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A Short History
The Café de RDA had its humble beginning in 1967 when the Anglo-American Cataloging Code was first published. When the restaurant first opened its doors it was a booming success. Of course it needed revisions over the years, with the two main improvements happening in 1988 and 1998. In 2002, as the third major revision approached, the owners wondered if the restaurant needed a major overhaul. They began to think about a new approach to how their restaurant business was structured and looked to a new mode of organizing their information. The new model that caught their eye, the FRBR, was designed with the user in mind and provided more information to their customers than ever before, including translations and digital formats. In 2008, the first draft of the Resource Description and Access code was published and the owners are currently working with a Joint Steering Committee to work out all the kinks of a new restaurant operation. Since the RDA format is still in the testing stages, Café de RDA is asking our guests for feedback on how they feel the new restaurant organization is doing. Please enjoy your meals and we thank you for being our guests today! The official expected release date is November 2009!

Déjeuner- for those mid-day munchies. AACR2- This dish is prepared jointly by three chefs, the American Library


2. Northern member of JSA.  3. May be replaced by RDA.  Association, the Canadian Library Association and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. It’s an oldie but a goodie and is favored 6. What RDA issued in 2008.  by many guests to our restaurant. If you’re a fan of yesteryear and appreciate 7. One main category for construction.  the past, you are sure to enjoy this plate. You may want to enjoy it Down while it lasts. Word has it, its culinary cousin, RDA, may soon replace 1. RDA is an acronym for.  this meaty dinosaur from the 1960’s. 6  4. The other main category of construction.  5. Our guest.  6. An entity‐relationship model.  This tasty platter is a rendition of the AACR2 plate and was created to replace it all together. It is a new and improved cataloging system that provides digital resources and more specific controlled vocabularies allowing data to be manipulated more easily. Having been designed with the user in mind, this indulgence is sure to please any guest. With an expected release date of November 2009, you are in for a sneak peek. 4


LI804XC, RDA 4 DUMMEEZ, Presentation Handout, Groups 7 & 8  Holly Caro, Paula Ciberay, Jennifer Dibbern, Andrea McCullough, Amy Nelson, Alfredo Pinto, Kate Skarbek, Elisa Wood   Emporia State University, Cohort 10, 11/2009  RDA4DUMMEEZ, 


Tasty Starters
These light appetite teasers are prepared by chefs using the RDA format and give a little insight into the construction of the new FRBR restaurant organization. 2, 4

ATTRIBUTES- This dish focuses resource description and access on four main ingredients areas;

Try paring your dish with a  numbered tasty delight.   Full of flavor and full of  information! 


manifestation and item • work and expression • person, family, and corporate body • concept, object, event and place. 2

RELATIONSHIPS- Similar to the Attribute Appetizer, this plate uses resource description and
access. However, the focus of this dish is on relationships in six different ingredient areas; primary relationships • relationships of persons, families, and corporate bodies • subject relationships • relationships between works, expressions, manifestations, and items • between concepts, objects, events and places • relationships of persons, families, and corporate bodies associated with a resource.

The Main Course


http://www.rdao 6_1_09.pdf 

Seabiscuit with Winnings PLAIN OL’ SEABISCUITServed straight up. This dish is prime example of champion thoroughbred and has been favored since 1936. Owner Charles Howard and trainer Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons founded this delicious delicacy.

“find all resources that embody a particular work or a particular expression of that work;”

Inspired by the FRBR, Group #1 Entity Manifestation model.  Our signature plate, this scrumptious dish features perfectly prepared Seabiscuit in any style you would  like.  Listed below are some examples of the many manifestations in which our Seabiscuit is served. 5,3 

2.  IPA 
http://www.rda‐ #1‐1 

STATUE DE SEABISCUITHughlette “Tex” Wheeler prepares this dish. Originating out of Santa Anita Park in California, this plate is one heavy meal. One just might say it could be made of bronze.

3.  LAGER 
http://www.rdaonli 9.pdf 


Prepared by Laura Hillenbran, it is a #1 NY Times bestseller. Her recipe was written in 2001 and has been an inspiration for many other chefs since that time. You may have it prepared the old fashioned style, or have your choice out of three other ways this dish can be prepared. Please choose from our “inspirations” below.



-INSPIRATIONSTHE MOTION PICTURE: Prepared by chef Gary Ross, it is a visual display of culinary wonder. THE SOUNDTRACK: It is served sizzling hot and is sure to tickle your eardrums. The dish is accredited to chef Randy
Newman. THE WONDER HORSE: Created by chef Meghan McCarthy, this dish is colorfully prepared especially for the children at your table.

http://www.rda‐‐ objectivesrev2.pdf 

Le Dessert 

http://www.aacr2 .org/ 


“identify the person, family, or corporate body represented by the data (i.e., confirm that the entity described corresponds to the entity sought, or distinguish between two or more entities with the same or similar names, etc.); “


Inspired by the FRBR, Group #2 Person model.  Not to be confused with the processed food produced from seeds of the  cacao tree, this dish fuses the delightful flavors of France and America.  It’s  main ingredient, Johnny Depp (formally known as John Christopher Depp II)  originated in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9 of 1963.  This ingredient has  been known to be amazingly versatile and a crowd pleaser.  Although  available in many other formats, we have prepared this dish in motion  picture format. 5, 1 


Crossword Answers:  DOWN‐ 1. ResourceDescriptionandAccess, 4. Relationships, 5.  BarbaraTillett, 6. FRAD;   ACROSS‐2. CCC, 3. AACR2, 6. FullDraft, 7. Attributes  Seabiscuit:  Johnny Depp:  Seabiscuit Statue  http://www.bronze‐  Laura Hildenbran  cross word