Transformation of Sentences: Degree of Comparison

Supply the correct degree of adjective in the following sentences. Write your answer right after the sentence.

1. A horse is (intelligent) than an ass. 2. A wise enemy is (good) than a foolish friend. 3. Bombay is the (better) sea-port in India. 4. Disraeli was the (great) statesman of England. 5. There are few districts (as more fertile as) Hoshiarpur. 6. Kalidasa is one of the (greate) poets. 7. Very few books are (as most popular) as Dicken 8. Gold is one of the (precious) metals. 9. It is (easy) to speak than to act. 10. The train runs (fast) than a horse-cart. 11. He knows you (best) than I. 12. He knows you better than me. 13. Of all men he is the (meaner). 14. Let us see who runs (faster). 15. He does his work (most honestly) than anybody else. 16. Few historians write (as graphically as) Macaulay. 17. John bowls (fast) than Jack. 18. Ashoka was one of the (noble) of Indian kings. 19. A live ass is (best) than a dead lion. 20. Jim seemed (cheerful) than any of his companions.