I would like to offer this discussion of what constitutes Faith.

Atheists, you claim over and over in these posts your position that the concept of god is illogical because there is overwhelming proof that basic assumptions about a creator are illogical because of science and it’s theories. You seem to constantly point to abiogenesis and the big bang as your “evidence” I challenge you to read below and answer the questions I have asked. Although the definition of life is notoriously controversial, there is general agreement that a localized molecular assemblage should be considered alive if it continually regenerates itself, replicates itself, and is capable of evolving. Regeneration and replication involve transforming molecules and energy from the environment into cellular aggregations, and evolution requires heritable variation in cellular processes. The current consensus is that the simplest way to achieve these characteristics is to house informational polymers (such as DNA and RNA) and a metabolic system that chemically regulates and regenerates cellular components within a physical container (such as a lipid vesicle). The problem with any of the abiogenesis theories is that no one can replicate how the chemical process goes from a random assembly of chemicals which can be shown to create simple RNA strands and pseudo lipids which can function as a membrane into self energizing (metabolic), replicating organisms. In other words science and all it’s logic and “proof” can prove that chemicals can randomly organize to form VERY simple amino acid strands (but not near the 200+ needed by even the simplest “life” we know) and into structures that can or could be used as a container for the original single cells. They just can’t figure out how to get them to metabolize anything into a self-replicating system. I for one find this to be a very big hole in the theory and the place that those of us who believe in God and those who don’t must take our leaps of FAITH. If therefore we are both operating on FAITH neither of us can claim to 100% right or certain of our position. As Atheists then you simply replace God with…..what???? Atheists, here is the question I will put to you: My answer to the problem of how we get from chemical soup to metabolic, replicating life is a creator. How do you make this jump? This same question can be asked of the big bang theory. We all agree that this happened. The question then becomes what caused the bang? To date there is NO scientific evidence of what caused the initial bang. Without any evidence associated with the earliest instant of the expansion, the Big Bang theory cannot and does not provide any explanation for such an initial condition; rather, it describes and explains the general evolution of the universe since that instant. So once again Atheists, here is the question I will put to you: My answer to the problem of what caused the Big Bang is a creator. What is your explanation? Oh and please provide proof for all of your answers or you are simply operating

And as Ockham’s razor states: “Of several acceptable explanations for a phenomenon. provided that it takes all circumstances into account. . which makes your position no stronger than mine.” I would surmise that and intelligent designer is the simplest explanation for all of these and other questions like this. the simplest is preferable.on faith.