Significant Events in America

America has been a country consumed with controversy since even before its very beginning. When the Europeans first came to America in search of a new unpopulated land, they found that it was highly populated with a type of people whom they knew nothing about. The Native American, some peaceful, some volatile and yet they were greeted here on this land by a peaceful people who were just as curious about them as the Europeans were in their land. United States history began when the first Europeans came and settled here among the natives many centuries ago and has progressed into what we see and know today. Through many deaths, wars and changes our country was transformed into what we now know as the United States of America. The economical trade that began here many years ago was trading something of value for something else of value, until both parties involved were satisfied. The country began in a time of peace and then it changed and became wartime. The seasons repeated much like they are repeating themselves today with peace and war over and over again. It seems that we have not learned as much as our leaders would like to think that we have learned from past mistakes.

Beginning of the Cold War

After World War II, the United States soldiers returned stateside to open arms and benefits that they had never known. America, the people, supported their soldiers a hundred and ten percent. The American Soldier was the superhero of all time. They had put their lives on the line for their country and by doing so had created a kindred spirit across the nation. The American women, who were left behind, had a newfound opinion of themselves. They had become the glue that held the country together, by sacrificing and putting our soldiers needs before their own; they had scrimped and saved what they could. When our soldiers returned, given opportunities previously reserved for only the wealthy and most elite Americans. They were able to go to college to get good jobs and help stimulate the economy through hard work and not sitting around waiting for the government to help them out.

President Eisenhower brought his own conservative religious ideals into the presidency with him. He was born into a poor family one of seven children and was raised with a hard work ethic and strong religious traditions. (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2009) He felt that he knew what the founding fathers had desired for this country and fought to make this country live up to them. He lived the golden rule of thinking about others before himself and wanted to make sure that everybody was taken care of, but not at the expense of the taxpayers or the working class. He wanted people to help themselves out of poverty.

The United States felt that they had gained the reputation of being able to step in and step up. friend and neighbor. It was perhaps the longest war that has ever been but it was only a war of tense feelings and threats. 2009). When the Vietnam Veteran came home there were no welcome home soldier parties. You never knew if one would come running into the middle of you with bombs attached to themselves and you had to think fast and make split decisions. Any countries that had been devastated during wartime then could ask the United States to step in to give aid to make sure that the Soviet Union could not exploit the conditions. Other countries who wished to remain free or who wanted to remain free were told that they would have the full force of the United States military to back them up in remaining free. the government came in and made a deal with employers that if they would hire a Vietnam Vet. then the government would pay half their salary for a year. The Vietnam Veterans were ostracized in our society. According to Gilbert King. (G. Most of these young men had to learn how to kill women and children because these same women and children were walking time bombs.The Nuclear Age brought suspicions to a full alert and everyone. Kill or be killed was their daily mantra. His wife worked for the same company and she made more money than he did after working the same amount of time. People were afraid of what could happen if either the Soviet Union or the United States forced their hand. most barely out of their teenage years were sent to their deaths by the thousands. more than 50. VIETNAM WAR The Vietnam War was never actually supposed to be a war it was. it was difficult for them to find employment. a military policing action that went deadly wrong. was on their toes. they came home and most had to hang their heads in shame because they were so looked down upon. 2009) Mr. September 6. The American people were beginning to lose faith in their government and yet they continued to look for another person who could lead them all out of this mess. but the beginning nonetheless. (Encyclopaedia Britannica. the Soviet Union and the Americans agreed to a standoff but they have watched each other very carefully even until now. King. This was the beginning of the Cold War as we know it today. During the Cold War. The Vietnam Veterans were scapegoats for the government. their government essentially held up their hands and disowned the blood that was shed because of their own bullying attributes. When the Vietnam Veterans came home. Young men. they were not held in any esteem because of their deeds while in Vietnam. personal communication. around the globe. the beginning of the end some may say. there were no victory dances. When they did what was asked of them and what was their duty. for all intended purposes. . There were no actual battles that took place during it and it lasted more than 40+ years. 2009) The United States had bombed Hiroshima and even scared themselves into wondering what the future may hold for all of us. It was controversial to say the least and dehumanizing at its worst. King talked about how degrading it was when he was unable to support his family as the head of his home. It was not until 1973 that a cease-fire agreement was finally signed but at a heavy cost.000 men and women had already been sacrificed in the jungles of Vietnam.(Encylopaedia Britannica.

but courts forced him to hand over tape recordings showing that he tried to distract the investigation. now felt disillusioned and let down after finding out that their leader was involved in something so scandalous. People began to believe in their leadership again.(2009?) He was the first American President to resign from office. where he questioned the legitimacy of the Soviet government he accused the Soviet Union of being an evil empire and the focus of evil in the modern world . More of an order than a request. It was because of this man and his values that people began to relax a little and start believing that the United States would remain a leader of nations. Some would say that he was a scapegoat in that he took on the responsibility of the men who were directly underneath him. . but others would also say that he should have known better. President Nixon announced his resignation. The American public. 1974. He was feeling the heat of being impeached so he resigned his post as the leader of the American public so that healing could begin in America. speaking. 1974. 2009) Reaganomics President Reagan known to some as the turnaround for the United States. Most people who were alive to see it and hear it will always hear those powerful words echoing throughout history. he was the only president who ever had been a former movie actor. According to EncyclopaediaBritannica on May 19. seemed to bring his charismatic charm from the big screen to the big house. President Reagan was anticommunism at its best. Known as the Great Communicator. President Reagan took his new role to a whole new level in addressing communism and socialistic values. It was his policies. Gorbachev. he tried very hard to get people involved to keep it under wraps that he was a part of it. Illegal wire-tapping that was ordered by President Nixon had left the American public in a feeling of loss of rights and privacy which is supposed to be upheld by the President of the United States. and being able to get people to change their minds from their original thought processes to his way of thinking. the most deceitful of all American presidents or at least the most careless in being caught brought the beginning of the end to American Pride. Tear down these walls. Known for his eloquent way of talking. while he was in office that have been credited with the demise of communism in the Soviet Union. It was during his time in office that things began to change. two years after his first press conference.Nixing of Nixon President Richard Nixon. Mr. President Nixon had declined any knowledge in the break-in at Watergate. the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives began hearing evidence regarding a possible impeachment proceeding and August 8. (Encyclopaedia Britannica. who had cheered on their previous leaders.

There have been a few in the last fifty years who truly did want to see this nation become the greatest nation on earth and did have the best interest of the American public in their ideas. it began on February 24. In Encyclopaedia Britannica. There is only one way to turn this around and there are just not enough people who are willing to stand up for what is right. One cannot help but wonder exactly why it is that if a country who seems to be so over the top feels the need to look down their noses at other countries. 1991 and lasted only a 100 hours when our troops had regained control of Kuwait and disabled most of the Iraqi army. (Encyclopaedia Britannica. Almost hypocritical. from Encyclopaedia Britannica Online: . but any casualty of war is really not minimal or minor at all.Operation Desert Storm It seems that throughout America s entire history we have been plagued with wars and rumors of wars. Retrieved October 3. The Persian Gulf War was not much different than any other war that American has been involved in. America the Great is fast becoming a thing of the past and it looks as though that biblical prophecy is coming true whether anybody wants to admit it or not. American at one time had it all but because they have decided to fall away from the principles that this great country was founded on we are on our way out. 2009) It was probably one of the shortest wars in history. The next ten years will be suspenseful and eventful for the United States of America. 2009) We had sustained only minimal casualties to our own army. It is heart breaking to those that are left behind. (Encyclopaedia Britannica. seems that America has decided that they know what is best for other countries regardless of whether or not they have been asked. I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. While it may be true for any great nation that is how they became great by not sitting on their haunches and waiting for someone else to do something. New Living Translation Bible) References Cold War. The American people have made a habit for the last several years of electing officials who are not good leaders and who do not have the best interest of the general populace but are more concerned with having their names in the history books than being what America needs. because we have treated other countries the same way. Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. Saddam Hussein had decided to invade and occupy Kuwait to gain control of their oil reserves and to cancel the debt that Iraq owed Kuwait. 2009.(2009).(2 Chronicles 7:14.

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