LESSON PLANING Number of students: 25 Student's Description Non-bilingual public school children Student's previous knowledge Basic vocabulary (for example, the colours) and someone structures Topic: The body Final Task / Project The class is divided in two tasks. First of all, the teacher will hand out some sheets containing body parts already drawn (head, nose, mouth, etc.) to the students so that they have to paint the body parts with the colours the teachers indicates. This way, new words are introduced (body parts) and students go over what they have previously learnt (colours). Once this task is over, the students and the teacher will stand up and will gather around the teacher to sing the following song while pointing at the correct body part: Head, shoulder, knees and feet knees and feet Head, shoulder, knees and feet knees and feet And eyes and ear and mouth and no se Head, shoulder, knees and feet knees and feet Objectives
y y

To learn English in a funny way To introduce basic ideas

knees. Students: sheets with body parts drawn and crayons. eyes.y y To learn main body parts. shoulder. what colour is my«? etc. y Procedural y y y To get the children to correctly pronounce the words learnt To coordinate movements To associate colour and drawings Behavioural y y y Team working To develop teacher-student learning schemes To learn while singing Materials Teacher: sheets with body parts drawn and already painted in different colours. feet. Time Two hours in different days Process Teacher First Task y Students y Activity introduction in Spanish : ³ Hoy Students listen . mouth and noise) To introduce grammatical structures and connective words: This is my«. To get used to the correct pronunciation Content Conceptual y To learn vocabulary: Body parts (head. ear.

´ ³This is my«?´ % She asks« ³What colour is my noise?´ % She hands out the sheets and crayons and she indicates what the students will have to paint and the colours to use.. The teacher sings the first verse.% The teacher encourages singing.. The students sing alone y y y y y y Second Task y y Students repeat and sing the song y y . The teacher shows the dancing (pointing each body part) The teacher gets the students to sing in pairs. making the same questions.% The teacher will ask individually or to the group y vamos a estudiar las partes del cuerpo´ The teachers show the sheets. y y Students watch Students repeat and answer Students look at the sheet and answer Students paint and answer y y The teacher explains the structure of the class and the words while pointing to her body parts and asking: ³This is my head« ³This is my noise. The teacher sings the second verse.

8 esa nota me baja mucho el promedio y no es mía . promédiela con las otras notas ¡NO ME INVENTE NOTAS QUE NO HE SACADO POR FAVOR! .y Evaluation The teachers observes y The students hang the drawings on the walls NOTA IMPORTANTE: Profe insisto en una nota que aparece de exposición en el sistema. no entiendo por qué aparece 3. le recuerdo que solo exponían quienes debían parcial o algún trabajo. Ese no es mi caso yo he entregado todo.