 Minute s

Page 19 Language reference.

Assessme nt

Students will practice all the aspects that they learnt at the beginning of the class trough a dynamic. (musical chairs)

10 Minute s

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10-15 MINUT ES Book. Advanced solution: Teacher will introduce vocabulary regarding adjectives. READING 1) 9. (Activity. 1.Check the exercise in group. 10. Ask students to open their books on page 6. Have students forming two lines one facing the other. Then ask students to turn to page 124 and see who they can remember. Have students read the questions aloud and check comprehension. Mayra Raso. Page 7 2 . Have students exchange their books and grade their works. Introduce some vocabulary. Speaking & Vocabulary. Ignacio DAY:2 Time: 7:00 Students will recall the Warm-Up am 1. 2. (ADJECTIVES) Introducti on Students will be introduced into the topic. 5. The teacher will ask students about the names of one 8-10 PC (Adjectives) General Objective: Students will learn some strategies of thecan use to remember the names of the new people they know by expanding information they saw in the they teachers. Have students to sit down. 6. MINUT their vocabulary. Have students turn to page 6 and read the instructions with them. 7. 3. 3. a. Ask students to look at the pictures for 30 seconds. (2 or 3) 8. b. previous class. Students will read the article and label each one of the paragraphs.STAGE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE PROCEDURE TIME MATERIAL Teachers: Aarón David Arenas Ledesma. Page # 6 I NEVER FORGET A FACE Practice Students will reflect on the strategies they use so they will be meaningful. 4. Have students reflect about the way they can improve their memory. 5-8 Minute s Book. How do you think he is like? ES Skills: Reading. a. Go onto page 7. 1. 4. Ask the teacher if students’ assumptions were correct. How good are you at remembering people´s names? b. What techniques do you use? 2. 3. Ask students the next question. Ask students to describe some of the people on the page. 2. What are three words that you think describe Anticipated problems: Students might not know some of the adjectivesyour teacher? the best they´re supposed to use to achieve the objective.

Have students work in pairs and reading the riddles one to each other. He works in a hospital. 5. S/he looks like_______. . Student A is supposed to read the riddle and student b is supposed to guess the name of the person the riddle describes. a. Introduce them to the group.5. 7. a. a. b. Have students write different sentences using the patterns. a. Have students identify the differences about using the sentences. Ask them to go onto Vocabulary 1 exercise. 8. Assessme nt Ask them to get a final conclusion of the activity. He is Mark. have students identify the adjectives from the box. b. Display picture cards of people with different occupations. Go to the answer box. 6. He looks like a doctor. 3. 20 Minute s Wall charts Picture cards 1. He looks nice. S/he looks _____. 2. Read the instructions. 4. he looks young.

Page. a. 3.L.STAGE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE PROCEDURE Teachers: Aarón David Arenas Ledesma.7. 8 TIME 8 Minute s MATERIAL PC Sentences 20 Minute s Wall chart (word order) Students book. Assign HMWK. an affirmative Advanced solution: they know about word order. Ask students if they remember the order in which sentences should be organized. a. Stick many parts of speech on the board that Anticipated problems: Have ss remembering everything well organized form a question. Introducti on Have students remember/ learn the correct order of words. 3. Exercise 2 . Have students answer exercise 3 on Page 8. Check the activity all together. describe it. Have students telling the group about the person they just knew. 3. Have students reflecting on the way they formulate questions in their own language. 5. Have students answer activity 1 (MEET ALICE) P. Page. Have students interview a classmate that is unknown for him or her.7 A. Find some differences. 7 A.5 Assessme nt 8-10 Minute s Students book Page8.C.E. 2 . 1. Display the wall chart so students can confirm their assumptions. Do (simple present) b. statement and a negative statement. 2. 3. 1. ( Play audio #4) 6. Students willprove they are able to master word order. Check answers. Did (simple past) 4. Ativity. Display a PC of any person and ask ss to General Objective: Students describe a person. 2. Use the questions from 1. 2. Mayra Raso. Ask students about A. 15 Minute s Students book Page. 2. Ask students when they are supposed to use the following auxiliaries: a. Is it the same as in English? b. Does (Simple present 3rd person) c. Ignacio DAY:3 Time: 7:00 Have students remember how to Warm-Up am 1. Skills: Reading & Listening. 1. Have some students organizing them. 4.1 CD #4 Practice Have students interviewing a person they haven’t talk to before so they can get to know each other and practice their speaking.I.