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I would like to thank my parents & my friends for their full cooperation & continuous support during the course of this assignment. (RIYAZUDDIN SAIFI) [Type text] . the merciful & compassionate with those grace & blessings. It is my profound privilege to express my sincere thanks to savita ma'am for giving me an opportunity to work on the project and giving me full support in completing this trem paper Last but not least. I have been able to complete this work.ACKNOWLEDGMENT It is difficult to acknowledge precious a debt as that of learning as it is the only debt that is difficult to repay except through gratitude. First and foremost I wish to express my profound gratitude to the almighty.

INDEX  INTRODUCTION  Company History  Definition of Marketing  MARKETING PLAN  My plan for my product  Categories  Launch of a new product  Competitors  Marketing channel of saifi laptops  Product life cycle of saifi laptops  Pricing and promotion strategy  Swot analysis of hp laptops  Market analysis  Scope of the Study [Type text] .

only 6 percent are used in PCs and the remaining 94 percent are used in entertainment electronics. with a potentially huge market in embedded systems emerging. [Type text] . And. of all the high-end processors produced in the world. So. FINDINGS  CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION If there is anything that the Indian computer hardware industry has to offer to the various Indian and Multinational Hardware Manufacturing companies. Recent MAIT study. conducted jointly with Big Five firm Ernst & Young. For the record. Also. Indian firms could grab a significant chunk of the pie in a manner pretty similar to India’s emergence as a key player in the global BPO stakes. the hardware industry can be some sort of a panacea for India’s unemployment problem. a vibrant hardware industry has the potential to generate three million jobs. especially for Indians who come from economically underprivileged sections. communication products and embedded electronics. it is growth. non-PC devices. who aren’t very highly educated. concluded that the Indian hardware industry had the potential to reach a size of $62 billion by 2010 For a country whose economy is so heavily dependent on agriculture. Indian firms with the right mix of hardware and software can be big players here. in the words of Riajuddin saifi. with the size of the contract manufacturing industry expected to be over $500 billion by the year 2010.

This allowed them to sell the Model 200A for $54. the manufacturers should ensure that the consumers have a positive perception about the product. the Model 200A. In order to establish the brand in the minds of the consumer. the major players in the market like Hewlett Packard. The Model 200 series of generators continued until at [Type text] . At the same time.40 when competitors were selling less stable oscillators for over $200. The company originated in a garage in nearby Palo Alto while they were post-grad students at Stanford during the Great Depression. Sony. price. the competition is bound to grow and get intense. quality level. The study conducted in Bangalore intends to throw light on the above mentioned parameters such that Hewlett Packard can make necessary decisions based on the findings and suggestions. Dell etc can expect to gain a lot. its quality. look. Therefore these manufacturers have to take measures to counter competition efficiently. product features.With such given potential. correlation between the price and quality etc. Company History: Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard both graduated from Stanford University in 1934. design and appearance etc. Their innovation was the use of a small light bulb as a temperature dependent resistor in a critical portion of the circuit. 1939 with an investment of US$538. their first financially successful product was a precision audio oscillator. This study revolves around studying the various perceptions prospective customers of Hewlett Packard Laptop hold against the brand. The partnership was formalized on January 1. Lenovo.[1] Bill won the coin toss and named their electronics manufacturing enterprise the "Hewlett-Packard Company." Of the many projects they worked on.

One of the company's earliest customers was The Walt Disney Company. still tube-based but improved in design through the years. American marketing association Addressed “marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer to user”. Relationship marketing attempts to do this by looking at marketing from a long term relationship perspective rather than individual transactions. Services marketing must account for the unique nature of services. it was perhaps the longest-selling basic electronic design of all time. Industrial or B2B marketing must account for the long term contractual agreements that are typical in supply chain transactions. [Type text] . offering and changing products of value with others”. who bought eight Model 200B oscillators (at $71.least 1972 as the 200AB.50 each) for use in certifying the Fantasound surround sound systems installed in theaters for the movie Fantasia Definition of Marketing: Philip Kotler The marketing guru has said “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and group obtain what they need and want through creating. At 33 years.

Categories: Terms sometimes used for subtypes of laptop computers include: Ultra portables: Laptops with screens typically less than 12 inches diagonally and a weight of less than 1. To address this market requirement. "we recently launched our premium range of saifi notebooks. Laptops are a high-involvement product and the consumer places a lot of emphasis on after-sales service and brand. My plan for my product Saifi is looking at the media and entertainment space in a big way. Their keyboards are usually not full-size. Their primary audience is [Type text] . With price cuts boosting the laptop market. a neon backlit keyboard and a quick play option to help users switch straight to say a movie without waiting for the laptop to boot up.MARKETING PLAN In practice there is a logical process that marketing follows the marketing planning process consists of analyzing marketing opportunities Selecting target markets designing marketing programme and managing the marketing effort .000. the saifi notebooks come with a remote control. Priced between Rs 50.000 and Rs 70. companies do not see local PC assemblers as a threat. which the unorganised market is unable to offer.7kg." The downside is that the battery offers a low two-and-a-half-hours to three hours backup. The threat of the unorganised sector is miniscule.

although the length and width are usually determined by the screen size. the latter provides more space for powerful components and a big screen. Examples of this variety: the Sony VAIO FJ. Desktop replacement computers: Powerful laptops meant to be mainly used in a fixed location and infrequently carried out due to their weight and size. Thin-and-lights: Laptops usually weighing in between 1. have extended battery and/or battery life. Launch of a new product [Type text] .8kg with a screen size of between 12 and 14 inches diagonally.5kg. Apple MacBook and Dell XPS M1210. because the hardware is not optimized for efficient power usage. This is all about the marketing plan which I have made for hp laptop. house power-saving CPUs and almost always have integrated graphics. Ultraportables are often very expensive.4 inches diagonally and a weight of around 3-3. They usually sacrifice a little computing power for smaller dimensions and longer battery life. Medium-sized laptops: These usually have screens of 14 – 15.usually business travelers.8kg and 2. rarely exceeding three hours. usually measuring 17-20 inches. who need small. Desktop replacements tend to have limited battery life. light laptops.

digital cameras. and home-small business computers. workstations. calculators.printers.1″ HD Brightview Touchscreen • Fingerprint Reader HP has a successful line of laptops. HP today promotes itself as not just being a hardware and software company. scanners. PDAs.8GHz HyperTransport • 1MB Cache • 2048MB RAM • 160GB Hard Drive • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium • Digital TV Tuner • 128MB NVIDIA GeForce GO 6150 Graphics • Dual Layer DVD ReWriter MultiDrive • Wireless Enabled • 12.TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTS HP TX1150EA Laptop Main Specifications – • AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core TL-60 • 1. but also one [Type text] . servers.

GF 8400M GS WLAN : Bluetooth. Launching of a new Laptop: SAIFI’S dv2630ea Entertainment . IBM and Dell.HDD 160 GB .Vista Home Premium . Sony and Toshiba. Major competitors of saifi in the server business include Sun Microsystems. Lenovo (Purchased IBM's Non-server Personal Computer Business).1″ Widescreen TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA )Keyboard with Indian rupees key Competitors: Major competitors of saifi in the computer business include Apple Inc. implement and support today's IT infrastructure. Gateway.that offers a full range of services to architect.14.5 GHz . Dell.Centrino Duo RAM 2 GB .Core 2 Duo T5250 / 1. Marketing channel of saifi laptops [Type text] . 802..DVD±RW (+R double layer) / DVD-RAM .11a/b/g .

Saifi provide a comfortable range for its customer 2.If we describe about marketing channel of laptop we see how the costumer is comfortable . When saifi laptop capture ½ share of laptops marketing than saifi laptop use channel no. PRODUCER >WHOLESALER >RETAILER>CONSUMER It is The most importance channel for the contains two intermediary levels . 1. we see the consumer perception toward the laptop market.if we use all the marketing channel than the cost of product is high to the customer which will effect our product sale. To capturing the market share saifi laptop was using direct marketing because its customer feel meadium range of product.DIRECT . So how we are using the marketing channel are as follows to attract the customer.PRODUCER >RETAILER >CONSUMER The remaining channels are indirect-marketing channels. the use of wholesalers makes economic sense.MARKETING Manufacturer to customer In this case the manufacturer sells directly to customers. 3. This arrangement tends to work best where the retail channel is fragmented.3 By using all the marketing channel saifi laptops is being success in the market [Type text] . In this case producer send to retailer and to the consumer . Consumer want good product with less price. A wholesaler typically buys and stores large quantities of several producers goods and then breaks into the bulk deliveries to supply retailers with smaller quantities.a wholesaler and a retailer. For small retailers with limited order quantities.

when saifi’s laptops comes to the market sales growth are slow and the profit are nonexistent because of heavy expenses of the product introduction Growth-when people aware of saifi laptop A period of rapid market acceptance and substantial profit improvement Maturity. e. They are providing good quality laptop with the acceptable price to the can simply be what is exchanged for the product or service. When a person normally think about to purchase laptop the picture comes to the mind about price of laptop.Product life cycle of saifi laptops Now the question arise that what is product life cycle is . time. or attention. For promoting the saifi laptop the expenditure for advertising and media conference and T. Decline. or company. The medium price for laotop is 35000 to 400000. As far as promotion is concerned we talk about advertising sales promotion publicity and personal selling.A Slowdown in sales growth because the product has achieved acceptance by most potential buyers . Pricing and promotion strategy • Pricing: This refers to the process of setting a price for a product. and decline Introduction. maturity. growth.g. brand. hording [Type text] . The price need not be monetary . Profits stabilize or decline because of increased competition . including discounts. • Promotion: It refers to the various methods of promoting the product.V channel.sales show a downward drift and profits erode. Most product life cycle curve are portrayed as bell shaped this curve is typically divided into four stage introduction. Saifi sets the price of laptops according to the consumer behavior.

For promote the saifi laptop we tie-ups with call center so that we can aware the people with saifi. • Ex. or are difficult to use because of friction. The enterprise has a large amount of cash in hand about $10 billion.200 employee calling ( one employee can make 200 call a day )if 200 employee calling 40000 calls a day. [Type text] . It has increased its competitiveness through policies and strategies that supports free-market economies. dm3. laptop. Weaknesses The company was in a long term debt for many years which kept it from investing in different growth opportunities. The touch pads of the notebooks of Hewlett Packard like the dv series. multinational corporations. the company became world’s biggest computer hardware and peripherals consort in the world and has ranked 20th in the Fortune 500 list. it gives HP many advantages like dominating printers market.board were very heavy. Hewlett-Packard is a global enterprise and especially after its merger with Compaq. The company attracts and focuses on consumers from even newly found markets all around the world. A major problem and complaint about the hardware supplies of HP is its touch pads. The company compete both at local and international level. Being a global dealer of computer hardware. These touch pads are either finicky. This is one of the reasons that make HP a leading supplier in the growing IT markets. Hewlett Packard is said to have a complete product portfolio. both laser and inkjet. unreliable. non-governmental organizations etc. this is a very big achievement with the help of call center Swot analysis of hp laptops Strengths Hewlett-Packard’s primary strength is its business position. and Envy lines needs improvement. Hewlett Packard is operating in more than 170 countries including both developed as well as under-developed. It means 40000 people of a particular country comes to know about saifi laptop.

Poor shelling life of HP products plagued some mainstream systems and net books. Hewlett-Packard was able to generate large number of revenues and profits from its different deals and raised more than six billion which it can use to pay off its debts as well as invest in different research and development activities. The prices have also fallen as the stock markets are at historic low positions. products and services by HP. Another weakness was that it did not yet hit a CMDB product that includes discovery and mapping. When it comes to Software that HP provides there are also some weaknesses. The past acquisition of Peregrine made the HP’s portfolio even more diverse and complete but HP Open View’s lack of mainframe management capabilities created several problems. Opportunities The recent acquisition of EDS puts HP at a strong position in the computer market and makes it portfolio more impressive.The mouse buttons on various HP supplied machines are said to be clumsy to use. The global economic recession is also a threat for the company’s sales and profits. The company has formed Customer Solutions Group that helps in selling the complete IT solutions. too. Threats Operating in global market means many competitors and therefore. the company has to be at the forefront of changing technologies as well as addressing the changing customer demands and needs. there will be more chances of growth as the demand would increase. This cause many customers to switch the brand. Some heavy software’s were paired with slow hardware like Touch Smart. [Type text] . If the products by the company are supplied at reasonable prices.

Also as we saw from the survey. This also has led to better awareness of the brand in the minds of the consumer. majority of people found the ads good and around average. FINDINGS • It is known that globally saifi leading brand in the PC and Laptop business having a unassailable market share. availability across major cities in the country. It is seen from the analysis that a majority of people are aware of saifi’s range of laptop. product range and their quality levels.Market analysis Scope of the Study: The aim of the study is to provide the Management of Hewlett Packard India with the information which would help it understand the perceptions customers in India have about the Laptops manufactured by Hewlett Packard. This can be attributed the global presence of the brand. [Type text] . any negative perception about their product. the reasons for such perceptions and recommendations and suggestions to overcome these problems. The sales of saifi laptops are a whisker higher than sony as on 2009.

faced technical problem with the laptop etc. In the case of saifi laptops. In our survey we found that customers are satisfied and feel that saifi is a maker of quality laptops. A majority of the respondents agreed that saifi makes the best range of laptop. CONCLUSION saifi today is a technology company operating in more than 69 countries. since saifi is a market leader people have a good perception about the brand. Majority of people feel it has medium quality. unsatisfied with the performance. saifi is helping explore how technology and services [Type text] . a majority of people don’t look at saifi laptops as having the best quality. This phenomenal growth was achieved over the years with a lot of hard work. Also. The people’s perception about saifi laptop’s performance is based on various factors like quality. calculated risks and year after year of splendid performance. • Quality plays a very important role when customers form perceptions about a brand. determination. And with all their efforts put together. This could be because they feel its not as great as another brand. Such positive perceptions about saifi could not have been built without the support and work of each and every employee of saifi. price and service provided.• Saifi’s perceived as a maker of the best range of laptops by the people.

THANKS [Type text] . saifi applies new thinking and ideas to create more simple. the things only look brighter.can help people and companies address their problems and challenges. aspirations and dreams. Thus. the opportunities and the space to operate will be available to other manufacturers of laptops as well. there are a lot of opportunities to harbor clean and healthy competition among the PC Manufacturers. valuable and trusted experiences with technology. continuously improving the way our customers live and work saifi has become synonymous with Laptops and Personal Computers India today and with the industry bound to grow more and more for the years to come. and realize their possibilities. Along with saifi.

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