In what way is kaziranga special?

•KS Jayachandran


a landscape-ecosystem unique beautiful rich

Spectacular example of riverine and fluvial process


WORLD ‘S LARGEST POPULATION OF Indian one horned Rhinoceros Asiatic Wild Buffalo Eastern race of Swamp Deer High Ecological Density of Tigers Significant population of Asiatic Elephant

Junction of the East Asia - Australia flyway and Indo-Asian flyway exhibiting huge diversity in avifaunal species (480 species recorded).

Important Bird Area (IBA) under the Important Bird Area Programme of Birdlife International.

Why is kaziranga the century’s greatest CONSERVATION SUCCESS STORY?

“Kaziranga has the best conservation history due to its efficient management policies”

Wildlife Management in Kaziranga

In what way is



Why kaziranga requires the best possible management?

Perimeter on 3 sides adjacent to agricultural settlements crop season – wild animals attracted dry season – firewood collection,fishing & livestock pushing flood season - migration outside


Parallel national highway No. 37 along the southern border heavy traffic - fragmentation & mortality encouraging settlements on either side continuum to southern hills disturbed


Seasonal inundation of floodwaters Floods of mild nature are favourable for maintaining the habitat however severe floods submergence(1988 - 70%) mortality (1988 - 40 rhinos, 2 tigers, 1050 deers, 3 baby elephants) migration outside damage to protection structures esp. embankments


Changing banklines and erosion Brahmaputra erodes large area along the northern boundary of the Park (loss of some 5,000ha between 1925 and 1986) Silt deposition leads to new land forming outside!! shrinkage of the Park area reduces the habitat


Wetland sensitivity continuous siltation invasive species Eichornia, Mikenia, Mimosa etc. threatens the existence of the wet lands and faunal survival


Domestic cattle spread of rinderpest hybridisation of the wild stock killing their genetic distinctness


High risk of poaching organized poaching poverty and vulnerability of hinter-populations proximity of fund-hungry Islamic militant groups in Bangladesh civil unrest


Disturbed landscape continuum Karbi-anglong plateau and mikir hills - an important high ground Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong-Intanki elephant continuum Kaziranga-Meghalaya tiger continuum NH Largescale habitat changes Conversion to tea gardens Settlement Logging Jhum


Tourism about to sky rocket

a World Heritage and a significant position in the international tourist map - best wildlife resorts in the world.