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(> Se wy ie Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Memorandum Circular No, go Series of 2019 GUIDELINES ON ACCREDITATION OF CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS (CSOs) ‘AS IMPLEMENTERS OF OPAPP PROGRAMS, PROJECTS OR ACTIVITIES A. INTRODUCTION Chapter 17 of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 on “Atsining Just and Lasting Peace” put forth the following strtesies tovards (1) the successful negotiation and implementation of peace agreements with all intemal armed confit grosps and (2) the protection and development of communities in conlict-afTected and confict-wlnerable areas: = Meaningfl implementation ofthe peace agreement withthe MILF toad healing in the Bangsamoro: = Completion ofthe implementation of remsining commitments under the GFH-MNLF peace sgreement, = Accelerate signing and implementation of he final peace agreement wit the CPP-NPA- NDE ~ Immediate conclusion ofthe peace proces withthe CBA-CPLA ani the RPMP-RPA-ABB: = Implementation of peace-promoting and catch-up sociaeconomie developent in conic ected areas; ~ Empowering communities by increasing their capacity to address confit nd reduce thee vulnerabilities; Strengthening government peace and development institutions and mechanisms ta increase thei responsiveness to peace, confit and security -ssves; and, = Ensuring government rationalization, coordination, and monitoring of the delivery of socioeconomic programs and other interventions by donor inttations end government agencies in conflctaffected areas, especially in Mindanao These strategies would greatly benefit fom the participation of civil sociey organizations (€80s) as they are part of andr work closely with communities. They have an intimate Understanding ofthe local situation and ae often ina suitable position to conduct the social preparation of communities as well asthe implementation and management interventions ‘They ean also mobilize communities towards building a constituency supportive ofthe peace and development agenda, Executive Order (EO) No. 35.2001 “Defining the Policy and Administrative Stucture for Government's Comprehensive Peace Efors” underscored this recognition, tng that "here ‘sa need o frther enhance the contribution ofl society tothe comprehensive peace process Dy iuntutonalzing the people's participation With the C50 patipatng inthe implementation ane management of peace aud development Jmerventions, citzens. and community members can easily exiet tanparency end accountability when the implementers are based in the community, paving the way for twoadened participation of both CSOs and the citizens in promoting good governance, pees and development In 2017, the General Appropriations Act (GAA 2017), under Section 6S of is General Provisions. set forth the necessary conditions for a government agency to be able to transfer public funds to a CSO aspiring to become eiter an implementer ra benefciay of government Program or project, hus, futher instiuionalizing the setting up of democratic spaces for the {CSOs to participate in governance and nation-building. Primary to these conditions is the accreditation of the CSO through government agency guidelines, These provisions have been reiterated in succeeding GAA thereat, AAs part of OPAPP's commitment to build parnership and strong consivency for peace, ‘reconciliation and unity, and in the implementation ofits banner programs, ie. Norleation| Program under the GPH-MILF Peace Process, Exeeutive Onder No. 70, 2018 and the Payapa at MAsaganang PamayeNAn (PAMANA), among others, these Guidelines are hereby issued B. LEGAL BASES Te following laws and polices serve as the bases ofthese Guidelines 1. Section 23, Article I of the 1987 Constittion which atcults, “The Sta recognizes the npoant ale of non-government rznzans (NGOs an people's orion (PO) in nation building.” 2. Section 68, General Provisions of the GAA for FY 2017 which enumerats the necessry conditions for tansizting pubic funds to CSOs; 3. Section 27, GAA for FY 2017 which provides OPAPP funds amounting. 10 PhP7,073,879,000.0 (Special Provision 2) 4. Section 67, General Provisions ofthe GAA for FY 2018 which cated ovr the previous stipulation of Section 65, GAA FY 2018; 5. GAA for FY 2018 which provides OPAPP funds for monitoring and evaluation of PAMANA projects amounting to PAP78,102,270.00; 6. Section 71, General Provisions of the GAA for FY 2019 which reiterates the neeessary requirements to effect “Fund Transfers © CSOs"; 7. GAA for FY 2019 has an approved allocation amounting oa total of PRP17.361,000.00 for the Normalization Program in the Bangsamoro. lodged under OPAPP and PhP30,000,000.000.00 billion intended forthe implementation ofthe Bangsamoro Orgenic Law under the Unprogrammed Appropriations; 8, COA-DBM-DSWD Joint Resolution No, 2014-001 “Guidlines for Acerettation of Civil Society Organizations as implementing Enies of Government or Publi Funds.” rend La Communi Ame Con Deng Aan Nl Poe Fen rember . DEFINITION OF TERMS Accreditation ~the process by which a government agency offically recognizes a CSO as eligible o be an implementing agency or beneficiary of programs or projects wing government ‘or publi funds Applicant ~« CSO applying for accreditation withthe OPAPP o be an implementing agency ‘of program and projets using government or public funds. ‘Area Management Office (AMO) ~ field offices established by OPAPP in sratege ares in the coun. ‘Cit Society Organization ~ forthe purposes ofthese Guideline, «domestic non-stock, non- ‘profit corporation, organization or association, labor organization, workers association or voperative expressing the interests and values of their members or oer, based on Socioeconomic, ethical, cultural and scientific considerations, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) or Cooperative Development Autority (CDA), as the ease may be, Conflict Sensitive and Peace-Promoting Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (CSPP-MEAL) System — pertains to interdependent components thit seek 10 regularly collet information that would inform program design, plans and implementation ‘which is characterized by a focus on program results not only along changes in immediate socioeconomic development conditions but also along changes in the peace and conflict situation in confitafeced and conlc- vulnerable areas; attention 10 monitoring Of adherence ‘© peacebuilding processes and practices in program implementation; transparent, partcpaton and collaborative processes with various program stakeholders; sytem to casure that M&E practice is elective and MAE results conbute towards program improvements and pushing the pencebuilling agen forward ‘Cooperative autonomous and duly registered association of persons, witha common bond of Interest, which have voluntarily joined together to achieve their social, economic and clu needs and aspirations by making equitable conribuions tothe eapital required, patronizing their products and services and accepting fir share of risks and benefits of he underaking ‘The differen types of cooperative include eed, consumer, marketing, advocacy. housing transport, electric, water, health, dairy, fishermen, workers, insurance, cr multipurpose cooperatives? National Government Ageney (NGA) ~ any deparimen, bureau, or office of th national ‘government, or any of is branches and intumentalites, or any politcal subdivision or its insirumentltes, as well a any government owned or controlled corporain, inching ts subsidiaries, or other sel governing board or commission of the government D. OBJECTIVE, In line with the ultimate goal to protect and develop communtis in conflet-ffected and conflcr-vulnerable areas, these Guidelines are being issued by OPAPP to standaedie is processes and mechanisms in acreiting CSOs to allow them to receive pusie funds from ‘OPAPP in order to citer jointly implement a program or project af OPAPP. oF 10 be & beneficiary of «program or project of OPAPP, towards ensuring tha the agency's pograns it Cooeave Fact, eperting CoopraieDevelpment aera he Retain a Resin Fens and projeets are properly, efficiently and effectively aried out in partnership with CSOs, and that funds are properly guarded against misuse and enhancing the contributica of evil society to the comprehensive peace process reflecting a genuine whole of nation approach, GENERAL PRINCIPLES 1, OPAPP shall accredit only legitimate CSOs which are deemed reputable, qualified, and capable 2. Only CSOs duly accredited by the OPAPP may be eligible for trasfer of finds 10 implement programs or projets within the purview of OPAPP. 3. OPAPP shall exercise tanspareney and objectivity in accreting CSOs 4. OPAPP shall establish and exercise adeguate monitoring. reporting and validation ‘mechanisms forall engagements involving CSOs, It shall continue monitoring eporting tnd validating the information and reports supplied by the CSOs even afer accrediation land selection as implementer or beneficiary. 5. OPAPP shall maintain high/qulity standards for accrediation. To this end, OPAPP may modify these guidelines or issue related implementing puelines as may ve necessary. COVERAGE ‘These Guidelines cover CSOs which ae applying for accreditation under OPAPP in order to {oitly deliver OPAPP programs, projects, atvities or components thereof funded under the Gaa. ‘The selection of CSOs by OPAPP, the actual transfer oF funds ffom OPAPP to CSOs, or the liquidation or audit of transfered funds, shall bein accordance withthe existing rules and regulations prescribed by laws, policies, previous circulars of COA, or may be covered by separate Guidelines erated forthe same ‘Ares of interventions under these programs shal be based on respective progam documents The OPAPP's Cestiate oF Accreditation shall be valid fora period of evo (2) yeas from the dt of issuance, unless sooner revoked in accordance wit the provisions of these Guidelines under Section X. COMMITTEE ON CSO ACCREDITATION ‘A Committee for CSO accrediation (CCA) composed oft east three (3) OPAPP Management Commitee members and its Secretariat shall be constituted through the issuance of an office ‘order. They shall be mandated to implement the provisions ofthese Guidelines, The Secretariat, shall be headed by a technical taf with a poston not lower than a Peace Pregram Office IV. In onder to promote transparency’ in the accrediation process, hid party observers such as {CSOs with accreditation from ather NGA, Resident Auditor (COA) and the Deparment of ‘Budget and Management (DBM) shal be ivited to attend meetings of the CCA. Their presence ‘or absence shall be documented i all minutes oF he mestngs. Vill, CRITERIA FOR ACCREDITATION AND DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS ‘The CSO must submit an application attached here as Annex A? wih the necessary supporting documents enumerated hereunder in oder to be ecredite: Criteria Documentary Requiremenis™ Means of Veritiation ‘CSO must have proven lua | » Cenied ive copy of Certificate of Regisvaton evistence ‘with he SEC, CDA, DSWD, DTI, DILG, NAPC, DA, or DOLE, as applicable Certified tue copy ofthe latest Aniles of Incorporation or Aticles of Cooperation, asthe case may be, and by-laws 1 Centfed tue copies of General information ‘Shoes forthe past thee (3) years (sued by che SEC): + Original Certification of No Derogatory Record, crits equivalent, issued not more thin three (3) ‘months before the date of application by the SEC, DA, DSWD, DTI, DILG, DA or DOLE, as the case may be + Certified tue copy of valid and curent Business icense issued by the LGU: ‘Certified true copy of valid and current Centfeste ‘of Registration issued by the BIR: + Certified tre copies of Ausited Financial Repors'Statements a filed withthe BIR, forthe past three (3) years showing the financial Sustainability ofthe CSO; + Ceriied tue copies of Annual Income Tax Rerurns a fled with the BIR for the past three (3) years ‘CSO must have an Wenified |» Duly accomplished Applicaton Form fas ‘membership and leadership and |" prescribed in Arex A ofthis gudelves with defined organizational structure | ‘tached sub annexe) Annex A-1~ Cenifid Checklist Documentary Requirements; = Annex A-2 = Certification Unde- Oath ly hotarzed) = Annex A-3~ Authorization: = Annex A-t~ Data Sheet; = Annes A-3— Certificate of Afiiation (ly hotarzed) = Annex A-6 ~ Cenifcate of Good Standing (Assued not more than three moms before the fate of aplication) ‘© Operational organizational structure which should include: lear description of roles “Non af oeumonay teements ie apd Fae COA-DBM-DSMD foi Resin No, 214401 “Clin or ‘cron of oe Orono a plane sof Gromer Pa Pads AM es Criteria Documentary Requiremens™ ‘Means of Verification Carron holders ofthe postions ath corresponding signatures ~ Address, contact numbers and length of Service in CSO ofeurent holders = List or numberof personnel 4 Clear cerifed ue copy of valid govermment- issued IDs oft least three (3) highest CSO officials (C30 isin good sanding with |» Orighal SWORN CERTIFICATION that the all government agencies from |" CSO is notin defal or delay in qudatng any Which the CSO has received funds received from any government agency‘: Pubic funds nd notin defauit | Original SWORN CERTIFICATION isued by Orin delay in liquidating of the che exeetive officer or equiva office of ‘hese pubic fonds the C50, stating Other related businesses if ny. of the rectors, rstes, offices or key personne! ‘ofthe CSO, and the extent af ovnership therein, = That the C50 is not in deal of delay in Tiguidatng any fund received fom any Government pac = That none of the incorporates, organizers, icecors,wustes,ofces okey personne ofthe CSO isan agent of orf elated within the fourth iil degree of consanguinity oF amin to {Any OPAPP offical involv in the processing ofits accrediation, or Ii. Any ofthe officials ofthe National Government Agency/es) fram which he C50 expects to receive puble funds. ‘That nether the CSO nor any of Is pst or present directors, trusts, oficers orkey personnel has been blacklisted by any Government Agency: ‘+ That acter the CSO nor any ofits pst or present directors, ustees officers or key pevsomel i defendant, respondent or accused in any civil administrative or criminal ease arising from or involving the use of public finds received by the C80: +The following documents in the past hree (3) years: eM Audited faanclal statements and repos = Diselosure of CSO for ther related busines, itany Documentary Requiremens™ Means of Verification Centfication om Philippine Counel for NGO Certification, preferable" CSO must not have any Director, Traste, Omer oF cote personnel related within the fourth evil degree of consanguinity or ality to any ficial involved in the processing of ts accreditation, fr any official ofthe government agency funding or implemeating the program or project tobe implemented by the CSO ‘Original SWORN CERTIFICATION afte CSO) ‘that noe ofits incorporators san oficial of OPAPP and is related by consanguinity or ainity to he our civil degree to any offical of ‘OPAPP, including those involved inthe processing ofits screditation™ Certification of Commitee on CSO Accreditation that no OPAPP official are related w thin the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or afiity withthe CSO Director, Trustee, Offer o other key personnel? Validation ofthe existence or presence ofthe CSO in its Stated address and aca of operations Cocation sketch of the principal adds of he so. Photographs of the principal and satelite offices ofthe CSO Validation report of AMO, where apliable, on the CSOs address and area of operations ‘complete with photographs and geog apie ‘dentfication (geo-tag “The CSO must have proven track record and good standing in implementing peacebuilding programs, projects andor {cts in conflicvaffected “The following documents in the pastes (@) yeu "Signed accomplishment ports of CSOs on projects or prourams implemented and urently implementing = Listandior photographs of projets completed With indication @Famounts and sure of funds = Centtiats of accomplishment = Awards received, iFany Certification of no derogatory record from government agencies for previous programs, rojects andor atvities implemente, indicating the year implemented andthe respecte cost (See Annes C for template)" List of Programs, Projects andor Activities previously implemented or currently being Implemented by the CSO for which he CSO received public funds from any Goverment ‘Agency, certified under eath by the responsible officer ofthe CSO, particularly inctn * Adnan document ht ay sie ite OPAPP 4 io Gani ny {pop npn capt ‘See Ame 8 Suor Coron at oe narra fal of OPAPP adel conan ing tan oie of OPA ‘is: amen eitemen ro be gn ty OPAPP. Se Seco pare is coumonny rome to ene OPAP. Sx Ser aga i) "Ser Amon€ Temp of Ceeos fs began Rest NGA tes eo pgp 1 Crite Documentary Requirenens™ {Means of Verification The Tle ofthe program, projectandlor activity = The Government Agency from which the C50 received public funds The total amount received from the Government Ageney for sui prearam, project, andlor activity The remaining wlguiated, Portion of sid amount, any The satus ofthe projector program = already completed, the date of competion ofthe program, projet andor activity Lis of program, project andioeactivty other than those already incloded inthe previo st he those orohich te CSO did not receve any public “funds fom any Government agency peeviosly Fmplemented within the pas five (3) years oe currently being implemented by the CSO, ‘certified underoath by the response officer of the CSO, paricularly indicating: “Thee ofthe program, project andlor astivity ~ A bret description ofthe progean,projeet, andlor activity ~The commencement date and staus ofthe program, project andor aetiviy ~ [already completed, the dete ofeompletion ofthe projet o program \Weiten intemal Policy of the CSO on monitoring and evaluation system to ensure tat public fads teceived are used forthe intended purpose "The CSO mun have a g00d teack record with International Donor Partners for projects Financed by te same, i thas received finds therefrom Certification of no derogatory revon fom Intemational Donor Parner forthe ast he (3) years! (See Annex D for vemplate)” List of projets implemented forthe Intemational Donor Parnes enumerated by cost |) Projects, ‘vith funding not lower than Php 30 Million: 2) Projects with funding not lower than Php 13 ‘Million; 3) Projects below Php 10 Mition! ‘CSO asa good relationship with loca government units ‘hee CSO project revere implemented Teter ofendorsemeniicerication fom the lead chief execatverMayor or hier repesenative Indicating the projets implemented andthe (CS0'saccomplishmens highiahing their ‘ontibtion to peace and development ofthe ara See Annex E for template)" “Adio rire an documents my be ced dite 0 OPAFP ie proto ancl ieey selrmam inperceton cl sirpemicronstin cy ‘scones Criteria Documentary Roquiremens™ 1 Means of Verification | 1a SWORN CERTIFICATION isued vot ‘mote than three (3) months before te date of| Application bythe Head of ech National Government Agency appearing in he List ‘mentioned above, stating Basic information (tit, cost, ara and year of | Implementation of the | ‘program peojeevaivity that theCSO implemented or is implementing forthe ‘National Government Agency “= That the CSO is nat in defi or deay in liquidating any funds received fram the [National Government Ageney “= That the CSO has no derogatory record with the National Government Agency eneiciary CSOs musthave |» Repor an social preparation conduced by undergone briefing onthe opapp™ progam or project o be Implemented wit he grant of Financial assistance rom ‘OPAPP H, PROCESS OF APPLICATION FOR ACCREDITATION “The flowing procedures shall be abserved inthe accreditation oF SOs: 1, Submission of Documentary Requirements ‘The CSO shall submit to OPAPP the accomplished application form with complete attachments in bth hard and soft cory. ‘The Secretariat shall asses the completeness of the submission upon receipt and Immediately inform the CSO of any deficiencies. Incomplete submision shal not be processed, This step shal tke at most one (1) working dy. ‘Tne CSOs which have been initlly accreted by OPAPP and wish o be aceredited gain after the expiration of is Cetfieate of Accreditation, shall submit updated documents where applicable, In cases where there has been no materal change within the past year, the Executive Ditector or equivalent officer, shall submit an original SWORN CERTIFICATE sang this fac. 2. Initial Processing ‘The Secretariat shall tap the AMOs, ian, inthe area of operation ofthe applicant to valde is existence init stated address, The AMO shall submit validation report on the CSO"s address and area of operations complete with photographs and geographic ‘demication be. The Secretariat shall seck the assistance of the Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO) to assess consanguinity or ainy of CSO officals with any OPAPP officials. The HRMO shal issue a ceriiaton tothe Committee on CSO Accreditation regarding its essessment ‘The Secretariat shall validate the track record of the CSO applicants with national government agencies, donor agencies and local governments, 4. OPAPP shall posta notice atthe OPAPP website notifying the public af the application tnd inviting them to submit to OPAPP sworn statements andior offical reports of any derogatory record or complaints against the Applicant. The Secretaria can receive any Derogatory Report against the Applicat five (3) working days from te posting ofthe © Within two (2) working days fom receipt of any Derogatory Report or compli the Secretariat shall naify the aplicant and diet the applicant to submt within 49 2) ‘working days fom receipt of such directive its comment hereon, {The Secretariat shall prepare all documensineluding pertinent indngs for presentation to the Commitee on CSO Accreditation not later than ten (10) working dys fom deadlines set above, 3. Committee Mecting’s 1, The Secretariat may cll fora meeting when there are at lest sw9 (2) applications for (C50 accreditation oF when the exigency of the service calls for i, a cerified by the Commitee b. A majority of the Commitee members shall constiute @ quorum for conducting business “The Secretariat shall present the application forms and the assessment Findings tothe Committee on CSO Accreditation. 44, The Committee shall assess and decide on preliminary findings regarding the qualifications of the CSO. The Commitee may’ requir the Seeretarat to do further assessment ofthe CSO and submit additional report, ©, The Seccetarat shall provide the minutes ofthe meeting to all Commie members one (1) day ater the meeting, atthe latest. 4. Preliminary Findings 4 The Committee, though the Secretariat, shall inform the CSO, through formal communication, of ts peeliminary Findings. This stage shall be the venue forthe CSO to respond to findings that may affect ther accreditation, '. The Commie shal allow them at most five working (S) days t9 respond, The Secretariat shall submit further reports othe Committe. This step may take five (3) working days, 5, Certification of CSO Accreditation ‘4 Ifthe Committe finds there is sufiient evidence for the qualification of & CSO for accreditation, then-the-Committe- recommends the signing of the Cerificate of ‘Acereitation othe Secretary, , Inthe eases of CSOs with compromising findings but for which suffc en evidence has ‘been provided to counter sich claims, the Commitee may proceed 10 the recommendation of the signing ofthe Cerificate of Accreditation. Ifthe CSO was tunable to sufficiently counter the compromising findings the Commitee shall proceed to recommend the CSO's non-accreditation, © The Commit shal submit a report tothe Secretary containing its recommendation forthe awarding of Ceriestes of Accreditation to gualifed CSO applicants who have succesfully passed the aceredtation process and issue letters of nowaceredtation 10 Applicant CSOs that didnot pass the acreitation proces. The Sceeary sh Signatory ofthe Cemtiticates of Accreditation and the leners of non-aceredi 6. Delivery and Documentation 1. The Secretariat shall facilitate the delivery ofthe Cetificate of Accretion or Leer cof nonaccreitation tothe CSO. b, All accredited CSOs andthe dates of fsuance and expiration of acretation and ther relevant information shall be published inthe OPAPP website 3 days fom the issuance ofthe Cerifiate of Accreditation, ‘c. The Secretariat shall maintain a database and safekeep all records and documents submited in relation to the CSO acereitation process ineluding OPAPP validation and assessments, minutes of the meetings, and isued Cerifiates of Accreditation and Letters of non-acreditation, ‘Annex F provides flow chat ofthese processes fr reference, 1. REVOCATION OF ACCREDITATION” 1. Grounds for Revocation ‘A Cenificate of Accreditation may be revoked onthe basis of any ofthe folowing grounds: 4. Misrepresentation in, falsification of, any document submitted in support of the application for accreditation. b. Pailure by the CSO, during the validity period ofthe Certificate of Accreditation, to comply with the tes of reference stated onan agreement with OPAPP involving the transfer of government or public funds, including default or delay in guiding ny finds received from any national government agency, {Violation by the CSO, during the validity period ofthe Certicate of Accreditation, of any la, rule oF regulation involving the use of government or publie funds received fiom OPAPP, <4, Bankruptcy and insolveney ofthe CSO. & Revocation, cancellation or expiration ofthe principal or any secondary registration of the CSO, or of any material censor permit required bythe CSO to operate, 2. Revocation Proceedings ‘4. Initiation, Revocation Proceedings shal be initiated when the Commitee discovers or receives an Official Report or Sworn Complaint from any individualforganization alleging any ofthe abovestated grounds for revocation Explanation. Within thece (3) working days fom the ination ofthe Revocation of Proceedings the Commie shall send a Notice othe concered CSO informing them about the complaint and the respective ground. The CSO shall be given three (3) ‘working days from receipt of Natice to respond to the complaints through a Sworn Explanation ¢ Hearing. Within five (5) working days from receipt of the Sworn Explanation, the ‘Commitee may hold « Hearing inviting thereto the following: |. The author of the Official Report oF Sworn Complaint if the Revocation Proceedings were inated by the complainant, or the Secretariat the Revocation Proceedings were iitiated by the discovery of the Commitee, present evidence and arguments in favor ofthe revocation li, ‘The concered CSO ~ to present evidence and arguments aginst revocation iit_Any other resource person's, as may be deemed necessary 10 povide additonal information material the proceedings iv, If the CSO belongs 10 a group, network, federation, coalition and the fike a representative fom suc, to at as an observer 4. Recommendation. Within five (5) working days from the Heating, or from P reject, Projects” and ies ‘Activites Provide top. thee (and show ‘kscrpon Names of Members of the [2 fot year as Board Trustees [3 mnember of Wh formation on a Board of profssionel [3 teantee background. Membership iw = [7 nctvork. andor fssocation of (umbreti) C805 Proritze z renorissciato # of eam of reed fo Pece- Members bun Transparency and Accom Gee Governance, Contrsctve Engagement wih Government _ ‘Aisi CSOs Provide dackgroind on agement and of years of prone ¢SOr ie ‘related to Peace- | bung. Tronpareney and Account, Goad" Governance, Constructive Engagement with Gosernment ‘Engagement im [[i_Formulaton/Review of Plan/Budget any Local [ Research, Data Collection, Validation Governance sndioe Analysis Initiative Capacity development of LGU personnel Social Preparation of loel communities” people's organizations 4 of years of| Implementation of programs, projects | Engagement andlor activities Monitoring and Evaluation of programs, projects ander activites T Others, please ‘spe ‘Engagement iw |) PAMANA Third Panty Monitoring (TPM any Peace-building [[7 Peacemaking and Conilict Resolution (i Initiative Dialogues, » Community Consultations, se) T Peace-bulding and Development Programs (ie. implementation of PAMANA projects, capacity. building, community organizing ete.) 1 of years of| Tntegration of Former Rebels Ge. CLIP, & | Ron earner CLIP.) T Peace Advocacy (Peace Month Celebration Activities, | Am For Peace ‘Campaign, Peace Education, et.) TH Monitoring and Evaluation of Peace building Programs Totes, Pie pei Government [7 — Ageneylies from) 2 ‘whieh the) 3 Organization expects receive public funds ‘Busines Permit | No- Valid Una “Ageney (SEC, CDA) Principal No. Reeitration | Date Repinared [Roney Secondary No. pecerecen, Date Registered ‘Name of Head Designation ‘Contact Person Tax Identification Na. of SO Head ANNEX B-1 ‘Ach to this Application Form the fol 1g documents and input the corresponding details SUPPORTING DOCUMENT DATE OF ISSUANCE, / DOCUMENT DATE, NUMBER OF PAGES) SHEETS ‘Operational management suture which should clude ‘© Clear description of roles (© Current holders of the positions with corresponding signatures 1 Address, contact numbers and length of service in (C50 of current holders .o_List or numberof personnel Dita Sheet with the names, adresses, coniact details and photographs ofthe current directors, tustes, officers and key personnel of the CSO (Must also submit as attachment tothe datasheet the clear photocoples of vad -governmentissued IDs of all listed eure directors, trustees, officers and key personne) Certification of Registration ftom at Teast one of the following: SEC, DSWD, CDA, DOLE, DTI, DILG, NAPC Specify issuing office: Certified uue copy of Resolufon of the CSOs governing board authorizing the CSO to apply for accreditation and the individual actually filing the application to act on bohaf ofthe CSO. ‘Authenticated Copy af Aviles of Incorporation! ‘Cooperation and By-Laws cation sketch ofthe prinéipal address ofthe CSO, ‘Photographs ofthe principal and satellite offices of the (CSO (Printed and eletroni copies) Certified tree copy of Cerificate of Afifiaton Tsued by the responsible officer of any umbrella organization, federation, coalition and the like, to which the CSO may belong if applicable ‘Audited fnanfal sateen Work and financial plan and sources and deals of| proponents equity Disclosure of CSO for ater related business Certification from Philippine Council for NGO Centficaion, if any ‘Signed accomplishment reports of CSO-on projecis or programs implemented and currently implementing Tist andlor photographs of projess completed with indication of source of funds Original Cenitiate of Good Standing issued not more than three (3) months before the date of application by the responsible officer of any umbrella organization, federation, coalition andthe like, © which the CSO may belong. if applicable Certificates of accomplishment ‘Awards received, ifapplicable Certification of no derogatory record fom goverment agencies Certification of no derogatory record fom Intemational Donor Agencies Endorsement from Local Government ExeoutvelMayor indicating the projects implemented and accomplishments ‘Sworn affidavit of the CSO that none of is incoeporators is related by consanguinity or affinity tothe fourth eivl