Personal Information: Name: Eugene Brcic E-mail: Tel:. 0424 601255 Nationality: Australian

I am a driven communications professional with extensive experience gained from working across global brands in a wide range of industries, including FMCG's, media, finance, defence, cosmetics and telecoms. I have a thorough understanding of marketing trends and mass media, with a track record of work in countries as diverse as Japan to Portugal for high-profile clients. As a communications specialist, I secured contracts with multinationals Red Bull, Heineken, KPMG and Vipnet (Austria Telecom-Vodafone). As a journalist, I broke news on leading international broadcasters like CNN, BBC, Eurosport and front-page stories in newspapers like New York Times, International Herald Tribune and USA Today. I also covered high-profile world leaders, global economics and major sports events on a daily basis. However, most recently I have worked as a communications manager across all formats _ print, photo, video, digital _ particularly intranet, websites, social media channels and events.


• All organizational communications activities (internal and external), particularly writing and editing, aimed at marketing, promoting or selling products / services consistently, delivering an effective message which builds awareness, trial and market share. Maintain relationships with key stakeholders. Develop communications strategies and messages. Ensure the organization regularly receives favourable media coverage, enhancing consumer satisfaction, public image, and good will. Utilising television, radio, print or digital mediums, whether via classic marketing campaigns, sponsorships (athletes, opinion makers) or events.

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Tenix Corporate Affairs, Communications Specialist, Engineering August 2010 – present

Tenix operates a number of businesses in Australia and abroad, providing engineering infrastructure services across power, gas, water, transport and other sectors to clients in Australia, New Zealand, the

market research companies (Imago. press releases. Working across various formats. handling web 2. Ice Crash. Change management key initiatives Roll-out new website and intranet Annual Report • • • • • Hyder Consulting Marketing Advisor. flash advertisements to interactive games. Completed course in CMS operations in Salzburg. etc Construct media kits. Achievements: • Rolling out the new globally integrated website for Croatia. Romania. Turkey. Liaise with industry and mainstream media to raise company brand and personnel profiles. Edit and manage internationally integrated CMS website. CEO memos. Write and edit communications collateral across media formats. property. Serbia and Montenegro. concerts. Austria. capability sheets. The new site is more interactive and loaded with more content to drive traffic. internal and external. raise brand awareness. smallfire cultural events. Illume. The Croatian office oversees Greece. The 150-year-old company employs about 4. brochures. uploading RSS feeds with print. Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • Implement and maintain integrated communications strategy. The company owes much of its success to revolutionary marketing strategies and impeccable organisational structure. advertisements. X-Fighters. ACNielsen). Bulgaria. Moldavia. Bosnia. Streetstyle. FMCG Jan 2009 – Jan 2010 Red Bull is the world’s most popular energy drink. case studies.Pacific Islands and America. organize and lead press conferences Scout and maintain sponsorship deals with athletes and opinion makers Organize and mentor sampling teams Represent the company at multiple events as well as industry gatherings Analyse results and liaise with ad/marketing agencies. utilities and environmental sectors. Formula 1. Air Race.500 people across Europe. the Middle East. Israel. Asia and Australia.0 technologies. Slovenia. internal and external. Key events: World Cliff Diving Championships. photo and video content. . Partner company leaders and stakeholders to ensure key programs and messages are delivered through multiple communication channels across the firm and externally. including newsletters. Red Bull gmbh Communications Manager . Engineering June 2010 – present Hyder Consulting is a multinational advisory and design consultancy specialising in the transport. Responsibilities: • • Implement and maintain integrated communications strategy. boost enquiries and sales. parties.

raise media interest and drive sales through games and prizes. KPMG PR Consultant. Zoran Radosavljevic and foreign desk chief in New York Alison Smale. research. release economic indicators and other financial news. Nominate a venue. In Croatia. Responsibilities: Jan 2008 – • Writing. Responsibilities: • • Led PR at three Heineken music events. http://topics. New York Times/International Herald Tribune/LA Times/Reuters Dec 2009 Reporter. Media The abovementioned are the world’s leading newspapers (also online). Nicholas Wood. issue statements. obtain licenses. the company owns one of the leading domestic beer brands. write annual reports. In the Balkan region. Achievements: • Front page . radio. briefings. Coordinated incentive events. Finance Jan 2008 – Jun 2008. FMCG Jan 2008 – Dec 2008 Heineken is a world leader in alcoholic beverages. visited by several thousand people with strong media outcome in major television. Led PR campaign for Heineken’s domestic brand Karlovacko at the European Soccer Championship in Austria. scheduling interviews for regional correspondents Dan Bilefsky. negotiate concerts. Marie de Cristofaro.000 people. print and digital outlets. June 2009 KPMG is one of the top international auditing firms. celebrities. Heineken PR Consultant. Karlovacko Pivo. 2008.nytimes. Achievements: • Contributed to successful events. the company employs over 1. Introduced standardised intranet service.• Averted an international scandal after a UNESCO-protected site was damaged at a major Red Bull event through comprehensive understanding of media processes and damage control skills. Responsibilities: • Draft internal/external newsletters. organize POS materials. Achievements: • Orchestrated and led PR campaign under intense media pressure leveraged on prominent corporations during a spate of lay-offs prompted by the global financial crisis.

Davis Cup Final (Slovakia). briefings. Yitzak Rabin. etc etc • . Achievements: • Covered 4 wars (Slovenia. World Cups in soccer (France. Bill Clinton. Mihael Gorbachev. Responsibilities: • • • • May 1995 – Dec 2008 Researching. Prince Charles among other UN. Austria). Germany). Media The world’s leading news agency. World Skiing Championships (Switzerland). Networking. World leaders covered included Pope John Paul II (3 Xs). Croatia. Helmut Khol. EU and NATO senior officials. Formula 0ne Racing. Urgents. analysing. European Championships (Portugal. writing and editing breaking news and events. Mainbars. Serbia). Field work and desk work Press conferences. Jacques Chirac. emergency sessions. More than 2. Vladimir Putin. Bosnia. summits. Japan. interviews. Briefs and Features.Associated Press Foreign Correspondent.000 internationally published articles. Headlines. Alerts.