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Perhaps the most distinctive skill of professional marketers is their ability to create, maintain, protect, and enhance brands. Branding is the art and cornerstone of marketing. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as: a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Thus a brand denitrifies the seller or maker. ³What distinguished a brand from its unbranded commodity counterparts is the consumer¶s perceptions and feelings about the product¶s commodity counterparts is the consumer¶s perceptions and feelings about the product¶s attributed and how they perform. Ultimately, a brand resides in the minds of consumers. A brand can be better positioned by a associating its name with desirable benefits. A brand is much more than a name, logo, colors, a tagline, or symbol . These

are marketing tools tactics. A brand is essentially a marketer¶s promise to deliver a specific set of feature, benefits and services consistently to the buyers. The marketer must establish a mission for the brand and a vision of what the brand must be and do. Brand nodding occur when customers experience the company as delivering on its benefit promise. The fact is that brands are not built by advertising but by the brand experience. Brands vary in the amount of power and value they have in the marketplace. At one extreme are brands that are not known buy must buyers then there are brands for which buyers have a fairly high degree of brand awareness. Beyond this are brands with a high degree of brand acceptability.


We define brand equity as the positive differential effect that knowing the brand name has on customer response to the product or service. Brand equity results in customers showing a preference for one product over another when they are basically identical. The extent to which customers are willing to pay more for the particular brand is measure of brand equity. A brand needs to be carefully managed a so that its equity does not depreciate. This requires maintaining or improving brand awareness, perceived quality and functionality, and positive associations. These tasks require continuous R and D

investment, skillful advertising, and excellent trade and consumer service.


IMPORTENCE OF THE STUDY The motive of the any company is to generally acquire larger market share high % of sales the Industry, This could be only achieved by building a higher % of brand loyal customers. Any company can survive through there is a stiff computational the market if its has brand loyal customer. Today many major companies in the market if its has brand loyal customers. To day many major companies in the market try to maintain and improve there branded equity. With out creating a proper Brand awareness they cannot build brand image. Strong brands help build the corporate image and also by making it eager for the companies launch new brands. Today brands are treated, as major enduring assets of a company-more over brand equity are major contributor to customer equity. This all can happen only there is proper brand awareness. The light four wheeler industry has been expanding rapidly are gone the day when possessing a small and mid-size cars was seen as a luxury. Now days it is viewed s a mere necessity.


The survey was especially focused on existing Santro owners for finding how they are influenced by the brand and what made them aware of the brand. After the survey was done the data was analyzed and also relevant suggesting were made in order to improve its brand awareness towards Santro 5|Page . This especially included how a customer regally evaluate recognizes the brand and what position particular brand occupies in the customer mind. The survey was confined only to Hyundai customers to presently posses only Santro.SCOPE OF THE STUDY The overall scope of the present study considers all the variables and factors that have major impact over the customers in considering particular brands. The project has been done in Visakhapatnam city only. This includes how a customer gets attracted towards the brands and what makes a brand highly significant over their competitive brand. The study includes how hand awareness among potential customers can be maintained and improves.

Around 100 potential customers were surveyed to understand the customer¶s attitude in evaluating the after soled services rendered by KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt. By going through their corporate records.. few of them are corporate managers also. The details about the four-wheeler market are collected from a few specialized magazines like Auto India etc. Many of these persons interested are either businessmen or professionals. Using a well-structured Questionnaire provided by the company collects primary data. The secondary data is collected from KETAN HYUNDAI Hyundai ltd. Ltd. All the persons interviewed were in the age group above 25 years. 6|Page . It has been deliberately decoded to conduct the survey among this age group because they are the people who are generally looking ahead for the purchase of a fourwheeler apart from the existing two-wheeler.METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY The study is conducted empirically using both primary and secondary data. brochures and annual reports of the company along with their newsletters were used to substantiate the information.

Provided by Hyundai motors ltd. price. PRIMARY DATA: Primary data has been collected through questionnaires. 3. The questionnaire was mostly related to the brand awareness towards Santro of the customers on different feature such as the model. 4.SOURCES OF DATA: The data has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. 2. to get information regarding the organization and products. Reports Pamphlets Advertisement Customer database Newspapers Internet 7|Page . effectiveness of the brand etc. 5. 6. SECONDORY DATA: Secondary data has been taken from bellow sources: 1.

. 8|Page . SAMPLESIZE: The sample size of 100 is selected from the database of the company. The study requires on in depth survey and teen observation in collecting data regarding the brand awareness levels of Hyundai customers. In this technique. Visakhapatnam city only are taken as target population for the study. SAMPLING TECHINIQUE: Only simple random sampling technique is adopted in selection the sample. the customers of Hyundai motors Ltd.types of data required for study and other sources of data are identified. each and every unit of the population has on equal opportunity of being selected in the sample DATA COLLECTION PROCESS: Based on need and objectives .SAMPLING: Out of few lakes of Hyundai customers spread all over India.

9|Page . To find out the market potential for Hyundai cars ( Santro). 7. 4. Magazines etc OBJE T VE The st has been conducted with the following objecti es in mind: 1.Data was collected with the help of the questionnaires Obseration Primary Data Questionnaire News Letters Documents Data Inside the Organi ation Secondary Data Outside the Organi ation Libraries. To know how maintain and improve brand awareness build brand loyalty. To know what position does the brands has in the minds of customers. 3. What factors and variables of brand influence them to purchase. To know level of satisfaction about the brand awareness ( Santro) offered by Hyundai. To know how brand awareness made customer to purchase product (Hyundai car) 2. 6. To know how they became aware of the brand (Santro) 5.

10 | P a g e . The awareness levels of the customers may change from time to time and so there is a possibility of changes in the research results. could not be contracted. Due to lack of time all customers. Ignorance etc.. Few customers refused to respond or could not respond appropriately due to Lack of time. 4. it suffers from the following limitations. As the project is a simple sample study and is confined to 100 customers only. if may or may not pictures the entire customer feelings. 2. The study has been restricted to Visakhapatnam city only. 3.LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Even though the project has been done without most car. 1.

CHAPTER ² 2 INDUSTRY PROFILE  History of the Automobiles  Automobiles History in World Scenario  Automobiles History in Indian Scenario  Automobiles History 1967 11 | P a g e .

In 1900. motor vehicles before 1905. In this year PANCHARD and LEVAMOR in France also developed a car with minor executions incorporated the chief features of the automobile as we know it today. GOTTLEEF DAIMLETpatented an internal combustion engine. In 1895. many of the great names around which the world¶s largest manufacturing industry was to be built in America had already begin to manufacture the automobile vehicle. In 1906.INDUSTRY PROFILE In 1769. four-seatwork vehicle fitted with steam engine. franking and peerless were also important at that time in the technical and commercial development of the motor vehicle. 12 | P a g e . white. It was a three-wheeler. Maxwell. for 15 minute. Auto car ±Oldsmobile.HAYNES in America developed experimental automobile.P. It attained a peed of about 21/2 M. Pierce-arrow. the European designers were also active in the development of automobile. bulk overland. CHARLES E.. locomotive. all these names were.H. In 1885-86. cadillanc etc. In 1880. a French engineer CAPTIN NICHOLAS built the first load the vehicle propelled by its own power. In 1885. Packard. Benz in Germany built a tricycle propelled an internal combustion engine. The design of the automobile so improved that it awakened the public to the fact that it was new form of transportation.DURYES and ELWOOD and J. In 1890-95. ford. German & French efforts developed of this vehicle.

Locomotive. Maxwell. In 1895. In this year pan chard and elevator in French also developed a car with motor execution and incorporated. Ford. Duryes and Elwood and J. Bent in Germany built a tricycle propelled by an internal combustion engine in Germany In 1885-86. the design of the automotive was so improved that it awakened the public to the fact that this new form of the transportation was really practical form.Haynes in America developed an experimental automobile. In 1900. The present day automobile is the development of this vehicle. In1906. In 1880. all these names were on motor vehicles before 1905. Bulk Overland. Gottlief Daimlet patented an internal combustion engine in Germany. housed on to a sliding gear transmission and incorporated brake pedal clutch and accelerator. a French Engineer Captain Nicholas built the first load vehicle propelled by its own power. while. In 1890-95. In 1895. It attained a speed of about 2 Y2 MPH for 15 minutes. Charles E. pierce-Arrow..HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILES IN WORLD SCENARIO In 1769. the chief features of the automobile as we know it today. The European designers were also active in the development of the automobiles. Cadillac-C etc. autocarolds mobile. 13 | P a g e . European designers purchased from France had the engine placed in front of chassis. German & French efforts developed an internal combustion engine vehicle. In 1885. many of the great name around which the world¶s largest manufacturing industry was to be built in America had already begin to manufacture the automobile vehicle Packard. It was a three-wheeler four-seater vehicle fitted with steam engine.

the passengers car chassis construction has been forced to shape itself tore-designed bodies. easier to drive. automatic transmission and many other newer features are in the today¶s car. use of now materials and hundred¶s of other changes have been made. The diesel engine was invented only a few years after the spark ignition engine car had engine in the years had provided the owner with cars that are afe. body-chassis problems now get simultaneous consideration to a greater than even before. Engines were also located in the chassis . four wheel hydraulic breaks. more reliable and comfortable. independent front wheel suspension. The designers tried to produce a vehicle which will function at all times under all conditions and which were comfortable to ride and easy operate. In this period the major improvements were made in very carry feature. while in the field of truck design. The sliding gear transmission had established itself as predominant. higher power. high compression ration. Fluid play wheels. there was a gradual change and refinement in automobile design It was clear by that the spark ignition gasoline engine was the power plant of the modem motor vehicle water-cooled engines were almost universal. In 1920. 14 | P a g e . freewheeling over drives. In recent years.Franking and peerless were also important in that time in the technical and commercial development of the motor vehicle. The puppet value was used in almost every engine design. Increased life of tires.

This tradition has been necessitated by the entrances of MNC¶s by the infusion of modern technology. The major auto manufacturers are well aware of the galloping growth rate and most of them have rushed to set up company in India to slice of the potentially gigantic market.AUTOMOBILES IN INDIAN SCENARIO One of the most visible signs of entry of automobile multinational companies (MNC¶s) into India is the hue of multi colored cars seen on Indian roads. The Indian automobile industry is at the threshold of a transition that will affect all the segments from two wheelers to tractors. The truth is that their entry has led to far reaching changes in both manufacturing marketing of automobiles. 15 | P a g e . This is likely to be felt more intensively in passenger car segments than in other segments in the industry with a 25% present growth of $8 billion. of courses this does not mean that the changes effected but those MNC¶s are only cosmetic. The transition has been necessitated by the entrance of international companies accompanied by the infusion of modem technology. In the coming years all segments in the industry will face challenges on account of either over supply price was or a shifty in consumers preferences. The major automobile industry is one of the fasted growing world. Indian automobile is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. While elsewhere in the world survival for automakers depended on introduction of cars with better technology at that time was a mute spectator to all these technological advances were protected and monopolist regime. These manufactures continued to maintain their monopoly as to regulations then exist in the country did not permit any reputable automobile manufacturer to establish company here.

before liberalization. So. is emerging as a driving force for the engineering sector with almost all the global leaders in the industry setting up a company in India. it will at once jump out. hey never realized that they are nearing death. It is regarded by the government as a sector that drives an entire economy.The automobile industry long stifled in the era of the controls. There is an old saying´ take a pan with some water. This is likely to be felt more intensively in the passenger car segments of the industry. The trend in India is being changed by the so-called statues. It was only after the liberalization they realized. the result is upgrade in the salad of cars in India which was pretty low. 16 | P a g e . need and necessary the people who previously went on bikes now go on cars not just one particular car but a variety of choicer among them.´ Indian industries are in a similar situation. put frog in it and start heating it. The automobile not only an issue of consumption. In the coming years all segments in the industry will face challenges on account of either over supply price wars or a shift in consumers preferences. frog will never realize that with the rise in temperature in is nearing its death but if you put the frog in a pan of hot water.

H. announced an economic policy package and initiated measures which may be said to have brought about a qualitative change in the pattern of government business relationship and statically altered the character of business of environment. 17 | P a g e . Very soon one can expect a multitude of years specially designed and priced for Indians to hit the market. a French engineer CAPTIN NICHOLAS built the first load the vehicle propelled by its own power. The new competitors are offering product technologies that are far more advanced than the Maruti of 80¶s vintage. India opened it¶s gated to foreign investors who were seriously looking fore untapped markets to prop up the sagging global passenger car segment. the Government of India. Most of this automobile MNC¶s entered into joint ventures with existing Indian automobiles manufacturer and simply used up the existing facilities to assemble their cars. domestic product markets are being increasingly subjected to forces of competition. 1991 that the liberalization of economic policy started in real terms. So. It attained a peed of about 21/2 M. Many say that competition brings out the best in the people posing challenges for all the old and new in the automobile industry.LIBERALIZATION POLICY In 1991. In 1880. It was a three-wheeler. German & French efforts developed of this vehicle. the entry of Mac¶s into the Indian protected market created a wide range of choice for the buyers with latest models for the ultimate satisfaction of the customers. for 15 minute. It was in July.P. In1769. With the entry of MNC¶s and growth of foreign companies. four-seatwork vehicle fitted with steam engine.

cadillanc etc. In 1890-95. franking and peerless were also important at that time in the technical and commercial development of the motor vehicle.HAYNES in America developed experimental automobile.DURYES and ELWOOD and J. Maxwell. In 1900. the European designers were also active in the development of automobile. many of the great names around which the world¶s largest manufacturing industry was to be built in America had already begin to manufacture the automobile vehicle. Benz in Germany built a tricycle propelled an internal combustion engine. all these names were. white.. CHARLES E. Packard. Pierce-arrow. In 1895. motor vehicles before 1905. In 1906. Auto car ±Oldsmobile. GOTTLEEF DAIMLETpatented an internal combustion engine. In 1885-86. In this year PANCHARD and LEVAMOR in France also developed a car with minor executions incorporated the chief features of the automobile as we know it today. locomotive. 18 | P a g e . ford. The design of the automobile so improved that it awakened the public to the fact that it was new form of transportation.In 1885. bulk overland.

After important attempts and negotiations with some countries. The construction of the Uslan Dockyard started under the command of Honarary Chairman Chung Ju Yong and was completed in 2 years and 3 months. since its opening in 1983 it concentrated on the HITECH industry. We have to acquire a new knowledge before others and we have to do what others cannot do. The ceremony for the completion and the christening ceremony for the 2 ships order were held together. This challenge received cold reaction from developed countries when Hyundai asked them for funds and technology which were necessary for the construction of a dockyard. This record of simultaneous ceremonies remains as a unique event in the history of ship building industry. With all these achievements it has staged itself a long side world wide business giants with its extended operations in the fields of Hyundai Industries Companies LNG carries Hyundai precision and industry company. They judged Korea to be a weak country to carry the ship building industry. a magnetic levitation trains and Hyundai Electronics Company to name a few. ELECTRONICS (1983): High technology is the key to success in 21st century business world. 19 | P a g e . Honarary Chairman Chung Ju Yong again made a challenge to the ship building industry. Hyundai Dockyard Company Limited was later renamed as Hyundai Heavy Industry Company Limited and has been persistently playing the pivotal role in domestic heavy industry.HEA Y INDUSTRIES With strengthened self-confidence thanks to straight success in construction and automobiles. Hyundai finally borrowed loan amounting to 100 million US dollars from British and Swiss bank. Its efforts were specially focused on semiconductor production technology and development of latest technologies as a result it has grown into the top corporation in the industry.

1 Corporation in the world. The Asian Foundation was found in 1977 for such public undertaking Honorary Chairman Chung Ju Yong invested private funds work of 50 billion in the foundation which was a portion in the medical care. The Hyundai Group which has the top in Korea not being satisfied with it made all arrangement for growing into the No. Hyundai encourages the young people who give up their dreams due to financial difficulty.1 only when its returns its profits to the society. OTHER ACTI ITIES: The top corporation is not obsessed with its growth. Honorary Chairman Chung Ju Yong has also been the president of Federation of Korean Industries in 1977 and held this title for the longest period among all the other presidents. The new chairman of the group Chung Mong Koo in 1996 declared value management to enhance its value through the services reduced by the company to service in the age of limitless competition. Korea held the 88 Seoul Olympics successfully and had a chance to upgrade its position in the world. In this way the Hyundai Group has been active and persistent in research activities playing the role of locomotive for the progress of Korean Economy. 20 | P a g e . It also founded Mabukri Research Institutes.Hyundai Electronics Company Limited recorded over 80% annual growth rate on average. The Hyundai Group has been taking the initiative in giving the profits back to the society. Honorary chairman Chung Ju Gang was also appointed as the chairman of Seoul Olympic committee in 1981 which were held in Nagoya city in Japan. scholarships and cultural projects besides that Asian Education Foundation includes Hyundai Middle School. Hyundai High School and University of Uslan in dedicating itself to educating young people full of dreams who will lead the future. devoting himself to the development of Korean economy. A corporation can become the No.

K Customers give top marks to Accent¶s reliability.It further extends its business operations to the space and aircraft steel and Banking sectors. Hyundai Santro. Hyundai has a p resence in 168 countries across the world. Hyundai Group is actively investing in the development of product and technologies. encouraging all directions and employees to work in concert. HMC to expand the Hyundai name in Turkey. Hyundai shines at the Moscow motor show. Hyundai group preparing to meet the advancement of Korean economy into other countries and to become a world corporation dedicated to human welfare and happiness.24 billion. U. The corporate philosophy of the company is to develop mutually beneficial relationship with nations and communities. GLOBAL NEWS: Hyundai¶s Accent named ³ Best Value´ by US Consumers. 21 | P a g e . With strong emphasis on performance safety and product quality. Hyundai Motor Company that was set up in 1967 as a part of Hyundai business group of South Korea. Santro Fe proves excellence at the Crete test drive. Hyundai Motor India Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of $8. which can be used for the societal development. Hyundai reveals its newest concept car at the Paris Motor show. Hyundai Group repeated its growth even during the age of constructions with the indomitable Hyundai spirit of the past half-century and it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1997. Peak of popularity in the Indian market. Hyundai on its way to build its second plant in China.

Rather it has become a battle field for it is witnessing cut throat competition between the world from this brands like FORD. Infact the leading market leader MARUTI has lost a sizable crunch of its market share from a magical mesmerizing 80% to 66.K. 1998. HONDA. The manufacturing style of Hyundai Santro has not been the same as Maruti Udyog. The manufacturing process begins with coiled steel arriving from South Korea. The first Hyundai Santro was launched on October 20.2% during the same period. 22 | P a g e .GM. Y.S. This shows a commitment to the Indian customer and Indian auto industry.D kits for the first Maruti 800. The face of the industry has changed to such an extent just a decade age one would fail to recognize it as the Indian auto industry. Today the Indian market does not witness just as Ambassador Fiat competition. This is due to volcanic increase in the number of the vehicles of all categories and all types of the vehicles. Hyundai plant was setup in Sriperambundur. TOYOTA. as locally available steel cannot be effective. which initially imported C.O ER IEW OF THE INDIAN CAR MARKET Automobile industry in India is currently experiencing demand for the vehicles of different types. The entire auto industries in India rely on imported steel to manufacture vehicle body structure. This is the sectors of the economy which benefited greatly by globalization and liberalization. The reason for this is the Indian economy which was closed till then. Santro was set to be the best package for the budget car buyer.KIM (Yang. HYUNDAI. The Korea and Indian Engineers pore their efforts for the efforts for the production Santro prototypes. Soo. 30km outside Chennai in a record time.Kim) is the Managing Director of Hyundai Motor India. MERCEDES.

The success rate of the former teaches us what good marketing and advertising of a good product can achieve. The advent of the two Korean giants HYUNDAI¶S SANTRO and DAEWOO¶S MATIZ marks an important turn in the Indian car scenario. The reasons for Hyundai rapid implementation were wholly owned subsidiary HMI could speed up the decision making process. Even the market leader cannot take its market share and the customers The changing tastes and loyalty of the customers and subsequently the ultra competition nature of the auto market. It did not have to conduct a local partner which might have slowed things down. Santro is just in months has become prime competitive for the car segment.The assemble of the car is mostly manual HMI has set up a allimem foundry on site to produces cast components like cylinder heads and gear box casings. This points towards two things the market has become competitive and dynamic 1. 23 | P a g e . 2.

HISTORY OF PASSENGER CARS IN INDIA: The passenger car in India has been considered as luxury item. There were just 3 major players namely Hindustan motors. The late 70¶s saw a movement to produce a people car an attempt to bring the less rich into the fold of the more fortunate ones. In recent years passenger¶s car chassis construction has been forced to shape itself redesigned bodies. While in the field of truck design. There were other players in other segments like the Wily Jeep and Mahindra & Mahindra offerings. The Ambassador and the Fiat were the front-runners with the coming of the third.HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY A number of players have come in the car industry in few years. In the 50¶s and 60¶s owning a car was the ultimate statement of having made it in life. Premier Automobiles and Standard Motors. A new category continuous to be dominated by the leader like Maruti Udyog.. many new models. Suzuki. Only a rich and the super rich could afford a car. easier to drive. more reliable and comfortable. Fiat. 24 | P a g e . which fought for market share in a fairly stagnant market. Hyundai. its later version called the Ambassador. And so a seed was sown called the Maruti 800. but the consumers may soon be able to pick up the models of different companies. Daewoo. The models they offered were the Baby Hindustan. Cars provided the facility to the owners that are safe. new services and benefits according to the customer taste and preference. body chassis problem now get simultaneous consideration to a greater extent than ever before. Tata etc. the Fiat 1100 and the Standard Herald.

developed new technologies reformed management and stressed training human resources. The workshop also has an emergency road service to attend complaints 24 hours a day anywhere in the territory. 25 | P a g e . 25 lakhs of revenue to the company. with the aim to become the No. 1999. The workshop is equipped with the latest technology equipments as per Hyundai specifications and is contributing Rs. Engineering & Construction. Machinery. Hyundai group is composed of 50 subsidiaries like Ship Building. Heavy Industries. 72 lakhs by way of dealer margins and sale of spares & accessories. KETAN HYUNDAI sold about 309 Santro¶s and 100 Accents and 2 Sonato¶s. as well as Financing petrochemicals energy trade and service sectors. space and aircraft. The company has earned an amount of Rs. it launched high tech industries such as electronics robot petroleum. In 1960¶s it involved in the construction industry.COMPANY PROFILE Hyundai Business Group is a South Korean company. In 1990. which entered into business activities way back in 1947 seeing the rapid industrialization and modernization-taking place around the world. KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt.. it concentrated on shipbuilding. Aerospace. In 1980. Electronics.. 25 lakhs. steel and machine industries and laid a foundation for Korean heavy industry. The total value of Machinery & Equipment is worth Rs. Information and Technology. So far. Iron and Steel. It brought an international recognition to its country through its operations round the world and paved its way to modern economic growth. automobile. by earning profit in the first two years of operations.1 Corporation in the world. Telecommunications. In 1970. The company¶s turnover till date is around 16 crores. started the dealership of Hyundai cars at Rajahmundry for West Godavari Districts April. Ltd.

CHAPTER ² 3 COMPANY PROFILE y History in construction field y Hyundai motor India Limited 26 | P a g e .

27 | P a g e .

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company Limited stepped into the Vietnamese market and earned reputation as a construction company. it defeated developed countries with long experience in construction and won the bid. 28 | P a g e . put financial status of Hyundai Group in a deep trouble owing to a severe inflation in addition to its infant equipment and skills. This success has left a vivid impression of Hyundai Group all over the industry thereafter. Indonesia and many more countries. when Korea was under such circumstances. The repair of Koryong Bridge in particular. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company Limited enjoyed continued business growth after it was renamed from Hyundai Land And Construction. which was a victory for a small country from the east. Hyundai Construction Group later achieved an outstanding improvement of technology by adopting mechanized construction methods and advanced techniques and accumulated know-how in the management of human resources.HISTORY IN CONSTRUCTION FIELD Hyundai group started from a small construction company named Hyundai Land and Construction in 1947 has a growth under difficult conditions. let its challenge it a success. This has taken place when Korea economy was in a depressed state. In a led for a highway construction in Thailand in 1965. any way Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company Limited. Later in 1995 it became the very first construction company in Korean to advanced into overseas sites. It further marched to Alaska Guam. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company Limited conducted the restoration work of the Hans River Bridge then it undertook lots of construction works for the US army stationed in Korea. a small company with a short history of a little over 10 years made its first entry into giant overseas market. Australia. However Honorary Chairman Chung Ju Yong of Hyundai Group and employees of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company Limited willingly submitted to a deficit and completed the bridge construction work successfully. Thereafter.

HYUNDAI SPORTS Hyundai World Rally team. New Zealand. enabling to further raise Hyundai¶s brand awareness as well as boost the image of Hyundai Motor Company in the global markets. and reliability. As technology. Hyundai operates overseas road service vehicle program Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) has started its operations of the world wide Overseas Service Program for its customers as part of the Company¶s commitment to provide the very best vehicle maintenance service to its global customers. best ever in the Australia Rally Hyundai Motor Company joins in the Fun of the Fustal 2000 promoting the Hyundai name through South American Qualifying Games for the World Cup 2002. quality. Australia. Santa Fe wins the good design product award 29 | P a g e . this program can help difference Hyundai amongst existing and potential customers. improve amongst all cars makers. HMC made its first shipment of 300 overseas service vehicles to 30 countries including Japan. Mexico etc and will increase its shipment to dealers in 160 countries the following year.

Hyundai¶s Santro Fe won the most covered and honored award.Hyundai¶s Santa Fe received the prestigious Presidential Award at the 2000 Good Design Products Exhibition held by the Korea Institute of Industrial Design Promotion by the Ministry of Commerce Industrial and Energy. the Presidential Award in the Automotive section. a long term strategy. 320 products were selected as ³Good Design Products´ and only 39 products were awarded prizes during the annual competition. 7 years straight For the seventh consecutive year in 2000. Korea¶s largest management consulting company. HMC tops list in customer satisfaction survey. 30 | P a g e .0 diesel engine for passenger cars. HMC topped the list of customer satisfaction in a survey conducted by Korea Management Association Consultants. Out of 985 products from 292 companies exhibited. becoming the first Korean car maker to be applying his technology. in brand image development to steadily build up Hyundai¶s brand image and corporate image throughout the world market. By winning such a glorious award as thus once. it has indefinitely proven Hyundai¶s constant pursuit of excellence and dedication to the development of beautiful styled cars for its potential customers. To heighten the awareness of Hyundai to world wise customers HMC has come up with a brand new 2000 Corporate Image Campaign. Di l Engine to penetrate the export market HMC has successfully developed a common rail direct injection 2.

marking it a low consumption engine.Hyundai develops large commercial diesel engine: Using the latest technology. lowering noise and vibrations and reducing emissions. reducing fuel consumption. The survey was conducted by strategic vision a renowned consulting and market research organization based in San Diego California. power tech engine increases the output while attains maximum fuel efficiency. Hyundai Accent named ³ Best alue´ by US Consumers Hyundai Motor¶s subcompact Accent was proudly named as the best value car in the small car category in a survey of US consumers. 31 | P a g e . It has passed over 1 million kilometers of various durability tests successfully providing its low noise and vibration levels vastly improved compared to the previous large sized commercial vehicle and bust engines. The power-tech engine has been developed with the design targets improving the performance.

Hyundai has set higher goal for the future in the Indian market. Thanks to the strong performance of both the Santro and Accent.the Santro proudly proved its success at being the top selling model for fiveconsecutive months since June. 32 | P a g e .843 units for the first 10 months of 2000.516 units between January and October. It has distinguished itself with a total sales figure of 60.Hyundai Santro. emerging as top selling import and posting sales of 75. Hyundai Accent award Australia¶s Best Small Car The Accent was selected as Australia¶s best small car for 2000 by mix leading automotive consumer organizations in Australia.327 units for the first 10 months. Also the Accent has been the top selling model in the premium segment for 5 months altogether where its sales reached a total of 15. peak popularity in the I ndian market Hyundai is on a roll in the Indian market.

such as refrigerated vans. buses. Tucson. Grandeur XG and Centennial passenger cars. Santa Fe. India and China.PRODUCT OFFERINGS: Hyundai Motor Company is an automobile manufacturer in Korea. which include trucks. Accent. remicon mixers and oil tankers. the Company manufactures gasoline. Elantra. Sonata. Getz. tractors and specialty vehicles. Terracan. The Company markets the Atoz Prime. and research and development centers in North America. H-1 and Matrix recreational vehicles. It operates overseas plants in North America. Some of the Passenger Cars: Hyundai i10 Hyundai Getz Hyundai Santro Hyundai i20 33 | P a g e . the Trajet. and commercial vehicles. In addition. diesel and industrial engines. Japan and Europe. Hyundai Coupe.

Hyundai erna : Hyundai Sonata: Hyundai eracruz: Hyundai Tucson: Hyundai Terracan: Hyundai Accent 34 | P a g e .

speeding. particularly targeted against drunken driving.Social Responsibility Hyundai. 35 | P a g e . All the company¶s key manufacturing units. etc. including the Indian plant have the ISO 14001 certification for its Environment management practices. As a part of its community development projects. the company conducts various campaigns to spread awareness of in-car safety and safe driving practices. As a part of its social responsibility programs. that help us in making the world¶s best cars. right here in India. the company has adopted a few villages around its factory in TamilNadu and has been working towards the social and economic development of these villages. basic amenities and employment opportunities The production management process at Hyundai Motor India are overlaid with an organization-wide implementation of manufacturing best practices like Just-in-time inventory management. TPM and TQM. assisting them in the areas of primary health care. as a responsible corporate citizen is committed to sustainable social development and the preservation of the environment. Kaizen. education.

000 cars in a record time of just over 5 years since commencement of commercial production in September 1998 and is all set to emerge as one of largest exporters of passenger cars and components out of India. presently markets 34 variants of passenger cars in six segments.i10 in the B+ segment . quality and testing capabilities in the country. HMIL presently markets over 18 variants of passenger cars across four models.000 units a year in line with its recent designation as HMC¶s global export hub for small cars and to cater to its upcoming product launches India. The company recorded combined sales of 150. S. the Sonata in the E segment and the Terracan in the SUV segment. the Accent in the C segment. the sonata embera in the E segment & the Tucson & terracan in the suv segments. The santro in the B segment . PRESENT: Hyundai motor India ltd is the second largest & the fastest growing car manufacture in India . HMIL has sold over 500. getz prime . HMIL¶s fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Chennai boasts some of the most advanced production.741 units during calendar year 2003 with both Accent & Santro emerging leaders in their respective segments. Korea and is the second largest and the fastest growing car manufacturer in India. the assent & verna in the c segments & elantra in the D segments . 36 | P a g e . HMIL was recently awarded the benchmark ISO 14001 certification for its sustainable environment management practices. the Santro in the B segment.HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LIMITED Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company. The company is investing an additional US$ 220 Mn to expand capacity at this plant to 250.

plans to build a world class facility. and the Visto is being assembled by HMC at their Ulsan Plant. 37 | P a g e . which will offer quality products and services to the discerning consumer.6 litre diesel engines.THE FUTURE: In addition to promoting its i10. The body panels and the engine as well as the transmission components are entirely imported from India. it will be available with 2 litre petrol as well as 1. hundai launched two cars at the 9th auto expo 2008 held on new delhi. Hyundai motors India ltd is investing to expand capacity in line with its positioning as Hyundai motor company global export hub for compact cars . Nepal and Sri Lanka .2liter diesel engine and price tag of rs 16 lakh Hyundai will also make the world debut of the i30 sedan . apart from expansion of production capacity . Expected to be launched by the end of 2008.In fact the Santro has been launched in its parent country under a new name the Visto. Bangladesh. It plans to enforce the " global optimum production system".& with the company¶s greater focus on the quality of its after sales-service hmil¶s service network will be expanded to around 1000 Hyundai Motors India Ltd.hmil plans to expand its dealer network which will be increased from 183 to 250 this year . The santa fe suv finally going to lands on Indian shores. setting its goal to achieve the utmost result with the lowest running cost The Indian operations will play an important role for Hyundai to develop and expand their presence in the neighboring South East Asian countries and plans to export the Santro as SKDs (semi-knockdown kits) and CBUs (completely built units) to the neighboring countries like Pakistan. sporting 2. which will replace the elantra and will be priced in the rs 9-10 lakhs bracket. the karma q and veloster concepts would also be showcased at the auto expo.

38 | P a g e . ICICI BANK for example. the No. discounts on gold purchases.Best customer service Best technology Best quality products Best value for people. lower processing fees. and a free credit card. 2 automaker in India. COMPANY PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES SANIYA MIRZA & PREITY ZINTA 1. launched the ³Special Women Scheme´ in order to ³encourage car ownership among the fairer sex.´ Hyundai partnered with 14 banks and auto finance companies in order to present the offer. Hyundai. Promotional Strategies: Hyundai Motor India offers women friendly incentives: With the purchase of a new Hyundai. female car buyers in India are being offered ³women-friendly features´ like reduced interest rates. has an auto loan product only being offered to women that includes discounts on gold purchases.

the entire product launch will land up in trouble. These ads really created hype in the market about Santro. The name Kim was chosen wisely because the only familiar Korean name known to Indians was KIM . Kim was the Hyundai official who wanted SRK to be the brand ambassador for Santro. In the case of Santro. Another issue is that the brand should follow up the hype built by teaser ads. Teaser ads are dangerous and expensive. Shah Rukh fitted perfectly to the promotional scheme of Santro SRK IS A BRAND AMBASSADER OF HYUNDAI MOTORS INDIA 39 | P a g e . Dangerous because if the teaser failed to click. Finally came the launch ad which showed Shah Rukh who represented the Indian consumer saying ³I am Convinced" to Kim.For the brand launch. The ad introduced Kim and Shah Rukh and a glimpse of the car. The first ad was followed by teaser ads where Kim tries to convince SRK that Hyundai is serious about India. the teasers were intelligently made and clicked. Thus came the first commercial. Hyundai roped in Saatchi & Saatchi as the ad agency.The ad introduced the brand and the company with a subtle statement from Kim: We settle only for the best. the quality issue and the brand Santro.

Hyundai Motors launched its cars in the United States in 1986 priced 20% below Japanese competitors. The Paint Shop This is one of the most modern paint shops in the country and uses the environment friendly water based process for superior and lasting exterior. Pricing Strategy: This ³value strategy´ obviously finds clearest expression in pricing decisions. The Body Shop A hi-tech line that builds full body shells from panels. helping customers get their preferred colour anytime. 40 | P a g e . Automated robotic arms are used for intricate welding operations that ensure superior and consistent build quality.. This ³value strategy´ obviously finds clearest expression in pricing decisions. though the price differential today is only 10% . A unique process management system followed here helps us deliver the most extensive colour range. independent of minimum batch requirements. Hyundai¶s fully integrated manufacturing capabilities include: The Press Shop A computer controlled line that converts sheet metal to body panels of high dimensional accuracy and consistency. though the price differential today is only 10% .Such pricing strategy is crucial to communicate ³greater value´ positioning. Hyundai Motors launched its cars in the United States in 1986 priced 20% below Japanese competitors. and the target consumer segments are correspondingly those of lower segments.

41 | P a g e . The Engine and Transmission Shop One of the biggest engine shops in the country. The Plastic Extrusion Unit Moulds the dashes. this track is designed to meet pre-delivery (PDI) certification standards to exacting Euro specifications. Hyundai¶s plastic paint shop delivers a high grade finish on exterior plastic components.The Aluminum Fondry Forges the engine cylinder blocks for our cars to exacting design specifications. The Test Track With comprehensive performance testing facilities like rattle testing and ABS brake testing. bumpers and other plastic components to perfect fit and finish. this unit is equipped with the most modern tooling and testing facilities to make a wide range of engines in house. The Plastic Paint Shop One of the very few manufacturing units in India to have this facility in-house.

KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt Ltd. 42 | P a g e . SANTRO. Contemporary Technology. has utilized the above opportunity and started its manufacturing operations in Chennai with an initial production capacity of 50000 cars/annum and increased its capacity to 200000 cars/annum. is the dealer for Hyundai Motor India Limited. in the five west coastal districts viz. Hyundai Motor India Limited is the pioneer in introducing to Indian customers the ³first-of-its-kind´ concepts like Hyundai Finance. with trained man power and latest equipments to cater to the after-sales service of its customers. This liberalization has helped the salaried and upper middle class to opt for a car which was hitherto a luxury. The low rates of interest and easy processing procedures also helped these segment customers to buy cars for their family needs. Tallboy Design etc. in terms of quality and volumes. Vidharbha Districts and started serving the customers of these districts since October¶ 1998.KETAN HYUNDAI The liberalization of Indian Economic Policy in the Finance Budget has opened gates for renowned international carmakers to establish their business/manufacturing units in our country and thereby created opportunities in all spheres. All their three cars viz.. have been upgrading their products to suite customer requirements.. Through their ³leadership through listening´ strategy... ACCENT & SONATA are No. Nagpur. Hyundai Motor India Limited. KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt Ltd. has 3300sft state-of-the-art showroom located in Nagpur. They believe in value addition to their cars rather than selling on discounts. 1 in their respective segments. a Korean Car Giant.

had won several awards during 2000 and 2003 namely.. who had patronized us. No.KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt Ltd. We sincerely thank all the customers. shouldn¶t have been possible without the support of its associates. 43 | P a g e . they have opened a new sales & service outlet in Nagpur. through their outlets in till July¶2008. No-1 Dealer in nagpur for Customer Satisfaction.. In view of the increasing sales and service volumes. who have been extending all their help ever since its inception and the success is attributed to their dedicated. KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt Ltd... Ltd.. had sold nearly 15000 cars. loyal and customer friendly staff. The growth of KETAN HYUNDAI Automobiles Pvt.1 Dealer for Sales Satisfaction etc. Top Performer in Vidharbha Region for Hyundai Finance.

CHAPTER ² 4 o Theoretical Frame Work 44 | P a g e .

45 | P a g e .

A brand is essentially a seller¶s promise to deliver a specific set of features. expensive. For example. which have expiration dates. symbol or design. well engineered. But a brand is an even more complex symbol. benefits and services consistently to the buyers. Brands differ from other assets such as patents and copyrights. In essence. Benefits : Attributes must be translated into functional and emotional benefits. logo or other symbol. The best brands convey a warranty of quality. a brand identifies the seller or maker. high-prestige automobiles. the seller is granted exclusive rights to the use of the brand name in perpetuity. trademark. The people says that ³I 46 | P a g e . Attributes: A brand brings to mind certain attributes. Most of the marketers say that ³ Branding is the art and cornerstone of marketing´. the attribute ³ durable´ could translate into the functional benefit. durable. It can convey up to six levels of meaning. It can be a name. or a combination of them.THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK What is a Brand? A Brand is a name. By its well built. term. sign. Under trademark law. intended to identify the goods or services of one sellers or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.

If a company treats a brand only as a name. The Mercedes stands for high technology. The branding challenge is to develop the deep set of positive associations for the brand. The most enduring meanings of a brand are its values. Promoting the brand only on one benefit can also be risky. 47 | P a g e . Mercedes must project this in its brand strategy. Mercedes stands for high performance. The attribute ³expensive´ translates into the emotional benefit ³the car makes me fell important and admired´. Marketers must decide at which levels to anchor the brand identity. Personality: The brand can also project a certain personality. Or suppose the car buyers start placing less importance on high performance as compared to other benefits. it misses the point. Suppose Mercedes touts its main benefit as ³high performance´. culture and personality. Mercedes must resist marketing an inexpensive car bearing the name. doing so would dilute the value and personality Mercedes has built up over the years. Culture: The brand may represent a certain culture. then several competitive brands emerge with high or higher performance.won¶t have to buy another car for several years´. safety and prestige. Values: The brand also says something about the producer¶s values. User: The suggests the kind of consumer who buys or uses the product. performance and success.

No reason to change the brand.4 or5. Then there are brands for which buyers have a fairly high degree of brand awareness. The following are the 5 levels of customer attitudes toward his/her brand from lowest to highest:  Customer will change brands. It is also related to the degree of brand-name recognition. Brand equity is related to how many customers are in classes 3. But clearly brand equity relates to the premium the brand commands times the extra volume it moves over an average brand. perceived brand equity. not brand loyalty Customer is satisfied. Then there are brand that enjoy a high degree of brand preference. Companies do not normally list brand equity on their balance sheet because of the arbitrariness of the estimate. Customer is devoted to the brand.     48 | P a g e . especially for price reasons. Finally there are brands that command an high degree of brand loyalty. trademarks and channel relationships. At one extreme are brands that are not known by most buyers. Customer values the brand and sees it as a friend. Beyond this are brands with a high degree of brand acceptability.Brand Equity: Brands vary in the amount of power and value they have in the market place. strong mental and emotional associations and other assets such as patents. Customer is satisfied and would incur costs by changing brand.

and positive associations. 49 | P a g e . These tasks require continuous research and development investment.  The Company will have more trade leverage in bargaining with distributors and retailers because customers expect them to carry the brand.  The Company can more easily launch extensions because the brand name carries high credibility.High brand equity provides a number of competitive advantage:  The Company will enjoy reduced marketing costs because of consumer brand awareness and loyalty.  The brand offers the company some defense against price competition. skillful advertising and excellent trade and consumer service.  The Company can charge a higher price than its competitors because the brand has higher perceived quality. A brand name needs to be carefully managed so that its equity doesn¶t depreciate. This requires maintaining or improving brand awareness perceived quality and functionality.

bins and cases without any supplier identification. less expensive versions of common products such as spa ghetti.AN OVE V E Branding Decisions OF BRANDING DE ISIONS Brand Sponsor Decisions Brand Name y y y y Brand No Brand y Manufacturers Brand Distributors (Pvt) Brand y y y Individual Names Blanket Family Name Separate Family Company Individual Names Brand Strategy Decisions Brand-Repositioning Decisions y y y y y Line Extension Brand Extension Multi Brands New Brands Co-Brands y y Repositioning No Repositioning Branding Decisions: The first decision is whether the company should develop a brand name for its products. In the past. Today branding is such a strong force that hardly anything goes unbranded. Buyers depended on the sellers integrity. paper towels and canned 50 | P a g e . plainly packaged. producers and intermediaries sold their goods out of barrels. most products went unbranded. In some cases. Generics are unbranded. there has been a return to ³ no branding´ of certain staple consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

hold protection to certain quality standards.peaches. Why do sellers brand their products when doing so clearly involves costs? Branding gives the seller several advantages:  The brand name makes it easier for the seller to process orders and track down problems. making it easier to launch new  brands and gain acceptance by distributors and consumers. house or private brand).  The sellers brand name and trademark provide legal protection of unique product features. They offer standard or lower quality at a price that may be as much as 20% to 40% lower than nationally advertised brands and 10% to 20% lower than retail private label brands. Brand-Sponsor Decision: A manufacturer has several options with respect to brand sponsorship. store. Consumers want brand names to help them identify quality differences and shop more efficiently. or a licensed brand name. lower cost labeling and packaging and minimal advertising.  Branding gives the seller the opportunity to attract a loyal and profitable set of customers. a distributor brand (also called reseller.  Branding helps the seller segment markets. Brand loyalty gives sellers some protection from competition. The lower price is made possible by lower quality ingredients. strengthen buyer preferences. and make it easier to identify suppliers. The product may be launched as a manufacturer brand (sometimes called as National Brand). Strong brands help build the corporate image. Distributors and retailers want brand names because brands make the product easier to handle. Another alternative is for the manufacturer to produce some output under its own 51 | P a g e .

sales production and physical distribution are much lower. The strategy permits the firm to search for the best name for each new product. Individual Names: A major advantage of an individual names strategy is that the company does not tie its reputation to the product. The private brands offer two advantages. Development cost is less because there is no need for ³name´ research or heavy advertising expenditure to create brand name recognition. Other costs. If the product fails or appears to have low quality. Second. 52 | P a g e . such as research and development. First. Further more. retailers develop exclusive store brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. they are more profitable. Four strategies are available: 1. sales of the new product are likely to the strong if the manufacturers name is good. 2. advertising. This means that the private brands can charge a lower price and yet make a higher profit margin. Brand Name Decisions: Manufacturer and service companies who brand their products must choose which brand names to use. Blanket Family Names: A blanket family name also had advantage. the company¶s name or image is not hurt. Manufacturers brands and some under reseller labels. large retailers and wholesalers have been developing their own brands by contracting production from willing manufacturers. Intermediaries search for manufacturer with excess capacity who will produce the private labels at a low cost.

 Brand-Strategy Decisions: A company has five choices when it comes to brand strategy. multi-brands. new brands and co-brands. There are line extensions.3. it faces the task of choosing a specific brand name. recognize and remember. Separate Family Names for all Products: Where a company produces quite different products. Once a company decides on its brand name strategy. It should be easy to pronounce. quality. Such as action or color. It should suggest product qualities. Among the desirable qualities for a brand name are the following:  It should suggest something about the product¶s benefits. life style or an artificial name. 1. Company trade name combined with individual product names: Some manufacturers tie their company name to an individual brand name for each product. 53 | P a g e . brand extensions. it is not desirable to use one blanket family name. It should carry poor meanings in other countries and languages. The company could choose the name of a person. location.  It should be distinctive. Companies often invent different family names for different quality lines within the same product class. In this case short names   help mostly.

And finally there is multiple-sponsor co-branding. Multi-Brands: A Company will often introduce additional brands in the same product category. Line Extension: Line Extensions consist of introducing additional items in the same product category under the same brand name. forms. the company may have to reposition it later when facing new competitors or changing customer preferences. Second one is same company co-branding. Brand Extensions: A company may use its existing brand name to launch new products in other categories. Sometimes the company is trying to establish different features or appeal to different buying motives. Co-branding takes a variety of forms. Brand Repositioning: However well a brand is currently positioned. it may find that none of its current brand names are appropriate. in which two or more well known brands are combined in an offer. such as new flavors. Co-Brands: Co-Brands are also called as dual branding. 54 | P a g e . New Brands: When a Company launches products in a new category. 5. One is ingredient co-branding. colors.1. Third one is joint venture cobranding. 3. 2. added ingredients and package sizes. 4.

Advertising is only one of nine ways to build more brand awareness and brand preference. Most managers think the answer lies in increasing the advertising budget. Invite the public to visit your factory or office Create your own retail units. Invite your customers to join a club .Brand Awareness: Nine Brand Strengtheners: As Companies become more aware of the importance of brand power. Sponsor well-regarded events.         55 | P a g e . Give visible support to some social causes. But advertising is expensive and it is not always effective. Develop a strong spokesperson or symbol to represent the Company. Be known as a value leader.  Develop creative advertising. Provide well-appreciated public services. they wonder how they can strengthen their brands.

CHAPTER ² 5  Data Analysis and Interpretation 56 | P a g e .

57 | P a g e .

65 age group and 8% of the people belongs to 65 and above. 40% of the people belongs to 45 .OF CUSTOMERS Interpretation: From the above table.AGE GROUP TABLE: .1 T Numb of Custom s Surveyed: 100 AGE GROUP 25-45 45-65 65 And Above Total 60 50 40 25-45 30 20 10 0 NO. ¥¤ 8 ¥¤ £¢¡  NO. The analysis shows that most of the people belongs to 25 ± 45 age.OF CUSTOMERS 52 40 PERCENTAGE 52% 40% 8% 100% 100 45-65 65 And Above 58 | P a g e .6. we can observe that 52% of the people belongs to 25± 45 age group.

¦ NO. OF CUSTOMERS 87 13 100 PERCENTAGE 87% 13% 100% 13% 87% 59 | P a g e .2 Total num er of Customers surveyed: 100 GENDER Male Female Total Interpretation: From the above table we can observe that among 100 customers 87% are Males and 13% are Females.TABLE:-6.

we see that 38% of the people belongs to Business. 30% of the people from Professionals.OF CUSTOMERS 38 30 7 25 100 PERCENTAGE 38% 30% 7% 25% 100% 30 25 Business Professional 7 Student Employee 60 | P a g e . 7% of the people from students and 25% of the People belongs to Employees. § NO.3 Total Number of Customers Surveyed: 100 OCCUPAT ON Business Professional Student Employee Total 38 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 NO.6.Occupation TABLE: .OF CUSTOMERS Interpretation: From the above table. The analysis shows that major part of the people belon to gs Business category.

000 are more.4 Total num er of Customers surveyed: 100 INCOME < 20.000.000 20.000 and the remaining 14% were above 40. The analysis shows that the people who having income per annum in between 20.000 and 52% of them were between 20.000-40. OF CUSTOMERS 34 52 14 100 PERCENTAGE 34% 52% 14% 100% 14% 34% 52% 61 | P a g e . ¨ NO.000-40.000-40.INCOME STATUS (PER ANNUM) TABLE:.000 & above Total Interpretation: The income status reveals that 34% of them are having less than 20.6.000 40.

5: Total num er of Customers surveyed: 100 FAMILY SIZE 1-2 3-5 5 & above Total 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 to 2 3 to 5 5 & above Interpretation: Family size reveals that 10% of the people are having 1-2 family size. 78% of the people are having 3-5 family size and 12% of the people are having above 5 family size.FAMILY SIZE TABLE:-6. OF CUSTOMERS 10 78 12 100 PERCENTAGE 10% 78% 12% 100% 62 | P a g e . The analysis shows that the family size having 3-5 are using more. © NO.

PURPOSE OF PURCHASE TABLE:-6.6 Total number of Customers surveyed: 100 PURPOSE Utility Necessity Status T tal PERCENT 45% 51% 4% 100% 45 51 4 100 60 51 50 40 45 30 20 10 0 4 Interpretation: From the table. OF CUSTOMERS E  63 | P a g e . The analysis shows that most of the people that is 51% purchase for necessity   Utility N c ssity St tus  NO. 51% of the people purchase for necessity and 4% peoplepurchase for status. we can observe that 45% of the people purchase the car for the purpose of utility.

OF CUSTOMERS Interpretation: From the table.WHAT FACTORS INFLUENCE TO BUY SANTRO TABLE: . 20% of the peoplehave a preference on Performance and 18% of the people opt for Publicity for buying the Santro Car. The analysis shows most of them consider Brand image while buying. 30% of the people opt for Brand image. 18% of the people prefer price.OF CUSTOMERS PERCENTAGE 14 18 30 20 18 100 14% 18% 30% 20% 18% 100% 30 25 20 15 10 Style Price Brand image Performance Publicity 5 0 NO.6. we can examine that 14% of the people prefer style. 64 | P a g e .7 Total Number of Customers Surveyed: 100 FACTORS Style Price Brand image Performance Publicity Total NO.

22% of the people are influenced by relatives. 34% of the people are influenced by advertisements and est of r the people are influenced by other factors. we can observe that 20% of the people are decided to purchase the car on themselves. 15% of the people are influenced by family members.OF CUSTO ERS PERCENTAGE 30% 15% 22% 5% 34% 4% 100% Friends Relatives Advertisements Others 65 | P a g e .  FACTORS NO.WHO INFLUECNE TO PURCHASE THE CAR TABLE:-6.8 Total Myself Family Members Friends Relatives Advertisements Others Total 20 15 22 5 34 4 100 Number of Customers Surveyed: 100 34% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 30% 22% Myself Family Members 15% 5% 4% PERCENTAGE Interpretation: From the table.

IMPACT OF SHAHRUKH KHAN ON SALES TABLE: -6. 66 | P a g e  NO. we see that 56% of the people say that Sharukh Khan has the impact of increase in sales whereas 44% of the people say that Sharukh Khan has no impact of increase in sales.9 Total num er of Customers surveyed: 100 IMPACT Yes No Total Interpretation: From the table. OF CUSTOMERS 56 44 100 PERCENTAGE 56% 44% 100% 44% 56% .

we observe that 92% of the people feel that Hyundai products give Good Value for money whereas 8% of the people feel that Hyundai products do not give Good Value for money. OF CUSTOMERS 92 8 100 PERCENTAGE 92% 8% 100% 100 90 92 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes 8 Interpretation: From the table.10 Total number of Customers surveyed: 100 GOOD VALUE Yes No Total NO.GOOD VALUE TABLE:.6.  67 | P a g e N .

11 Total number of Customers surveyed: 100 PRICING LEVEL Excellent Good Satisfactory Not satisfied Total NO.PRICING OF THE CAR TABLE:. 31% feel it is satisfactory and none of them are dissatisfied with the Price of the product. The Highest % of the people feel that the Price of the car is Good. OF CUSTOMERS 5 64 31 100 PERCENTAGE 5% 64% 31% 100% Not Satisfied Excellent Satisfactory Good Interpretation: From the table. 68 | P a g e . we observe that 5% of the people feel that the Price of the car is Excellent. 64% of the people feel that it is Good.6.

12 Total num er of Customers surveyed: 100 SUPERIOR Yes No Total 100 90 80 Interpretation: From the table. % Ye  $ !# !  7 6 3 2 & CUSTOMERS 89 11 100 PERCENTAGE 89% 11% 100% 89 ! !  "  o 69 | P a g e .SUPERIOR TO COMPETITORS CARS TABLE:-6. we can observe that 89% of the people say that Santro car is superior to competitors cars and 11% says that it is not.

CHAPTER ² 6  Summary. Findings & Suggestions 70 | P a g e .

71 | P a g e .

SUMMARY The market of Hyundai cars (Santro, Accent and Sonata) is growing at rapid speed. Hyundai being one of the dominating and leading players in passenger car market is expected to attract significant attention among the investors. In this Automobile segment there has been heightened competition with other leading players like Maruti, Honda, Ford and many others. As there was competition in small car industry, there was reduction in prices of the cars and modifications done with the existing product (e.g., Santro to Santro Xing) and were introduced in the market. Hyundai small car segment has occupied second position in the market share. Majority of the people have informed Brand Awareness toward Santro. Most of the customers are very much satisfied with the services offered by the company while few of them are not satisfied due to minor problems of the car. Many of the students rated the Brand Awareness as excellent very few of them have rated as satisfactory. All the respondents are very happy with the warranty period given for the cars by the company but many of them have complaints with the mileage and seating comfort of the car.

Many of the respondents have stated that the prices charged on services are high when compare to other company¶s services (e.g. Maruti) Finally the customers are very happy about Brand Awareness toward Santro.

72 | P a g e

73 | P a g e

The following details can be inferred after analysis with a simple size of 100, which included customers, by questionnaire method to find out the brand awareness towards Santro with reference to AY S HYUNDAI.  Most of the customers relating to Hyundai belong to the category of employees as they occupy 30% of the entire customers. The next to them comes industrialists as they occupy 24% of the customers.  Most of the customers have bought the car 2 years back.  The promotional strategy of Hyundai is advertisement of which electronic media and by press media are playing a vital role.  Out of the models of Hyundai the most popular brand is Santro because it is possessed by 45% of the customers.  Most of the customers are aware of educational programs that are being conducted by Hyundai to the maintenance of the car.  Though the customers are having good awareness levels regarding the programs being conducted by Hyundai, they are not attending the programs because of various reasons.  The customers find some problem¶s regarding the mileage of Santro while comparing with the remaining models.

74 | P a g e

SUGGESTIONS  Basing on the survey findings and analyzing the attitudes of respondents, the following suggestions can be given regarding the Brand Awareness towards Santro.  The company has to pursue the complaints of the respondents about the performance of the car¶s engine. This suggestions has been given basing on the complaints of customers regarding its problems like low mileage.  Transaction and value based loyalty programs can be conducted.  Making the Driving seat and Passenger seat more comfortable so that the driver and passengers could have a comfortable drive. Analyzing the complaints given by many customers regarding uncomfortable seats has made its suggestion.

75 | P a g e

CHAPTER ² 7 y Annexure 76 | P a g e .

(a) < Rs.00.00. GENDER: (b) Female (a) Male 6. 4.00. 4.QUESTIONNAIRE (With Reference to Hyundai Santro) 1. FAMILY SIZE: b) 3-5 c) 5& above PURPOSE OF PURCHASE OF THIS CAR: (b) Necessity (c) Status (a) Utility 77 | P a g e . (a) 1-2 10. RESPONDENTS QUALIFICATION: _________________________ OCCUPATION: b) Professional (c) Student (d) Employee (a) Business 8.000/4. 7.000 and above 9. Rs. 2.00. INCOME PER ANNUM: b) Rs. 3.000/.000/(c) Rs. NAME OF THE RESPONDENT: ADDRESS OF THE RESPONDENT: PHONE NO: AGE GROUP: (b) 45-65 (c) 65 & above (a) 25-45 5. 2.

b) East to drive d) Technically good DO YOU FEEL THAT BRAND AMBASSADOR SHARUKH KHAN HAS AN IMPACT ON THE INCREASE IN SALES? (a) Yes 15. WHO INFLUENCED YOU TO PURCHASE THE CAR? (b) Family Members (e) Advertisements c) Friends (f) Others (d) (a) Myself Relatives 13. (b) No DO YOU FEEL THAT HYUNDAI PRODUCTS GIVE GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY? (a) Yes 16. (b) No HOW DO YOU FEEL THE PRICING OF THE CAR? b) Good (d) Unsatisfactory (a) Excellent (c) Satisfactory 78 | P a g e .11. WHY DID YOU PURCHASE ONLY SANTRO INSTEAD OF ANY OTHER SMALL CAR? (a) Quality (c) Comfort 14. WHAT INFLUENCED TO BUY SANTRO b) Pricing (e) Publicity (c) Brand Image a) Styling (d) Performance 12.

(b) No DO YOU RECOMMEND SANTRO TO YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES? (b) No YOUR COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS IF ANY? _______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 79 | P a g e . (a) Yes 19.17. DO YOU FEEL THAT SANTRO IS SUPERIOR TO COMPETITORS CARS IN THIS SEGMENT? (a) Yes 18.

CHAPTER ² 8  Bibliography 80 | P a g e .